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FAQ created by Steve Rusher
<< tern@rochester.rr.com >>
  (Please see disclaimer at bottom of document before e-mailing me!)
Release #pre2  (About 50% finished after 4 days of construction)
DATE: 2/22/01

V.    CONSOLE CHEATS (Lots of them)
IX.   DISCLAIMER (Read before e-mailing me)

This is a preliminary walkthrough.  I have yet to accomplish many secondary 
objectives, and I have many secrets to find.  This entire walkthrough was 
done in Rookie mode with no cheats (turning cheats on makes the walkthrough 
more inaccurate)

Stuff I say may not apply to other difficulty levels.  If not, you'll have 
to find your own way for now.

I have inserted WARNINGs into this document, warning you to do or not do a 
specific action which could have serious consequences later on.

Pro?  Yeah, I'm a pro.  If you don't believe me, go to
and look up ngUID #2932265.  Yeah, those are my UT stats, but all new FPS's 
have some basic principles that must be followed.

If you want to survive in Sin, or ANY first-person shooter, here are some 
EXTREMELY important guidelines:

1.) Use the mouse!  Using only the keyboard is slow, inaccurate, 
unresponsive, and just plain stupid.  If you use the keyboard, you are 
sacrificing a ridiculous amount of precision and speed.  If you don't use 
the mouse, start doing it.  You will not regret it.
2.) Learn to strafe!  Strafe means sidestep.  You will want to learn to do 
it.  Why?  Simple!  Because it allows you to dodge incoming fire while 
still keeping your sights locked on a target.  It also allows you to stay 
in a battle with your back to a wall as much as possible.
3.) Once you've mastered #2, learn to circle strafe.  This means you 
strafe one direction while moving your mouse so that it's constantly 
locked on a target.  Essentially, you'll be strafing in a circle around 
your target.
4.) Jump around, and keep moving.  A still target is an easy target.

Oh, and I seriously recommend binding Fire/Attack to your left mouse 
button, and Use to your right.

Now, here are some things unique to Sin:
CONSOLES - To use these, step up, and hit your Use button.  You can then 
type on the keyboard as if it were your own screen.  To back away from a 
console, hit Esc.

SECURITY CAMERAS - If you see a screen with a bunch of static on it, step 
up to it and hit Use to observe.  Then, hit Use again to change cameras.  
To exit a security camera viewscreen, just take a step back.

SEARCHING - Most health packs you will find in Sin come from dead bodies.  
To search a body, step up to it until you see its item list pop up in the 
lower half of your screen, then press Use to take anything useful.

PARTIAL GIB - If you hit something hard enough with a rocket, grenade, 
sniper bullet, or shotgun blast, it may be blown to pieces.  In Sin, to 
prevent losing important items, the first time you nail someone, only half 
of them is blown off.  The half that's still in tact may be searched.  Note 
that if you blast the remaining half, you can not search it.

RANGED DAMAGE - Not so unique any more, but it essentially means this: Leg 
shots are not very damaging, torso shots are, and head shots do a lot of 
damage.  Simply put, it's a good idea to unload most of your ammo on the 
enemy's head.

VEHICULAR WARFARE - Approach a vehicle (usually an ATV, forklift, or other 
construction vehicle) and press Use to board it.  Hitting Use again lets 
you off.  You can shoot while on it, but I'd recommend just running over 
guys.  Using the Turn Left/Right buttons steers, using the Strafe 
Left/Right buttons steers quickly.

ENEMY ARMOR LOSS - This is important!  Enemies carry armor, just like 
you.  When you kill them, your ammunition is absorbed by whatever part of 
their armor that you hit!  This means that if your vest armor starts 
running out, it might be a good idea to kill an enemy or two by shooting 
their legs, then looting their fresh, undamaged Kevlar vest.

1-- Bare Hands
Run out of ammo?  Here's your only resort.  Actually, as far as melee 
fighting goes, bare hands aren't too bad.  They actually deal damage faster 
than the Magnum, but then again, you usually get shot a lot while beating 
the hell out of someone.

2-- Magnum (Reloadable)
The Magnum is simply a handgun, which fires bullets.  A well-placed head 
shot can take out those bald goons in one hit.

AMMO: 10 cal.

3-- Shotgun
Fires shells, which are big fat wads of shot.  Shot is essentially composed 
of BB's, which in this deal almost as much damage as a bullet.  The 
Shotgun is meant for close-range combat, since the scatter makes it useless 
at long range.

If you shoot an enemy at close range in the head, they usually get blown 
to pieces.

AMMO: Shells

4-- Assault Rifle (Reloadable)
Your general-purpose machine gun.  Fires bullets, and fires them fast.  If 
you're a good shot, the double-Magnum is better, since Magnum bullets 
mysteriously do more damage.

AMMO: 10 cal.

5-- H.V. Chain Gun / Grenade Launcher
Fires bullets ridiculously fast.  The bullets do a lot of damage, possibly 
more than the Magnum.

If you're using the Grenade Launcher (Hit 5 while holding the chaingun to 
switch between the two), grenades will explode upon contact with an enemy, 
or as soon as its time fuse burns out.

AMMO: 50 cal./Rockets

6-- Spider Mines
Whee... Put one on the wall, and its a mine.  Or, you can throw it, and 
detonate it by remote control.

AMMO: Mines

7-- Rocket Launcher
Fires rockets, which are explosives propelled by a flare.  Deals good 
damage, but sucks for close range.

AMMO: Rockets

8-- Pulse Rifle / Plasma Cannon
A weapon you must assemble, the Pulse Rifle fires plasma wads that explode 
upon impact.  The Plasma Cannon, or as I fondly call it, the Ammo Leech, 
fires a big bolt of plasma that deals good damage.

AMMO: Cells

9-- Quantum Destabilizer
This weapon must be charged before fired.  Sure, you can just tap the Fire 
button, but that fires a relatively weak wad.  If you power it up too much, 
it explodes, and you die.

AMMO: Cells

0-- Sniper Rifle
This weapon fires rare, ridiculously overpowered bullets.  If you hit a 
standard-sized player with it, then you may have trouble finding the 
pieces.  The major drawbacks of this weapon are definately its sluggish 
reload rate, as well as the insane amount of time it takes to draw and put 
away.  As with actual sniper rifles, a head shot usually guarantees instant 

AMMO: AP Rounds

?-- Spear Gun
Actually a harpoon gun, only truly useful during the underwater missions.  
Punctures scuba gear quite efficiently, but against foes with REAL guns, 
totally useless.

AMMO: Harpoons

Can't tell one type of ammo pack from another?  Here's a bit of help:

10 caliber bullets: Usually found in ammo boxes with the number 10 on the 
side.  Those boxes contain around 40 bullets.  You may also find them when 
looting guys in clips of 25.

50 caliber bullets: Found in ammo boxes with the number 50 on the side.

Rockets: Come in X-shaped packs of 5 or 10.

Cells: Found in small rods, which contain 10 cells worth of energy, and 
large packs, which are shaped similar to Kevlar pants, and are worth 40 

Armor Piercing Rounds - Found only in small clips of 5, which look like 
large clips of shiny, long bullets.

Harpoons - You will only see these when you loot them from divers.  They 
look like a quiver of arrows, except it's yellow and contains harpoons.

Freeport City Bank [?] (Intro) --

Primary Objectives
 - Destroy Rocket Ruttets
 - Eliminate All Enemy Forces
 - Gain Entry Into the Bank
Secondary Objectives
 - Minimize Hardcorp Casualties

*   A bank heist is going on at Freeport City Bank.  It's your job to stop 
it.  After the (nasty) opening cutscene, you arrive toting an extremely 
large gatling gun.  First, look down and blow the first two guys away.  
Now the copter will turn around.  If you want to complete your secondary 
objective, shoot the right pillar on the entrance to the bank until the 
whole entrance collapses.  Now then...There are 3 rocket launchers, which 
are rather easy to spot because they have guys behind them, and they shoot 
rockets.  You can blow up the rockets in mid-air by shooting them, which is 
the case with all rockets in the game.  Destroy all 3 turrets.  Don't worry 
about the guys behind them, the exploded rounds will atomize them.

Freeport City Bank [bank.bsp] --

Primary Objectives
 - Disable Hostile Threat
 - Locate Security Office Key
 - Gain Access to Security Room
 - Gain Access to the Vault
 - Chase Mancini
Secondary Objectives
 - Unlock All Security Doors
 - Minimize Hostage Casualties

*   When you first enter, there's a doorway.  It's the only way you can 
go.  Enter it, then turn around and blast the guy that would normally 
ambush you.  Continue through the doorway.  You now have guys shooting at 
you from all directions.  Ride the escalator up, and blast all of them.  Go 
through the door to your right, then go to the door across the room.  Kill 
the guys, approach the hostage (don't talk to it), and kill the guys that 
come down.  Okay, now you can shoo the hostage away.  Take the key off of 
the desk.

    Go back to the escalator room, and go through the tunnel on the upper 
level, which is on the opposite side as the door.  Mancini is behind the 
counter, and he'll close the glass on you.  Kill the guys that come down, 
and pick up the quarter in the fountain.  J.C. will start hacking around, 
and eventually lift the pane up.  Go behind the counter, and through the 
door to your left.  Now, head down the hallway, but don't follow Mancini.  
If you do, the (shielded) turret will blow you away.  Instead, go through 
the double-doors to your left.  Kill everyone.  Go up the stairs, and 
shoot out the closest window to the door.  Jump in, and go through the 
door (kill the guy, of course), and access the console to your right.   
Unlock the security doors, and access vault security.  First, set vault 
security to Low, and then display the vault combo.  The combo is different 
every time, so I can't just give it to you here.  There are a few guns, 
some armor, and some health in the cabinet.

WARNING: In the next room, there is a hostage in the corner to your left.  
Don't shoot him.

Head through the door on the left side of the room.  Kill the guys, then 
turn around.  To the left of the door you came through is another door.  
Continue onward, then go downstairs.  To the right of the counter is a 
security door.  Open it up, blow the guy behind it away, and head right to 
the vault.  To the left of the vault are the combo dials.  To turn them, 
face them, and hit the Use button.  Turn them to whatever code is the 
correct one, then open the vault.  Kill some more guys, then head over to 
the hole and jump in to exit the level.

Abandoned Buildings [abandon.bsp] --

Primary Objectives
 - Pursue Mancini
 - Eliminate Hostile Forces
Secondary Objectives
 - Recover Stolen Money Bags

*   In the first chamber, there are a few guys hidden along the walls.  
They must think they're smart.  Feed them a few bullets and continue to 
the next room.  Watch out for the explosive tanks on the far wall.  In the 
next room, Mancini delivers you a present.  You should notice some loose 
bricks on the far wall.  Approach them and hit the Use key to push the top 
one out.  Then, climb upwards along the right wall.  You'll need to jump to 
reach a small ledge, then jump again to get to the hole at the top.  
Kaboom.  Go up the stairs and through the passageway.  The middle of the 
bridge will collapse if you step on it, so if you want the guy's 50-health 
canister, you'll need to jump to get it.  Head past the dumpster, and talk 
to the homeless guy if you don't want him blown to smithereens.  Continue 
in that direction for some more cash.  Now go back to the dumpster area.

    There's a passageway along the wall, so go through it.  Head right, up 
the stairs.  If you want to find a secret, head right, to the left of the 
staircase, go around the pillar, then crouch and walk under the hole in the 
far wall.  Inside are some homeless guys, some flares, ammo, and lots of 
food.  Anyhow, go back to the stairwell.  There's a beam that has fallen 
and one end has landed near the stairwell.  Go up the beam to the roof.  
Kill the guys up there, and if you want to complete one of the secondary 
objectives, go to the gap in the wall, and jump down to the dumpster to 
collect the missing money.  If you go for this, then go back up to the roof 
when you're done collecting.

    Once back on the roof, drop down through the hole.  Not the one near 
the pile of bricks, the other one.  Go through the passageway, blow the 
guys away, and the staircase will collapse.  You can jump across the gap, 
or go along the ledge on the right side.  Either way, go out the window.  
If you want to get another secret, go down to the ground level, into the 
little alcove with the homeless guy, and shoot the gas tank on the far 
wall.  You can go through the hole created by the blast for some junk.  
Then, go back up the ladder to the ledge.  Jump across the gap to the other 
ledge, then follow the ledge until you reach another open window.  Go in, 
turn left, and blast the thug.  Cross the plank, jump to the ledge on the 
corner, follow the plank to the wall, and jump to the small ledge on the 
other corner.  There are several bricks protruding from the wall.  Why is 
beyond me.  Jump on to them, and get to the highest one.  Turn around, and 
you'll see a broken ladder.  Jump, grab the ladder, and climb up.  Head 
across another plank, right, and then across another plank.  Go out the 
window, and follow the ledge until you reach another open window.  In the 
crevace in the wall is the collapsed staircase room, plus two money bags.  
Go through the window.  Drop down one level (you can climb or jump), head 
around the bend, killing the two guys that have an annoying tendency to 
send you back down a level, cross the gap, and jump into the hole to 
complete the level.

Cutscene --

*   Elexis obviously doesn't like Mancini's handling of the situation, so 
she gives him a Soap Opera Slap, then dumps something on him.  Mancini 
starts acting a bit funky.

Construction Zone [construct.bsp] --

Primary Objectives
 - Continue Chasing Mancini
 - Eliminate Hostile Forces
Secondary Objectives
 - Find Incriminating Evidence
 - Rescue Remaining Hostages

*   WARNING: There's a dumpster right near the start of the level.  There's 
a guy in it, who will pop up on the left side.  Be prepped.

After you've blasted the guy in the dumpster, continue through the 
alleyway.  Dead end?  Nope.  You have to get on top of the dumpster, then 
run/jump and grab the ladder in mid-air.  Climb the ladder, then ascend 
the emergency exit ladder to the roof.  Mancini jumps to another building, 
leaving you with guys to kill.  Well, kill them.  There's a hostage in the 
corner of the building you'll be on top of, so rescue her if you want to 
complete one of the secondary objectives.

Now, really.  If Mancini and his thugs can make that roof jump, so can 
you.  Just run, and jump when you near the edge.  Kill more guys, continue 
on until you reach the construction zone.  I find it to be a good idea to 
pick off guys from the upper level before going down, but you can fight 
them if you want.  To get down safely, jump on top of one of the beams, 
then jump on to the concrete, then to the ground.  Kill the guys if you 
haven't already.

WARNING: In the large shed, there's a guy in the corner.  Unless you want 
to fail a secondary objective, don't kill him.  That's a blueprint, not a 

There are two ways to reach the next area.  One is to jump onto the treads 
of the wrecking ball crane, and hit Use while facing the levers, which 
knocks down some beams.  You can then go up the beams, and shoot down to 
blast a hole in the wall.  The other is to go into the large shed, and get 
the key off the counter.  However, if you get the key, there will be more 
guys.  To complete one of the secondary objectives, talk to the guy in the 
corner.  Why you can't just take his blueprints after he's dead is beyond 
me.  Go through the hole in the wall, drop down, kill some guys, and 
continue onward until you reach the generator.

Use the levers on the side to activate it.  Just continue onward.  The 
lights will go out, but the exit should already be in plain sight.  If 
not, just use glow-sticks.  No glow-sticks?  Fire your gun.  Once you're 
out of that mess, you'll be stuck in a big pit.  Kill the guys.  You'll 
notice that the valve is stuck, so look up (way up), and shoot the beams 
being held by the crane.  They'll fall on top of the valve, creating a big 
pool.  Kill the guy that appears in the front of the pipe, then enter it.  
It's one-way, until you reach a junction.  Head left unless you want to 
fight another shotgun-armed thug.  Then head right.  You're out.  Now, you 
can gun down the guys, or enter the bulldozer and run them over (yum).  
Now, there are two options as to how you can handle this next part.  The 
Bulldozer method, and the Gas Tank method.  I'll go over each in detail.

Be aware that this method will pit you against more guys, and you won't be 
able to complete one of the level's secondary objectives.  Kind of stupid 
if you ask me.

Anyhow, in the construction area, there's a door in the corner that you 
can't get open.  So, get in the bulldozer and ram it.  Go in the hole, and 
continue onward.  There's a doorway on your left, but ignore it.  The next 
area has some really unstable floor, and I can't give exact navigational 
instructions, so just assume you'll fall (and probably more than once).  
When you fall, just kill the guys, and go back to the staircase and 
navigate the area again.  Eventually you'll reach the end.  Continue to 
the next level.

Among the construction yard is a wooden blockade with some gas tanks behind 
them.  It's along the left side.  Shoot the tanks to blow up the blockade, 
then go through the opening.  At the end of the alleyway should be a water 
pool in the corner.  Go in, then crouch to submerge.  You MAY need to have 
turned the secret valve in the previous level to do this.  *UNVERIFIED*  
Anyhow, swim to the hole in the roof (floor?), come up, and kill the 
guys.  There's one remaining hostage you can rescue, completing your 
secondary objective.  The elevator shaft might be flooded, meaning you can 
go down, and grab some health in the corner, as well as getting one of the 
level's secrets.  Whatever you decide to do, there's only one way out.  
There's an ATV, and what do you THINK you're supposed to do with it.  Hop 
on, of course!  Use the boards as ramps to jump to the near-end of the 
level.  Guys will shoot at you, and you can dismount and shoot them, or 
just run them over.  The level exit is in the far corner.

Cutscene --

*   Well, Mancini must be having fun.  Looks like you're going to have a 
lot more on your hands than a puny crime boss.

Abandoned Subway [subway.bsp] --

Primary Objectives
 - Pursue and Capture Mancini
 - Eliminate Remaining Enemy Forces
 - Stop mutant creature
Secondary Objectives
 - Minimize Civilian Casualties
 - Recover Stolen Money

*   This level is entered from different points depending on which method 
you used to get out of the Construction Zone level.

Go through the door, down the stairs, and through the door on your left.

The level is pretty straight-forward, until you reach the staircases.  Go 
down the stairs, and prepare to fight the mutant.  He's easy to fend off, 
just keep your assault rifle armed, and hold down Fire while keeping your 
sights on him.  Eventually, he'll bust through the wall and leave.  Follow 

*   The two paths now rejoin.  You can go through the door on your left if 
you used the Gas Tank method to go to a portion of the level you don't 
really need to.  Anyhow, just continue onward to the Escalator Room.  
There's one money bag in each bathroom, if you want to complete one of the 
secondary objectives.  When you near the far wall, some thugs break through 
it.  Well, kill them, and go in.  Keep going, and eventually the path 
behind you will collapse.  Keep your eyes on the way you came, because 
that's where the mutant will come from (for the second time, if you used 
the Gas Tank method).  Kill him with your assault rifle, and he'll bust 
through the wall.  Follow him.  There's a hole in the floor, so drop down, 
and continue onward to the unused part of the subway.  Just progress 
forward, killing guys as you go, and go through the section exit along the 
right side of the section.  Go up the escalator, head left, keep going 
(past the first escalator you see,) then head down to the subway car.  
Enter it, and for some reason, it'll start up.

Sorry to ruin your ride, but Mancini's gonna attack again.  Get to a far 
end of the car to make your fight much easier.  Knock him out again, and 
he'll bust through the roof.  When the car stops, get out, and finish him 
off for good.

Cutscene --

*   I love what they say Mancini smells like.  Turns out that the mutant 
wasn't just another Vanity user, but rather a person injected (or however 
U4 is administered) with 100% pure U4.  Turns out SinTEK is making the 
drug, and the mutant was (surprise :P) Mancini.  Of course, Blade now must 
raid SinTEK, and of course, he needs zero backup.

SinTEK Chemical Plant [?] (Part 1) --

Primary Objectives
 - Disable Secretary Watching the Security Cameras
 - Steal A Security Access Card
 - Obtain Entry To Lower Level
Secondary Objectives
 - Remain Undetected

*   This level is a STEALTH MISSION!  You can't just bust into a room and 
kill everyone, which is a huge break from the ordinary.  :P    I have no 
idea why, but you start off this level with just your magnum, which kinda 
sucks considering you could have had an assault rifle and shotgun as well.

Okay, now as far as stealth is concerned, crouch and walk, otherwise you'll 
be heard.  If someone sees you and hits the alarm, you're dead.  Period.

Now, this first part is the hardest to get.  Crouch, and slowly walk along 
the ground until you're right at the right edge of the door.  Face the 
hallway inside, and wait until the secretary leaves her office.  When 
she's not facing you, aim for her head, and blow her away.  I don't know 
anyone who's managed to get this the first time, so count on restarting the 
level at least once.  Once her brains are splattered across the wall, you 
can continue.

Now, thanks to Steve Rusher Walkthrough Technology(tm), you can complete the 
rest of this level without firing a single shot, or losing any 
objectives.  First, peer down the hallway the secretary was heading down.  
If there's a thug at the end, DON'T attack him.  Wait for him to turn the 
corner.  Now, crouch-walk to the second hallway on the left.  If you don't 
crouch, the guys in the lab will sound the alarm.  You'll see an elevator.  
Turn left, crouch-walking by the glass.  Turn left, then left again.  
There's a door.  Go in.  Ignore the door to your right, head through the 
opening along the left to reach the locker area.  Search the lockers.  One 
has a yellow suit and as passcard.  Now, go back the way you came, and 
backtrack to the elevator.  Remember, they still will sound the alarm if 
they see you!  Open the elevator with the keycard, and go down.

SinTEK Chemical Plant [?] (Part 2) --

Primary Objectives
 - Get Into Security Area
 - Find way into High Security
 - Find A Sample of U4
 - Find Bioscanner
 - Escape from Chem Plant
Secondary Objectives
 - Avoid Security

*   Okay, I have no idea how to complete the secondary objective, so just 
forget about it.  When you start off, you have a time limit until guys 
recognize you as Blade.  Arm your bare hands, since they're all that's 
needed, and they make the limit a bit longer.  When you exit the elevator, 
go left.  Open the door, then go through the first door on your right.  Go 
down the stairs, and slug the guy at the security terminal.  Take the 
shotgun on the desk, and blow the rest away.  Be sure to loot their armor, 
since they have so much of it.

They'll sound the alarm, failing your secondary objective sooner rather 
than later.  Just access the terminal and turn the alarm off.  Now go back 
to where the level started.  

There's an area behind glass, so just go in the door, and punch out the 
vent on the wall.  Quickly, log in to the computer, and start the fan test 
sequence (Remember, you'll be hitting Return to "Start Sequence," not "Fan 
Test Sequence")  You now have 30 seconds to do this next part.  Crawl into 
the vent, and punch out the vent at the third left exit.  There's a hole in 
the floor with a now-disabled soon-to-be-enabled fan.  Drop down, and run 
by the other large disabled fan.  Turn left, and you'll see a smaller, 
running fan.  Well, damn.  Just shoot it.  The next room is what I'll 
refer to as the "Post-Fan Room," since I'll need to reference it more than 

Head into the room, and promptly blast the guys you see.  Head through the 
door on the right, and you'll enter a small lab area.  None of the labs 
have anything useful, except the last one on the right, which has 20 
health.  Just head left to the Mixer area.  Go past the Mixer, through the 
door.  Kill some guys, and when J.C. tells you to "follow that scientist," 
go back to the mixer area.  Kill the guys, then head back to the Post-Fan 
Room.  The scientist will open up the door, and some guys will spill out.  
Kill them, and the scientist.  Take the scientist's pass.  To your right 
is the security scan area.

WARNING: Hey, want to die quickly?  It's easy.  Just don't listen to the 
computer's advice.  That door you come in through will come down when you 
get scanned, and it comes down HARD.  If any part of you gets caught in 
that door, you die.  Plain and simple.  So listen to the kind computer, 
and please step completely in the chamber before getting scanned.  Don't 
touch the lasers either, they don't feel good.

To get scanned, just face the green thing on the side, and hit Use.  Now, 
go to the other side, do the same, and you're clear.  Continue to the 
upper Mixer area.  The first lab on your right has 40hp in health 
powerups.  The second has a very useful Adrenaline pack!  Continue onward 
until you hit the second security room.  Blow the guys away, and access 
the terminal.  Turn the alarms off if they got turned back on.  Arm up, 
and head left.  Enter the second door (Lab 4), and look for a blue keycard 
on the desk.  Pick it up, it's useful.  Then, go to the corner door (Lab 
6), and go in.  Log in to the terminal... hmm... need a password?  Make a 
note of the guy's last name.  I think it's always Skander, but I'm not 
sure.  You have two choices... You can go back to the security room, and 
look his passcode up at the terminal, or you can just enter "wellofsouls", 
which is the password.  No big time loss either way.  Activate the lift, 
and open the U4 storage.  Exit his room, and head straight.  Push the OK 
button to enter the U4 storage area.  Grab the U4 vials, and leave.

Head back to Lab 6, and go into the elevator.  Head down, leave the lift, 
and turn around.  Go through the double-doors, and round the bend.  2 
bots!  Fun stuff!  Kill them with the Assault Rifle or the Shotgun.  The 
Magnum won't do much of anything.  I find it much easier to kill them with 
the Shotgun though.  Turn around, and you'll see a security alarm on the 
wall.  Enter the door to the left of it.  There's a bioscanner on the left 
side of the room.  Open it, put the U4 in (just hit Use when up close to 
it), log into the computer, and hit Return to start the bioscan.  J.C. 
will hack in and find out that U4 is actually a DNA modifying drug.  Now 
you have one objective left: Get out.  Leave the lab, and head left.  Go 
past the Mixer and the labs.  See that area behind glass with that thing on 
the table?  You can access it now with the blue keycard.  The entrance is 
right opposite the security scanner.  Pick up Weapon Part 1, and get some 
glow-sticks from the compartment in the wall.  Now, go back and past the 
fan room entrance.  The security scanner is closed!  J.C. will tell you to 
go back to the Mixer and look for a sewer exit.  Do exactly that.  Go to 
the Mixer room, and jump down on to the pipe coming out of the left side.  
Punch out the vent, go down into the pipe, and exit the level.

SinTEK Warehouse [whouse1.bsp] (Part 1) --

Primary Objectives
 - Sneak Into The Warehouse
Secondary Objectives

*   When you enter the level, head forward, then left, and up the ladder.  
There's an area with a lot of big crates, which you definately want to 
inspect... The guys in that area carry a heap of armor, and there's a 100% 
helmet.  Wait for the truck to arrive, then jump in the back of it.  
Crouch, and stay in the back.  You'll see a guy or two as you're being 
driven away, so kill him/them with your Magnum or Assault Rifle.  When the 
truck stops, get out.  Look around for a door, and enter it.  Go left, 
left, and through a door.  There's a computer terminal, so log in, turn 
the alarm off if it's on, and open gate B.  Head out of the building, and 
through the gate you just opened.  To your right is another door.  Go in.  
There's a staircase in the back corner, so head up the stairs, and open 
the door.  There is probably a scientist/worker/civilian, but he'll pull 
the alarm first chance he gets, so kill him.  Log in to the terminal 
nearby, and open gate C.  Head out of the building, right, and through the 
gate.  There's a door on your left.  Enter it to complete the level.

SinTEK Warehouse [whouse2.bsp] (Part 2) --

Primary Objectives
 - Eliminate Warehouse Foreman
Secondary Objectives
 - Destroy U4 Stores
 - Install Remote Modem

*   Head in, and turn left.  Blow away the guys (watch out, the barrels are 
explosive), and punch open the box on the ground at the end... It has a 
drastically overpowered Sniper Rifle inside!  Board the forklift, run over 
the guys, and ram the boxes open.  The corner of the track can be ascended 
by climbing the boxes, and the box on the top has some mines in it.  At the 
end of the line, hop off and exit stage left.  Continue onward until you 
reach a big box, which will burst open, revealing another one of 
Sinclaire's pets.  Kill it, and head left.  There's an elevator on the far 
end of the room, and opposite it is a box with a yellow diamond logo.  
That is a U4 crate, and you'll be seeing many of them.  They explode too, 
so don't get too close.  Blast it, then head up the elevator.  Arm a good 
gun, cuz another critter is going to jump you.  Head left.  Destroy the U4 
crate, jump across and bust open the boxes for a helmet, and then jump 
onto the plank that's just below the gap you jumped across.  Crouch, and 
crawl over to pick up Weapon Part 2.  Drop down, and go to the door.

Enter it, and go up the stairs.  Go through the door, look down at the 
crates, blast the U4 crates, and continue along the level you're on.  Go 
through the door, and continue until you reach a room full of turrets that 
will start shooting you.  Quickly jump down to the lower level, and try to 
get behind the crane.  There are U4 crates under the stairs, so don't 
forget to blast them.  Stay out of the turrets' line of fire, and bust open 
the 2 crates behind the conveyor belt for 40 health.  Hop on to the 
conveyor belt along with the boxes, and continue onward.  As soon as you 
enter the next room, head to the far left corner.  Not only are you 
sheltered from turret fire (temporarily,) but you can access the small 
terminal to switch the SinTEK order from weapons to cleaning supplies.  
Looks like SinTEK is going to have to use Lysol instead of rocket 
launchers.  Now, quickly run by the turret, up the stairs, and through the 
door.  Head left.  Log in to the terminal, and turn the turrets off.  
Then, turn around.  There are two large computers, and a small panel 
between the two.  Use that panel to install the remote modem on it.  You 
should now be able to access the safe by unlocking it from the terminal you 
were just on.  Open up the safe, and take the evidence inside.  Head back 
to the room you were just getting shot up by a turret in.  Near the turret, 
on the wall is a vent.  Punch it open, and climb up.  Head right, until 
you reach a wide open room.  There's a doorway in the far left corner.  
Head through it, and stay along the edge.  Approach the far corner to hear 
what SinTEK is planning.

Now, time to complete your sole primary objective.  Jump down and waste 
the guy!  Don't forget to loot him, since he has a security pass that you 
need.  If you haven't already taken the evidence from the safe, do so 
now.  Shoot out the windows to his office, and jump down.  Turn right, 
and open up the garage doors by using the panel next to them.  Now, in the 
next area, turn right, and RUN to the far-right corner.  There's a door.  
Enter the door, and head up the stairs.  Head into the office, log in to 
the terminal, and turn the turrets off (for the last time.)  Shoot out the 
window.  In the next area. there are 3 U4 crates.  If you've destroyed all 
the ones I've pointed out up to now, you'll only need to destroy 2 to 
complete your secondary objective.  Go down the pathway that has all the 
crates being trafficked across the ceiling, and head in the elevator along 
the right wall to exit the level.

Cutscene --

*   Sinclaire's plan isn't just sick, it's SINsational!  If you're in to 
Beavis and Butthead-style humor, you can probably find quite a bit of 
innuendo in what the scientist says.  :-)

In a nutshell, Sinclaire is planning world domination.

Biomech Factory [factory1.bsp] (Part 1) --

Primary Objectives
 - Infiltrate Biomech Factory
 - Shut down Automated Security
 - Destroy Biomech Machinery
Secondary Objectives

*   When you first start the level, there's a guard.  He doesn't see you.  
Just aim your Magnum at his head, pull the trigger, WHAM, dead.  Head 
left.  Yeah, it's a dead end, but punch open the box on the ground for some 

WARNING: The door you are about to go through has a turret behind it.  
There's another at the end of the hall.  The turrets in this level are 
mostly unshielded, so it's a good idea to use your Shotgun on close range 
ones, or your Assault Rifle against the distant ones.

Go down the hallway, and through the door.  Take out the turrets and guys, 
and go to the other end of the hallway.  Through the door is a camera, and 
if you don't want to alert security (if you care), immediately look right, 
shoot out the glass, and blow the thug away.  Take out the turrets, jump 
into the office, and take the keycard, leave the office, and go through the 
door to your right.  You will be locked in, and the lights will dim.  Two 
spiderbots will appear, and you must kill them.  There's a vent opening in 
the area that one of the bots came out of, and the barrier blocking it will 
drop when the bots are killed.  Go in to the vent, and head right.

WARNING: Through the door is the "Danger Hall."  Arm your shotgun, and 
ignore the turrets.  There are 2 pairs of gas tanks along the right wall, 
and you have to shoot both of them while getting shot up by the turrets.  
The turrets are shielded, so you can't kill them.  Trying to just wastes 
health and ammo.

Enter the Danger Hall.  After you've destroyed both pairs of gas tanks, 
the door on the far wall will be unlocked.  Go through it.  Continue onward 
until another laser barrier blocks your way.  Yeah, there's another 
spiderbot you have to kill.  After you kill it, the barrier drops, so go 
through the door.  Go through it, and you'll reach a security checkpoint.  
You don't have a keycard, and you don't want to die, so punch out the vent 
on the right side of the room.  Head in, go up the ladder, and go left.  Go 
through the door, and drop down from the vent.  Kill the massive crowd of 
guys.  There are only 2 doors in this room, and one's locked, so go through 
the one that isn't.  You'll reach a security room.  Kill the scientist, 
and take his keycard.  Log in to the terminal, turn off the automated 
security, open the security doors, and quickly step away from the 
terminal.  The door you didn't come through should open up, and guys should 
spill through.  Blast them, then go through the doorway.  Head up the 
stairs, and continue onward until you hit a junction.  Go straight, and 
keep going until you reach a heavily fortified door.  Step on the pad in 
front of it to open it, then go through to exit the level.

Biomech Factory [factory2.bsp] (Part 2) --

Primary Objectives
 - Upload Virus to Biomech Matrix Computer
 - Shut Down Biomech Machinery
 - Destroy Biomech Creations
 - Proceed to Freeport Dam/Missile Silo
   (Destination depends on whether or not you access the SinTEK database)
Secondary Objectives
 - Access SinTEK Database

*   When you come through the first door, you enter the "Respawn Pit."  
It's called that because the supply of guys that will come in to kill you 
in that area is literally endless, so it's a good idea to stay out of that 
area, since it just wastes ammo and health.  Go straight, and arm your 
Shotgun before you head through the door.  Go in, turn left, and destroy 
the turret.  Now, head down the stairs, and kill the thugs.  Log in to the 
terminal, and perform a Matrix uplink.  J.C. will infect the matrix 
computer.  Once it's uploaded, open the security doors.  You can turn off 
the alarm by hitting the button right next to the (unopenable) door at the 
far end of the room.

Head back to the respawn pit, and head left.  Go through the doorway, and 
continue until you reach a lab.  Blade will comment on how disgusting 
SinTEK's operation is, building an army out of dead bodies (Oh yeah, like 
most of their army isn't dead by now anyways).  Hit the red button on the 
wall to shut down Lab 1.  Go through the door, and continue to Lab 2.  
Push the button on the wall to shut it down.  Then, continue to Lab 3.  
Shut it down, then head through the door.  Go through the short hallway, 
step on the pad, then go through the security door.  Elexis will show up, 
gloating, and then she'll leave as a door opens up, and two corpsebots 
show come up.  FYI, "repas de la mort" means "meal of the dead."

The corpsebots can't be hurt yet, but J.C.'s virus has only stalled them.  
Pick a bot, and keep your crosshairs locked on its head with your Assault 
Rifle, Chaingun, or Shotgun.  Blade will congratulate J.C., which means 
you have about 5 seconds until J.C. realizes his virus didn't work 
perfectly.  When the bot turns towards you, blow it away.  Concentrate 
on one bot, then kill the other.

The glass wall will be lowered, allowing you to access the elevator.  Go 
in, and head up.  Cross the bridge, and enter the office.  Take the green 
card off the desk, and head through the door.  From here on out, waste as 
much ammo as you see fit: You'll be totally re-armed when you complete the 
level, regardless of where your next mission is.  Go through the door, then 
head right, back into the Respawn Pit.

WARNING: DO NOT kill the scientist in the computer room, unless you are 
content with not doing the Missile Silo level, and failing a secondary 

Go straight, and open the door to enter the computer room.  Gun down the 
guys.  Now, you have two options: You can go to the Freeport Dam for the 
next level, or you can play the Missile Silo level.  You'll have to go to 
the Freeport Dam one way or another, and there are technically no major 
advantages to playing the Missile Silo level, other than the storyline 
element.  The Missile Silo is also a very hard level, even at Rookie, 
particularly because of the lack of armor.  In other words, if it's your 
first time through, you probably don't want to go there.

If you want to go to the Missile Silo, talk to the scientist.  He'll log 
in to the SinTEK database, showing you that SinTEK is planning to knock 
off a military base.  Your objectives then change, so when you exit the 
level, you'll go to the Missile Silo.

If you accidentally kill the scientist and want to log in to the database, 
access the terminal, and try using the password "ash_houseware".

Whatever you decide to do, head into the elevator, and go up.  Arm a good 
gun!  When it opens up, you probably want to turn right immediately, and 
take care of the pesky chaingunner.  Then, kill the other guys.  Under the 
small office is a corpsebot, carrying a keycard for some reason.  Kill it, 
obviously, and take the keycard.  Use it to enter the office.  Log in to 
the terminal, and open the helipad doors to exit the level.

{[  The following stuff only applies if you chose to access the SinTEK   ]}
{[   database!  If you didn't, just scroll down to the part after the    ]}
{[                       Missile Silo walkthrough!                       ]}

Cutscene --

*   Blade heads off in the helicopter, holding the gatling gun... No, 
unfortunately, you won't get to use it.  :p

Basically, it's a little chat between Blade and J.C., showing Blade's 
determination to not let SinTEK get a hold of a warhead.

Missile Silo [silo.bsp] --

Primary Objectives
 - Gain Entry To Silo
 - Disable Security Power Grid
 - Locate Warhead #1
 - Unlock Silos #2 And #3
 - Lock Down Warhead #2
 - Redirect Missile #3
Secondary Objectives
 - Rescue Marine Hostages

*   When you start this level, look left.  See that tower?  Go there as 
fast as you possible can, ignoring all of the guys you see along the way.  
They're occupied with the helicopter, which, by the way, you can not stop 
from getting blown up.  Once you've reached the tower, take the Sniper 
Rifle and the ammunition.  Arm the sniper rifle, look over the edge, and 
blast anyone you can get a clean shot at.  Once you've cleaned out, go down 
from the tower, and head along the left edge.  Arm your Shotgun or Sniper 
Rifle, since you'll be coming up behind a guy, which means you can get at 
least one guaranteed shot off on him.

Now that you've cleaned up that area, check the bodies for the orange 
keycard.  If you sniped everyone successfully, it should be on the ground 
in the far corner.  Make sure you get a Rocket Launcher before heading in 
to the silo!  If you accidentally let the Rocket Launchers vegetate for too 
long after you've blown their former holders away, they'll vanish.  If you 
can't find a Rocket Launcher, restart the level!

Also, REMEMBER: Guys you kill with rockets won't have any armor to loot!

Now, that building in the center is the silo.  Be sure to bust open and 
collect supplies from as many boxes as you can.  There's a lot of ammo 
sitting around.  Also, use your Chaingun as much as possible: There's a 
ton of ammo for it in this level.  Last but not least, you will be 
re-armed (again) next level, so don't worry about ammo too much.

Enter the silo, and follow the right wall until you reach a ladder.  Climb 
up the ladder, and blast the two guys.  Take the radio from the desk, and 
you'll get your secondary objective.  Climb back down the ladder, and 
enter the elevator.  Head down.  The whole place you'll be in is 
essentially a one-way path, until you reach the power grid.  There is only 
one way I know of to deactivate the power grid without getting blown to 
pieces.  Each side of the power grid has a 4-pack of gas tanks, guarded by 
a blue force field.  Oh, by the way, touching blue force fields is a bad 
idea.  However, they do allow most other stuff (including bullets) 
through.  Climb down to the lower level if you can't find the gas tanks, 
then climb back up.  Arm your Rocket Launcher, and from the top ledge, try 
to hit the bottom edges of the openings with rockets.  This will cause the 
tanks to explode.  After both sides have been blown up, stay still.  The 
lights will go off, but emergency red lights will come on soon enough.  
Head back to the locked door in the tunnels, and go through it.  Head left, 
and keep going until you reach a room.  If the lights go off, just wait 
until the regular lights kick back in, and that's the last power upset 
you'll need to worry about.  Climb down the ladder to reach the lower part 
of the room.  Break open the crates, and you'll see a grate under one of 
them.  Stand to the side of it, crouch, and hit Use while facing it to open 
it.  Drop down, and you'll complete your secondary objective.  If you 
want, you can take the mines in the far corner.  The sergeant will give you 
a password, which you can view by hitting F11.

Head back up, and go back the way you came.  The security door is locked 
again, so go the other way.  Keep going until you reach a junction with a 
sign on the ground.  Look left.  There's a doorway with a gas mask sign 
over it.  Go in, and jump into the water.  Go down, and in to the pipe.  
Keep going, and the waterline will stop, letting you get some air.  Just 
keep making left turns until you leave the pipe system.  Arm your Rocket 
Launcher, and shoot the patrols above you from below.  For one reason or 
another, they won't shoot you if you do it that way.  Climb up the ladder 
to floor level.  Look around, and you'll see a dead guy in the corner.  
His hand is severed, so pick it up.  There are 3 other doors in the area 
you're in, each with a number next to it.  Each one leads to a different 
silo.  First, you'll need to go to Silo #1.  Go in, and you'll see that 
SinTEK is getting away with a warhead.  Drop down a level, and go in to 
the small hole.  Access the terminal, lock down the warhead (even though 
it's stolen), and open Silo #2.  Leave Silo #1 (You can reach the one 
stubborn ladder by approaching it from the other side, assuming you have 
trouble with the ladders at all).  Now, go to Silo 2.  From this point on, 
you must be FAST!  Drop down a level, and go in to the hole.  Log in, and 
lock down the warhead.  Open Silo #3.  You have about a minute and a half 
to get over there.

Leave Silo #2, and go to #3.  Kill the guys as fast as you can, then drop 
down a level, and arm your Grenade Launcher.  Dump a few grenades down 
the hole, and do them at different angles.  After about 5 grenades, switch 
to the Chaingun, drop down the hole, and blow the two guys away if they're 
still alive.  Log in to the console.  Your final objective can be achieved 
either of 2 ways:

1-- Open the launch doors, which will send the missile cruising into the 
Pacific, and will decrease fish sales for the next few years.  :-P

2-- Abort the launch with the password "Lithium707"  Oh yeah, and if you 
enter the wrong password, you're dead.

{[ If you didn't choose to do the Missile Silo, resume your reading here ]}

Freeport Sewers [?] --

Primary Objectives
 - Locate entrance to sewers
 - Eliminate enemy forces
 - Proceed to Freeport Dam
Secondary Objectives
 - Minimize Civilian Casualties

Oops, sorry, you've caught me during a pre-release.  This guide WILL be 
complete, but I'm releasing several versions now because.... well.... there 
are no guides for this on GameFAQs yet!

To go to the console, hit the ~ key.  Then, type a command, and hit Return 
to execute it.  Items with (?) next to it are unverified.  Here are some 
commands I've found:

health <amount>   - Sets your health to <amount>
god               - Toggle God mode (No damage, no ammo loss)
noclip            - Toggle No Clip mode (Walk through walls)
notarget          - Enemies won't attack you until you attack them
wuss              - All weapons

give <item>  - Gives you <item>, such as:

 magnum (Mostly useless)
 spidermine (Needed to use picked up mines, I guess)

So, what is the infamous HeliGun?  It's a helicopter minigun.  Its accuracy 
is perfect, so if the crosshairs are green, and you're not moving, your shot 
is a hit.  It also fires what I believe to be half-strength AP rounds for 
ammo, except it fires them at the rate of a chaingun, and consumes no ammo.  
Easily the game's most powerful weapon, at any range!

Also, if you pick up anything while holding the HeliGun, you'll put the 
HeliGun away.  To change this, go to the console, and do:

bind BACKSPACE "use heligun"

This will bind the backspace key to the HeliGun.

Since you're only supposed to have the HeliGun on the helicopter, you can 
bet it does some wierd stuff when not in-hand.  First off, if you switch to 
Third Person Mode, you can't even see your gun.  Second, if you do "spawn 
HeliGun", it can cause odd things to happen, and it doesn't look right.

The ThrallGun is the weapon that Thrall technically uses.  Just like the 
ChainGun, it has two modes.  To switch modes, do:

use thrallgun

While holding the ThrallGun.  Sure, it looks like an Assault Rifle, but 
here's the real story.  The first type spews heat-seeking rockets at an 
alarming rate... too bad the rockets are so weak, and munch ammo so fast.  
Pretty useless.  The second type launches big red plasma flares that do a 
TON of damage, and spit out little fireball things upon impact as well.  
IMHO, the HeliGun is still better.

give <item> <amount>  - Gives you <amount> of <item>
Here are some items you can use this with:

 health (Doesn't do anything, but works)
 apple, soda, banana, cookies, sandwich (Don't do anything)
 hand (Severed hand)
 coin (Quarter)

spawn <object>  - Spawns an object right in front of you.  Useful for 
doing some VERY wierd stuff.  Here are some things you can replace <object> 

moneybag   - FCB money bag.
bum        - A bum.
thug       - One of those dressed-in-black idiots with an assault rifle.
mancini    - You guessed it!  It's Mancini.  FYI, Mancini can not die, so 
             once you spawn him, he's there to stay!  He will also follow 
             you around for increased annoyance.
health     - A vial holding 20 health.
u4vial     - Spawns a U4 injector.  Grab it, and use to become a superfast 
             mutant maniac, temporarily of course.
sandwich   - A sandwich.
apple      - Miscelaneous fruits
thrall     - Spawns the last guy, and spawns him right in front of you for 
             that matter.  Generally not a very good idea.
eonandpeon - Spawns everybody's favorite Diaper Duo.
sniper     - Spawns a female SinTEK sniper.
evidence   - Who knows?
blueprints - SinTEK Chemical Plant blueprints.
passcode   - Lithium707.  :-)
reactiveshields  - Super-armor.  Use to activate.
chemsuit   - Yellow suit
forklift   - Vehicles.  Don't try boarding them, or you might be 
atv          perminently stuck
glasses    - Blade's glasses.  ;)
lensflare  - A floating lensflare
gib1       - Chunks of meat
pl_blade   - Spawns your twin
pl_jc      - Spawns JC
pl_elexis  - Spawns Elexis Sinclaire, and yes, you can kill her!

You can also use the spawn command to spawn most weapons.

map <map name>   - Transfers you to <map name>.  I've put level names in 
brackets (i.e. [abandon.bsp]) throughout the walkthrough.  Just remove 
the .bsp part, and do the command to run that map.  i.e. to run 
abandon.bsp, do:

map abandon

Stuff I'd like to know how to do thru console:
 Give other types of ammo
 Give the "mutant claws" weapon
 Spawn a rat
 Spawn a mutant
 Spawn PODDs (Invisibility glasses)

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