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When a Scout is gibbed, there is a 1% chance that a dove will fly out of the resulting carnage. This is a reference to the end of the "Meet the Medic" short, where Scout ends up with a dove inside his chest cavity.

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The Buffalo Steak Sandvich item was originally intended to be a peyote cactus. The item was part of an American Indian-themed set, so, it was seen as potentially offensive and thus altered to its current state.

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The maps Mountainlab and Mann Manor are exactly identical in layout, only differing in theme and decoration. This is justified since both maps were winners of the Art Pass Contest of 2010, a map-making contest in which participants were given a pre-made map and instructed to texture and detail it.

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Connection to Other Media

Team Fortress was originally a mod for Quake which became highly popular. When its popularity became obvious, Valve hired some of the original coders for the mod publish their ideas as its own game licensed under Valve. This split led to friction between the two companies and communities, though both still thrive. The original Quake Team Fortress is still an active and open community today, encouraging modifications, submissions, and server hosting.

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The official maps 2fort, Dustbowl, Well, and Badlands are edited versions of the maps of the same names from Team Fortress Classic.

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