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Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo (N64) walkthrough.
Walkthrough by N64_Gamer. Contact via email at n64lord@hotmail.com

1- Prologue
2- Updates
3- Controls
4- Walkthrough
5- Cheats
6- FAQ
7. Info/ Legal Stuff
8. Contributes/References


Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo is FANTASTIC. Brilliant. Astounding. 
But it’s also mercilessly difficult, which is why it’s more than likely 
you’re going to need just a little bit of help. And this is where you get 
it- in my first game faq/walkthrough ever.
Battle for Naboo (BFN) is the sort of game that requires practice. It’s like 
a sport; you need to play and play BFN until you’ve got that elusive gold 
medal. A warning before we start, then: this game is NOT for the casual 
Everyone ready, then? Here we go!


19/5/01- (No, that’s not a mistake. I live in Australia, and that’s how we 
write it. If you live in America, etc., simply swap the first two parts 
around). Finished Prologue, Controls section and started the walkthrough. 
Mission 1 completed.
20/5/01- Finished walkthroughs for Missions 2 and 3.
22/5/01- Completed walkthroughs for Missions 4 and 5.
24/5/01- Completed walkthroughs for Missions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Whoa!
27/5/01- Completed the annoying walkthrough for Liberation of Camp IV 
(mission 12) and mission 13.
28/5/01- Completed the walkthrough for mission 14.
29/5/01- Completed the walkthrough for mission 15.
30/5/01- Completed the walkthrough for bonus mission #1 (mission 16) and #2 
(mission 17).
31/5/01- Completed the walkthrough for bonus mission #3 (mission 18). 
Finished walkthrough! Also finished the Cheats, FAQ, and Info sections. In 
other words? Finished everything!
8/6/01- Or so I thought. I am sending an updated version back to Game FAQs. 
The difference between the old version and this new one is simply some 
corrections and also some info that a kind e-mailer sent me.
1/7/01- And it’s still not over! I’ve just made a HUGE update, which 
includes all the new cheats sent in by JaydeWizard and Phantasmagoria as 
well as a new ‘Recommended craft’ segment for each mission (again, thanks to 
4/7/01- Made the last few spelling and grammar corrections. Have posted my 
updated walkthrough!
5/7/01- And no sooner had I done that than JaydeWizard decided my job wasn’t 
yet over! He has posted me the Platinum Medal requirements for EVERY 
mission! Say thanks to him!


The controlling for BFN is great. Developers Factor 5 went to real trouble 
making sure that everything felt right, which it does. Anyway, this is what 
every button does on that lovely N64 control pad:

Joystick- Steers your craft and allows you to aim.
A button- Activate thrusters.
B button- Fire lasers.
C-left- Fires your secondary weapon (missiles, bombs)
R button- Allows you to turn sharply. ENORMOUSLY helpful.
L button- Cycles through camera views.
D-pad- Allows you to specifically select your preferred camera view.
Z- Brake. It either slows down or completely stops your craft. It depends on 
which you’re using.


Well, here it is. The main attraction! Here’s my walkthrough to Battle for 
Naboo’s missions!

Mission 1- Escape from Theed.
Objectives- Rescue your commander.
Recommended craft- Gian Speeder, since it has 2 rapid-fire lasers and a 
chargeable Heavy laser. There's no better choice!

First things first: your Captain (Captain Kael) is a blundering idiot. Now 
that you’re prepared, you can start the mission! Simply drive forward at the 
start (I favour ploughing through most of the droids instead of shooting 
them, it’s great fun) and follow the path. You will eventually come to a 
section where your Captain is being attacked by some Destroyer Droids. Shoot 
them down, you may even want to use one or two of your Speeder’s secondary 
weapon missiles on them. Once you’ve mangled all four of them, Captain Kael 
will begin to move and he’ll tell you to follow him, so do it. Just keep 
driving along until you come to a section where Captain Kael starts being 
attacked by 3 more Destroyer Droids. Punish the fools, and once again, 
Captain Kael will take off. Follow him and after shooting through a few 
groups of droids, you will come to a circular section with MORE Destroyer 
Droids. Your Captain will stop again, so start destroying the Droids until 
you hear Kael say, “Watch out!” Spin around and shoot the AAT (aka tank) and 
if there’s any more Destroyer Droids left, get rid of them. Once you’ve done 
it, there’ll be a short cut-scene and…MISSION COMPLETE!
ADVANCED SHIELDS: You can get a craft upgrade  (or a bonus) in this level. 
When you reach the part where Captain Kael stops for the second time, go to 
the right and you’ll see an AAT. Demolish him and you’ll find he was 
protecting a small little area- which has the Advanced Shields upgrade 

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 1:38
Kills: 49
Accuracy: 84%
Friendly Saves: 7
Bonuses: 1
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 2- Neimodian Plunder
Objectives- Protect and escort the Captain to the swamp.
Recommended craft- Believe it or not, the Heavy STAP is the best for this 
mission because it has superior maneuverability and 8 Missiles (more than 
the Flash Speeder). Use the N-1 (Naboo Starfighter) after you get to the 

You actually have a choice of whether to use the Heavy STAP or the Speeder. 
As soon as you start the mission, you’ll see a few droids on bikes. Destroy 
them and any other bad guys on your radar until you hear Captain Kael sat 
that a droid is on his tail. Help him and shoot the droid that’s following 
him. Now follow behind Captain Kael, shooting any droids you see as you go. 
Soon, three droids will appear as you turn a corner. Shoot them all, and 
then head up the mountains ahead. After the cut-scene, zip a bit to the left 
if you can’t already see the droids. Blow away all three of them, and then 
wait for a few seconds. You will notice some droids in the distance, who are 
slowly coming towards you, shooting at the houses. Circle the block of 
houses, as the droids come from all sides, and shoot them when they appear. 
When you’ve shot them all, you’ll hear the Captain say, “Excellent!” After 
the next cut-scene, follow Captain Kael again down the path. Shoot the 
droids as you go (but don’t go out of your way to get them if you miss) and 
for some amusement you can even shoot the two Droid Starfighters that pass 
overhead. I advise you to go a bit slower from here though, as there’s an 
AAT who can easily kill you if you’re already damaged and are not careful. 
You might want to use a missile or two on him, then cross the bridge and 
kill the next AAT. Finally, go down the small hill at the end and shoot (or 
avoid) the last AAT. Go into the hangar and get the police cruiser. Fly to 
the right and you’ll soon see a big patch of ground where it is a strange 
dark green colour. Fly towards there and the mission is complete!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 4:01
Kills: 34
Accuracy: 64%
Friendly saves: 65
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 3- Naboo Bayou.
Objectives- Protect Rowan’s houseboats.
Recommended craft- The best vehicle for this mission is easily the N-1 
Starfighter because of it's superior speed and power.

Easy! From the start of this mission, fly forward and shoot down the three 
Trade Federation Gunboats (those big grey boats) that are attacking the 
small houseboats. Once that’s done, your Captain will tell you that there 
are Droid Starfighters approaching- simply fly to the left and destroy the 
two Droid Starfighters. Now go forward (if you’re feeling disorientated, 
just go the way the houseboats are) and you’ll see four more Droid 
Starfighters, flying in a diamond formation. Take them all out. Once the 
cut-scene is finished, follow Captain Kael. Before long, the lucky Captain 
will have Droid Starfighters on his tail, so help him out. Now turn to the 
left around the huge hill and you should see a small house on a tiny island 
in the middle of the area. It’s being attacked by lots of Droid 
Starfighters! Strangely enough, this man’s house is far stronger than 
everyone else’s in the entire level. Shoot down all the Droid Starfighters, 
and you’ve finished this mission!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 2:43
Kills: 21
Accuracy: 59%
Friendly saves: 7
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 4- Smuggler Alliance
Objectives- Locate Smuggler in the mountains.
                 - Save homestead from attack.
                 - Protect smuggler from attack.
Recommended craft- The Flash Speeder is great for this mission for its 
better accuracy and superior speed.
With that said, if you’re confident of your ability to not get shot too much 
by the droids, the Gian Speeder might be a good craft to use. The Gian 
Speeder’s heavy laser is very handy against those AATs.

Drive forward, and you’ll soon see a few houses being shot at by some droids 
on bikes. Dispose of them and follow the path onwards. I strongly advise you 
to not drive on the actual path however (as there iare HEAPS of droids) so 
stray to the side of the path and you should be okay. After the cut-scene, 
race in front of the huge ship and take out the AAT. Now keep driving 
forward, sticking to the left of the path, shooting ALL of the AATs as you 
go. Make sure you don’t fall down the side of the cliff though, or you will 
die straight away. Use the radar to ensure you don’t miss a single AAT. 
Providing that ship doesn’t get shot at too much and go down, you’ll 
complete the mission!
ADVANCED MISSILES: To obtain the advanced missiles upgrade, protect those 
houses at the very start of the mission like normal but, just as you shoot 
the last droid, look for another green dot on the radar (which signifies 
good guys). Go to where the dot is and you’ll see that it is a man being 
shot at by two droids. Destroy them both and the man will get into a speeder 
and tell you to follow him. Do this and he’ll lead you to his house. He’ll 
unlock the gates in front so you can pick up the upgrade!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 5:24
Kills: 43
Accuracy: 58%
Friendly saves: 2
Bonuses: 1
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 5- Hutt’s Retreat
Objectives- Protect and escort smuggler to his base.
                 - Prevent destruction of smuggler’s base.
                 - Free the captured Naboo pilots.
Recommended craft- The recomended path for this mission is by taking the 
air, so at the beginning you should use your Flash Speeder to get to the 
Hangar quicker and then select the Naboo Starfighter.

Right at the start, you’ll see some droids on bikes. Destroy them then turn 
the corner. You will see a hangar here, and you have the choice of whether 
to stay as a ground force vehicle or change to an aircraft. Personally, I 
recommend the aircraft. Once you are in the Police Cruiser, continue going 
forward. You will come up against waves of mines and Droid Starfighters. 
Simply shoot down the Droid Starfighters to stop them attacking Borvo’s ship 
and then shoot the mines to continue onwards. Eventually, you will reach an 
area where you are warned of upcoming AATs. Shoot them both, and continue a 
little further and you will see an area that looks different to the others. 
One reason is because there is houses and other buildings there; another is 
because there are lots of Starfighters and AATs. Still, destroy them all 
and, after the cut scene, turn around and do the same again. After all Trade 
Federation forces are eliminated, you will have completed the mission.

Platinum Medal requirements:
Time to beat: 3:38
Kills: 38
Accuracy: 56%
Friendly saves: 15
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 6- Disruption of Comm 4
Objectives- Disable all Shield Generators.
                 - Knock out the Communications Satellite.
Recommended craft- I don’t think I even need to say this, but the N-1 is the 
craft to use!

As you start, you’ll see a huge contraption in front of you. This is the 
Communications Satellite, and although you have to destroy it, there’s no 
point trying now- it has shields. Instead, look on your radar. That familiar 
orange wedge should appear, so use it to find which way you should be 
flying. Just keep flying forward when you’re heading the right way. 
Eventually, you should either a) see a Satellite, or b) see the orange wedge 
suddenly swing behind you on your radar. This means you’ve passed the 
satellite, so wrench the joystick back and your ship should do a loop. Once 
you’ve come back down, you should be able to see it somewhere. Now, start 
shooting at it with your blasters. Use only two missiles on it. Once it’s 
destroyed, look at the radar. Again, an orange wedge will have come back to 
tell you where to fly. Fly that way and repeat what you did for the first 
satellite. A good tactic to defeat them is to fly away from the satellite 
for a while, then turn around sharply and start blasting it as you fly 
towards it. A very important thing- do not so much as scrape the satellites, 
as you’ll instantly die. Again, use only two missiles. Now the radar will 
show the last satellite- do what you did for the previous two. Remember- 
when you hear that strange ‘whoosh’ sound, that means that a mine is 
following you. A good idea is to turn around and put your thrusters on. 
Then, after a couple of seconds, spin around. You should see it in the 
distance flying towards you, so destroy it quick! After you’ve defeated the 
last satellite, go to where the radar tells you for the last time. The 
Communications Satellites’ shield is gone, so my advice is to fly at the top 
of it (ignore the missile turrets). Now, quickly shoot all the missiles you 
have left (3 should destroy it instantly) at the fat, bulbous part at the 
top of the Satellite. Done!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 4:50
Kills: 49
Accuracy: 84%
Friendly saves: 4
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 7- Glacial Grave
Objectives- Destroy all Trade Federation Bases.
                 - Steal a Trade Federation Gunboat.
Recommended craft- Again , the N-1 is best for its speed and power.

One of the most important things in this mission is to stay with your 
wingmen. Help them to take out the turrets on all of the platforms at the 
start. Then shoot the mines from afar. Follow the other pilots and you will 
come to an area heavily guarded with turrets. Destroy them all with your 
fellow pilots, then follow them when you hear Captain Kael say, “Good job.” 
You will need to shoot some Droid Starfighters on the way, but then you will 
arrive at another section with a platform defended by turrets, mines and 
Trade Federation Gunboats. Help get rid of them until you hear Captain Kael 
say, “Move on!” and “Back in formation!” Follow them and shoot the turrets 
that you meet in the next section. Then continue through the narrow 
passageway. You will come to a new area. Shoot out the turrets then swoop 
into the grey hangar (with the lights in front of it). Get the Trade 
Federation Gunboat and then turn left. Shoot down the large gateway and go 
forward. Next mission!
ADVANCED BOMBS: At the section defended by the turrets, mines and Gunboats, 
wait until Captain Kael says, “Move on!” Now, follow the other ships but, 
instead of taking the left fork that all the other ships take, go to the 
right. Shoot out the couple of turrets ahead of you and then head left 
around that corner. Quickly destroy the missile launcher on top of the tall 
building and then destroy all the other turrets. Finally, shoot the small 
house- inside is the upgrade.

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 6:03
Kills: 77
Accuracy: 89%
Friendly saves: 4
Bonuses: 1
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 8- The Andrever River
Objectives- Free all prisoners in detention camps.
Recommended craft- Any cheaters out there? Thought so. If you are in a 
cheating mood, use the  RHUBARB! cheat to get the Swamp Speeder. Otherwise, 
the Trade Federation Gunboat is your only choice. So much for making a 

Be warned: this is one of the harder missions of the first half of the game. 
Go forward along the river, shooting the mines as you go. A good idea is to 
brake and look in the distance every couple of seconds and shoot any mines 
in the distance you can see. Make sure you also shoot the turrets as you go 
along- you’ll be able to hear them firing before you see them if you go 
slowly. After the cut-scene, DO NOT destroy the Droid Starfighters that fly 
overhead. If you do, more Starfighters will come and start shooting at you. 
If you don’t shoot any of them, they won’t shoot you. Eventually, you’ll 
reach a new, large area. It’s probably best not to waste time shooting the 
turrets. Just go to the left and shoot the grey circular building on the 
bank. This is one of the power sources- there’s two of them. Once you’ve 
destroyed that one, head to the bank on the right and shoot the other. After 
the next cut-scene, race after the Trade Federation Gunboat you see and 
start shooting it. While you follow it, also look out for mines. Try 
desperately to destroy all the Gunboats you see, as if you let any make it 
to the camp, they’ll alert it. Still, you don’t have to shoot the Gunboats, 
so if one makes it, life will just be slightly tougher. You must speed 
around the area, shooting down all the air turrets (the turrets mounted on 
grey blocks). It is most likely that you will die if you don’t shoot the 
normal turrets too, so also try to take them out. Once you’ve shot down all 
the air turrets though, you’ve completed the mission.

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 5:18
Kills: 54
Accuracy: 83%
Friendly saves: 0
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 9- Sanctuary
Objectives- Protect and escort convoy to the ruins.
Recommended craft- The N-1 is again recommended but a great strategy is to 
take the Police Cruiser to destroy all threats and then  go back to get the 
N-1. It is a bit risky, though.

You will start this mission still as the Trade Federation Gunboat. Luckily, 
you won’t need it for too long. First, head forward and a bit to the right 
until you’re near the end- you should see a strange yellow and grey building 
on the shore. Fire two bombs at it and it will explode. Now quickly zoom 
around the lake, shooting all the AATs that are shooting at the boats you 
have to protect. You may even want to use your bombs. Once all the AATs that 
were shooting the boats are gone, you can go into the hangar on the left at 
the end of the lake. I advise that you choose the Naboo Starfighter. Now, 
shoot the AAT that’s in front of the hangar. Once it’s gone, just wait 
around until the houseboats come out. They will be in speeders, and you must 
protect them at all cost. As you go up the path, groups of (usually four) 
Droid Starfighters will come and start shooting at you and the Speeders. Try 
and shoot a few of them down as the pass by, but never follow them- you must 
stay with the Speeders because many more groups will come. When they do, 
also try to shoot them. Eventually, you’ll reach a section with six AATs. 
Take them out as quick as you can, and the best way to do it is to go behind 
them and shoot at them. Once they’re all destroyed, continue to escort and 
protect the Speeders up the path. Finally, you’ll reach an area with some 
strange looking statues etc. This is the ruins- shoot any remaining Droid 
Starfighters while the Speeders go in, and once you hear the sound signify 
they’ve made it, follow where they went to complete the mission.
RAPID FIRE BLASTERS: When you reach the end and are about to go to the 
ruins, turn to the right and you should find a path leading you through the 
mountains. Once through, you should see a volcano-like structure. This is 
Devil’s Tower (use the TALKTOME cheat for more information). Turn to the 
right and you should see a runway lined with lights. At the end of it is the 

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 6:12
Kills: 49
Accuracy: 62%
Friendly saves: 6
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 10- Search for Captain Kael
Objectives- Locate Commander’s downed Starfighter.
                 - Stop Federation attack on Mining Operation.
                 - Destroy Hutt’s Mining Operation.
                 - Destroy Droid Bombers and AATs before they reach crash 
Recommended craft- I would recommend the Flash Speeder if you want accuracy 
and speed, but if you are good at aiming and want a bit of extra power, give 
the Gian Speeder a whirl.

Hooray! Captain Kael’s gone! If it was me, I wouldn’t go looking for 
him…Anyway, from the start, follow the radar. Don’t stick directly to the 
path, as there are simply too many droids. Don’t go too quick though, or you 
might accidentally fall off the side of the cliff, which means instant 
death. Shoot the two AATs as you cross the bridge- you might want to use a 
missile or two here. Once you’re across the bridge, continue forward until 
you reach the area where the ground is a big brown patch. Ignore the turrets 
here, they’re not firing at you…yet! Oh, whoops. What a give-away. Destroy 
the three AATs first and do try to do it quickly. After the cut-scene, zoom 
around the area, firing at the turrets (that will now be firing at you). 
When your shield gets low, go in that strange blue-coloured dome in the 
middle- I have no idea what it is, but if you stay in there, it slowly 
replenishes your shield. Great! Keep an eye on your radar, as it will tell 
you when one of Borvo’s mining vehicles have come. There are three of them 
to destroy, and you cannot let them get away. You would almost have to let 
them get away though, as they are enormously slow. Once you have destroyed 
all three of them, look at the radar. One of your co-pilots has sighted 
Captain Kael. Follow the radar and get out of the mining pit. You will soon 
see some Droid Bombers and AATs. Shoot them ALL. Take the first left turn 
that comes up and head forward down there. Eventually, a ‘tear-jerking’ 
(note the sarcasm) cut-scene will come up, which is when you’ve completed 
the mission.

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 4:35
Kills: 26
Accuracy: 63%
Friendly saves: 0
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 11- Borvo the Hutt
Objectives- Locate and free prisoners.
                 - Defeat Borvo the Hutt and free his prisoners!
Recommended craft- Without a doubt, the N-1.

With the terrible news that Borvo has betrayed you and has killed Captain 
Kael, Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes is going on an explosive quest for revenge! 
Naturally, this is one of my favourite levels in the game. You start out in 
this circular area with ships going around you and turrets in front. Go for 
the turrets first- fly around the small section, taking out all the turrets 
on the tiny mounds. NOW we whomp those planes. Unfortunately, the other 
ships are actually quite good. They are more agile than the Naboo 
Starfighter you’re piloting and they are very good shots too. Still, even 
with the odds stacked against you, some good old-fashioned dog-fighting (not 
literally) will see you through. Once you’ve destroyed all the other ships, 
shoot through the mines and go forward. After the cut-scene, follow Kol 
Kotha. Unlike Borvo, he doesn’t betray you. Protect Kol on the way by 
shooting the turrets that start shooting at him. Eventually, he’ll lead you 
to where a gap is. You can see Borvo’s ship through there. If you’re 
skilled, you can actually take out 2 or 3 of the turrets before the 
cut-scene. After the cut-scene however, I suggest you go for the turrets 
first. Go in a circle around Borvo’s ship, shooting all the turrets you come 
up against as you go. Then, once you’ve destroyed all 8 of the turrets, take 
out the last 2 missile turrets on the central platform. Now we aim for 
Borvo’s ship. I’m not sure if it matters, but shooting at the side of 
Borvo’s ship is certainly the least dangerous way of destroying him, so use 
your last missiles on him. Then make runs from one side to the other, 
turning around and then shooting at Borvo as you fly towards him (like you 
did in the sixth mission for the Satellites). Eventually, half of his ship 
will break off- revenge has been had!
HOMING MISSILES: One of the best upgrades! At the part when you have to 
follow Kol, start flying to the left instead of following him. Keep looking 
at the islands your flying over- you should eventually fly over a smaller 
island that has for trees clustered together on one side. In the middle of 
the trees is the upgrade, but I suggest you shoot the trees first so you 
don’t crash into them!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 3:39
Kills: 42
Accuracy: 74%
Friendly saves: 4
Bonuses: 1
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 12- Liberation of Camp IV
Objectives- Find and free the prisoners from Camp IV.
                 - Protect the prisoners as they escape.
Recommended craft- Start with the N-1.You will then be forced to go to the 
Heavy STAP. Once you get to the 2nd hangar with the Speeders, wait until you 
are badly damaged before you get the Gian Speeder. Once you finished 
destroying all the shield generators and freeing all the prisoners , grab a 
Flash Speeder from that 2nd hanger and finish the mission.

This is the hardest mission in the game, as well as the longest. In fact, it 
was originally designed to be two missions! (You can see this from the brief 
pause in the middle of the mission). Anyway, onto the walkthrough. At the 
start, follow the other pilots- shoot down any turrets you see, then fly 
back out of the cove and turn right. Now continue forward and then turn 
right and follow the lake. Keep flying through the little passage and you 
will eventually come out into a large area. There will be a hangar in the 
distance, shoot the turrets on the hangar. Now help your friends destroy ALL 
the Droid Starfighters. You should have had a lot of practice as this from 
all the other missions. Once they’re all destroyed, a cut-scene will show 
you flying into the hangar.
The mission isn’t over yet! I warned you about that brief pause, didn’t I? 
You will have noticed that you are now in the dodgy and quite frail Heavy 
STAP. Still, you need to get into Camp IV. So, try and shoot the turrets out 
from a distance. Do not shoot those grey crafts next to you, because if you 
follow them, you can pass the laser gates. Once through, security will be 
alerted in the form of two droids on STAPs. Blow them both away and then go 
up the mountainside to your left. Don’t fall off the side, because you’ll 
die instantly if you do. Shoot the AAT as you go up. Now is where the whole 
‘saving people’ thing starts. Do you see the buildings enclosed by the grey 
walls? Don’t try and go through the laser gates, because you’ll lose health- 
and you can’t get through anyway. Instead, look to the right of the laser 
gate- you should see a shield generator. It’s a white, circular thing (which 
you might recognise from mission 8, The Andrever River) and you should blow 
it up immediately. This will de-activate the laser gates so you can go 
through. Once you’re in the small area, you should see a building that looks 
a little bit like a hangar, except with a red door. There are quite a few 
buildings that look like this in this mission because these buildings house 
the captured prisoners. Anyway, keep shooting at the door until it breaks. 
Now just leave- I wouldn’t bother looking after the civilians, as they 
always seemed to survive without my help, so don’t worry about them. Turn to 
the right and take out the turrets on both sides of the gate from a 
distance, then go through the gate way. See that hangar? Don’t go into it 
until your STAP is really damaged, because you might as well make use of the 
STAP you’ve got. Still, if your STAP is already about to crumple, drive into 
the hangar to get the awesome Gian Speeder. If you just came out of the 
hangar, turn right, if you haven’t gone into the hangar yet, turn left. 
Shoot the turrets at the end of the area, but you can’t exit this area yet 
because you need to de-activate the laser gate. You should see another area 
enclosed with a grey gate to your left. There’s no way in, though- or is 
there? Behind the gate at the back you should see something that looks like 
green boxes. Back away, then shoot at them. It turns out that they’re 
actually explosives, and it’ll break a hole through the fencing for you to 
get in. Shoot the droids first, then shoot the doors of the prisoners’ 
buildings again. Once they’ve all been broken through, look around and you 
should see a shield generator that looks like the first one you saw. Destroy 
it, then go back out of this enclosed area and go through the gate just 
opposite from where you just were. Head up the mountain- carefully, because 
if you fall off, it’s instant death- and you should reach the top, where 
there is two shield generators. Cripple them both and then go back down the 
mountain slowly. Now you can go through the gateway I first told you about 
(to your right). Now follow the radar- you will fall down a hill (but won’t 
die) into a new area filled with turrets and AATs. Shoot some of the AATs 
(you might want to use the Gian Speeder’s secondary laser, which can be 
charged up by holding left-C) and also shoot some of the turrets, try to do 
this from a distance. Finally, you should see another area enclosed by that 
familiar grey fence, but that doesn’t matter. Go to the back of it and start 
blasting away at the fence. You should destroy it before too long. Now 
quickly speed up this mountain and shoot the last shield generator (and 
turret). Go back down- once again, DON’T FALL OFF- and, when you’re at the 
bottom, follow the radar and go through the last gateway to finally escape 
Camp IV!
ADVANCED BLASTERS: When you’re on the last mountain and have just destroyed 
the last shield generator, don’t go back down yet. Continue up the mountain- 
a bit to the left, or you might fall off- and, once you’re up, you’ll see 
the bonus!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 4:44
Kills: 77
Accuracy: 75%
Friendly saves: 19
Bonuses: 1
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 13- The Queen’s Gambit
Objectives- Find and rescue Panaka.
                 - Find the Naboo airbase and take a Bomber.
                 - Stop the Federation Convoy.
Recommended craft- Start with the Flash Speeder , and when you get to the 
Airbase , take out an N-1. It is MUCH better (not to mention faster…) than 
the Bomber. Try taking out all the ATT's to complete the mission earlier (if 
you have all golds , do some damage with the N-1 and then go back to the 
Hangar and grab an Infiltrator).

Go straight forward and you’ll see a few houses being attacked by droids on 
bikes. Luckily, you’re in the mighty Gian Speeder, so race around blasting 
all the droids you see. Once they’re all gone, go to the right and you 
should see another house. Destroy the last three droids there. After the 
cut-scene, head forward, but don’t follow the AAT to the left, instead, keep 
going ahead. Cross the bridge and start charging up one of the Gian 
Speeder’s secondary lasers. Let it rip at one of the AAT’s you see here, and 
shoot the other one until it is destroyed too. Now go into the hangar just 
to the left of what the AAT’s were shooting at. You’ll now emerge in the 
Naboo Bomber. The first thing you’ll notice about the Naboo Bomber is that 
it couldn’t out-fly a dead snail. The second thing you’ll notice is that its 
blasters aren’t anything even approaching rapid-fire. Still, you’ll have to 
make do with it, because you aren’t getting anything else! So fly out and 
into the corner on the right-hand side, and then take the right path from 
here. Start shooting the mines in the air as you go. Eventually you will 
come up to some buildings with turrets. It’s not necessary to destroy the 
turrets, but try to shoot them as you go anyway because they don’t find it 
to hard to hit you with the speed you’re at. Once you’re past the buildings, 
you will see a huge column ahead. It’s definitely not part of the scenery, 
and you’ll discover this when you keep shooting at it, because it will break 
and then topple over. You need to do this to three columns which you’ll see 
as you fly along, because the columns partially obstruct the road, therefore 
slowing the Trade Federation convoy down. Once you’ve given the last column 
a pasting, keep flying forward and you’ll see a bridge. Just wait around 
here until the Trade Federation arrives. Once they arrive, a craft will come 
from the opposite side of the bridge and it will carry a red box after it. 
It then stops, and puts the red box in the middle of the bridge. You have to 
be fairly quick here, so quickly press left-C and an aimer will appear on 
the ground. Keep flying until the target is approximately over that red box, 
then press left-C again. Your Bomber will- appropriately enough- launch a 
bomb. The cut-scene now starts, to show the red box explode and the bridge 
collapse. Hooray!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 4:06
Kills: 55
Accuracy: 56%
Friendly saves: 11
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 14- Panaka’s Diversion
Objectives- Help Panaka create a diversion at the hangar.
                 - Rescue Group 2 from the ambush.
                 - Rendezvous with and protect the commandos.
Recommended craft- Use the beloved Gian Speeder on this one. It has great 
armor and excellent weapons.

Okay, this is another great level! It’s in the same sort of style as mission 
1, except larger and harder. Oh, and you also get to utilise the might of 
the Gian Speeder. Top stuff! Anyway, blast away the three droids in front of 
you as you start, then go to the left and shoot the other two droids. Turn 
left at the end and turn right around the following corner. Blast all the 
droids on the left, then stop and charge up a secondary laser. Now go into 
the middle and fire it at the AAT in front of you. Go forward and blast the 
AAT on the left that is facing away from you, then go slightly right and 
continue forward. Now you can maul the AAT on the opposite side of the lake 
if you want, then turn left and speed to the next wall where you’ll be 
covered from the enemy fire. After the cut-scene, protect your friend (also 
in a Gian Speeder) while he shoots through the metal bars crossing the 
streets by shooting the droids. Every time he breaks through a bar, follow 
him through to the next one. You’ll soon come to a part where you must go 
over a flight of stairs. Shoot the AAT right next to you and the droid 
there. Now follow your friend across the bridge, although I advise the more 
health-conscious of you to destroy the AATs to your left and right so they 
don’t shoot you. Once across, you’ll be led to a new area- it’s time to save 
your friends that were in trouble in the cut-scene! Destroy the AATs and 
Destroyer Droids to the right, and then shoot the two remaining Destroyer 
Droids to your left. Now hang back while your friends go forward- two AATs 
will come, and if you were following the other Speeders, you would have got 
pumped full of lead (or should I say lasers?). Once you see the AAT’s turn 
around with their back to you, speed forward and put them both out of their 
misery. Then go to the left and turn left again. You’ll see a new area with 
Destroyer Droids and AATs. Shoot the two Destroyer Droids that are near you 
when you start, then shoot the AAT in the corner to your right. Now go to 
the other end and shoot the other two Destroyer Droids and the AAT. A good 
idea here is to go up on the ramp to your right so you can shoot the 
Destroyer Droids and the AAT from a vantage point. Anyway, once they’re all 
destroyed, move forward through the next archway. Turn right and shoot the 
droids to your right, and then turn right again. You will be in an area with 
lots of droids. Shoot them all, starting with the ones on the floor and at 
the large metal door and all the ones on the higher areas. Once they’ve all 
been shot, wait. A large green ship will come as well as the other Speeders. 
Some commandos will come out of it and they will run up to the grey door. 
They will then set explosives on it. When you see them start to run away, 
the door should blow open a few seconds later. Now zoom through the 
blown-open doorway and down the stairs until you reach an archway. You 
should see a strange-looking object to the right of the archway- this is 
Captain Panaka, but don’t shoot him, because you’ll fail the mission. 
Instead, go through the archway and shoot all the AATs. Once they are all 
destroyed, you’ll have completed the mission!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 3:41
Kills: 96
Accuracy: 67%
Friendly saves: 5
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Mission 15- Battle for Naboo
Objectives- Decimate the Droid Fighter Fleet.
                 - Destroy the Control Ship’s tractor beam generators.
                 - Target the ship’s defensive shield generator.
                 - Destroy the Control Ship.
Recommended craft- Definitely the Naboo Starfighter.

Truth is, some people find this level extremely difficult. Others find it so 
easy that they can complete it blindfolded with their hands tied behind 
their back and with the television turned off, reacting only to the sounds 
of laser fire- just like me. Err, maybe. Anyway, you’ll have to be very good 
at dog-fighting for the first part of this level. You are warned as you fly 
ahead that there is some Droid Starfighters coming. How many Droid 
Starfighters might that be, I wonder? Let me just say that, if you don’t 
swoop down as soon as you see the squadron of Droid Starfighters 
approaching, you will have about fifty thousand lasers pumped into you in 
the space of three seconds. If you didn’t lose your cool and you swerved 
down, then you should have avoided most- if not all- of the enemies’ fire. 
Great! But that’s only the beginning. Now you have to swerve around and 
start destroying them. There really isn’t many hints I can give you here, 
although one piece of advice is that you should look around until you find a 
Starfighter on its lonesome, and then concentrate on taking it out. Keep 
looking on your radar to find more Droid Starfighters, but when you’ve shot 
enough of them, a cut-scene will start. Okay, the cut-scene shows you that 
there is a tractor beam covering the front of the huge Control Ship. If you 
didn’t see your friend take it out in the cut-scene, what you’ve got to do 
is shoot the areas with the red lights around them in front of you. There 
are three of them, as one of your pals (as I just said) took one out in the 
cut-scene. Fly toward each area, shooting it with you laser. Once it 
explodes, turn around and fly away from the Control Ship, then turn around 
and begin firing at the next lighted point. Once you’ve shot all three, you 
can fly through. But what now? Well, swerve up and a bit to the right until 
you are flying over the Control Ship’s right wall. Once you fly closer to 
the back, you’ll see three gun turrets there. Try to approach them from the 
side, and even try blasting them from far-away. A good idea might be to use 
a missile or two on them. Once all three are destroyed, the easy part 
begins. See the section if front of the huge satellite at the back of the 
Control Ship? You should see a grey block which has- suspiciously enough- 
the same sort of lights that the tractor beam points you were shooting at 
before had! Begin blasting it, and use ALL your remaining missiles on it. 
This is the ship’s defensive shield generator! You’ll know if you’re 
shooting at the right thing because, if you are, ‘green spots’ should appear 
on the block wherever you shoot it. Use the same tactic as before, when you 
get close to it, turn right around, fly away from it for a bit, then turn 
around and fly towards it, shooting as you go. When you’ve finally shot it 
enough, it’ll explode- and you’ll have finished Star Wars Episode 1: Battle 
for Naboo!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 3:51
Kills: 41
Accuracy: 78%
Friendly saves: 3
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Or have you finished? (Course you haven’t! Read on!)

Bonus mission #1. Obtained by earning bronze medal or above on all previous 
Mission 16- Trade Federation Secrets
Objectives- Protect the base from attack.
                 - Protect the escaping transport.
Recommended craft- Some people don’t realise that there is a hanger on a 
small island to the left of where you start. You can make use of it by 
grabbing a Police Cruiser and when you are out of missiles or you are almost 
dead, get the N-1.

Your objective for the main part of this mission is to protect the base from 
hordes of Trade Federation forces. As you start, you’ll hear that there is 
Droid Starfighters dead ahead. It’s true- it won’t be long before you’re set 
upon by several of them. Shoot them all down turn back until you’re facing 
the same way that you were at the start. Now you’ll see lots of droids on 
bikes coming- these are actually much more difficult to take out than the 
Starfighters. My advice is to fly very low to the ground, as it’s easier to 
destroy them from there. There are turrets on the base, but DO NOT destroy 
them- they’re on your side, and are actually quite helpful. Before long, 
you’ll see six AATs in the distance slowly approaching. First, fly past 
behind them and you should see a big yellow craft. Destroy it, then spin 
quickly back round. It’s time to teach those AATs the what-for, so attack 
them from behind. Continue in this vein, destroying all the Trade Federation 
forces until a huge red craft appears. Leave it alone, it’s on your side. It 
should stop and hover over the base- a couple of seconds later, it will take 
off. Now is when you can leave the base. You need to follow the red ship, 
shooting all the Droid Starfighters that are attacking it. Use your homing 
missiles here, if you’ve got them. Eventually, the craft will make its way 
out into the sea- as soon as it flies up into the clouds, you’ve completed 
this mission!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 5:27
Kills: 68
Accuracy: 50%
Friendly saves: 5
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

Bonus mission #2. Obtained by earning silver medal or above on all previous 
Mission 17- Coruscant Encounter
Objectives- Destroy Darth Maul’s ship.
                 - Protect civilian targets.
Recommended craft- All together now: “Get the N-1!”

I actually really like this mission. When I first played it, I was in awe of 
the amazing level design- Coruscant really was like I had always imagined 
it. Another reason I really like this mission is because it is home to the 
BEST UPGRADE IN THE GAME! (But more on that later.) As soon as you start, 
you’ll see Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator in front of you. You almost NEED 
homing-missiles for this mission. If you don’t have them, just start aiming 
at him and begin trying to blast him, if you do, then hit left-c and wait 
for the lock-on. Keep following him- be warned, he is very agile. Still, 
when you lose him (and it’s not hard to do) simply look on the radar. Search 
around again until you find him. Stick with it, keep shooting him/locking-on 
(if you can) and you’ll prevail!
CLUSTER SEEKING MISSILES: Amazing! You won’t find a better upgrade in this 
mission anywhere, and it’s not hard to see why. To get it, turn around 180 
degrees at the start and go a bit down into a tunnel. Go forward a bit 
through the tunnel then turn around. You should see the upgrade hovering 
innocently in a small cave, a little to the right. The reason this upgrade 
is so good is because when you fire one missile, it splits up into SEVEN 
(you read right), and each missile locks on to an individual target. If 
there is more than one target, that is. Believe me, it’s jaw-dropping stuff.

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 0:23
Kills: 1
Accuracy: 68%
Friendly saves: 30
Bonuses: 1
Lives remaining: 3

Bonus mission #3. Obtained by earning gold medal on every previous mission.
Mission 18- The Dark Side
Objectives- Protect Trade Federation Forces.
                 - Destroy all Naboo Forces.
Recommended craft- Sith Infiltrator!

This mission is one of the most amazingly good ideas I have seen in a 
videogame, EVER. And believe me, that’s a lot of games. The reason for this 
is- as you’ll be able to see from the ‘objectives’ section above- you are on 
the Dark Side of the force. All Darth Maul fans rejoice, as you’ll be able 
to play as the red-faced meanie himself! In his Sith Infiltrator, that is. 
Get ready for an absolutely mind –blowingly fun mission. Straight off, 
you’ll see the normally dreaded (they’re on your side, remember?) AATs being 
blown away by some savage Gian Speeders. Blast the Speeders and you’ll see 
that there’s a few more coming from in front of you, so aim well and take 
em’ down. Accuracy is essential for this mission. Now follow the radar and 
you’ll see some Gunboats and Droid Starfighters being ‘cruelly’ attacked by 
some Naboo Starfighters and Police Cruisers. Get rid of the Naboo planes and 
then take out all the enormously weak Gungan Transports. Now go to the big 
island in the middle- there are four Gungans there. Simply pretend they’re 
all Jar-Jar and you should have the ‘heart’ to put them out of their misery. 
Soon, a bunch of Naboo Starfighters will start flying in. Begin 
dog-fighting, but don’t worry, they’re not too difficult. Once they’re all 
gone, this brilliant misison will have come to end, and you’ll have finished 
Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo!

Platinum Medal Requirements:
Time to beat: 7:15
Kills: 40
Accuracy: 25%
Friendly saves: 13
Bonuses: 0
Lives remaining: 3

There are many cheats in Battle for Naboo, ranging from the run-of-the-mill 
to the weird and wonderful. Still, I advise you try them all (but wait till’ 
you’ve finished the game before you use some of them).

DROIDEKA- Gives you Advanced Shields.

TALKTOME- One of the best codes I’ve seen in a game, ever. This code allows 
you to hear the developers of this game talk about how the made the 
particular level you’re on. Listen carefully- they make a lot of great 

WAKEUP- You can now access the ‘Concert Hall’ in the Option menu. You can 
listen to all the different songs in the game! Great.

NASTYMDE- Makes the game harder. I can still beat it with a strait-jacket 
on, mind.

PATHETIC- Gives you infinite lives, but a warning- this cheat won’t work for 
medals. It still remembers if you’ve died before.

OVERLOAD- All the stats for your craft will be maximised. Better firepower, 
faster, etc.

EWERDEAD- One hit kills, but it affects you AND your opponents, so be 
careful. It’s practically impossible to beat the 15th level without losing a 
life with this cheat on, but if anyone manages, let me know (via email- look 
before the prologue).

RUAGIRL?- Entering this code will turn a part of the craft you are using 
pink. Strange….

LOVEHUTT- View a photo of the team that made this game.

DRJEKYLL- Play a mission with water in it and you will notice that the water 
surface is very rough. Interesting…

LEC&FIVE- This cheat allows you to access all levels up to and including the 
first bonus mission (Trade Federation Secrets). CHEATER!

KOOLSTUF- You can view some fantastic art by the team who made this game in 
the Options menu. Wow.

RHUBARB!- A new cheat here, thanks to Phantasmagoria! (See ‘Contribute’ 
section). This cheat unlocks the Swamp Speeder, a craft sails on water, like 
the Trade Federation Gunboat (although better, in my opinion!)

Huge thanks to my new e-mailer, JaydeWizard and, of course, Phantasmagoria!

BYENABOO- Unlocks bonus mission 1.

BADTEMPR- All of you who haven’t made it to the very last bonus mission (and 
arguably the most enjoyable mission in the game) are going to love this one: 
it unlocks the very last bonus mission, The Dark Side!

WAKAWAH!- Unlocks all crafts. Yep.

LCK&LOAD- Gives you double the amount of ammo of your craft’s secondary 

CANTMISS- Activates the homing missiles upgrade!

&OVRKILL- Activates the homing cluster missiles upgrade. Have fun with this 

?NUNAPWR- Activates the advanced missiles upgrade!

BOOM!?- Activates the advanced bombs upgrade.

TOOWEAK?-Unlocks all the normal levels.

&&A!AT- Enables you to play as an AAT on some missions. Great!

SIENAR&!- Allows you to use the Sith Infiltrator!

EOCOAROS- Turns the Gian Speeder into a 1969 Buick Convertible. Looks like 
those boys at Factor 5 are having a bit of fun. Now that I thinks of it, 
this cheat’s a bit like the one that was in Rogue Squadron (which allowed 
you to pilot a flying car)!

6. FAQ

Q. I’ve heard that you can achieve something called ‘Platinum’ in missions. 
Is this true?
A. Yes, it’s true enough. The Platinum medal is the medal after Gold. You 
can claim a Platinum medal on every mission, but be warned- they’re very, 
very hard to get. Also, I recently acclaimed some information from a Jedi 
Knight known as Phantasmagoria, who has told me that earning Platinum medal 
on EVERY mission will unlock a secret craft for you to use- the AAT! Cool.

Q. I’ve heard tell of some cheats that allow you to get the Sith Infiltrator 
and more. Tell me the cheats!
A. I’ve lately found out that you CAN unlock the Sith Infiltrator. See the 
‘Cheats’ section. It’s also true you can unlock some other crafts that you 
can’t get otherwise. Just go to the cheats section, do you hear?

Q. You fool! You told me before that there wasn’t a cheat for the Sith 
A. You want to start a fight, huh?

Q. Alright, alright! Keep your hair on. Can you tell me if Battle for Naboo 
is made by the same people who made Rogue Squadron?
A. It says so on the back of the box.

Q. Oh. So it does.
A. Yes.

Q. Is this better than that recent Star Wars game on PS2?
A. Absolutely. For the PS2 game, you have to use two joysticks and press a 
button to shoot- all at the same time! Hardly ideal- unless you have three 

Q. Is Factor 5 making another Star Wars game for Nintendo?
A. Not for the Nintendo 64, but they are making one for the GameCube. It’s 
going to be wondrous, that much is certain.

Q. Oh, and I have to bring it up again- you’re a loser! You didn’t know that 
Sith Infiltrator cheat!
A. YOU’RE GOING TO DIE! (Distant sound of machine gun bullets and police 

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading and utilising my first 
walkthrough/FAQ as much as I have enjoyed making it for you. I am looking 
forward to hearing your comments- please make them good ones- through email. 
Bye everyone- for now!

This game FAQ was made by N64_Gamer, and cannot be copied to another site or 
sold without my permission. Should you want to use my spectacular 
walkthrough or FAQ on your site, simply contact me at n64lord@hotmail.com

The web sites that currently have permission to display this walkthrough/FAQ 
I used the Australian N64 Gamer magazine which supplied me with the cheats. 
Thanks to Phantasmagoria, who supplied me with the new ‘RHUBARB!’ cheat, the 
Platinum/AAT info and helped me with the ‘Recommended craft’ section. Top 
Also, a HUGE thanks to JaydeWizard and Phantasmagoria for sending in all of 
the new cheats that are in the cheats section. Good work! JaydeWizard has 
ALSO sent me all the Platinum Medal Requirements for each mission!
Lastly, another thanks to all the people who email me with corrections, 
queries and congratulations on the walkthrough/FAQ. Keep sending them in, as 
you can be sure I will continue reading them all with an idiotic grin on my