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Is it possible to find/get back the huntsman?

I like to play as a sniper and I unlocked the huntsman so i played with it for a while but I changed it to the sydney sleeper which has much different play than the huntsman and i can't stand it. I am wondering if there is a way to find another one or get it back somehow. I can not trade since it is an untradable item and i have a free account.

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viperesque answered:

You can craft one, but there's no guaranteed recipe. You'll most likely have to either find it randomly, or beg until given one (which shouldn't take long at all).
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TheEpicness42 answered:

Yes, you can either find or trade for it.
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1234567890Chris answered:

Seeing how the tc doesn't have a Premium account, he will have to either craft the Huntsman, or keep playing and hoping to find the Huntsman.
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