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FUSE and BATTERY in resident evil nemesis?

where can i find the FUSE and BATTERY in resident evil nemesis?

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1- After you reach the train for the first time and got the fuel from the safe in the shop, go back your way out of Racoon Hall.
2- The green door just before the Racoon Hall gate will be opened now by zombies. After dealing with them go and get the book from the mayor statue.
3- Go back and place the book besides the electric water zone just before the kitchen. Take the wheel instead.
4- Go back to the mayor statue and place the wheel, the statue will rotate and show you the BATTERY it hides.
5- Take the battery and go to the elevator ( in the room where you met the Drain Deimos for the first time), place it.
6- Run into the power station. here you will face a new puzzel:
- Set the power mode to the manual one.
- You need to adjust the power correctly twice, a time at 120 V and another at 25 V to open the two sealed doors ( i do not remember the series of red&blue "^^).
7- After you open those doors, you will find the FUSE in on of them.

Good luck!

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