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H                  CHICKEN RUN WALKTHROUGH                 C
I                   VERSION 1.7 - 20/01/02                 H
C                                                          I
K               AUTHOR : CHRISTOPHER HYDE                  C
E          E-MAIL : kiffa@hiswitzend.fsnet.co.uk           K

Hello there and welcome to Christopher Hyde's magical guide to
Chicken Run!
The latest version of this walkthrough can always be found at:

Has anyone else noticed how there is no Hut 13? Perhaps the Tweedys
are very superstitious.


{  A.Table of contents.                                     }

The table of contents lists the stuff in my walkthrough.

1.Things you should know.
A.Table of contents.
B.Legal stuff.
D.About me.
G.Controlling the characters.
H.Main Menu.
I.Exploring Tweedy's Farm.
J.The Inventory.
K.The mini-games - how to do them.
L.The guide layout.

2.The walkthrough.
A.Act 1 - The Mrs Tweedy Escape Plan.
B.Act 2 - Catapults, Seesaws and Fireworks.
C.Act 3 - The Crate.

3.The last few things.
B.Cheat cartridges.
C.Walkthrough history.
E.My other walkthroughs.

{  B.Legal stuff.                                           }

Please, I stress this point, do NOT copy any part of this FAQ at
all. It has taken me several weeks of doing and a lot of time and
effort has gone into making this walkthrough what it is.
If anyone at all finds part of this FAQ copied anywhere else,
please contact me at my e-mail address and I will get the thieving
scum into deep trouble.
Thank you.

{  C.Introduction.                                          }

Now I've got all the token stuff out of the way, let's roll!
Welcome to Christopher Hyde's Chicken Run Walkthrough. For this
guide, I have been using the European version of the game (PAL). I
don't know if the US version of the game is different, but I
seriously doubt it.
If you have any comments, criticisms or anything at all, just e-
mail me (kiffa@hiswitzend.fsnet.co.uk).  When e-mailing, just
follow these rules:

1.Please put 'Chicken Run FAQ' as the subject.  I get so many e-
mails a day that, if you do this, there is a greater chance I will

2.Any e-mail dissing my FAQ, making any rude comments or trying to
cause trouble will instantly be deleted. OK?

3.Please read and re-read the FAQ before e-mailing me questions.
Chances are, the answer will be in the guide. If it isn't then yes,
I will help, but if the answer is in the guide, don't expect a
reply. I have had loads of e-mails over the last few weeks asking
daft questions with the answers in the guide and I am sick of it.

4.Erm...thats it.

{  D.About me.                                               }

My name is Christopher Hyde and this is my fourth FAQ EVER(see
section 3E for details on my others). I decided to write the FAQ
because Chicken Run is a great game and, even though I find it easy
(in places), some people get stuck on it.
I enjoy PlayStation games and have lots of PlayStation games. Here
is a list of my games:

A Bug's Life				MediEvil 2
Alundra 2				Metal Gear Solid
Ape Escape     			Metal Gear Solid VR Missions
Chicken Run	(!)			Micro Machines V3
Dino Crisis 2				Micro Maniacs
Driver 					Resident Evil 2
Driver 2				Spyro 2
Final Fantasy VII			Spyro 3 (Year of the Dragon)
Final Fantasy VIII			Vagrant Story
Final Fantasy IX  			Vib Ribbon
Gran Turismo			      World's Scariest Police Chases

As you can see, I'm into platformers, RPGs and driving games.

My coming into possession of Chicken Run goes back to the summer of
2000. After going to see the movie (which is fantastic) I loved the
film and couldn't wait for it's release on video and, eventually, a
game version. As the months went on, news filtered through gaming
magazines that Chicken Run was going to be a game similar to Metal
Gear Solid (a game I adore). I knew I had to buy it, and I bought
it within a week of it coming out. I then managed to complete it
within 3 days of getting it. As I had encountered places where I
had had trouble, I looked on the internet for guides to the game;
there were none. After I completed it, I decided to write the first
guide to it, so other people, such as yourself, wouldn't get stuck

Anyway, that is the end of the 'about me' section and now comes the
beginner's guide to Chicken Run.  This section basically covers the
essential gameplaying and, if you are on Act 2 by now, you should
know the stuff covered in this section, so you don't really need to
use this section.  As I said before, it is mainly for the beginner
Chicken Run player, but you may want to  refer to the guide layout
(L) for a guide on how to use the walkthrough.

{  E.Story.                                                  }

It was a rainy night. The rain tumbled past the window of the
Tweedy's farmhouse, obscuring Mr. Tweedy's view through his
binoculars as he tried to spy on his chickens. He had been spying
on them for several months now(a little bit every evening), and he
was convinced they were up to something. Even now, as he watched, a
chicken dashed between two sheds.
Mr Tweedy decided to go and have a look.
"Erm, love, I'm just going to go and check on the chickens". Mr
Tweedy said to his wife as he stood up.
Mrs Tweedy was a thin, evil woman who despised chickens. Their lack
of eggs were giving the farm miniscule profits. She was at a
typewriter, rattling off a letter.
"Fine." Mrs Tweedy barely looked up. Mr Tweedy pulled on his
wellies and walked out of the house.
The rain has eased off as Mr Tweedy had spoken to his wife, but the
ground was muddy. He squelched over to the kennels and got a dog
out, to keep him company as he patrolled.
With the dog by his side, Mr Tweedy began walking round the edge of
the chicken's compound.
Ginger was trying to escape. She had tried lots of different
schemes, none of which had worked. This was currently plan 37G -
digging a tunnel. She had got out of Hut 17, where she lived,
earlier and was trying to sneak over to the area where she had
began digging a tunnel. She was about to run over to it when she
heard a steady squelching sound, getting nearer and nearer...
"Blast", Ginger muttered as Mr Tweedy walked past. She flattened
herself against Hut 1, in an attempt to make herself hard to
notice. It worked, as Mr Tweedy rounded the corner and headed
towards compound B. She waited until the sound died down, and then
ran towards the spoon. Squelch-squelch-squelch, her feet pattered
against the mud. It was still there. Ginger picked the spoon up and
began tunnelling. Suddenly - a growl was heard. The dog was running
straight to her.
Mr Tweedy had heard the chicken's footsteps and had come back.
Ginger was trapped. She had nowhere to run, as the dog was nearly
upon her. Mr Tweedy was running after the dog, or at least, walking
a bit faster. The dog was in front of her now, breathing it's
smelly breath over her. Then, Mr Tweedy caught up with the dog.
He picked her up, frowned at her and walked towards the coal bunker
- where all chickens went if they had been misbehaving. The mud was
still making noises as the fat farmer walked to the bunker. Ginger
began clucking loudly, to get the other hen's attention.  Sure
enough, 4 or 5 chickens came out of their homes to watch Ginger.
As Ginger watched them, Mr Tweedy used his free hand to lift the
coal bunker and then threw her in. As she landed in the coal, the
lid was slammed shut. Darkness descended.
Mr Tweedy then turned round and stomped back to the chickens, who
cowered. He then bellowed at them:
"Now let that be a lesson to the lot o' yer - no chicken escapes
from Tweedy's Farm!"

You can understand the chicken's dilemma if you watch the movie.

{  F.Characters.                                             }

During the course of the game, you can control the following:

Ginger is the chicken with the plan. She's a young and idealistic
hen whose one goal in life is to help everyone escape from the
Tweedy's farm for a better life beyond the green and distant hills.
She pursues this goal with true grit and determination.

Rocky is a sweet-talking American rooster who gets by in life on
his good looks and charm. Fun to be with, and the life and soul of
any party, he's the kind of guy everyone wants to have around.
Everyone likes him (but Ginger still has her doubts).

As in any locked-up compound, some items are very difficult to come
by and certain characters make a living by getting hold of what is
needed. Nick and Fletcher are two cockney rats who would sell their
own mothers for a profit. Nick is the leader, the tough negotiator;
Fetcher is his not-over-bright helper. They are sharp and
streetwise with the skills of pick-pockets and street vendors. This
fast talking double-act provide a valuable service for the hens(for
a price - obviously!). They're cunning crafty and good at slipping
in and out of the well-guarded compound unnoticed.

There are other characters, such as:
Mac is the engineering brains of the outfit, the Maths genius who
works out the practicalities for all of Ginger's wild plans.
Totally trustworthy, she is always absorbed in her world of numbers
and calculations. Mac is Ginger's right hand hen in any escape

Tweedy's Farm may have been in Mr Tweedy's family for generations,
but it's Mrs Tweedy who calls the shots these days. She is a cold
and humourless woman who longs to take the egg farm out of the
'dark ages' and into full-scale, automated chicken pie production,
that will make the Tweedys extremely rich. Strangely enough, she
hates everything about chickens and finds them extremely stupid and
incapable of thinking for themselves. If only she knew how wrong
she is...

Slow and oafish, Mr Tweedy is a simple man. He is convinced that
the chickens are up to something, but his domineering wife
convinces him that these silly notions are all in his head.

As in all family films, there needs to be a stupid character to
laugh at. Well, in Chicken Run, Babs is that character. She fails
to understand that the chickens are trying to escape and instead
believes that they are trying to go on holiday (she even believes
that Ginger's time in the coal bunker is a holiday). For all her
faults, Babs has a heart of gold and if anything to do with sewing
or knitting is needed, Babs is the one to call. She is the one who
makes the crate's wings in the final act, and she knits together
the Mrs Tweedy costume.

Babs' best friend, this fat hen is the expert on egg-laying. During
the final act, you need to collect Bunty's eggs to pay Nick and
Fetcher. Bunty herself is quite air-headed and thinks she is better
than everyone else.

This staunt British cockerel considers his RAF days to be the best
of his life, and carries them on even today. He organises the hen's
positions that they take during roll-calls. Fowler hands you medals
during the course of the game, if you do well in the mini-games. He
is also the one responsible for Ginger's idea of a flying machine
to escape.

{  G.Controlling the characters.                            }

D-pad or left analogue stick -
Move character around.
[] button -
Action button (pick up/use objects and talk).
X button -
X button -
Double jump (when presses twice).
O button -
Throw sprouts (when controlling the rats, this switches rats).
T button -
Open inventory.
R2 button -
L2 button -
Cycles through inventory items.
L1/R1 buttons/right analogue stick -
Rotates camera.
SELECT button -
Toggles on screen help buttons on/off.
START button -
Pause game.

{  H.Main Menu.                                             }

When the game starts, you will be in Fowler's hut (Hut 1).

Begin the game/return to game (The Door) -
The Door allows you to go straight into a new game, or to return to
the game you are currently playing.

Screen adjust (The Mirror) -
The Mirror lets you adjust your screen position. Move the screen
using the d-pad or the left analogue stick.

Controller setup (The Chest) -
Change your controller configuration (it will show the existing
configuration with three alternatives) and allows you to switch
vibration on/off.

Sound (The Radio) -
The Radio lets you adjust a number of sound options:
      SFX Volume - Set a level for sound effects.
      Speech Volume - The character speech volume.
      Music Volume - Set the music level.
      Stereo On/Off - Turn stereo effect on/off.

Medals (The Display Board) -
The Display Board allows you to view any medals awarded for your
efforts in mini-games throughout the game (for meritorious services
to escaping chickens).

Best Times (The Clock) -
This is a log of the best times achieved by you in the game. Come
here to see if you can get the best times ever for completing all
three acts of the game, the Boss Levels and your shortest total
playing times.

Load/Save Game (The Bed) -
The Bed allows you to load a previously saved game, or to save your
current position.

Level Select (Shell Canister) -
The Shell allows you to select previously opened levels and sub-
games (if they are available, they will be identifiable with a
highlight). When you choose a level to play from this menu, it will
not play any part towards your success in the overall game.

Credits (The Book) -
The Book lets you see who is responsible for creating the game.

View Pictures (The Gallery) -
Hidden through the game are pictures from the movie. As you
discover them, you can see them here.

View Movies (The Projector) -
The Projector lets you look at any movie clip or animation that you
have seen so far in the game. Choose with the left/right buttons
and press X to play.

{  I.Exploring Tweedy's Farm.                               }

The chicken coop area of the farm is divided into four sections,
separated by wooden fences. Each area has a gate so you can cross
from one section to another and each section contains four huts.
The rest of the farm surrounds the chicken coop area and includes
the Tweedy house, garden, egg room and various other buildings.
Mr and Mrs Tweedy are always lurking about the farmyard. Mrs Tweedy
stays around the farmhouse, but Mr Tweedy goes everywhere, to check
up on the chickens. Be careful that he doesn't spot Ginger (or the
other characters).
Dogs also patrol around. They are mainly in the coop, where they
patrol between the huts.
As you creep around the compound at night, certain areas are
brightly lit, and there are sometimes searchlights
criss-crossing the open ground. If you walk into these areas, the
dogs/Mr Tweedy will be alerted. They will go to see what the fuss
is about. You need to find a hiding place - if you stay in the
light, you'll be caught!
Remember that the dogs and the Tweedys will be able to notice you
sneaking about if you run over a noisy surface (such as gravel).
Tiptoe over these by holding R2.
You can pick items up by pressing []. The radar will beep as you
pass near an item and it will get more frantic the closer you get.

{  J.The Inventory.                                         }

Press Triangle to access the inventory at any time.
You can mess around with items, view the map or look at the plans

The Map -
When the game begins, Ginger does not know the complete layout of
Tweedy's Farm. To help Ginger in her escape plan, she will find
torn up pieces of a hand drawn escape plan, as she investigates the
farm. Pick up these pieces (stand close to it and press []) to
create a map, which will be handy for navigating around the farm.
Whilst in the inventory, O opens the map.

The Plans -
Pressing [] in the inventory lets you view the latest plans,
drawings and objectives. A box is next to items needed to be found.
Once one is found, a line appears in the box. Once this item has
been delivered to it's hut, another line appears, making a complete
cross in the box.

Items -
When you need to collect eggs for the rats, make sure there is
nothing else in your inventory, as you won't be able to hold the
To select an item in the inventory, highlight it and press X. When
you exit the inventory, the character will have it equipped
(alternatively, press L2).
If you get caught, an item will be taken from you. The item taken
will be the one you last picked up, meaning you'll have to go and
retrieve it again. Be more careful this time!

{  K.The mini-games - how to do them.                       }

Once you get the Mrs. Tweedy disguise, you'll enter a mini-game, in
which you have to run away from the dogs, whilst keeping your
balance and also freeing other chickens.
Use [] and O to keep your balance.
Use the d-pad/left analogue stick to control the direction of the
Set other chickens free by passing in front of their coop doors.

Use the catapult to lob the chickens over the fence. A pond on the
other side of the fence has objects floating in it. You'll need to
land the chickens on these to ensure their safety. Use the
left/right buttons to aim and up/down for power. Press X to launch!

Using the seesaw, launch the hens onto the mattress so they can
bounce to freedom. Unfortunately, the chickens holding the mattress
are a bit unsteady on their feet, so your aim will have to be good!
Use the left/right buttons to aim and up/down for power. Press X to

The chickens have been strapped to fireworks! Fire them through
gaps that are being blown open and shut by the wind. Use the d-pad
to aim and use X to fire.

Wings will have to be made using poles, fabric and a lot of
stitching. Sadly, the chickens are very scared, so you'll have to
encourage them by tapping the appropriate buttons. When they've
made their item, you must go to that work station to collect it, or
it will hit the floor and smash! Use the left/right buttons to
cycle through the various stations. Each work station is controlled
by different buttons.
To make the poles, tap T and [] quickly.
To make the cloth, tap T and X quickly.
To make the stitching, tap O and X quickly.

You need to get the engine running. Keep it well-oiled and pedal
the bike as fast as you can. Rocky is having a bath, however, and
you must keep blowing bubbles for him, or he'll stop you working!
Use left/right to cycle through the buttons.
To blow bubbles, tap X and O quickly.
To turn the bike, tap [] and O quickly.
To keep the oiler in operation, press [] and T button.

You have to build the body of the crate, but using the tools is a
noisy business. Fortunately, Mr Tweedy is repairing the pie
machine, so, if you can use the same tools as him (at the same
time) he won't hear you. You can watch Mr Tweedy through the
binoculars. Use the d-pad to cycle through the worker chickens that
are using the different tools. Then tap out the pattern set out by
Mr Tweedy using the [], X and O buttons to use the tool.
This mini-game is similar to games like Bust-A-Move and Parappa the
Rapper, where you have to follow the on-screen instructions.

Bunty can be found in Hut 2, where you can play this egg-laying
game. Use the directional buttons to cycle through the different
chicken chutes. Press O quickly to feed a chicken until it's bar
changes colour. Then wait for the egg to roll down the chute.
Whilst it rolls, try feeding another chicken. When the egg is near
the bottom of the chute, catch it by pressing X.

{  L.The guide layout.                                      }

This guide is set out in a slightly different way to my other
guides, as I have provided a guide that details how to get stuff in
the best order. For instance, the Act 1 guide tells you how to get
each piece, when to get them, how to avoid the guards etc.
It's kinda difficult to explain, but you'll soon pick it up.
Now it's time for the part most of you probably clicked on the link
That's right - it's time for the guide!


{  A.Act 1 - The Mrs Tweedy Escape Plan.                    }

After speaking to Mac, you are given full control of Ginger.
Practice moving her around and getting used to the controls of the
Once you exit the warmth and safety of Hut 17, you are in compound
A. Chickens aren't supposed to wander around, so a  patrolling dog
will attack if you wander near him. Don't go near him. Practice
sneaking in this bit (flattening against walls, tiptoeing and
avoiding lit areas).
Several boxes of sprouts can be found lying around in this area,
along with a map piece.
You are required to find a butter knife and some broken shears
here, so we'd better get them. The shears can be found in the
alleyway between Huts 1 and 2, leaning against Hut 1.
The old butter knife is located in Hut 16, where Babs lives. It's
near the door when you go in, on the right of the screen.
Once the two blades have been retrieved, take them back to Mac.
She'll knock up some wire cutters and you'll be debriefed on the
Mrs Tweedy Plan. Equip the wire cutters and go to the rusty fence
(indicated on the map-check by going into the inventory, then
pressing []). Press [] and Ginger will cut the fence.
The cut hole will be large enough for you to go into.

Once through, head west to the tractor (find which way west is by
checking the map). Beware the spotlight, the lit area and the
puddle. A box of sprouts can be found next to the tractor. Now run
up to the building. This is the egg-counting room. Creep along next
to this wall and you'll eventually reach an alley leading to the
door. When you see this alley, go down it. A map piece is lying on
the ground near the door. Pick it up and go out of the alley. Now
head east. You'll reach a set of steps (that go up northwards).
Climb these steps. Beware of Mrs
Tweedy - she comes in and out of the door, muttering to herself.
Stay on the steps until she comes out, wait until she turns her
back on you and dash up to the door. A box next to it has the
gloves on it; jump onto the box and get the gloves. Get off the box
and go along the ledge that is up in this area. At the end of this
ledge is a bonus picture. Get it. Now, leap off the ledge and head
towards the bunker. On one side of it, the poles are lying in a
heap, and on the other side there is a map piece.
Next to the map piece, there are some more steps. Climb them.
You'll be up on a ledge, again. Run along this and go down the
steps on the far side. Yes, I know there aren't any items up here,
but it is the safest way to go to avoid Mr Tweedy and the dog.
After going down the steps, go through the gateway into the
Tweedy's back garden. Mrs Tweedy occasionally looks at the garden
from through the window. Every time the light goes on, she is
looking. Go around the edge of the garden (furthest away from the
window) and pick up the sprouts in the corner. Carry on going
around and you'll eventually reach the back door. There is a light
above here, so if you go in it, there is a box opposite the door to
hide in. Get the boots from by the door and equip them. Now you are
in a welly, and pressing [] in it makes Ginger crouch down. Walk up
to the dress that is on the washing line and sit by the bricks that
support it. Wait until the light goes off and QUICKLY unequip the
boots, equip the wire cutters and then press Action. Ginger will
cut the rope, and the dress will tumble to the floor. Hide in the
boot again to ensure safety. Once the light goes off, unequip the
boots, pick up the dress and then leg it out of the back yard. Make
your way back to Hut 16 and hand the items over to Babs.
She'll make the disguise, and you'll then have to participate in a
mini-game (see section 1K for tips on doing this).

{  B.Act 2 - Catapults, Seesaws and Fireworks.              }

After succeeding in getting past the dogs, a (funny) FMV sequence
will play.
Afterwards, Ginger will tell Mac about her 3 new plans; a catapult,
a seesaw and a fireworks machine.
It's now day on Tweedy's Farm, and a few things have changed. There
are now 2 dogs patrolling compound A. Also, the Rocky poster is up
on Hut 17's wall.
Exit Hut 17, and go through the gap in the fence. Ginger will
encounter Rocky. After briefly speaking to him, you'll gain control
of him.
Go to the door next to where you got the map piece from. You need
to get in here. Go round the corner and hide in the cardboard box,
as Mrs Tweedy goes in and out of the egg-counting room. Wait until
she comes out, then turns round to go back in. Drop into step
behind her and stay behind her until she goes into the room. Wait a
second or two before going in - if you go in immediately after her,
she spots you. Once in the room, go over to the other side of the
room(so you are as far away from Mrs Tweedy as possible). When she
goes out, run over to the red box and push it along as far as it
goes, so that it is leaning against a wall. Use it to climb up to
the shelf. On here, you can find the cooking weights. Climb a
little further up and get the matches. Exit the egg-counting room.
Now, head towards the garden, using the ledge to your advantage.
You may want to collect the sprouts that have appeared where the
poles previously were.
In the garden, tiptoe over to where the boots where before. You
must tiptoe, as there is a sleeping dog. He has the racquet under
his paw, which is one of the items you need - don't worry, you'll
find out how to in a bit! If he is woken at any time duting this
part of the plan, you can use the cardboard box opposite the back
door to hide in. On your way, pick up the cord near the dog. Grab
the bone from it's bowl by the door and equip it. Tiptoe towards
the dog and, when you are fairly close, press []. Rocky will switch
the bone in his wing with the racquet. Smoooooth!!!
Now exit the garden, and return to Ginger. As her, take the matches
to Babs in Hut 16 and then go into compound B. In here, there is a
map piece by the gate, another in the NW corner, another in Hut 3,
the spoon in Hut 3, some sprouts in Hut 4 and Betty in Hut 15. Drop
in on your way past and give her the racquet and the cord.
Equip the spoon that you retrieved from Hut 3 and sneak to the SE
corner of compound B. Use the spoon on the darker-coloured earth
there. Ginger will tunnel through. In this part of the farm, you'll
meet Rocky again.
As Rocky, head left. You'll walk under a tower after a second or
two of walking - collect the pram from beneath it. Head W and get
the map piece from in front of the tunnel. Go through the tunnel.
Here, you need to get past the dogs and reach the far end, where
you can climb up into the barn. Sneak along and use the multitude
of boxes that are strewn about to hide inside. At the far end,
there is a bonus picture lying around in some weeds. Climb the
boxes nearby, and enter the barn through the window.
Once inside, climb the short flight of stairs and pick up the map
piece. Walk over to the hay bale and push it off the ledge you're
on. It'll fall and land on the barn floor below...right into a
groove. Leap down after it and push it along the groove it's in,
into a second. Push it along this one until it touches a crate.
Climb onto the crate and pick up the ladder hanging just above it.
Get off there and pick up the bonus picture that is on the ground
near you. Exit the barn by going through the small crack in the
door. Make your way back to the tower, near Ginger.
From here, go to the sacks on the east side of the yard. By
climbing them, you'll be able to get a map piece and a bonus
picture. There are also some sprouts on the floor, if you want to
get them. Use the sacks to jump into the barn window (get onto the
single one, jump onto the two next to it, jump to the two over the
aisle from them and then jump onto the crates in front of the
In the barn, push the red-crate-on-wheels onto the tractor's
forklift. Climb into the seat and press the button there to start
the engine. Leap out and hit the button on the tractor's body. The
crate will be raised up. Use the boxes, tables and shelves to climb
up to the crate. Jump on it and run along it. Jump onto that shelf
and get the fireworks.
Return to Ginger. Go to Hut 15 and give Betty her stuff. Do the
Spring Chicken mini-game (see 1K for tips).
Now go into compound C. A map piece is in front of you when you
enter. There is also a picture in the NW corner. There is another
picture in Hut 6, yet another picture in Hut 12 and some brussel
sprouts in Hut 12. Once they've been got, go to Hut 11 and hand
over the goods. Do the Weight Expectations mini-game (see 1K for
Return to compound A and give Babs the fireworks. Complete the Fowl
Shot mini-game (see 1K for details).
Once this has been done, the end-of-act screen will appear. You'll
now have a short, but fun, bit where you control Rocky, in an
attempt to rescue Ginger from the clutches of the Pie Machine.

{  C.Act 3 - The Crate.                                     }

After seeing another FMV sequence, you'll see Ginger discussing the
new plans with Mac.
Once you exit Hut 17, you'll discover that it is night again. This
is great - the darkness is good for sneaking.
Go to Hut 2. Play the Bunty Eggs-press game and get at least 6
eggs. If you get more you'll come out of the hut with 6 of them, as
you can only have 6 items in the inventory at any one time.
Go round to the Tweedy's back yard and go to the back door. Be
careful - there is a dog sleeping outside it's kennel, and there is
a light above the door. On the door, the dog-flap is open. Go
inside it to get into the Tweedy farmhouse.
You'll now meet Nick and Fetcher, the two rats, for the first time.
Ginger will pay them 6 eggs to retrieve some items from inside the
house. Once you end this conversation, you'll be in control of Nick
(the short, fat one). Go to the door (that leads to the dining
room) and get the gnome from near it. Now run to the stool and push
it over to the other side of it's groove. Now, switch to Fetcher,
by pressing O. As him, climb onto the stool using the jars near it.
Once on it, switch back to Nick. Push the stool all the way back
along. Switch to Fetcher and jump onto the shelf. Jump over the
sink, and use the table to get onto the shelf where the laundry is.
Go into the dining room.
There is a dog in here, who is pretty alert. To get past him, equip
the gnome and slowly creep past (the gnome works in the same way as
the boots). Unequip the gnome. Switch to Fetcher and creep up to
the curtain pulley thing (that opens and closes the curtains). Jump
onto it and he'll grab onto it. Switch back to Nick and jump onto
the one on the other side, using the small box to reach it. A
animation will show, showing Fetcher whizz up to the window. Pick
up the binoculars. Now comes some dodgy jumping.
Jump onto the armchair next to the window. Jump onto the chair's
arm and then leap onto the chair, that is next to the table. Jump
onto the table and then onto the shelf. Grab the picture from on
it. Then get onto the mantelpiece. Run along that then jump off it,
onto the desk. From the desk, jump onto the filing cabinet's lowest
open drawer. Climb up the filing cabinet and get the yarn from on
top of it.
Now, return to Ginger and return the items to her. Get out of the
yard and back into the chicken section. Be aware that, if you're
caught, the items will be returned to the place you got it from,
meaning the rats will ask for another 6 eggs. Quite a pain...
In the chicken's homes, go into compound D. In here, there is a map
piece in the centre, another in Hut 8, sprouts in Hut 8 and a
picture in Hut 9. Doris can be found in Hut 10 - give her the
binoculars on your way past. Pop into compound C and hand Cynthia
(in Hut 11) the laundry and the yarn. Return to Hut 2 and collect
another 6 eggs. Pay a visit to the barn where, as Rocky, you
previously got the ladder from (it's on the south side of the map).
You don't need to climb in though, you can just go in through the
door this time. In the barn, there is an open trapdoor. Go through
it and speak to the rats again (notice the famous movie
reference!). Give them the eggs and you'll take control of them
again, in an attempt to ruin Mr Tweedy's tractor.
Once you start, place Nick in the tractor's seat. Switch to Fetcher
and press the button on the wall. This releases the step-thing from
beneath it. Then, press the button on the tractor's outside to
lower the jack, which is holding it up. This obviously lowers it.
Switch back to Nick and press the button inside the tractor. It'll
accelerate, and hit the closed barn door. This'll cause the engine
to shoot out of it, onto the ground outside. After that little
incident, take the poles and the chain. Return to Ginger. While
they talk to Ginger, the engine gets taken by some chickens, so you
don't need to worry about getting that.
Exit the sewers. On the barn floor, there is another key item (some
wood) and some sprouts. Make your way back to compound B.
Hand Betty the chain - she is in Hut 15. She already has the
engine. Pay a visit to compound C and go to Hut 11, and hand over
the items. You'll have to do a mini-game, called Chicken Wings.
Once you've done that, go to Hut 10 in compound D and give Doris
the wood. Return to Hut 2 and collect 6 more eggs. Go to the egg-
counting room and push the 3 baskets around to form a series of
steps that you can get onto by using the shelves, like Rocky in Act
2. A box of sprouts can be found on the top shelf and a hole can be
jumped into, just beneath that shelf. This is an air vent, leading
to the pie machine. In here, you'll meet Nick and Fetcher. Pay them
the 6 eggs.
Once you take control of them, the oilcan is on the ground near
Ginger. The lower area, that runs down the centre, has a map piece
and a picture. The gears can be found near Mr Tweedy.
As Nick, climb up the pie machine and stand next to the button.
Switch to Fetcher and position him near the lower switch. Switch
back to Nick and press the button. The pie machine will leak gravy.
Mr Tweedy will go and see what all the commotion is about. Switch
to Fetcher and get the tools, that Mr Tweedy has left unguarded.
If you find this method a bit difficult, I have been sent a
solution on how to get these bits by Dave H. Here's his
"The gears are the simpler of the two to get because it's closer to
the button on the ground. Have one rat push the button up on top,
immediately switch to the other rat who should be standing next to
the ground button. Immediately run forward when Tweedy moves toward
the leak and grab the gears; quickly run back to the ground button.
Now switch to the topside rat again and hit the button, switch to
the bottom rat and hit that button, and then immediately when
Tweedy moves toward the leak follow fairly closely behind until you
reach the tools. If Tweedy doesn't move far enough over the tools,
run back and repeat. Don't move too close to the tools, just keep
hitting the action button as you move closer until you pick them up
(You don't want to get near Tweedy or it's curtains for you). Then
immediately high tail it outta there. The idea behind this is that
when BOTH buttons are hit in succession, Tweedy moves to a
different leak on the far side of the machine, allowing you a
chance at the tools. This may be why some people are confused."
An alternative to both these methods has been sent to me by
T-Rex. His way is to let Nick press [] then immediately swap to
Fetcher and press []. Mr Tweedy will then walk past the tools,
letting you grab them.
Go to Hut 15. Hand over the oilcan and complete the Poultry in
Motion mini-game. Once that has been completed, go to Hut 10 and
give Doris the gears and the tools. Do the Hen At Work mini-game.
Once that has been done, the end-of-act screen appears, giving you
the option to save.
Once you select 'Continue', you'll do the final boss - Mrs Tweedy.
I won't tell you what to do, but this is a pretty easy and very fun

There we are! The game's finished! Or is it....?
Once you've done Mrs Tweedy, the game isn't over yet. If you
haven't already, you need to retrieve all the bonus pictures.
If you view the movies in Hut 1, you'll notice a Bonus Ending
option. To open this, you need to get a Gold medal in all the mini-
Once you unlock this ending (after AGES being spent on the
mini-games), the game is fully completed.


{  A.Cheats.                                                }

I don't know any cheats for Chicken Run. Sorry.
If anyone does, e-mail them to me.

{  B.Cheat cartridges.                                      }

Here are some Gameshark codes.

Codes Made & Tested on 3.2 Version Cheat Device
Have All Map Pieces
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) 50001001 0000
                           300AA1F0 0001
Have All Movies
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) 50000B01 0000
                           300AA178 0001
Have All Pictures
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) 50000A01 0000
                           300AA183 0001
Have All Levels
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) 50000D01 0000
                           300AA18D 0001
Have All Medals
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) 50000701 0000
                           300AA19A 0003
Slot 1 Modifier            800AA202 00??
Slot 2 Modifier            800AA204 00??
Slot 3 Modifier            800AA206 00??
Slot 4 Modifier            800AA208 00??
Slot 5 Modifier            800AA20A 00??
Slot 6 Modifier            800AA20C 00??

Movies Unlocked Codes
Act 1 Intro 300AA178 0001
Act 1 Boss Intro 300AA179 0001
Act 1 Boss Failure 300AA17A 0001
Act 1 Complete 300AA17B 0001
Act 2 Intro 300AA17C 0001
Act 2 Boss Intro 300AA17D 0001
Act 2 Complete 300AA17E 0001
Act 3 Intro 300AA17F 0001
Act 3 Boss Intro 300AA180 0001
Act 3 Complete 300AA181 0001
Bonus Ending 300AA182 0001

Unlock Level COdes
Begin Act 1 300AA18D 0001
Dog Chase 300AA18E 0001
Begin Act 2 300AA18F 0001
Weight Expectations 300AA190 0001
Fowl Shot 300AA191 0001
Spring Chicken 300AA192 0001
Pie Machine 300AA193 0001
Begin Act 3 300AA194 0001
The Bunty Eggs-press 300AA195 0001
Poultry in Motion 300AA196 0001
Hen At Work 300AA197 0001
Chicken Wings 300AA198 0001
The Crate 300AA199 0001

Medal Modifier Codes
Weight Expectations 300AA19A 00??
Spring Chicken 300AA19B 00??
Fowl Shot 300AA19C 00??
Hen at Work 300AA19D 00??
Poultry in Motion 300AA19E 00??
Chicken Wings 300AA19F 00??
The Bunty Eggs-Press 300AA1A0 00??
Infinite Sprouts 300AA1D0 0032

Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes
01 - Old Butter Knife
02 - Broken Shears
03 - Wire Cutters
04 - Poles
05 - Gloves
06 - Boots
07 - Night Dress
08 - Rusty Spoon
09 - Cooking Weights
0A - Matches
0B - Fireworks
0C - Tennis Racket
0D - Pram Chassis
0E - Strong Cord
0F - Broken Ladder
10 - Bone
11 - Eggs
12 - Gears
13 - Tools
14 - Wood
15 - Oil Can
16 - Tractor Engine
17 - Drive Chain
18 - Poles
19 - Yarn
1A - Binoculars
1B - Laundry
1C - Gnome

Quantity Digits to Accompany Medal Modifier Codes
01 - Bronze
02 - Silver
03 - Gold

{  C.Walkthrough history.                                   }

Began writing the guide.

Typed up the main guide. Went through and checked for spelling
mistakes. Sent file to GameFAQs.

Received an e-mail from a representative of Cheat Code Central,
meaning the guide can be found there. Discovered GameFAQs had put
the guide up, under 'New and Noteworthy'. Ooooh!

The guide can now be found Cheat Code HQ.

Updated list of sites. Sent it off under version 1.1

After getting a new computer and spending hours transferring files,
I got my guides over. I updated the site list.

Updated the site list.

Updated the Spyro 2 and Spyro 3 site lists. Sent guide off under
version 1.2

Added a full explanation of how to get the tools, in Act 3.

Updated the Spyro 3 site list.

Updated all the site lists. Classified it as version 1.3

Updated the site lists.

Updated the site lists.

Received an e-mail from GamesOver, meaning the guide can now be
found there too. Updated site lists and sent guide off under
version 1.4

Updated site lists and renamed guide version 1.5

Updated site lists.

Updated guide and renamed guide version 1.6

Updated site lists. Have begun work on my new FAQ.

Changed format of the section on my other walkthroughs.

Added alternative method of getting Mr Tweedy's tools.

Renamed guide version 1.6

{  D.Credits.                                               }

Here are my credits, in no particular order.
I thank:
The Telegraph company (an English newspaper)  -
For accepting my entry to a competition and giving me first prize -
my PlayStation!
Sony -
For making an excellent console and publishing a fine piece of
Blitz Games/Eidos -
For making a fantastic game.
Dave H -
For sending a full explanation on getting the tools in Act 3.
T-Rex -
For sending another method of getting Mr Tweedy's tools.
GameFAQs -
For displaying the guide.
Cheat Code Central -
For having the guide.
Cheat Code HQ -
For displying the guide.
a2zweblinks -
For having the guide.
Supercheats -
For showing the guide.
DC-W -
For showing the guide. Yes, it may be a Dreamcast site, but the
games are probably identical!!
Ultimate FAQs -
For displaying the guide.
PSX Cheaters World -
For showing the guide.
GamesOver -
For having the guide.
Australian Cheats -
For showing the guide.
CheatCodes -
For showing the guide.

{  F.My other walkthroughs.                                 }

Hey, I know! How about a bit of shameless advertising while you are
still here?
I have also done walkthroughs for:

Spyro 2 (PlayStation)
Spyro 3 (PlayStation)
Ape Escape (PlayStation)
Chicken Run (PlayStation)

Spyro: Season Of Ice (Gameboy Advance)

{  F.Peace.                                                 }

DO -
Own Chicken Run.
Use this walkthrough to aid you on your quest for freedom.

Copy any part of this walkthrough.

Erm, I think that's about it. Good luck on your quest and e-mail me
if you want anything else in the walkthrough or a walkthrough for
one of my other games or permission to use the walkthrough on your

'Dig for Freedom!'
(the picture was Ginger using a spoon as a spade)
2000/2001 Chicken Run English advertising campaign.

Peace, man.

Christopher Hyde