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Asked: 6 years ago

Is there any possible way I can save the game?

I am at Carfax at the begining of the game. I am in the room where you have to get the key off of the man. The monster comes out and you have to shoot the door open. Well anywho is there any possible way that I can distract the monster because I feel they do not give me enough time to move the dresser? How can I save the game? I go to the screen where it says new game, load game, save game, ect. and it will not let me save. How come?

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Press escape during gameplay

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I have the same problem. I have hit escape but can't select save...I also can't hit the back button I have to either quit or start all over again. I've tried to uninstall and re-install again thinking maybe it had a little "hiccup" when installing the first time, but it still won't let me save. Any ideas???

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Well I FINALLY got Dreamcatcher tech support to answer my email....they told me to go into the game files on my computer and go to properties and make sure the read-only is unchecked...then check & uncheck the box and hit apply then start the game (something to do with how the files much computer mumbo jumbo for me) so I tried it and started the game and it STILL didn't I then went into the files on the DVD itself and went to the properties for the 2 install files, went to properties, unchecked the read-only box, hit apply (and got an access denied error but hit ignore and it saved the change). I then re-installed the game and I tried to save before the first bat monster thing and....IT WORKED!!! I can now save and choose the back button!!

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