Question from Kon2n2001

Best scripting collections?

I am looking for Script Collections, not just from TF2 Wiki. Basically I am lazy and don't want to spend time writing scripts for specific classes and then re-writing these scripts for the other classes so that the scripts are repeated making the other classes unusable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Accepted Answer

Yo_D_oY answered:

FPSBanana has a huge community of scripters releasing TF2 scripts daily. I do recommend you to learn how to do it yourself however as you can create things that are your idea and nobody else would finish. Then you can release them and be popular in the community! To learn how to do it, use fpsbanana and alliedmodders's sites.
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gbeastmegaman1 answered:

The best way to script is to do it yourself. But as you stated, you are too lazy, so the only other option is to google. Plus, scripting yourself makes the game more personalized to your needs, as scripts are basically different control layouts.
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