Kellogg's Edition Differences

                                Version 1.1.2

                            By Tempest of Shadows

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS                           [A]

[A] Table of Contents
[B] Introduction
    [Ba] Using this Document
    [Bb] What is the Kellogg's Edition?
    [Bc] What is the purpose of this document?
[C] Game Differences
    [Ca] Billboards
    [Cb] Costumes
    [Cc] Ghost Rider and Black Cat
    [Cd] Comic Locations
[D] Movie Extras
[E] System Requirements
[F] Legal Jazz
[G] Updates
[H] Contact Info

                                 INTRODUCTION                              [B]

----Using this Document                                                   [Ba]

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----What is the Kellogg's Edition of Spider-Man?                          [Bb]
In April 2002, specially marked boxes of Kellogg's cereals had offers for 
various Spider-Man merchandise related to the Spider-Man movie released the
following month.  One piece of this merchandise was a "Free CD-ROM," offered
free in exchange for some UPCs and milk receipts.  Included on this CD are
promotional materials for the Spider-Man movie, the PlayStation 2 game based
on the movie, and a new version of the Spider-Man game originally released on
the PlayStation (PSOne) by Neversoft and Activision.  That same Spider-Man
game was also released on the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and Windows platforms.
The game on the CD is a new version of the Windows game, and in turn is also
based on the Dreamcast version.

I call this CD, specifically the new version of the Spider-Man game on the CD, 
the "Kellogg's Edition" of Spider-Man.

----What is the purpose of this document?                                 [Bc]
The purpose is to list the differences between the Kellogg's Edition of 
Spider-Man and the other versions.  I have only played the original
PlayStation game, so most of my comments on the differences will be related to
that version.  Since all the non-Kellogg's versions of the game are, as far as
I know, fairly similar, this should also hopefully hit any differences between
the Kellogg's Edition and all other versions of the game.

                               GAME DIFFERENCES                            [C]

There are several differences between the Kellogg's Edition of Spider-Man and
previous versions.  The first one that will be noticed is the title screen.
It's been replaced with a title screen based on the Spider-Man movie, showing
Spidey sticking to the side of a skyscraper.  The remixed version of the
classic Spider-Man cartoon theme is still present.  When the music runs it's
course, the game does not switch to a demo as on the PlayStation.

The second difference noticed will be Spider-Man's costume; see the Costumes
part of this section for details on that.  The third difference is that half
of the in-game menu is not available.  The Training, High Scores, Special, and 
Gallery options are grayed out, and clicking on them displays a message saying
that option is "disabled in the demo."  New Game, Options, and Quit are
available.  The Continue option is also grayed out, but only until you load a
saved game or quit during a level.  As a result of all this, you cannot access
the character viewer, comic collection, cheats, costumes, or any of that good

Another difference is that this is, as you might have guessed by now, just a 
demo of the full Windows game.  This is what really stinks in my opinion; you
get a nice looking new costume, but you can't go very far with it.

Since this is only a demo, you don't get to play all the levels of the full
game.  There are 12 levels, with the last being the Rhino boss fight.  After
that level, you get a splash screen advertising the Spider-Man: the Movie game
for PlayStation 2.

Next, when you start a New Game, the game goes straight to the opening pan of
the first level. The beginning FMV of Doc Ock's machine being stolen is 
removed. Also, Stan Lee's voice over during the aforementioned opening pan has
been removed.

Finally, the comic book covers that appeared before some levels don't show up 
in the game.

----Billboards                                                            [Ca]
The various billboards shown throughout the game have been changed from their
original content, with two exceptions.  The exceptions are the Captain America
and Fantastic[a n t i t h e f t - t h o u l a t v g w s d o t c o m]Four 
billboards on the Missile Attack level.  The Wolverine and Hulk billboards on 
that level are replaced with publicity shots of Spidey for the Spider-Man 

All the other billboards are replaced with one of the following:
- "got milk?" boards: There are several variations, all are black, white, and
    at least use the "got milk?" catchphrase.
- Kellogg's boards: There are two, total: one for Pop Tarts on the last board
    before the Daily Bugle in the Race to the Bugle level, and one for Eggos
    in the Police Evaded level.
- Spider-Man movie boards: Three variations; one has the movie logo next to
    Spidey's eye, another has the movie logo laid over a red spider symbol,
    and a third has the movie logo overlaid on a web pattern.

The voice-overs associated with the old billboards (Tony Hawk, Carnage, the
Lizard, etc.) appear to be gone.  The trick of backtracking to the start of
the Building Top Chase level still reveals a cheat code ("EGOTRIP").

----Costumes                                                              [Cb]
There are only two costume options in this game.  Since you can't access the
costumes gallery in the Special menu, you're stuck with them.  The first is
Spidey's basic red and blues - or is it?

Actually, it's the red and blue costume from the Spider-Man movie.  That means
that the eye lenses appear highly reflective (they have a blue tint), the big
red spider on Spidey's back is different, the blue portions of the costume
have a look that resembles scales, and the spider on Spidey's chest looks like
the one in the movie.

The second "costume" is the Spider-Armor.  It's found on the ninth level,
Building Top Chase, in the Green Goblin's crane lair with comic #7.  The
Spider-Armor is a white and black version of the classic red and blue
Spider-Man suit - not the movie suit.  The Spider-Armor lasts until Spidey's
life meter runs out, at which time Spidey reverts to the movie costume with
the same amount of life you had when you picked up the armor (or full life, if
you've picked up a health icon in the armor).  You also can lose the
Spider-Armor if you fall off a building and die.  In that case, though, if you
had the Spider-Armor at the start of the level and Retry, you'll usually have
the Spider-Armor again.

During the game's FMV sequences, Spidey always wears the classic red and blue
costume.  Unlike the PlayStation's FMVs, this time the red and blue costume
includes the black web pattern.

----Ghost Rider and Black Cat                                             [Cc]
Remember Ghost Rider's cameo appearance in the original game's Race to the
Bugle level in What If mode? Well, it appears in the normal version of the
game here.

Black Cat is pretty much the same as always, except now she has her mask on.
(She doesn't wear it, or at least I couldn't see it, in the PlayStation game.)

----Comic Locations                                                       [Cd]
Comic locations appear to be the same as in the PlayStation game.  I didn't
collect all of the 10 comics that should be available up to the Rhino boss
fight, but those that I did collect (1-4, 7-9) appear in the same locations.
It's really kind of pointless, though, since you can't get into the Comic
collection viewer.

                                 MOVIE EXTRAS                              [D]

Since this game is a promotion for the Spider-Man movie, it includes some
extras from the movie.  There's a trailer, some wallpapers, a screensaver,
some other promotional videos and links to various Spider-Man movie or game
related web sites.

To my knowledge, all of the extras, except the links, were available at the
official movie web site as of late May 2002.  The address of that site is:

                             SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS                           [E]

The system requirements for the game are provided here because otherwise, you
won't know what they are until you get the game.

Minimum System Requirements (Copied and Pasted from the README.txt):
US English Language version of Microsoft Windows(r) 95/98/ME/2000 operating
100% Windows 95/98/ME/2000 - compatible computer system
DirectX(r) 8.0 or higher (included)
Pentium(r) II 266 or Athlon(r) processor
200 MB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files (Minimum Install); plus
   an additional 100 MB for Windows swap file
100% DirectX 8.0 compatible 4MB video card and Drivers (recommended 8MB video
   card and Drivers)*
100% DirectX 8.0 compatible true 16-bit sound card and Drivers
Quad Speed (600 K/sec sustained transfer rate) CD-ROM
100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and Drivers
100% Microsoft-compatible keyboard and Drivers
100% Windows(r) 95/98/ME/2000-compatible Joystick or Gamepad (Optional) 
(Game Controller with 6 or more buttons recommended)

One note: The game ran, if a bit slowly, on my PII 233.

                                  LEGAL JAZZ                               [F]

This document is  2002, 2005 Jeremy Rogers (aka Tempest of Shadows on
GameFAQs), all rights reserved.
Spider-Man, the character, is  2002 Marvel Characters, Inc.
Spider-Man, the movie, is  2002 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
Spider-Man, the game, is  2001-2002 Activision, Inc. and it's affiliates.

As of this version, the only sites that have permission to post this document
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The most recent version of this document is likely to be found in two places: 
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                                    UPDATES                                [G]

10/14/2005 - Version 1.1.2

  Maintenance update to improve formatting, remove non-ASCII characters, and
  update web site info.
  Added tokens for easier quick jumping to sections.
  Changed the address for the Spider-Man movie web site.

05/23/2002 - Version 1.1.1

  Added DLH.Net to the list of places with permission to add this file.

05/15/2002 - Version 1.1

  Added a couple of Game Differences I had overlooked (opening movie and comic
  book covers).
  Added NeoSeeker to the list of places with permission to add this file.

05/13/2002 - Version 1.0

  First edition; everything is new.
  All differences were observed on the Normal difficulty setting.

                                 CONTACT INFO                              [H]

If you have information to contribute to this document about anything I have
missed or made a mistake on, feel free to inform me at thoul@vgws.com.  I
welcome any constructive comments that will improve this document or any
future FAQs I might construct.  Be sure to mention this Spider-Man FAQ in the
subject line of your e-mail.  I get a great deal of spam at this address and
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