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How do i delete my saves?

I want to start completly over, And I have to many saves. If I could just delete everything and start over I would be happy. But I have no ideah. Could you please tell me how?


Tsutomu06 answered:

If your playing the playstation version, I have a solution. Turn it on without the CD but with the memory card inserted. An options menu should appear. Then select memory card. Wait for it to load. Then select delete (not Delete All) and delete your data files (they should be labeled)
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Re_Sword answered:

And if you playing the pc version, here is a useful idea:
Insread of DELETING your older saves, you can make a BACKUP of them, then start with a completely non occupied saving slots.
1- Locate 2 files named "Bu00.sav" & "Bu10.sav", usually they are found in the same game directory. If you can not see them, open a file called BIO 3 ( present in the same game directory), then read the location of your saves
for example :
save= .\saves\
means that these files are located in a folder called "saves" in the same game directory
2- After locating those 2 files, just cut& paste them in another folder out of the game directory (and hence you make a backup of your saves)
3- Start the game, select "load game", you will find all slots are clear and ready for your new saves, congratulations! ^_^
Tip: if you need to restore your older saves, just repeat steps 1&2 to make a backup of the newer, then cut& paste your older saves back to the saving path of the game ( demonstrated by file BIO 3).
Note: This method will NOT affect the epilogue photos you have already unlocked, your purchased weapons, or any Progression you made in the game exept saves.

& Hope that helps
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