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How do you charge a demoman's sword?

I'm trying to find out how to charge the demoman's sword. Are all of them chargeable or just one?

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viperesque answered:

Depends what you mean by 'charge'. The eyelander (and its two reskins, the Unusual Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker and Nessie's Nine Iron) can collect heads. Every kill made with it gives you a health and speed bonus that lasts until you are killed, up to a maximum of 4. Killing another eyelander-wielding demoman will give you all the heads he had collected as well. Alternatively, if you mean the actual charge, where the demoman rushes forward, that ability is granted by the Chargin' Targe and Splendid Screen secondary weapons.
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FangedSilver answered:

All of the demo's weapons can be used to charge if you equip either the Charge and Targe or Splendid Screen, then use alt. fire. (alternate fire, not hold down alt and click fire) (alt. fire as in mouse 2, right mouse button).
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