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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i hide my gun?

Well if you watch some machinimas about Half Life they hide the gun and pull it out when they need

so...How the hell do i do that?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Half Life1 (and blueshift)

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Is it Half Life, or Half Life 2?

If its Half Life 2, then they do it with Gmod, otherwise i have no idea.

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You can't. Or, you don't need to. What would be the point? You use weapons too often. Unless you mean on-screen display - but seeing what you currently have equipped is far more useful than not, I believe.

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Did you just watch the "Freeman's Mind" series? Anyway, I could have sworn there was an impulse console command for that. But even then you wouldn't just lower it off the bottom of the screen; it would make it spontaniously disappear! I think they use some kind of mod for that.

P.S. Do you mean Half-Life, Half-Life 2, or Half-Life: Source (or another Half-Life title)?

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Type Impulse 200 in the console to put away your weapon, or you can bind Impulse 200 to a key and press it to hide your weapon like how Ross hides the weapons in Freeman's Mind.

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What button is the console

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the "~" key activates the console.
If you're playing the WON version you may need to create a shortcut to hl.exe then add "-console" on the target line like this:
"E:\Program Files\Games\Half Life\hl.exe" -console

If you have the steam version, I do believe you just go to keyboard controls -> advanced -> activate developer's console.

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Once you have the console enabled enter "r_drawviewmodel 0" into the console and press enter.
In Half-Life: Source it might be cheat protected.

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Try Impulse 200.

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I have the sane problem as well, so I did enter Impulse 200 and it worked, but I tried typing it again and my weapon wouldn't show up, I tried bind toggle as well but it still woudn't work, I know how old this post is but I'm stil interested. Please help

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