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"A success from cube to PC."

Compared to its counterpart, Ultimate Yahtzee, Boggle for the PC is a breath of fresh air. Its modes add another set of challenges, and through the internet Boggle shows itself in its true form: a great part game that requires two solid minutes of (gasp!) thinking.

Classic Boggle is the Boggle that most people are used to: a box with letter cubes is shaken up, and set down. A group of people looks at the box and tries to form words from the words in the box, and the letters belonging to the word must be adjacent.

The PC version actually makes the game more convenient and enjoyable, unlike some other Hasbro titles mentioned above. In the actual game, players would have to write all the words down on their own piece of paper while hiding it from the other players. In the computer version, the players, taking turns, only need to click on the letters that form the word or type them in. After pushing enter/return, the word is automatically recorded on a list on the side of the screen. This makes for faster gameplay and less complaining after long hours of playing. After all players finish, their scores are automatically tallied up after settling disputes about questionable words which are automatically highlighted in red with help of a built in dictionary. If you have no one willing to play with you, playing alone is still challenging and satisfying, or you can just log on the internet and go from there.

The other modes are quite challenging, just in case your friends get bored and you need another excuse to show off your unscrambling skills. Cube Boggle (sorry, can’t remember the exact name) is strictly an one player challenge where the game gives you an composite cube of 125 letter cubes (5 times 5 times 5… yeah, 125) and you must rotate the large cube, forming words in order to reduce the screen to emptiness. Or, for another head-to-head mode, try Battle Boggle, a faster and snappier mode than Classic Boggle.

Of course, Boggle has its faults in its mechanics. Extremely long loading times and other speed problems (please don’t criticize my computer; I have tried this game on various PC’s, and the performance speed still doesn’t help) make Boggle tedious if you’re an impatient person. Every entry and exit option, plus the timer in Cube Boggle has significant hitches in loading time, and the gameplay freezes up for ten seconds at a time, breaking your concentration and focus. A few graphical glitches also attack in Battle Boggle.

When a game is transferred from real life to PC, it should enhance the gaming experience, making the game more fun and convenient to play. Hasbro succeeds in this aspect, and Boggle is good proof of that.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 05/02/02, Updated 05/02/02

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