MP3 Playback FAQ by NR Pickle

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Half-Life:  Counterstrike
MP3 player faq, (basic commands and binds)
This faq is written by NR Pickle.
Please note that this is only works in CS 1.6 running through Steam, though it
is assumed that any future versions will also support mp3 playback.

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1.  Legal Stuff
2.  Where to put your MP3 files.
3.  Basic console commands for MP3 player.
4.  Quick and easy scripting suggestions.
5.  Credits

1.  Legal Stuff:
Share and copy this all you like as long as it's not for profit.  This is a
very cool feature so the more who know how to use it the better it is.  Please
be kind and mention where you got it and who wrote it.

2.  Where to put your MP3 files.
Bust into your hard drive directory and start clicking.

Program Files>Steam>SteamApps>youremail>counter-strike>valve

Ok that was easy.  You can put the MP3's here if you want but for this faq we
will use a different method.  In the valve folder, you want to create a new
folder called "music".  You can call it whatever you want but if you use
something different you will need to modify your script from the example I will

So you now should have a "music" folder inside of the valve folder.  Drop the
MP3's you want to play into that folder.  I recommend that you keep the number
of files low unless you have photographic memory.  I also recommend you rename
the files to simple one word abbreviations.

3.  Basic console commands for MP3 player.
Now that you have the music in the right place it's time to play it.  While in
game, throw open the console and get ready to type.

The only 2 commands that I am currently aware of are "mp3 play" and "mp3 stop".
 Luckily those are all you need to rock out.  Play command usage comes first
obviously.  Let's say the name of the mp3 you want to play is "song1".  The
console command would be:

mp3 play music\song1

Note that the "music" directory is in the command.  If you dropped your mp3's
directly into the valve folder then you do not need to have that portion of the
line.  It would just be, "mp3 play song1".  Also note that the ".mp3" file
extension is not used.

So now the music is playing and you need to listen for footsteps?  Just type:

mp3 stop

All playback will stop.

4.  Quick and easy scripting suggestions.
Well, that's all easy enough but it's a complete pain to type all that in while
trying not to get shot.  Especially since after an mp3 is done it just stops. 
The easy solution is to use a bind script of course!

Step number one is to create a scripting file in notepad.  (half of you are
probably way ahead of me on this)  Open up notepad and save the document as
"userconfig.cfg".  You may have to change the "save as type" to "all files" to
make this work.

Now that you have a script file you have to fill it up.  The idea is to set
each of your mp3 files to play at the press of a button.  For this faq I will
explain use of the numpad keys.  This allows for the hotkeying of 16 songs.

Let's start by binding "song1.mp3" to play when we press the number 1 on the
numpad.  Type the following in the userconig file.

bind "KP_END" "mp3 play music\song1"

KP_END is recognized by the game as button 1 on the keypad.  "music\song1" 
refers to the subdirectory and file name of the song in question.  Once again
note the absence of the .mp3 file extension.

Now that you have that done, you want to have a "stop" button.  We will make
this the zero key as it just makes sense.  Add the following line to your file.

bind "KP_INS" "mp3 stop"

Now whenever you have music playing you just need to press zero on the numpad
to stop the music.  "KP_INS" is recognized by counter-strike as the zero key on
the numpad.

The entire map of the numpad is recognized as:

1 = KP_END
5 = KP_5
0 = KP_INS
. = KP_DEL
* = KP_*
enter = KP_ENTER

A complete file would look something like this:

bind "KP_INS" "mp3 stop"
bind "KP_END" "mp3 play music\song1"
bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "mp3 play music\song2"

And so on.  I do not know if this is case specific nor do I care to test it.  I
do know that uppercase for the key, and lowercase for the directory/file works.

Once you have a completed userconfig file you need to place it in the
appropriate directory for it to work.  It goes in the "counterstrike\cstrike
directory" along with a normal "config.cfg" file.  Once all of your files are
in place it will all work automatically the next time you launch counterstrike.

Have fun!

5.  Credits
I would like to thank my mom, my brother, and the rest of my family, lol.  I
would also like to thank gamefaqs for a site that has been extremely helpful to
me and countless others.  Also, extreme props to the creators of counterstrike,
the best game on the net imo.  (even though I suck at it)  Props to them again
for including this much needed feature in the latest update.  With a little
luck more developers will start including similar features.  Thanks are also
deserved by an individual whose name I do not recall that said something to the
effect of, "have you tried all the different folders" right after shooting me
in the face in a round of cs.  More direct thanks go to "jennevdmeer".  This
invdividual had posted a webpage on this topic, which is where discovered that
you can put the music files in a subdirectory within the valve folder and still
play them.  I'd link to the page as there is a picture of the directories there
but I am not sure if that would be appreciated.