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TIME CONTROL gangsters 2 its real!!!?

Years ago when i first installed gangsters 2, , I found out how to speed up the clock. From website and/or by just coming across it. You can make it go fast, faster, with a press of a couple buttons.You could also bring the speed of the time back to normal. Now I reinstalled and cant remember how I did it. I refuse to play the game again, because its just not fun, without being able to progress as fast as I want it to!! Plz help me.
What I remember about using the trick- holding ctrl, tab or shift? then press period for faster, or the one to the left of period to slow it back down. might need some kind of up date i think (1.4). Now ive look for 1.4 and years later cant find it. i also remember finding a site that said exactly what to do, i cant find that again.PLZ CONTACT @

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