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         	                Half Life: Counterstrike
			       cs_assault map Strategy Guide
                                 By Lord Zero
                                  Version 1.0



1.- File History.
2.- Introduction.
3.- About this file.
4.- The Assault Map.
5.- Graphics.
6.- Map overview.
7.- Tactical Ideas.
8.- When the Action Starts.
9.- Frequently asked questions about this map.
10.- Credits.
11.- Legal Stuff.


1.- File History.

-0.1 Start of the file (10/22/2001, 23:04)
-1.0 File Ready (10/23/2001, 11: 49)
-1.1 Email Changed. (10/29/2002, 16:30)


2.- Introduction.

Welcome to this guide.

Counterstrike is a MODification of the FPS (First Person Shooter) Half 
Life, which, while it hasn't been the most successful FPS game in history
(That spot will remain owned by DoOm)has spawned a legion of MODs and 
gamers looking into it. While the original Half Life was played on a
somewhat futuristic setting, Counterstrike simulates Counter-Terrorists
missions with objectives to accomplish.

The game plays on two teams, the Terrorists (the bad guys), and the
Counter Terrorist (The good guys). While the game can be won by simply
killing everyone on the other team, is much more satisfactory to play
by the rules. Game modes include VIP (One player assumes the role of
the VIP, and has to escape poorly armed from the map while the Terrorists
have to kill him or her), Defuse the Bomb (The Terrorist have to plant
a C4 bomb on a marked site while the CT have to either prevent it, or
disarm it once is planted), and Hostages (The Terrorist have to keep
the CT from rescuing the Hostages), and more. This has made this game a
hit, and one of the points (and precisely the one I will treat) is that
choosing a weapon actually requires to know it, unlike, say, Quake III,
when you only need to know that the Rockets explode and the slugs kill.

This guide is the first on the series for especific map strategy guides.
This is based on my own experiences when playing both sides, and shows
the best ways of finishing a level with the victory on your hands I've
found, always from the view of playing on a cooperative-comunicative
It's also important to note that I'll be focusing mostly on getting the
map objectives, that's rescue the hostages, protect the bomb site, or

Good Luck! You'll need it ^_^.


3.- About this Guide.

I recommend reading this on 800 X 600 to avoid scroll moving, which is
annoying, believe me.

This guide is focused to get the maximum effectivity on the cs_assault
Map, commonly named just "Assault". It's somewhat based on team 
comunication, and it would probably work much better for LAN based games
than for internet games ('coz you can yell and hit your partners).


4.- The Assault Map.

cs_assault, or the Assault Map, is a "rescue the hostages" scenery that
plays on a deserted warehouse, and an industrial alley. It's quite a
fun map because it lends itself to many strategies, and, while the 
terrorists (T) are given a lot of advantage here, the counter terrorists
(CT) have a very good time trying to enter the warehouse to rescue the

It can be downright frustrating when playing CT, if you don't take a
little time to study the map, something I have done, and it's actually
my second to best map (I _Rule_ the siege map ^_^). These are my plans
for you to follow, but feel free to invent your own strategies, as long
as you follow the same security parameters I show you: they are general,
and probably are the only way to survive this map.


5.- Graphics:

This section will show a few ugly ascii graphics to help you and myself
to show the strategies. They aren't pretty, but I guess they do they
work (I think).

NOTE: I'm doing these from memory. I'm fairly sure they are right, but
if you spot any mistake, I'm happy to correct it)
Also, when I say (X,Y), X is the horizontal axis, and Y is the vertical

 |####|______________________     #= Dark place
||    |________|V<-|L|   |   |a   b= Back door
||    |<-U     |       T b   |b   B= Bridge
|| B  |<-|     D    W    |   |c   V= Air vent entrance
||    |   __   |_________L   |d   L= Ladder
||    |  |  | X|  L          |e   U= Place under the bridge
||    |  |__|  |__|          |f   d= Doorway
||    |   __                 |g   D= Garage door
||----|  d  |                |h   W= Warehouse
|        |__|   __        ___|i   T= Terrorist HQ
|____   ____   |  |      |   |j   CT= Counter Terrorist HQ 
|    |_|    |  |__|  CT  |__L|k   APC= Armored Personal Carrier (A
|___________|_____________APC|l        battle vehicle)
 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n      X= there is a crate over here but
   |						 I couldn't draw it :^P
   |-> This is the point where I might be wrong. Also, there might be a
few more boxes scatered around, but they aren't of tactical importance
if they do exist (you'll see why).

      | *********|a  *= Plataform to second floor
 _____| *________|b  P= Pilar
|  _  P  P  P  P |c  B= Boxes
|_|B|        _   |d  D= Garage door
|B|__P______|B|_ |e  L= Ladder
D           |BB| |f  b= Back door
D           |BB| bg
D           |BB| |h
|  |B|       ____|j
a b c d e f g h i


     	    | ********* |   a   V= Air vent entrance
 _________| *_________|__ b   d= Sliding door into hostage room
|                        |c   L= Ladder
|     |______V________   |d   L1= Ladder inside Air vent
d     |      #        |  |e   h= Hole to the hostage room
d     W      #        |  |f
|  V  |#######        |  |g
|_h___W      #        |__|h
|  |         L1           i
|  |                      j 
|  |                   __ k 
|  |__________________| L|l 
 a b c d e f g h i j k l m


6.- Map overview.

TERRORIST: OBJECTIVE: Keep the CT from rescueing the hostages.

The CT have a tough time playing this map though they have more fun.
Their spawning position (k,k- first map) is wide opened, and they are
provided with an APC which holds three buttons which are actually security
monitors. Checking them out is an strategic advantage which levels the 
challenge, but be careful not to get caught looking at them.

The whole map is wide open, and it's a field for snipers, making grenades
a must. A few sniping points are the building next to the APC (m,k), the
bridge (b,c) and the warehouse roof. The floor also offers a good view for 
keeping funny terrorists trying to assault the CT spawning point, I 
ussually choose (j,k)(j,j)(i,n), as they are somehow difficult to spot.

The terrorist start inside the warehouse, and they have a huge advantage.
The warehouse is indeed a complex thing,it sports a half opened garage
door which is needed to walk under crouched, and a back door which does
a chirring noise when opened, which leds to a dark alley which can serve
as a massive frag place, as it's damn easy to kill people there.
It has a lot of cover places, though once the CT have breaked the T first
line of defense, they are in for a beating.

The back alley also leads to a ladder to the roof, an important place.
It has the air vent, which is a dangerous place to enter, as it's
easy to fall into an ambush inside. The Airvent has two other ends:
one in the second floor of the warehouse, and another directly to the
hostages room at (b,g).
Back to the roof, it's the highest place on the map, and is very open,
which serves as a good sniper place, as long as you can keep
people on the bridge and on (m,k) at bay. From the roof, you can jump
to a nearby crate at (e,f), or to the ledge which goes from (d,a) to

Under the bridge is a fence which covers the vision, and serves as
an interesting sniper or ambushing point, more useful to the
terrorist than to the CT.
The bridge itself is an incredible strategic point: It's not
only an sniping point, it's also damn hard to reach there untouched,
and the dark part is perfect for cover. The best way to reach up
there is HE grenade at hand to rain upon the unsuspecting foe.


7.- Tactical Ideas.


Suggested Teams:
|                 |
| FRONTAL ASSAULT | (Reccomended)

(based on a 6 person team)
ATTACK TEAM: M4A1, HE grenades. (2 CT)
SNIPER ON THE BRIDGE: AWM, HE Grenades, Flashbang, Gas Grenade, Sigg P28.
MOBILE SNIPER: AWM, HE grenades, Flashbang, Desert Eagle.
(this is my main strategy, and has prove to be extremely hard to stop.
I suggest following this one strongly if you are CT)
|                  |
| MULTIPLE ASSAULT | (If above fails)

(based on a 6 person team)
GARAGE DOOR TEAM: Steyr Aug, HE Grenades (2 CT).
MOBILE SNIPER: Scout or AWM, HE Grenades, Flashbang, Sigg p28.
BACK DOOR: MP5, HE grenades, Flashbang (2 CT).
AIR VENT: (I would suggest the AK-47) M4A1, HE Grenades, gas Grenades,
Flashbang, Desert Eagle.
(This idea is based on the way of setting the two leaders on the garage 
door first, then, under this cover fire, break thru the back door with
the best guy, followed by a partner. By this point, the firefight would
be enough to let the Air vent guy enter and surprise the enemies, and
the mobile sniper enter the place without too much trouble. Expect a 
couple of casualties, though, and to lose if the air vent guy takes too
much time- he's the core of the strategy)

The CT deployment area only offers a nice sniping spot in (m,k), but it's
quite vulnerable to attacks from the warehouse roof. It's best used as a
partial recon spot, with an artic wielder (or an scout), and with a 
guard securing the ladder from the ground, because if the sniper is 
attacked, he has to climb down the ladder without a doubt, or he would 
get slaughtered.
The guard is best armed with a FN P90, or a auto shotgun. The guard
isn't always needed, but if you got the spare personnel, is a good idea
(I ussually don't have it, so I move this sniper to the floor as soon
as the attack starts. Also, if he's alone, is better to leave him with
an scout to get the maximum mobility at the endgame)
However, as soon as the roof is secured, or the whole CT strike team has 
entered the warehouse, get out of there, and set this pack on the floor
for maximum security.

The Counter Terrorist have three ways of entering the Warehouse, those
being a) the Air vent, b) the back door, c) the garage door. 
The most recomended is the garage door, but is ussually a much better idea
to secure all exits and attack from everywhere.
The Air vent is a kamikaze entrance. Is best coordinated with a full frontal
assault on the garage door, so the Terrorist would be confused trying to
cover both entrances. The back door is way too noisy, and you'd best cover
the sound with either a grenade (HE or flashbang), or gunfire. Enter the
place firing, get the hell out firing.
The main garage door is a tough spot. First off, when entering this place,
it's always good to first set an sniper in the bridge, armed either with an
artic or an automatic sniper rifle. The scout isn't such a hot idea, since
any T surprising the team with an AK-47 will most likely kill the whole
team before the sniper has time to set sights, if isn't killed soon enough.

The entrance from the garage door is the only real alternative for a group
attack, since the other two entrances are too risky. Once the sniper is set,
prepare the way waiting for the sure grenades that the T will send once they
think you are near. Then enter the first two CT crouch, and one for each side,
covering each other. Is not a good idea to send a flashbang before entering 
because you would most likely blind yourself, but a gas grenade, or a couple
of HE grenades aimed towards (a,j) and (c,e) in the warehouse, first floor
map, work wonders for smart-ass T trying to ambush you.

Indeed, that is the only effective way of stoping this kind of attacks. I've
found (b,i) and (b,f) to be two extremely strong positions once the (c,j)
and the (c,e) spots are cleared, since the boxes cover so much of the 
warehouse, that these guys can really cover the rest of the team without
any single problem, provided they have reasonable aim.

Following this strategy, even if you fail to rescue the hostages, or the
four guys inside die, the two snipers (on the bridge and the mobile one)
should be able to cover each other, the mobile could keep on the ground
looking for the enemies going out, and the one on the bridge covering
him. They have to suck too badly to allow anyone escape this way, just
be careful with the back door, which can surprise you.
Keep the mobile with an scout on the ground, if he has the AWM, best keep
him on (m,k) next to the APC.

Finally, another good place to snipe out Terrorists coming out too fast,
is to keep the mobile sniper on (h,e), as long as the one on the bridge
keeps an eye on the warehouse roof.

bridge, on the hands of an expert, is the most important strategic position
for the CT, IMHO.


Suggested Teams
|               |
| DEFENSIVE WAY | (Suggested)

(based on a 6 person team)
SECOND FLOOR SNIPERS: AWM, Double berettas, HE Grenades, Flashbang(2 T).
AIR VENT GUARDS: AK-47, HE grenades (2 T).
MOBILE GUARDS: Either AK-47, MP5, or Krieg 552, HE Grenades, Flashbang,
gas grenade(2 T).
(This is the most effective way, IMHO, and is the tactic I will explain.
The two mobile guard better be damn good, however, or you may screw up)
|           |
| RAMBO WAY | (If above fails)

(based on a 6 person team)
WAREHOUSE ROOF SNIPER: AWM, Sigg p28, HE grenades, Flashband.
WOLFPACK: MP5, HE grenades, Flashbang (3 T), AK-47 (2 T).
(This tactic is based on the idea of mounting an sniper on the roof,
then get out to strike at the CT team before they coordinate an attack
to the warehouse. The Sniper has to get up quite quickly, is best
to go for the ladder by the alley of the back door, then everyone goes
out under the cover of the sniper to kill the CT team. Killer tactic,
but it heavily depends on the ability of the sniper)

The warehouse has a lot of sniping points: (m,c), (m,m), (a,m) and (m,c)
on the second floor. On the first floor, (f,k) and (i,j) can be covered
easily. Is important to note that you shouldn't get the whole team 
sniping, and (i,j) is better sniped with an AK-47, or another heavy auto
rifle, not an AWM.
(g,e) is a great sniping point, provided you have a good hearing for
listening to CT coming from the backdoor.

Setting two guards on (c,e) and (a,j) is also an important thing to do,
since two CT crouching entering the garage door are a very hard thing to
kill unless they are set, or a sniper is on (m,m). But that sniping point 
is very vulnerable, and you got to keep an ear for HE grenades. Instead,
as soon as you hear the steps, send the HE grenade to chip away health,
and confuse the enemies. When you see them, unload. It's a good idea
to set a gas grenade at the door to allow you to shoot, instead of the
CT of your opposite side, aim down to kill the one on your side: is more
likely to get the headshot.

It doesn't matters if the CT do, or don't manage to enter the warehouse,
after the first attack, the two mobile guards have to get on movin'. Is
up to the snipers and the two air vents guards to cover the place. The
two MG have to run over the place watching over the two doors, regulary
taking a peek outside to spot any sniper if you think so. But don't venture 

Securing the roof is always good, but you have to be incredible fast to 
get there before the CT are out of reach (even more if you haven't got
the AWM from the past round). There is a point in the roof to buy things,
use it to rain HE grenades down the floor. More so, you have to watch out
for (m,k) outside, where is likely to find a CT already. As soon as you
see that (m,k) is safe, take a breath and a peek at the bridge. If there's
an sniper, chances are that he won't notice you before you open a new
hole on his head. Once he's dead, you can snipe or send HE grenades to the
CT trying to break the garage door.

If you have a brave man with great aim (Or if you are that brave man with
great aim), arm him with an scout and HE grenades, and move out. Score
a few hits ( i recommend going out from the garage door, because they can
get you from the back door), then inmediatly go back, and maybe get a new
weapon if you have the money.

Setting a guard with an AK-47 at (h,d) is very powerful to kill a few 
idiots who don't check where are they going. After the first couple,
unless you plan to sacrifice yourself for the glory of your team, better
get your ass inside before someone gets smart, or a bridge sniper gets you
a bullet in the middle of your eyebrowns.

Guarding the airvents needs a)a rifle to shoot thru the metal, b) an HE
grenade in case you need it (And if there's more than one people there),
and c) a terrorist (duh). The second airvent exit near to the hostages
is also better if you open it up, it tends to screw people up. I can't
count how many unsuspecting people have been killed by my AK-47 
inside that tunnel.

Keep an ear to the sound of the back door.
If you suspect a CT entering the back door, send an HE grenade there.

Finally, beating the snipers in the bridge, (m,k) or the alley below the
the bridge will require a roger clemens wannabe to throw grenades over


8.- When Action Starts.

Both CT and T will learn that this map really requires a lot of strafing
and intuition. You are in for a battle against snipers, and you will
need to know, or better said, feel your way to evade their shots.

CT also will learn how hard can it get. Teamplay is important when playing
CT, going alone is not going to work. Stick together team, get in position
then wait for my go, and taking fire, need assistence all are keys to

T will have to develop a good sense of hearing, since the key for them to
win is to hear their surroundings, and predict the CT movements. Once you
dominate these points, you can go outside and kill them on their game.


9.- Frequently asked questions about this map.

Q. Which side actually has the advantage on this map?
A. The Terrorists, but lack of organization is a killer for them on this

Q. Why do you plan with just 6 people on each team?
A. Because that's what's ussually avalaible on my LAN place. I've played
with as much as 11 persons on each team, and it's amazing, but it's not
what you could call "organized". It's a damn madness.

Q. Is there anyway to get on top of the third building next to the bridge?
A. Rocket jump? Actually, nope. I think is actually off limits, being
way too high for the maps limits to manage, you will only end up in the
"Hall of Mirrors" effect, known for many of us DoOm Fans, though is
present on any FPS game out there, is when you use a cheat to go thru the
map and wander out of it. Without any images to display, the engine only
shows clones of the last image seen, eventually repeating itself until
it's repeated above itself (it's hard to explain).

Q. Can bullets go thru the walls of the warehouse?
A. Rifle bullets can go, but it's pretty useless.

Q. Is there another map like this one?
A. Miltia is pretty much the same, but less favoured to the Terrorists.
On a much higher level, Siege is a great option for veterans.


10.- Credits.

- Thanks, somehow, to Jonat4z, Yunqu3, MaNsOn, Marilyn, Phantom Phreak,
and all the guys who lurk in Time Net and like to get slaughtered by me
(Yeah sure... ^_^).
- To my hands, as always.
- To CjayC for hosting this guide on his site.
- To Gorillaz for giving me a new sound to listen before I get a full-time
rock monster.
- And to everyone I would like to thank but I can't recall them or they
have nothing to do with this faq, but thanks anyway ;^)


11.- Legal Stuff.

This file is owned by Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)

You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
me of your URL.

All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
via email to the address below.

Copyright 2001-2002 By Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com).

The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
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