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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get/find scrap metal?

How im trying to make a hat and i dont know how to get some?

Additional details - 4 years ago

...what can i unlock in offline practice (NOTE:This is off of Steam.)

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From: tiomasta 4 years ago

2 weapons of the same class, or 2 weapons of the same slot make a scrap metal.
3 scraps make a reclaimed.
3 reclaimed make a refined.
3 refined make a random hat.

3 weapons of the same class make a class token.
4 refined plus a cIass token make a random hat of that class.

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You periodically get weapons every hour of playing or so, for 7 hours, every week. You can use or craft the weapons to make metal, and eventually, make a hat. It's gonna take alot of time, so be patient.

3 refined = 27 scrap, = 54 weapons = 54 hours of playing, at LEAST.

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You can't unlock stuff offline I'm pretty sure. Sorry.

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2 of the same slot doesn't work...

but yes,
2 weapons from the same class works, take scout:
2 Force-a-Natures
2 Bonk!
2 Crit-a-Cola
2 Sandman

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For offline practice I noticed that I got a random item drop.
Unlocks probably not because you normally have to complete achievements...but then again I did get the K.G.B. before unlocking it via achievements.

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