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Asked: 5 years ago

How do u unlock guns?

I already unlocked 2 but how did i do it?

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From: Natedogg316 5 years ago

There's two ways to unlock new weapons:

1. Currently, 6 of the 9 classes have achievements (it will be all 9 eventually). After you get a set amount of achievements, you'll get one of the weapons for the class.
2. Randomly. There's a small chance (about 1% per minute) of getting a random weapon to drop (or a very rare chance of getting a hat to drop)

More than likely, you're getting weapons because of the second reason.

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Once you have the gun, you need to equip it.
Pressing M will bring up your back-pack and you can equip it there.
The gun however must fit the class.
I.e. Flare Gun for Pyro etc etc

Hope it helps.

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Specifically, the classes that have unlockable items as of now are Medic, Pyro, Heavy, Scout, Sniper, and Spy. When you complete enough achievements for one of those individual classes, you'll unlock one of their items. General achievements don't unlock anything and are just for fun.

There's also the random drop method, in which the chat box will have a message saying you found an item. This will just happen normally as you play, you can't really affect the chance of getting something from it though.

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