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Equipment FAQ 1.0 - Global Operations
By Erik Marks (TeraTempyst)

0. History
1. Introduction
2. Pistols
3. Shotguns
4. Submachine Guns
5. Assault Rifles
6. Sniper Rifles
7. Machine Guns
8. Other
9. The Rest

0. History

1.0 - September 1st - I was bored so I typed everything up. Die.

1. Introduction:
Feel free to use this FAQ on your own site, just drop me a line first. It can
be found at the contact list at the bottom.

I just wrote this FAQ on the spur of the moment... It includes every piece of
equipment in the game, ranging from pistols to specialty explosives. My
opinions arent concrete; you may feel differently about some weapons than I do.
Just do what feels alright and use this as a basic guideline.

Please note that this guide already assumes you already have a slight idea on
how to play Global Operations. Meaning that I'm just going to dive right into
the weapons here.

Whats to come: Specific strategies on what to buy and what to pick up in the
2. Pistols
Pistols are wielded by every class in the game (except by the intelligence
officer, but after dealing with the damn computers all day I wouldnt be
surprised). They are worthy of backup use, and some even as primary weapons.

Beretta 92F - 300$
Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
Magazine Size: 15 + 1
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic
Description: This is the cheapest of the pistols, and it also has the lowest
power. However, dont let that put you off. The 92F will serve you reliably as a
backup pistol if you cannot afford anything else.
Technique: If you've got a twitchy finger, you can empty the entire clip in a
matter of seconds. During CQB, this can be valuable since the recoil wont carry
you TOO highly. At longer distances, try to go for double taps.
Addons: The suppressor is somewhat effective. It will make your shots weaker,
but if you're going behind enemy lines it can be a life saver.

Glock 18 - 350$
Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
Magazine Size: 19 + 1 (Extended: 31 + 1)
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Full Automatic
Description: The Glock functions much like the 92F, with a minor difference; it
features a full auto trigger group. Thats right, after being maligned in other
games as a 3 round burst (cough counterstrike), its finally properly
Technique: Frankly, semi-auto doesnt work that effectively. But hell, you
bought this for the full auto function, right? Under full auto, this gun has an
extremely high rate of fire. At close to medium distances, fire in 4 - 6 round
bursts. At longer ranges, single shot may be a little better.
Addons: The Extended magazine will give you 31 rounds at your disposal. While
this does make the gun more than a Sig, it can be worthwhile if you want a full
auto backup. The Tac Light is up to you, since its relatively cheap. I
traditionally dont use them.

Para Ordinance P14 - 450$
Caliber: .45 ACP
Magazine Size: 14 + 1
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic
Description: The cheapest of the somewhat stronger pistols, the P14 is one of
the best for newer players and veterans alike. It fires moderately accurate and
has decent power. The main power of this gun is its Addons.
Technique: Buy a laser sight with this gun. With the laser sight, you can
strafe and shoot at a distance and STILL score headshots. Fire a round every
second or so and every shot will land, assuming you have your crosshairs
trained on the enemy.
Addons: The laser sight is indispensable. Buy one with this gun all the time;
if you dont, you might as well get a USP. The suppressor is in the same vein as
the Beretta's; get one if you need it.

Heckler and Koch USP45 - 500$
Caliber: .45 ACP
Magazine Size: 12 + 1
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic
Description: This is definitely for straight shooters. The USP45 is incredibly
accurate at a distance and its very strong for its price.
Technique: Play this like you'd use the Para P14, but try not to strafe quite
as much since you dont have the advantage of the laser sight. Try to keep your
shots at a moderate rate or you'll empty the clip fast.
Addons: Buy a suppressor for this gun at all opportunities. The suppressor is
very, VERY effective. You can use the USP with the suppressor the same way youd
use it without. Again, tac light is up to you.

Fabrique Nationale Five SeveN - 575$
Caliber: 5.7 x 28mm
Magazine Size: 20 + 1
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic
Description: Another specialty pistol. The Five SeveN features the highest
capacity magazine for all pistols in the game. Its not quite the strongest, but
it has great accuracy and it uses armour piercing rounds.
Technique: Even though this uses armour piercing rounds, it doesnt make up for
its inherent weakness. Aim for the head when you can. The extra rounds give you
a nice chance at getting at least one kill a magazine.
Addons: Not appliable

Sig SP2340 - 600$
Caliber: .357 Sig
Magazine Size: 12 + 1
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic
Description: This pistol is like a USP on crack. It has the same clip size as
the USP, but it uses a higher power caliber.
Technique: Handle in a similar manner to the USP, but keep in mind its range is
a little lower. Its made up for wholey in its power, however. As a medic, one
time I took out 2 commandos and a heavy gunner all in succession with one
magazine. Thats how useful this is.
Addons: The tac light is up to you.

Colt Anaconda - 750$
Caliber: .44 Magnum
Magazine Size: 6
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic
Description: This is 1 of the 2 powerhouse pistols. It uses the .44 Magnum
round, notorious of its use by Dirty Harry. Here's your chance to ask them
Krongen punks if they feel lucky.
Technique: Never use this for CQB; in fact, dont buy this if you dont plan on
getting the scope to go with this. However, with the scope, this works well as
a pseudo sniper rifle. Just crouch and pick them off from a distance; if you're
a good shot, it'll take one or two shots at most.
Addons: The 3x scope is very, VERY important to get with this. If you dont plan
on getting this with a scope, just go for the Desert Eagle.

IMI Desert Eagle - 975$
Caliber: .50 Action Express
Magazine Size: 7 + 1
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic
Description: This is the bad ass of guns. It wields the most powerful pistol
caliber in the game. Unfortunately, it also only holds 8 rounds maximum, just
two more than a Anaconda. It also costs more than some submachine and shotguns.
Technique: Unlike the Anaconda, this works better in CQB than long distance.
Time your shots though, since they run out very quickly. Dont bother aiming for
the head unless you want to permanently kill your adversary. They wont get up.
Addons: Not appliable

3. Shotguns

I will be blunt: Shotguns are damn near worthless. At least, in my experience
they are. Demomen and Heavy Gunners use them. In most cases I'd suggest you get
a pistol before a shotgun, unless you can't afford your classes' primary
weapon. All of the shotguns are 12 gauge.

Remington 870 - 900$
Magazine Size: 6 + 1 (reloaded individually)
Trigger Group: Pump Action
Description: The cheapest shotgun, and for a good reason. Its near impossible
to get a kill with this damned thing. It fires slowly and a full reload takes
forever. I must admit, it feels really cool firing it, even though I can count
the amount of kills with this on my fingers.
Technique: Aim for the head. These damn pellets must be made of plastic.
Addons: Tac light is up to you.

Benelli M1 - 1100$
Magazine Size: 5 + 1 (reloaded individually)
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic
Description: THIS GUN IS HORRIBLE. I have never gotten a kill with this, and I
rarely see anyone using it. Dont bother, if you need a crap shotgun, get a
Technique: Dont buy it.
Addons: If you happen to buy one by mistake, the taclight is up to you.
If anyone has particular tactics for this gun, gimme a message. I'd like to
hear them.

Franchi Spas15 - 1675$
Magazine Size: 6 + 1
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic
Description: This is where the shotguns become somewhat worthwhile. The Spas 15
is the most powerful of the shotguns. Also, unlike the cheaper ones, it is
magazine based, so it doesnt take forever to restock.
Technique: Like all shotguns, aim for the head. This shouldnt take quite as
many shots as the others, but you'll find yourself reloading often, so have a
pistol backup or at least a good place to fall back.
Addons: Not appliable

USAS12 - 3000$
Magazine Size: 10 + 1
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Full Auto
Description: While weaker than the Spas15, this shotgun makes up for its
weakness in the fact that it fires automatically. Fast.
Technique: Make sure to use 3 round bursts and check to see if your target is
bleeding profusely, or youll waste all your ammo in a snap. In Semi-Automatic,
its not much better than a Benelli.
Addons: The Drum magazine can be very helpful, if you can afford it. With a lot
of excess cash, its almost a necessity.

4. Submachine Guns

I'll be biased here - I love submachine guns. In Global Ops they can be
extremely effective if you know how to properly use them. Theyre meant for CQB,
but most can be used at an Anaconda-ish distance on single fire.

IMI Micro UZI - 750$
Magazine Size: 32 + 1
Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Full Auto
Description: The UZI has the highest rate of fire of all of the submachine
guns. This is both a good and bad thing; the good side is you can dump 5 or so
rounds into someone instantly. The bad side is this rate of fire smacks your
crosshair around like its its bitch.
Technique: Fire in short bursts unless you have a point blank range going.
Suprisingly enough, semi-automatic is very useful; at medium ranges you can
score each shot pretty much dead on.
Addons: The suppressor is sort of kinda alright sort of. Go for it only if you
need it.

Heckler and Koch MP5K-PDW - 900$
Magazine Size: 30 + 1
Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Full Auto
Description: Many people seem to just mistake this for a UZI clone. However, I
have found this very useful (mainly because I've always liked the mp5k)
compared to the UZI. It fires slightly slower and has considerably less recoil.
Not to mention it's more accurate.
Technique: Use an UZI type technique, but go for longer bursts. And dont be
afraid to use it at longer ranges. Single shot is even more useful than the
Addons: The suppressor is effective. Go for it if you want one. The Double Clip
is worth while if you think you'll be deep in CQB without decent backup. Make
sure the exposed clip is on the left side or its pretty useless. The scope is a
good compliment to single shots. Crouch when you use it though.

Beretta 12S - 1100$
Magazine Size: 20 + 1
Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Full Auto
Description: I'd say this is closest to a newbie sub machine gun there is. It
has a slow rate of fire, but its recoil is very controllable. It has almost no
vertical recoil, so you can go full auto very reliably. However, it is almost
useless without addons.
Technique: Dont bother with semi-automatic; automatic is slow enough to pull
off single shots easily. Just pull down on the mouse and fire for as long as
you want, and every shot will go where you want it.
Addons: Tac light is up to you. Go for the scope and extended clip when you
can, if you plan to use this.

Heckler and Koch UMP45 - 1425$
Magazine Size: 25 + 1
Caliber: .45 ACP
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Full Auto
Description: While others seem to have had some success with this SMG, I sure
havent. It does use a more powerful round than the 9mm, but I can never get
this thing to hit a target. It recoils horrendously and has a slow rate of
fire. If you can counter act these downfalls, go for it.
Technique: Fire in bursts, definitely.
Addons: The suppressor works effectively, as does the scope. Tac light is up to

Heckler and Koch MP5/10 - 1700$
Magazine Size: 30 + 1
Caliber: 10mm
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Three Round Burst, Full Auto
Description: The workhorse of the SMG group. It wields a powerful cartridge
(similar in power to the .357 sig) and has a controllable rate of fire/recoil.
Recons might not be able to afford this, but it is an effective primary for
Technique: Trigger Groups work well in proportion to distance. At very long
ranges single shot will work best. In long to medium ranges, 1 or 2 3 round
bursts can usually wield a kill. Close up, go ahead with rock and roll. If
you're short on ammo, go for 3 round burst close up and else where go single.
Addons: Same as the UMP. The suppressor sounds different than the other ones,
which may or may not attract attention.

Fabrique Nationale P90 - 2275$
Magazine Size: 50 + 1
Caliber: 5.7 x 28mm
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Full Auto
Description: Even though its more expensive than the mp5, it is somewhat
similar in usefulness. So it's really up to you. It has a high rate of fire
(somewhat like the mp5k) but it is quite controllable. It uses the same round
as the Five seveN, but you wont really notice its armour piercing effect since
you're going to be putting out loads of lead.
Technique: Unless you have a laser, fire in bursts. On single fire, it is
incredibly accurate. It also doesnt have an animation for switching between
single and full auto, so you can go between them on a whim.
Addons: Always get a laser sight when you can get one, it functions similarly
to the P14 laser. The suppressor works effectively, although it decreases the
use of the laser slightly.

5. Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are the most versatile weapons in the game. They work well at
long to medium distances but they can also hold their own in CQB. Theyre the
primary weapons of Commandos and Medics.

Kalashnikov AK47 - 1975$
Magazine Size: 30 + 1
Caliber: 7.62 Eastern Block
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Full Auto
Description: The most widely produced assault rifle in the world, known for its
idiot proof operation. The AK47 is affordable by everyone, and it is worth the
bang for its buck. It does, however, have horrendous recoil.
Technique: In almost all cases youll want to use single shot. If see yourself
going into a CQB situation, switch to full auto. Unfortunately, trigger group
changing is a pain in the ass, since the selector switch is on the other side.
Blame Mr. Kalashnikov for that blunder.
Addons: The scope is worth it, especially with the single shot nature of the
gun. Go for it.

Olympic Arms M4A1 - 2500$
Magazine Size: 30 + 1
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Full Auto
Description: While it uses a weaker round than the AK47, the M4 is more
expensive. Why? Because it can reliably be used on full automatic without too
much of a problem. This is the closest thing to a newbie assault rifle.
Technique: Unlike most guns in the game, this can be used on full auto for more
than 4 or 5 rounds without worrying about recoil. Its rate of fire is moderate,
but nothing to scoff at. Aim for the head, since it uses the weakest rifle
Addons: The M4 has some of the best additions in the game. The 5X scope is very
much worth it in all but the msot close up cases. The suppressor is unique to
the M4, no other rifles have it. Get a suppressor if you can, too. The C-MAG is
a bit expensive, but if you want an M4 instead of say, an SG550, grab one. It
makes a nice support weapon.

Fabrique Nationale FAL - 2800$
Magazine Size: 20 + 1
Caliber: 7.62 NATO
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Full Auto
Description: This is somewhat similar to the AK47. It does have a stronger
caliber and thus proportionally a stronger kick. Unfortunately this does mean
that its practically impossible to hit anything using full auto. Use single
shot exclusively.
Technique: This rifle is pretty much a specialty rifle. Switch to single shot
and pop some heads from a distance. The 7.62 round is damn powerful and you'll
take down anyone easily with a few well placed shots.
Addons: A scope on this gun is practically necessary.

Sig Sauer SG550 - 3150$
Magazine Size: 30 + 1
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Three Round Burst, Full Auto
Description: The SG550 is basically an expert version of the M4 Carbine. It
fires a little faster (or so it seems) and has a smidge more recoil. Its also a
tad more accurate, not to mention the addition of a 3 round burst mechanism.
Technique: Use this similarly to the M4. The 3 Round Burst is alright, use it
to conserve ammo in CQB when you're low.
Addons: The Scope is different in design to the other rifle scopes; it has a
red dot in the center for better reference when your crosshair is apart. While
it doesnt seem like it would be helpful, its a nice aid to find your center
fast. The Double Clip makes the SG550 a CQB demon.

Heckler and Koch G36 - 4250$
Magazine Size: 30 + 1
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Trigger Group: Semi-Automatic, Three Round Burst, Full Auto
Description: The G36 is better left to experts, but its a killer in the hands
of those that know how to use it. On full auto it has a high rate of fire (not
to mention a pretty damn intimidating sound) while maintaining a decent
accuracy. Try not to waste entire clips at a time though.
Technique: The built in scope is what makes this gun great, especially on maps
like Sri Lanka, where you can snipe those below with about 4 or 5 shots. Dont
bother with 3 Round Burst, I haven't found must use for it. Its a CQB killer.
Addons: The 100 round CMag makes this a GREAT support weapon. Just crouch down,
look through the scope, and take out anyone unfortunate to fall in front of
your sights.

Heckler and Koch G11 - 6500$
Magazine Sice: 45 + 1
Caliber: 4.73 x 33 Caseless
Trigger Group: Semi-automatic, Three Round Burst, Full Auto
Description: This gun is expensive, and for a damn good reason. It has a built
in scope and a highly powerful round. Its three round burst is the main use of
this gun.
Technique: Use the Three Round Burst exclusively and you'll be all set. It
fires 3 rounds without recoiling until theyve all fired, resulting in what
essentially is a long range shotgun. In CQB, you can easily get 6 or 9 rounds
to connect in sequence. Full Auto is useless, it recoils too much and the rate
of fire is low. Single Fire is only worth while if your low on ammo, since 3
round burst is much more effective.
Addons: Not appliable

6. Sniper Rifles

The sniper rifles are great for taking out enemies from a distance with
precision. Fortunately, the Global Ops team really evened out the sniper rifles
and made them difficult to use, preventing whoring. Make sure you're a good
shot before picking the Sniper specialty.

Remington 710 - 2800$
Magazine Size: 4 + 1
Caliber: .270 Winchester
Trigger Group: Bolt Action
Description: The cheapest sniper rifle of the group. What really pisses me off
is that its very expensive for the cheapest rifle. Some times you might not
even be able to afford this. However, it can be used well if you get used to
Technique: Try not to move your crosshair too much while zoomed in. Just sit
and wait for a kill. If you swivel around too much, it will be impossible to
make a shot. Crouching is pretty much a necessity, as with all snipers.
Headshots are important as well.
Addons: The 12x Scope is quite nice on maps like Quebec and Sri Lanka.

Heckler and Koch PSG1 - 3750$
Magazine Size: 5 + 1
Caliber: 7.62 NATO
Trigger Group: Semi Automatic
Description: Personally, I dont think that the PSG is really worth the 1000
dollars more than the Remington sniper. Its much more inaccurate at a distance,
even while crouching. It its pretty useful at medium distance sniping, however.
Technique: From long distances, dont bother. Just use a 710. And always aim for
the head. You wont get anything at all with body shots.
Addons: The Extended Clip gives you a nice 20 + 1 rounds. Particularly useful
for follow up shots.

Dragunov SVD - 4525$
Magazine Size: 10 + 1
Caliber: 7.62 x 54
Trigger Group: Semi Automatic
Description: This is the best mix of price and power in sniper rifles. This is
your best choice for long and medium range sniping.
Technique: Use this in the traditional sniper sense. Crouch down and pop heads
as they come by. Headshots arent necessary but if you want to permanently take
someone down they're recommended.
Addons: The 10x scope is worthwhile for long distances, obviously.

Arctic Warfare 50 - 7350$
Magazine Size: 5 + 1
Caliber: .50 BMG
Trigger Group: Bolt Action
Description: This rifle is HUGE, as is the caliber that it uses. There are two
advantages of this over the Dragunov: It permanently puts anyone down, no
matter where you hit him. The second being its piercing power, which lets you
team up with a recon and wall hack away. The only problem? ITS FUGGIN
EXPENSIVE. I must say, make sure you have reliable medics on your team. And
make sure NOT to get killed while its not wielded. It sucks to see a 7000
dollar rifle disappear out of thin air.
Technique: Get this over a Dragunov if you team up with a recon. Wallhack like
a mofo.
Addons: Not appliable

7. Machine Guns

Machine guns are the main suppot weapon of the Heavy Gunners. They all fire
somewhat accurately while crouching. They are meant for sustained fire, to take
down groups of enemies. While they can be fired on the move, I wouldnt
recommend it in a casual confrontation. Also, all machine guns can be equipped
with 200 round boxes and start with 100 round boxes.

Fabrique Nationale M249 SAW - 3625$
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Trigger Group: Semi-Auto, Full Auto
Description: The weakest of the machine guns, but dont let that put you off
from it. It has low recoil and 10 to 15 shots are guaranteed to put your
adversary down. Unfortunately it has low penetration so you'll have to take
down each person separately.
Technique: Fire full auto on groups, burst on single enemies. Dont be afraid to
fire one the move.
Addons: Not appliable

Stoner 96 - 4250$
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Trigger Group: Semi-Auto, Full Auto
Description: Even though it wields the same caliber as the m249, it is
inexplicably stronger and more steady than the m249 in everyway. If you can
afford this over the SAW, go for it.
Technique: Similar to the 249, but go ahead and use longer bursts if you feel
it is necessary.
Addons: The scope can actually be used to some effect as a psuedo sniper while
firing quick 2 or 3 round bursts. Fun fun.

Heckler and Koch 21E - 5600$
Caliber: 7.62 NATO
Trigger Group: Semi-AUto, Three Round Burst, Full Auto
Description: A machine gun based on the G3 series of rifles. It fires a strong
caliber. This is my favorite machine gun, especially because of the 3 round
Technique: Again, on groups go full auto, on single people opt for the 3 round
burst. Try not to fire on the move, as the higher caliber has quite a kick.

Fabrique Nationale M240G - 6425$
Caliber: 7.62 NATO
Trigger Group: Semi-Auto, Full Auto
Description: Much like the 21E, the 240 fires a high caliber. The only
difference I see it slightly lower recoil and slightly better penetration. Mow
down groups of people. I dont like this because frankly its a little too
Technique: Go for the same method as the other machine guns. Try not to fire on
the move.

8. Other
I'll separate this into sections...


Grenades are purchasable by all groups. They have quick draw times, allowing
them to be brought out on the fly. Regular fire makes a lob, which is good for
long distance, outdoor throws. Alternate fire makes an underhand pitch. Hold
the button for a longer time for a longer throw.

Smoke Grenade - 200$
I've never really found much use for these. If you toss them out, they make
smoke. This really doesnt work well as a diversonary tactic, since when smoke
appears most people hold their guns towards the smoke. Perhaps having someone
throw a smoke grenade out a door and having another group go out another side
would work.

Flash Grenade - 250$
These things are annoying as hell. Toss some out and anyone in the area will be
blinded and hear a ringing. Try to throw these in conjunction with your group,
so you can rush after a successful blinding.

Frag Grenade - 275$
This should be pretty obvious. YOU GO BOOM NOW!
Really though, these do humongous damage even to those in the general vicinity.
Try to warn anyone in the general area if FF is on.

Gas Grenade - 350$
These are like Smoke Grenades on drugs. Get your team to throw on a gas mask,
and toss one in a hall way. When inhaled, the gas causes spinning and coughing,
which will cause enemies to quickly run away.


Heckler and Koch HK69 Grenade Launcher - 3575$
I've had a hard time using this, but others may find some use. If you have a
good sense at arcing the grenade to  make a direct hit, you definitely have a
good chance of taking out groups of people at a time. This is a demoman

LAW - 4655$
It sucks being hit by this. Really, it does. However, firing this thing is fun
as hell. It is a single shot rocket launcher. While it may seem expensive, you
can take out entire groups of people at a time without letting them get
medicked. I love how they made this weapon unwhorable, but also made it highly
powerful. Fire once to engage it, fire again to let loose with the rocketery.
Make sure theres noone in the vicinity or it wont let you fire.
On a side note, even though only commandos can get this, I've successfully used
one as a medic in a panic situation. So if you find one on the ground and are
in dire need of fire power, go for it. Apologize to the person who dropped it,

Remote C4 - 625$
The ultimate protection weapon. For example, place a few around the Very
Important Objects in Antarctica and wait. Detonate when someone comes by. Wash,
Rinse, and Repeat. Place multiple with the alternate fire. Demoman only.

Timed C4 - 1025$
Honestly, I've never found much use for this. It makes a big fuggin explosion
though. Demoman only.


All of the masks are helpful in one way or another, but they lower your viewing

Gas Mask - 450$
This is a gimme if you plan to be throwing gas grenades, or know that the other
team is. Only problem is in hall ways it makes a hell of a wheezing sound which
can get distracting. Wear it when you have to.

Night Vision - 450$
Usual night vision shtick; make everything green. The main difference between
this and the thermal vision is you can distinguish details between your team
and the opposition. I've used these while sniping in Quebec.

Thermal Vision - 875$
These work well in maps like Sri Lanka where the enemies have a lot of grassy
cover. Pop these on and theyll light up like a Christmas tree. Only problem is
they have limited distance and you cannot distinguish friend from foe.

9. The Rest


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