Gohan 28's Guide to

                           Lords of Magic

1. Introduction
2. How to Play
3. Lord Types
4. The Faiths
5. Pros and Cons
6. My Strategy
7. Copyright Info
8. Contacts

Lords of Magic is a really unique game. It has elements of an RPG and a 
turn based ruler game. Think of a combination between Final Fantasy and 
Lords of the Realm 2. Turn based conquering with real-time combat, 
every battle getting your units experience to gain levels. You can 
research spells at libraries and use them in battle. Thieves have the 
ability to steal from and subdue enemies. You can form alliances and 
crush them in a heartbeat. You worship different faiths, which is what 
determines the course you'll take, all the way to the point of 
destroying Balkoth, Lord of Death. Now, onto the guide to help you get 

                             How to Play

First off, you should know this game is a turn based system. Those 
familiar with Lords of the Realm should have no problem with this. But 
those who are new to it, here's how it works:
Each unit has a different amount of movement. Some, like the seagulls, 
have great movement, while basically any followers of Earth have 
terrible. The bigger the group, chances are the slower you'll be, 
unless they all have great movement. Eventually you won't be able to 
move any more. In order for them to move again, you'll have to click 
the thing in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. After every 
Faith is done moving, you can again.
Every unit has their strengths and weaknesses in battle. Warriors are 
amazing at close up combat, while thieves should stick to ranged 
attacks and subduing champions (warriors, thieves, mages) and mages 
should stay at the back firing spells at the enemy. Then there are the 
non-champion units, the cavalry, infantry, both come in groups of 3. 
They're position is at the frontline with warriors. There are item 
throwers, who stay back with mages fling stuff (rocks, sticks, axes, 
etc.) at the enemy. All units can only reach a certain level: Lords: 12  
Champions: 10  Anything Else: 5. The one exception is the order 
cavalry, knights, who, at the Cathedral of knighthood, can become level 
6. There are a few other units too:
Elementals: Only available to the Air, Earth, Fire, and Water Faiths. 
They're powerful, but don't gain levels.
Creatures: Every faith has a creature, much like an Elemental but 
Scouts: These lil' guys have no combat talent in the slightest bit. 
They're used to explore the land of Urak.
Ships: These can be used to scout the waters of Urak or transport your 
units over the waters.
Legendary Creatures: Once you have your Mage tower to Level 3, you can 
summon legendary creatures from your Great Temple. Each faith has two, 
one stronger then the other. The stronger one requires the special 
building of the Great Temple to summon. Each, with the exception of 
Water's Giant Spiders, can be called just once. They're all INCREDIBLY 
strong. I defeated Balkoth with just the Ice Drake! All start and stay 
at level 15.
Special Buildings:
Each of these require that the Great Temple be yours and that a certain 
building be at a certain level. Each has it's own special trait.

Air: Shrine of Teleportation. You move 20 steps for the cost of 4 with 

Earth: Holy Gateway. You can warp to any Great Temple the you own.

Water: Holy Spring. Once per turn, a group may come here and refill all 
HP, Movement, and Mana (used for magic).

Fire: Great Forge of Eternal Flame. Any fire champion who comes here 
becomes more powerful. Warriors get stronger weapons and mages get more 

Order: Cathedral of Knighthood. Any Paladin who comes here gains a 
level. Knights can reach level 6 here.

Chaos: Barbarian Arena. Once per game, any Chaos units can trade 20 HP 
for 400 EXP.

Life: Shrine of Vitality. Anyone who worships Life may rest here and 
gain back all HP.

Death: Altar of Sacrifice. A mage may execute a prisoner here and 
receive 1000 EXP., all HP, ad extra Mana equal to the unit's level. 
Every seven days, 2 mana will be taken away until the mage is back to 

Great Temples:
The Great Temples are the center of worship for the faith. Balkoth has 
infected each one with vile scum. If you liberate the Great Temple of 
your faith, followers will build you a stronghold in the capital.

After getting a Stronghold, followers will come there to be appointed 
to do jobs. Sticking them places will get you resources. Placing them 
in the market gets gold, magistrate fame, temple crystals, and in the 
tavern you'll get ale. You can get more resources by conquering 
buildings (gold mines, crystal mines, breweries, and statues).

What faith you choose determines your course throughout the game. More 
in Pros and Cons.

The Lord of Death, and the big bad guy in the game. He makes sure 
everytime you play, the Faiths Death and whoever is your big enemy 
(opposite faith. Fire-Water, Air-Earth, Chaos-Order, Life-Death) are 
well established and even have legendary creatures.

I've already covered more then enough, because everything above is in 
the manual. This was just covering the important stuff. I would cover 
more, but reading the manual and typing anything I find important in 
the manual is boring me out of my wits!

                              Lord Types

When you choose you lord, your really choosing where your talents will 

Warrior: Unless your playing as air, I suggest this. Your talents lie 
on the battle field with superior attack power.

Mages: I suggest not to pick this one, as you never know any good 
spells to start with, so your gonna be sitting in a library for a while 
before you can go to the battle field. I always hire two mages, the 
stronger one for battling with and the other to research spells.

Thief: Only choose this if planning on being air. Thieves have good 
ranged attack and movement, plus some extra skills, but the skills are 
all that are of interest here. Air Thieves use these skills the best. 
Thieves can subdue enemy champions and get info out of them, then kill 
'em for the hack of it. They can also steal stuff.

                             The Faiths

What faith you choose is probably the most important choice you'll 
make. Here's some info on each:

The Elemental Faiths:

Air: Known for the Storm Giant Mages, who control the weather of Urak. 
Many of the units in this faith fly, increasing movement.
Legendary Creatures: Thunder Drake, Ice Drake
Great Temple: East of Capital

Earth: The strong and stubborn dwarf people worship Earth. The units 
are all very slow moving.
Legendary Creatures: Rock Giant, Great Worm
Great Temple: West of Capital

Water: This faith is made up completely of Amazons and their pets. They 
have the best boats around and have the power to turn water into land.
Legendary Creatures: Serpent, Giant Arachnids
Great Temple: South of Capital

Fire: These guys have the strongest warriors, but could use some help 
with Defense. The Mages have have O.K. Mana but some GREAT spells.
Legendary Creatures: Dragon, Fafnir
Great Temple: East of Capital

The Arcane Faiths

Life: The elv people of Urak all worship Life. These guys have always 
confused me. Though they worship Life, they're quite deadly on the 
battle field.
Legendary Creatures: Pegasus, Phoenix
Great Temple: North-West of Capital

Death: The followers of Death live in the dark corners of Urak and are 
like a plague, killing anything they come in contact with. Long ago 
Death was banished, and now has come back for revenge.
Legendary Creatures: Vampire, Lich
Great Temple: East of Capital

Order: The Order followers believe everything in the universe has it's 
place, and that everything is part of one large plan. Order warriors 
are renowned for they're offensive and defensive balance.
Legendary Creatures: Warrior Spirit, Sir Lancelot of the Lake
Great Temple: North-West of Capital

Chaos: These barbarians have no rule what-so-ever. They go around, 
plundering villages and capitals as they please.
Legendary Creatures: Cyclops, Hydra
Great Temple: North-West of Capital

                               Pros and Cons

Each Faith has it's strong and weak points. And here they are!

The Elemental Faiths:

Pros: Best Legendary Creature. Craftiest Thieves around. Great spells, 
and many flying units. Great movement.
Cons: Weak Cavalry and Infantry

Pros: Great Legendary Creature. Best Warriors around. Incredibly useful 
Special Building.
Cons: Worst movement in game. Enemy Faith is Air, so they get the Ice 
Drake right away.

Pros: Can summon Legendary Creature more then once. Best Ships. Can 
change Water into Land. Great Special Building. Has water units that 
outclass any boat.
Cons: Terrible Legendary Creature

Pros: Second best Legendary Creature. Warriors have Highest Attack in 
game. Great Spells.
Cons: Warriors have lowest Defense. Mages have low Mana. Worst Thieves. 
Worst Ships (bet you saw that coming).

The Arcane Faiths

Pros: Can resurrect the fallen. Live in center of the Good Faith's 
(Water, Life, Air, Order) area. Only Death is strong, as it's the enemy 
faith. Great Ranged Attack.
*Note* In my book, this is the best faith.
Cons: Pretty bad Legendary Creature. Most have bad attack.
Cons: Um... Not much here. Not great legendary creatures.

Sorry, but I'm not gonna tell you anymore about Death then I have. 
Don't wanna ruin the big part of the game or give away the surprises 
when you're able to play as it.

Pros: Units have a great balance between Attack and Defense. Special 
Building gives free level. Can get Level 6 Cavalry. Can summon a Spirit 
Warrior for a battle for free.
Cons: Lives right in the middle of where Marauding Parties tend to hang 
out, meaning you'll be fighting them off all the time. No time to 
conquer enemies. Also, pretty lousy Legendary Creatures.

Pros: Great Legendary CreatureS (yes, both are great). Great Offense. 
Warriors require only Ale.
Cons: Terrible Defense. Pathetic spells.

                              My Strategy

O.K., it took me quite a long time to beat this game, experimenting 
with Lords and stuff. I started pretty well, but then I always 
plummeted down. Then I found this strategy, and beat the game in about 
4 hours! Oh, and remember this simple rule: Save Often.

O.K., first choose to be a Life Warrior. Now, in the custom area (click 
custom when you choose warrior), choose to have an Elven Thief and Mage 
with you. Bring them both up to Level 2. Now buy the spell Spirit 
Arrow. Spend whatever you have left on Gold and Crystals. If you have 
points left, but not enough for more resources, add some EXP. To your 
lord. Once you spend it all, begin. First, head North-West and liberate 
that tree, which is your great temple. A strong Thief and Mage will 
join you. Now, send the Mage you started with to the Library (probably 
won't make it this turn. Finish trip the next turn) and disband your 
thief. Now combine your two new guys with your lord and enter the great 
temple. Right click and then interact with the capital. Remove any 
followers who are working in the Magistrate and place all of your 
followers in the Market and Temple. Next turn, put your Mage in the 
library and get her studying whatever you want. Bring your lord to the 
capital and heal him in the temple. Now go conquer the level 1 places 
near the capital (the closest ones). Start heading north with your 
lord. You'll eventually find the Water Great Temple. Liberate it, and 
you'll get more resources, units, another capital, and another lord! At 
the capital, place any followers in the Tavern, Temple, and Market. 
Place your Amazon lord and any other water units (excluding seagulls, 
the scouts) in the capital to guard it. You should now send your scouts 
around to see the land. Start heading south again, healing at the Life 
capital, and head South until you find the Order capital. Head North-
West and liberate this Great Temple. Place your new lord and troops in 
the capital. Place followers in the Tavern, Temple, and Market again. 
Every time you get followers anywhere, put 'em in these places. Now 
head North back to your capital and heal. Go North-West and you'll 
start seeing snow. Find and liberate the Air Great Temple. Now, if 
there are any Storm Giant Mages around, which there should be, and he 
should be a high level (mine was level 6), get rid of your Mage and add 
him. Join your original Mage with the Lord of Air and place them in the 
capital. Send your lord back to the Life capital and guard it. Now the 
resources should be pouring in at about 50 Ale, Gold, and Crystals per 
turn. If not, conquer some nearby mines and stuff. Now, here's what you 
should do, in this order:
Upgrade Atmos (the Air capital) to Level 3
Upgrade the Air Mage Tower to Level 2
Build a Shrine of Teleportation
Upgrade the Air Mage Tower to Level 3
Summon the Ice Drake
This may take awhile, saving up for the resources to do this, but it's 
worth it. This is the strongest thing in the game! Every part of it 
(movement, attack, defense, ranged attack, and HP) gets the Legendary 
ranking! It has an awesome attack called Cast the Breath, where it will 
breath a wide ranged attack that's mega powerful and will take down 
almost anything it hits! With this in your arsenal, nothing can stop 
you! Make the thing fly North and conquer Chaos, taking out their lord, 
conquering the capital, and liberating the Great Temple. Heal the 
Drake, if need be. It doesn't matter what happens now, just keep the 
Drake and a lord alive. Now keep flying north and conquer Earth, if you 
want summoning a Great Worm, a useful fighter who's almost as good as 
the Drake (has no ranged attack and mediocre movement). Now fly to I 
believe the West and conquer Fire. You should, but don't have to (I 
didn't) summon Fafnir, as he's the second best Legendary Creature. Now 
it's time to look for Balkoth. Keep Fafnir and the Ice Drake as close 
to each other as possible (you can't join them). When you do find him, 
and note that even though you don't see Balkoth on the who you're 
facing area, he's there, as he's really a Necromancer, send in the Ice 
Drake to take care of what he can with the "Cast the Breath" attack and 
nail Balkoth a few times, as I think me beating him with just my Ice 
Drake was a fluke (I was breathing ice on Balkoth and he seemed to be 
throwing his scythe, but at my angle he kept missing). Now send in 
Fafnir to finish the job with his ranged attack if the Ice Drake lost. 
When he starts to get weak, Balkoth should try and run. If he does and 
escapes, save, attack again, and Auto-Calc. It's not as fun as killing 
him yourself, but if he keeps escaping, you'll never kill him! Balkoth 
himself is strong, but he made one fatal error: he had weak party 
members with him! They were all about level 2! Congrats, you've now 
beaten Lords of Magic!

                             Copyright Info

Copyright 2000 Gohan 28
Lords of Magic is a Trademark of Impressions and Sierra Studios
Any unauthorized distribution, posting on another website, etc. is 
strictly prohibited.
All Rights Reserved


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