FAQ/Hints and Tips by LSlavchev

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----=====GLOBAL OPERATIONS=====----
   Nothing more or less than that
by Lubomir Mario Slavchev, 2002

advice: Don't laugh at the frequent use of "nice". I'm addicted to this word.

0. Contents
1. Basic Weapon&Inventory Hints&Tips&Info
 1.1 Pistols
 1.2 Sub-machine guns
 1.3 Grenade Launchers
 1.4 Shotguns
 1.5 Heavy Machine Guns
 1.6 Assault rifles
 1.7 Sniper rifles
 1.8 Inventory
 1.8.1 Standard inventory
 1.8.2 Other equipment
2. Characters
 2.1 Demoman
 2.2 Heavy Gunner
 2.3 Commando
 2.4 Medic
 2.5 Recon
 2.6 Sniper
3. Money and special characters
 3.1 Special characters
4. Hints&Tips&Something else
5. About the author
6. Credits

1. Basic Weapon&Inventory Hints&Tips&Info:
1.1 Pistols:
Pistols are one-hand weapons, used mostly in close combat. In GO they are called
sidearms. I love pistols, because they are cheap and sometimes very effective. I love
playin this way: choose a heavy gunner, buy some kind of pistol, buy heavy armour, go
kill the bitches.
Note that all semi-auto pistols hold one additional round in the barrel. When you start
the game with a pistol with 10-round magazine, you'll notice your character pull and
then push the slide. This movement cocks a round in the breech. Now reload and you have
a brand-new 10-round magazine. All rounds are now 10 + 1 in the barrel. Get it? However
this doesn't work on the .44" revolver, cause it is a REVOLVER, they operate a way,
that doesn't let you cock a round.
OK, here are the pistols in GO.

Beretta M92F, 9x19mm, 15+1 rounds, semi-auto, 300$ + supressor=500$, 1 fire mode
accuracy/power/recoil/fire rate: high/medium/medium/medium (according to me, not to game)
tips: use this when you don't have much money. Aim to the chest and when you see the
enemy, plunk at least 10 shots, if you're for the head, shoot at least 3!

Glock 18C, 9x19mm, 19+1 rounds, full auto, 350$
(+extended clip=700$)(+tac light=425$)(total=775$), 2 fire modes: semi-auto and full auto
accuracy/power/recoil/fire rate: medium/medium/medium/high
tips: not too good, but good enough to take out 3 of them before you have to call a
medic. Nice full auto firing mode, but recoil is greater and accuracy is lower when
using it. The extended clip can hold 31 rounds. Nice.

Para Ordnance P14-45, .45"ACP, 14+1 rounds, semi-auto, 450$
(+supressor=650$)(+laser sight=750$)(total=950$), 1 fire mode
accuracy/power/recoil/fire rate: high/medium to high/medium/medium
tips: YO! This gun definitely rox! My favourite, cause I really like the Para series.
15 round from the massive .45"ACP is enough. Most of the time I find myself using this
gun and no other weapons. One or two headshots- death. Five chestshots- death. So what
more do you need? And one advice: RELOAD!

Heckler$Koch .45" USP, .45"ACP, 12+1 rounds, semi-auto, 500$
(+supressor=700$)(+tac light=575$)(total=775$), I guess only one fire mode
accuracy/power/recoil/fire rate: high/medium to high/medium/medium
tips: I don't use this very much. The clip is too small. This is the only reason. But
sometimes, if I'm with a Glock or Beretta, I drop it and take this one. It's good, but
I'd prefer the Para Ordnance.

Belgium FN FiveseveN, 5.7x28mm, 20+1 rounds, semi-auto, 575$, no upgrades, 1 fire mode
accuracy/power/recoil/fire rate: high/low/medium/high
tips: Very nice for close quarters when you need to plunk some 10 rounds to kill an
enemy. Headshots need from 2 to 5. Reload if you have less than 15 in the clip. Very
nice, but somewhat unpowerful for single shots and reminds me of Counter-Strike
zombies, screaming: "One-Six, One-Six!!!".

Sig Sauer SP2340, .357"SIG, 12+1 rounds, semi-auto, 600$,
(+tac light=675$), 1 fire mode
accuracy/power/recoil/fire rate: high/high/medium/medium
tips: One of my favourites. It uses the powerful .357"SIG rounds and holds 12+1 of
them. One .357"SIG to the head almost always kills. I love this gun, but I still prefer
the Para. Cheaper. But there's something to add: .357"SIG is not .357"Magnum...

Colt Anaconda .44"Magnum(11,176x33mm), six-shooter revolver, 750$
accuracy/power/recoil/fire rate: very high/very high/high/medium to low
tips: very useful if you don't have money for a sniper. VERY powerful due to the
massive .44" Magnum cartridge. But I don't buy it because of the six shots I have.

IMI Desert Eagle 50AE, .50"Action Express, 7+1 rounds, 975$, semi-auto, no upgrades,
1 fire mode
accuracy/power/recoil/fire rate: very high/very high/very high/medium to low
tips: Oh! The BIG gun... Only single shots with this, cause the recoil is really
STRONG! And it's very useful. One or two shots in the chest and the guy is over.
I REALLY LOVE THIS GUN! But I play better with the Para Ordnance, heh heh. Pity,
there's no laser-sight upgrade.

1.2 Sub-machine guns
There are six of them in Global Ops. I don't use SMGs very often, cause I'm a pistol
lover and they are kinda expensive. The only one that I like is the P90. SMGs are
not very powerful, but somewhat accurate weapons with high fire rate. If you know how
to use their fire modes, they will become your favourite weapons. Don't hold the
trigger until the whole clip goes. Aim carefully and then shoot up to 6 rounds in
series of 2 or 3, or just stick to the 3-round auto burst option. Aim for the neck or
for the head. And, just like pistols, SMGs can cock a round in the barrel.
Usually SMGs have at least two fire modes: full auto and single shot. Some like the
famous MP5 have the extremely useful 3-round auto burst option.
OK, here we go.

IMI Micro UZI, 9x19mm, 32+1 rounds, 4 clips, 750$, I guess two fire modes,
accuracy/power/recoil: high/low/medium
info: I think this works only in close quarters. Aim well! Some improvement may occur,
if the single-shot mode is used.

Heckler&Koch MP5K/PDW, 9x19mm, 30+1 rounds, 4 clips, 900$, 3 fire modes
accuracy/power/recoil: high/low to medium/low to medium
info: One of the best, if all upgrades used, this gun can be the best in the game. Use
the different fire modes wisely and no way you go wrong. Double Clip and 3xScope are
both very nice upgrades.

12S, 9x19mm, 20+1 rounds, 4 clips, 1100$, 2 or 3 fire modes?
(+tac light=1175$)(+3xScope=1475$)(+extended clip=1550$)(total=1950$)
accuracy/power/recoil: high/medium/medium to high
info: This is a decent SMG, but I'd prefer the MP5. However, extended clip is nice,
but... well, this gun sux in power, but not in accuracy!

Hechler&Koch .45" UMP, .45"ACP, 25+1 rounds, 4 clips, 1425$, 2 fire modes (I think?)
(+tac light=1500$)(+supressor=1625$)(+3xScope=1825$)(total=2100$)
accuracy/power/recoil: high/high/high
info: Don't shoot in continuosly! Recoil is high, but power is high, too. So the UMP45
is a very good weapon. Upgraded with scope it rox! W/o scope also useful. This gun is
definitely a perfect choice. Either single-shots or 2-3 round bursts.

Heckler&Koch MP5/10, 10mm, 30+1 rounds, 4 clips, 1700$, 3 fire modes
(+tac light=1775$)(+3xScope=2150$)(+supressor=2000$)(total=2525$)
accuracy/power/recoil: high/high/medium to high
info: The best SMG! Similar to the 9x19mm version, but far more powerful (in real-life
10x25mm Norma is better even than .45"ACP). Scoped it is a must-have! A bit expensive, but...

P90, 5,7x28mm, 50+1 rounds, 4 clips, 2275$, 2 fire modes I think
(+laser sight=2550$)(+supressor=2575$)(total=2850$)
accuracy/power/recoil: high/low to medium/medium to high
info: Too expensive, but very useful, I like it! 51 rounds cannot be ignored. And pity
it doesn't have a scope! P90 is one of my favourites, but I still prefer the MP5.

1.3 Grenade launchers
Grenade Launchers are used by Demomen to blow up people or equipment. Very powerful
and accurate, but somewhat slow and heavy. In GO, there's only one GL.
69A1, 3575$, 1 grenade in the breech, 6 grenades can be carried
info: It uses 40mmHE(High Explosive) grenades. The accuracy and the power is very
high, but the reload time is SLOW and this weapon is too bulky.

1.4 Shotguns
Shotguns are secondary weapons. They are useful in close or mid-range combat against not
very well protected enemies. This is for pump-action shotguns. The automatic shotguns
are far more powerful and fast-firing. They can kill almost everybody, if handled
right. Like pistols and SMGs, cock a round, then reload. Here's the deal.

Remington 870, 12 gauge Shotgun Shells (12 gaSS), can hold up to 6+1 shells, you
can carry up to 36 shells, 900$
(+tac light=975$)
accuracy/power/fire rate/reload time: medium/low to medium/low/very low
info: Nah! This sux! But in the hands of a master can do wonders. However, the
real-life version is much more reliable. But this one is SLOW!!!
Anyway, here's an extremely clever way to use it: only in close-quarters, only
face-blasts, hey! Corner and door traps!

Benelli M1, 12 gaSS, 5+1 shells, 30 shells, 1100$
(+tac light=1175$)
accuracy/power/fire rate/reload time: medium/medium/medium/low to medium
info: Another sucker here. If you aim for the head and you move quietly, this isn't
a bad choice. But in crowds, this really sux. Slow reload.
However, if you're lucky and aim for face-blasts, you can find this useful even when
in front of 6 people, but only in close distance. And, repeating, you must be lucky.

Franchi SPAS15, 12 gaSS, 6+1 shells in a clip, 6 clips, 1675$
no upgrades
accuracy/power/fire rate/reload time: medium/medium/medium to high/medium
info: Well, this is something useful. But the clip holds too little shells. Aim for the
chest or the head and shoot, shoot, shoot. Reload.

USAS12, 12 gaSS, 10+1 shells in a clip(20+1 upgraded), 6 clips, 3000$
(+drum clip=3875$)
accuracy/power/fire rate/reload time: medium/high/medium to high/medium to low
info: The best shotgun. USAS12 rox. Buy the drum-like magazine and go blast'em! Nice
fire rate and power. Definitely the leading shotgun.

Note: I hate shotguns. I take one from the battlefield only when my pistol has no ammo.

1.5 Heavy Machine Guns
Oohhh, yeahhh!!! They are my favourites, I LOVE THEM! You can kill, kill, kill! On the
last mission of the Special Forces I was trapped with the VIP in a room with 1 exit and
the bitches were coming to me. Every one damn terrorist was cut in half when he showed
on the door! I was shocked- NO ONE THREW A GRENADE IN THE ROOM TO KILL US! What's this?
Flat AI?
Anyway, Heavy MGs are to be used for supporting your team. They can hold up to 100
rounds and they need to be cocked. Some of them have more than one fire mode. Here are
the MGs...

M249SAW, 5,56x45mm NATO, 100+1 rounds, 3 belts, 3625$
(+200 round belt=4575$)
accuracy/power/recoil: high/low to medium/high
info: The basic one. Nothing special. Could be better, but it's cheap enough. Why not
buy it and try it? Small caliber. Reminds me of Opposing Force.

96, 5,56x45mm, 100+1 rounds, 3 belts, 4250$
(+3xScope=4575$)(+200 round belt=5200$)(total=5525$)
accuracy/power/recoil: high/medium to high/medium to high
info: Very nice heavy MG! Scoped it's kinda unusual, but very good! However, I don't
like the small caliber.

Heckler&Koch 21E, 7,62x51mm, 100+1 rounds, 3 belts, 5600$
(+200 rounds belt=6550$)
accuracy/power/recoil: high/high/medium to high
info: The recoil is too high to aim well, so use single shots A LOT!!! A little
expensive maybe, but it's useful enough. This is my favourite Heavy-MG, so take a note.

M240G, 7,62x51mm, 100+1 rounds, 3 belts, 6425$
no upgrades
accuracy/power/recoil: very high/very high/medium to low
info: Very accurate, very powerful, almost no recoil- what more do we need? A 200-round
belt could always come in handy, too, but... And no scope, but the massive 7,62x51mm
rounds can always persuade me to choose this one, or the previous.

1.6 Assault Rifles
These weapons are to be used in mid-range or even close combat. They are powerful,
accurate and fast firing. They can cock a round in the barrel like all pistols, SMGs,
etc. Assault rifles are maybe the perfect multi-purpose weapons. However, they are
not too cheap.

Kalashnikov AK-47, 1975$, 30+1 rounds, 4 clips, 7,62x39mm, 2 fire modes
accuracy/power/recoil: high/high/medium
info: One of the best assault rifles, trust me! This is the Russian power. AK-47 is
cheap, powerful and with the scope... just perfect! Just buy it and try it! Go for
headshots and you'll find yourself in love with this babe...

Olympic Arms M4, 2500$, 30+1 rounds, 4 clips, 5,56x45mm, 2 fire modes
(+5xScope=3075$)(+supressor=2725$)(+100-round C-shaped magazine=4250$)(total=5050$)
accuracy/power/recoil: high/low to medium/medium
info: Oh, man, it's too expensive. Better buy the Kalashnikov! However, if you have
money, well... a 100-round clip is worth its money, but I hate 5,56x45mm NATO rounds.

FN FAL, 2800$, 20+1 rounds, 5 clips, 7,62x51mm, 2 fire modes? or 3?
accuracy/power/recoil: high/high/high
info: The massive 7,62x51mm rounds cause this gun to have huge recoil. That's why I
don't use its full-auto mode. Fire in short or single bursts and everything should
be OK. Extremely nice and I think AK-47 and FN FAL, both scoped, are the best rifles.

Sig Sauer SG550, 3150$, 30+1 rounds, 4 clips, 5,56x45mm, 2 fire modes
accuracy/power/recoil: very high/medium to high/medium to high
info: Very nice and reliable and powerful and useful and... what more? Just take the
scope and the double clip, then go kill'em. One of my favourites and this one reminds
me of the Tactical Ops 3.1.5. Commando rifle, yeah!

Heckler&Koch G36, 4250$, 30+1 rounds, 4 clips, 5,56x45mm, at least 2 fire modes
(+100-round C-mag=6000$)
accuracy/power/recoil: high/medium/medium to high
info: Milla Jovovich ruleez! Well, it's a very good gun, but it's too expensive.
Remember the Kalashnikov? I'd prefer it or the FAL!

Heckler&Koch G11, 6500$, 45+1 rounds, 4 clips, 4,73x33mm, at least 2 fire modes
no upgrades
accuracy/power/recoil: high/very high/very high
info: 33mm is too much for a light bullet such as the 4,73. That's why it's so awfully
powerful and that's why the recoil is so STRONG! It has a 5xScope and is a perfect
weapon, only if you know how to use it. H&K RULEEEZ!!!!!

1.7 Sniper rifles
"The main purpose of the sniper rifles is to destroy valuable targets at extended
ranges with aimed fire, and with as few ammunition as possible. In most cases,
"the target" means the human being (enemy soldier, armed criminal, terrorist, president,
etc), and the "as few ammunition as possible" often means one shot. The range for sniper
fire may vary from 100 meters or even less in police/counter-terror scenarios, or up
to 1 kilometer or more- in military or special operations scenarios."- Maxim R. Popenker
Yeah, thank you, Max. Now let's see what sniper rifles do we have in our game.

Remington M710, 2800$, 4+1 rounds, 5 clips, .270"
accuracy/power/recoil: high/medium/medium
info: This is the basic one. .270" rounds aren't very powerful, but they work. At least
1 shot to the head, at least 3 to the chest. No legshots!!! Be careful, clip holds
only 4!

Heckler&Koch PSG1, 3750$, 5+1 rounds, 6 clips, 7,62x51mm
(+extended clip=4300)
accuracy/power/recoil: very high/medium/medium
info: Very accurate, but the 7,62x51mm rounds could do better. This German rifle can
be upgraded to a 20-round clip, so do it! Also, reminds me of Tactical Ops again.
It's advantage is its 20 round magazine which allows for many many follow up shots,
and, also, the laser-sight.

Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, 4525$, 10+1 rounds, 5 clips, 7,62x54mm Russian
accuracy/power/recoil: very high/high/medium to high
info: Again Russian power, hehe. 7,62x54mm rounds do damage, 1 headshot-death, so aim
well and take the 10xScope. This is one of my favourites, it's really good, powerful
and reliable and the clip capacity is big. Here's some real-life info on it:

"The SVD is optimistically credited with a maximum effective range of 1,300m with the
PSO-1, and 800 meters with only iron sights. The PSO-1 has a 6-degree field of view
and contains an integral, infrared detection aid along with an illuminated rangefinder
reticle. Thus, the SVD is effective in daylight against point targets or at night
against active infrared emitters, such as night driving aids and weapon sights.
The reticle's rangefinder is tied to the height of a standing man; however, many feel
that at longer ranges, this is too easy to misinterpret. With the use of this
rangefinder, the PSO-1 can then be adjusted by a 'ballistic drop calculator' (BDC) cam
to match the trajectory of the 7.62x54mm cartridge out to 1,000m. Beyond 1,000m, the
reticle has hash marks for aiming at 1,100, 1,200, and 1,300 meters."

Maxim Popenker said about this rifle: "The SVD was designed on Soviet Army request
as a lightweigh, powerful and reliable semi-auto rifle, and remains in service for
almost 40 years."

Accuracy International- Arctic Warfare 50, 7350$, 5+1 rounds, 6 clips, .50"BMG
no upgrades
accuracy/power/recoil: very high/very high/medium to high
info: The Big Boss. This sniper rifle uses the largest and most powerful rounds- the
.50"BMG(12,7x99mm). It's heavy, accurate and extremely powerful. Anyway, aim for
the head. A little expensive, though. Made in UK.

1.8 Inventory
1.8.1 Standard inventory
You can choose from 4 types of grenades- flashbang, smoke grenade, frag grenade and
one very useful, gas grenade. Grenades are placed two in a slot. You can also buy
some vision enhancements, like night vision(NV) and thermal vision(TV), I think TV is
more useful in close range. Gas mask is also nice.
There are some special items, possessed only by certain characters, such as the LAW,
in possess of the Commando and the C4, for the Demoman.
Well, let's see.

Flashbang, 250$, capacity per a slot: 2
info: This will blind your enemies, but be careful- it can blind you and your
teammates, too. Always turn around when you throw it, then wait for the flash and
after that go kill 'em.

Smoke grenade, 200$, capacity per slot: 2
info: This can be used for cover, but I don't buy it.

Frag grenade, 275$, capacity per slot: 2
info: Tear your opponents appart. Be careful not to be in the blast radius.

Gas grenade, 350$, capacity per slot: 2
info: Gas, which will make your enemies dizzy and affect their aiming. Pretty useful,
but remember to buy a gas mask, too.

Remote C4 explosives, 625$, capacity per slot: 3
info: Plant them somewhere, hide some else where, wait for a victim, press the button.
A little low on power, I think.

Timed C4 explosives, 1025$, capacity per slot: 3
info: Plant them and run the hell away. Very powerful and useful on missions where you
have to blow up targets. Try taking down walls with this.

-Vision enhancements
Night Vision, 450$
info: This item helps you see in pitch dark areas. Very nice. I often use it on the
colombian mission.

Thermal Vision, 875$
info: Very useful vision enhancement. You will see everything in violet, except human
beings- in yellow/red. Reminds me of Aliens Vs. Predator. But you can see any further
than 50m. And a little expensive, but useful. Sometimes I mistake the direction with
this, cause it's short-sighted.

1.8.2 Other equipment
Gas mask, 450$
info: This will prevent you from the gas effect. Why not take it?

LAW, 4655$
info: Extremely powerful rocket launcher. I never used it in missions, I only tried in
training missions, but I have been told it has awful power! But you have to wait to
align the target and prepare it to shoot. Very slow, but very powerful.

2. Characters
There are six main characters in GO: Demoman, Heavy Gunner, Commando, Medic, Recon,
Sniper. Each one of them has its own hidden abilities and different people prefer
different characters. Let's see what have we got here.

2.1 Demoman
starting money: 3500$
dying money: 1750$
money for 1 kill: 200$
money for blowing up an enemy: 100$
plant/defuse bomb: 75$
Primary weapon/Secondary weapon/Sidearm: Choose from: 1Grenade Launcher/4Shotguns/8Pistols
3 slots for grenades, medium to heavy armor
info: Demomen must plant or defuse explosives. They have also to blow up certain
targets with the GL and they are somewhat slow in combat, but have many explosives.
Starting Equipment(Starting EQ): Heavy Armor with SPAS15+Frag. Gren.=3450$
Best Equipment(Best EQ): Heavy Armor with Para Ordnance P14-45(no upgr.)+SPAS15+Frag Gren.+Gas Gren.+Gas Mask=4700$
Best EQ,2: Heavy Armor with Desert Eagle+USAS12(full upgr.)+Frag. Gren.+Gas. Gren+Frag. Gren+Gas Mask=7700$
Best EQ,3: Heavy Armor with Colt Anaconda(scoped)+69A1+Gas. Gren+Gas Mask=6925$

2.2 Heavy Gunner
starting money: 4100$
dying money: 2050$
money for 1 kill: 300$
kill assist: 250$
Pri/Sec/Side: Choose from: 4Heavy MGs/4Shotguns/8Pistols
3 grenade slots, medium to heavy armor
info: One of my favourite characters. Slow, but very well-protected and armed to the
teeth. Used in close or medium range combat. A real cashman.
Starting EQ: Heavy Armor with Para Ordnance+SPAS15+Frag Gren.=3900$
Best EQ,1: Heavy Armor with Para Ordnance P14-45(laser sight)+Stoner 96(scoped)=6800$
Best EQ,2: Heavy Armor with Desert Eagle+H&K 21E(no upgr.)+Frag Gren.+Gas Gren.+Gas Mask=9150$

2.3 Commando
starting money: 2300$
dying money: 1150$
money for 1 kill: 300$
kill assist: 250$
Pri/Sec/Side: 6assault rifles/6SMGs/8Pistols
2 grenade slots, medium to heavy armor
info: Another favourite of mine. Many weapons, heavy armor, LAW. What more do I need?
Well, more money can always be welcome. He is a little slow, but... And he can carry
only 2x2 grenades. But armed with an assault rifle, a SMG and a powerful pistol, hey,
no one can resist his power. Used in medium range combat situations, but can be used
in far combat, too, trust me.
Starting EQ,1: Heavy Armor with Sig Sauer SP2340(no upgr.)=2100$
Starting EQ,2: medium armor with H&K MP5/10(scoped)=2150$
Best EQ,1: Heavy Armor with Desert Eagle+AK-47(scoped)+H&K MP5/10(scoped)+Frag Gren.+Gas Gren.+Gas Mask=8175$
Best EQ,2: Heavy Armor with Desert Eagle+FN FAL(scoped)+H&K MP5/10(scoped)+Frag Gren.+Gas Gren.+Gas Mask=9100$
Best EQ,3: Heavy Armor with Desert Eagle+H&K G11+H&K MP5/10(scope+supressor)+Frag Gren.+Gas Gren.+Gas Mask=12500$
Best EQ,4: Heavy Armor with Desert Eagle+H&K G11+P90 (full upgr.)+Frag Gren.+Gas Gren.+Gas Mask=12900$

2.4 Medic
starting money: 2300$
dying money: 1150$
money for 1 kill: 300$
kill assist: 250$
heal 1 teammate: 200$
Pri/Sec/Side: 6assault rifles/no secondary/8Pistols
1 grenade slot, as I can remember, low to medium armor
info: This one is both nice and shitty. Cause he has to run around the level, looking
for teammates, screaming "Medic!Medic!". What a job! But he can heal his own self, too,
and that's why I like him. The assault rifles give him the power and he is very light
and fast. Medium armor is a good deal. Only 1x2 grenades. Sorry. And no secondary.
Starting EQ: AK-47 (no upgr.)=1975$
Best EQ,1: medium armor+AK-47 (scoped)+Frag. Gren.=3500$
Best EQ,2: medium armor with AK-47 (scoped)+Gas Gren.+Gas Mask=4025$

2.5 Recon
starting money: 1200$
dying money: 600$
money for 1 kill: 200$
kill assist: 150$ (with the Life-Sign Detector)
Pri/Sec/Side: 6SMGs/no sec/8Pistols
2 grenade slots, low to medium armor
info: Playing as a Recon is fun, cause you have to use the Life-Sign Detector to find
your enemies and this way you assist in their killing, which earns you money, so you
can respawn as a Heavy Gunner and buy the BIG GUNS. Hehe. Recon is used in close
quarters, also, he's very fast, but his armor sux. No secondary and only 2x2 grenades.
Starting EQ: medium armor with Para Ordnance P14-45(no upgr.)=1200$
Best EQ,1: medium armor with H&K UMP.45"(scoped)+Frag Gren.=2850$
Best EQ,2: medium armor with H&K MP5/10 (scoped)+Frag Gren.+Gas Gren.+Gas Mask=3975$

Recon Life-Sign Detector info:
Life-Sign Detector will help you find your teammates and the current mission waypoints.
It is a very powerful tool, if used properly. Here's some more hints on it. However,
I don't enjoy playing as a Recon because of the shitty armor and the low cash.
The Life-Sign Detector has 3 work modes. The first and the most useless can show you
only your teammates and the mission waypoints. The second lets you notice some enemies,
who are somewhat close to you. And the last one, my favourite, will help you detect
enemies, situated a long distance away from you. Remember that the Life-Sign Detector,
like any other electric tool, has limited battery endurance and needs to be recharged.
The energy will start getting lower and lower only when you enter the second and the
third mode. When you switch back to the normal mode, it will recharge.

2.6 Sniper
starting money: 3500$
dying money: 1750$
money for 1 kill: 200$
kill assist: 100$
Pri/Sec/Side: 4sniper rifles/no sec/8Pistols
1 grenade slot, low to medium armor
info: The Sniper is used for long-range combat. He uses scoped sniper rifles, which
are very accurate. He is fast, not very well-protected and has only one slot for
grenades and no secondary. If you like to camp, waiting for enemies to appear on your
crosshair, you'll like the Sniper.
Starting EQ,1: Remington M710+Para Ordnance P14-45=3250$
Starting EQ,2: medium armor+Colt Anaconda (scoped)=1800$
Best EQ,1: medium armor with Dragunov SVD (scoped)+Para Ordnance P14-45=6475$
Best EQ,2: medium armor with AI-AW.50"BMG+Desert Eagle+Frag Gren.=9350$
Best EQ,3: medium armor with AI-AW.50"BMG+Colt Anaconda (scoped)+Gas Gren.+Gas Mask=9875$ (whole mission sniping, yeah!)

3. Money and special characters
In the hurry you may not notice, but the game gives you money for certain actions.
Below you can check a list, showing you how much money you earn for completing
different tasks.

Clear the level: 4000$
Lose the level: 3000$
Money for 1 kill: This one can be different, depending on what weapons you use (take
a pistol!) and how many shots did the bastard need to die (aim for the head!) and
how much health points did he have before you encountered him (fresh meat only, pls)!
Kill assist: 250$
Rescued hostage: 750$
Interact with a hostage for the first time: 150$
Hostage killed by a Special Forces player: -900$
Hostage killed by a terrorist player: -750$
Stay alive for 30 sec and you get 150$

3.1 Special characters
In multiplayer you can play with some different characters such as the VIP and the
intelligence officer. Let's see what they can offer us.

info: As a VIP you must not get killed. You may pick up weapons and kill enemies
(opposite team members). The VIP gets money for killing an enemy, but the money
is given to the team members, who have to prevent the VIP's assasination.
opinion: I hate playing as a VIP.

Intelligence Officer
info: As the officer, you won't get in the combat, but you'll have to provide combat
tactics and strategies, so the team members progress in the mission. You can choose
how to observe the mission process thru 4 monitors. You can see your teammates on
the monitors, enemies will appear only if they are in the recon's Life-Sign Detector
You can also use every team member's personal camera to view the action from his own
The Officer is also able to place waypoints on the level, which will guide the
players to certain areas and navigate them thru the whole mission.
opinion: Playing as an Intelligence Officer is sometimes fun, cause you can navigate
the dumbasses, but sometimes it gets boring because you there's almost no action-
the IO will never die and he will never use a gun, though.

4. Hints&Tips&Something else
OK, here's what I like to do on most of the conventional missions. I take the heavy
gunner, cause he has heavy armor, a lot of cash and weapons, and... I like his outfit.
I almost ALWAYS play with a pistol. I love pistols and I'm good at aiming. My favourite
pistol is the Para Ordnance P14-45. Nice balance between accuracy, power and clip
capacity. So I get the Para and some grenades, sometimes a gas mask, if I have enough
money. If the mission is dark, I buy the TV, not the NV, but if I'm low on cash, I go
for the NV. Tell some teammate "Cover Me!" and go! Beware of snipers and try to move
slowly and quietly. Around corners- strafe, check for an enemy. If there, strafe back
and then show out again, shoot one round, get back behind the corner. Do this again
and again until he dies. If he lobs a gren at you, turn around and run! Be careful,
cause grenades are very dangerous. If in corridors, stick to the wall, keep running,
be difficult to get on their crosshairs. If someone shows up, don't wait and waste
him with a powerful somewhat 8 to 10 round blast from your Para. Duck and reload.
Get a better weapon.
With pistols, don't buy the Five-seveN. It's useful only in close quarters. Try
something universal like the Para or the Sig. Desert Eagle is very good choice, but
only if you go for headshots. The Colt Anaconda is good for snipers with that nice
scope, but it can hold only 6 rounds. Don't buy the H&K .45"USP, cause it isnt't more
powerful than the Para, and has smaller clip.
I don't know, but I aim for headshots only with the Desert Eagle. Maybe because it
has very little ammo. When I'm not using the Desert Eagle, I stick to the Para and
aim for the chest, cause 5 shots and the bitch is gone. From time to time I buy the
Five-seveN, but it's too low on power with that lousy 5,7x28mm cartridge- it's for
SMGs. However, sometimes even a single shot from the Five-seveN is enough to kill a
soldier. I don't know, maybe it was an eye-shot (are there eye-shots in GO??? Mail me, pls!).
And one very useful advice- reload, reload, reload!!! Always have a full clip plus one
round cocked in the barrel. This is the only way to accept surprises.
The Glock18C with the Xtended clip is good only in full-auto fire in close range.
Otherwise, it sux and it's too expensive. Better buy a Sig Sauer with these money.
Berettas will sometimes be useful, cause they are very accurate weapons and the fire
rate is good, too.
I don't buy such shit like tac lights, but sometimes I buy supressors, or laser sights,
especially for the Para, the silencer+laser sight upgrade is very useful tool.
If you have to take out a near sniper, don't worry. First be sure he is busy with
other of your teammates and switch to the pistol. Aim carefully and mow him down
slowly, one shot for every two seconds, to have enough time to aim. And remember to cover
between the shots and the reloads.
For distant snipers you must have a scoped weapon (Anaconda .44" is perfect, so does the
AK-47). Again, wait for the sniper to lock on some of your teammates and while he's not
watching you- blast his head with a round!

With shotguns: always aim for the head or the neck. A heavy armored heavy gunner can
survive a few shots to the chest and even 10 shots to the legs, but a frontal face
blast from a SPAS15 is always deadly, no matter what armor do they have.

SMGs and assault rifles: try to use the 3-round auto burst mode, if possible. They are
very powerful, if you know how to use them. You must aim to the head and shoot 2 series
of 3 rounds for sure. At least 2. The AK-47 is very good in close and mid-range and I
like waiting for victims on the side of the doors- people tend not to look around the
door when they go through it. However, never shoot an auto gun for more than 2 or 3
seconds- it gets very inaccurate. Shoot 5 to 8 rounds, then pause for a second and
continue pumping them.
Single shots are extremely useful for high-caliber assault rifles such as the AK-47 and the
FAL, because they are very accurate. Tap rapidly your fire button to fire faster. Remember,
rapid single shots are more accurate than rapid fire!

Heavy MGs: If you have a heavy MG, don't shoot it like the Quake 2 chaingun! Shoot no
more than 5 rounds and let it get accurate again. And aim for chest or head. If the
heavy MG has a single-shot option, get used to it. Far more accurate. The scoped heavy
MG (Stoner 96) is very good choice when you have to deal with mid-range or even far targets.
I like using it on the Arctic mission.

Grenades: When you throw a grenade, always do it for a second or two. An unarmed trooper
with no gun in hands is a very easy target. Try to hide, gather your throwing strenght,
then show out and release the fire button just a moment before they see you. Then hide
again. Practice this a few times and you'll get it.
Be extremely careful with the flash grenade. ALWAYS warn your teammates before throwing
one of these and when you do- throw it as far as possible and turn around to prevent
If you are blind, try circle strafing, shooting, or, if you know you can hide somewhere,
do it. BUT DO NOT STAY IN ONE PLACE. If you know you will be killed, lob a gas grenade
to make them angry, hehe.
If you have no gas mask, but you have gas grenades, throw them as far as possible and
then "fire in the hole". If you have a gas mask, it's all right. Just make them dizzy
and walk in the gas cloud, killing them with a Desert Eagle. I love this tactic.
And remember- NAFTL!- Never Aim For The Legs!

Sniper: Don't worry to use high-caliber sniper rifles such as the SVD and the AI-AW50
for chest shots- two or three shots will kill any bastard, no matter how hard and heavy
is his armor. But if you have a good chance for a headshot, don't wait and blast'em
good. And don't forget to reload your sniper rifle after almost every shot, if you
have enough time. When you have 2 shots left, you MUST reload. I like using the 20-round
clip for the H&K PSG1.

5. About the author
Full Name: Lubomir Mario Slavchev
Full Nickname: DJ MS Lubo-Erazor.BAT
Born in: Sofia, Bulgaria
hobbies: walking around the neighbourhood with friends, playing different 3D-actions
(Duke Nukem 3D, Quake 1/2/3, Tactical Ops, Unreal Tournament, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon,
Global Operations, Hitman: Codename 47, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Doom 1/2,
Jazz Jack Rabbit 2 (2D-action), SiN, Heavy Metal FAKK2, Soldier Of Fortune, Blood 2,
KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child, Deus Ex, Aliens Vs. Predator, etc), push-up drills also a hobby
e-mail: lubo.s@mbox.bol.bg
also try: pro_vince@abv.bg
OK, if something sux, please let me know. Just e-mail me, but don't spam or flood me!
I'll come back with a Para Ordnance P14-45 to punish you.
Global Ops favourite tactic: EVERY SHOT COUNTS, BITCH!

6. Credits
Arkanoid2 style- OK, big wet ones go to:

George- for giving me the CD with GO and the CD-key for GO, thanks, man, you're a nice

Maxim R. Popenker, who gave me some info on different weapons and told me so much about
the Dragunov sniper rifle. Go to:
This is his website on weapons.

ES-Computing- for compiling the wondeful and VERY user-friendly text-editor EditPlus!

Electronic Arts and Barking Dog Studios- for creating Global Operations.

Stoil Neshev- for telling me about the existence of Global Operations and reminding
me to play some other tactical actions than just sit in front of this RapidWaters2
Tactical Ops 3.1.5 server.

my computer- for not crashing while writing this shit.

Me- for the idea of creating such a wondeful document. (I'm humble and modest.)

My Mom- for buying my computer.

Bernd Wolffgramm- for posting this in the DLH.

You all- for being patient in reading this and especially for playing GO instead of other games!

All right, that's all. I have to play some Colombian missions now. Bye!
MS Lubo, 2002