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"Watch out FF8!(my favorite game)"

Well first things first. In my other review for NASCAR Rumble I forgot to put in music and gameplay as one of the review things. And this is tied for 1st place for my favorite game.

GRAPHICS 8/10- The graphics in this game is very detailed. I don't even have a 3D card and it's still great. The people and creatures look like real things. Sometimes they look blurry but it doesn't really matter.

CONTROL 10/10- The control is like any other first person shooter. The mouse is a main control thing unlike any other FPS. You need it to aim and to fire(or you could use other buttons).

SOUND 10/10- Everything sounds like the real thing. The voices are real good. The gunfire, explodsions, creature, etc. all sound really good.

MUSIC 7/10- The music of the game you don't here that much but when it plays it's real good. Good music that fits in what your doing.

GAMEPLAY 10/10- This is the king of all first person shooters. A great shoot-them-up game with some puzzles. The puzzles can get annoying but you get used to it.

OVERALL 10/10- I'm getting every expansion pack that comes out for this game. Right now i'm going to install They Hunger and U.S.S. Darkstar(the unoffical expansion packs). When I have enough money I'm going to get the expansion pack. The next review I'm going do is Fear Effect. And people who have a P120 don't worry this game works(I have a P120 and it works fine).

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 02/27/00, Updated 02/27/00

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