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*                    Soldier of Fortune 2, SINGLE-PLAYER                   *
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*                    A Quick 'n' Dirty Single-Player FAQ                   *
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*                             By: Halon50 (Tex Gotanda)                    *
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*                    Last Update: 8/20/05                                  *
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Copyright notice:

This document is copyright 2005 by Tetsuji Gotanda, a.k.a. Halon50.  
Distribution of this guide for profit is prohibited.  If you wish to post 
this document on your website, include it in your magazine, or otherwise 
redistribute my writing in part or in whole, send your request to the email 
address above.  Permission to use this document does NOT include permission 
to add your own writing, or modify this document in any way (adding diagrams 
or pictures is the sole exception to this).  If you'd like to have your URL 
included in the "Websites" list, let me know.


08/20/05: [v1.61] (Maintenance release)
          Updated old or broken URLs

01/07/03: [v1.6] (Patch 1.03 Gold revision)
          Added Patch v1.03 Gold info

09/24/02: [v1.5] (Patch 1.02 revision)
          Reformatted revision history
          Added Patch v1.02 info
          Added additional patch information, including what bugs the patch
            DOESN'T fix
          Added a few minor questions and clarifications
          Minor formatting changes

07/12/02: [v1.4] (Patch 1.01 revision)
          Patch v1.01 information added
          Minor fixes due to crossing versions somewhere around v1.2

06/25/02: [v1.3]
          Removed time-limited URLs (e.g. GameFAQs board postings)
          Removed email question reference
          Updated websites - removed sites that either do not post this FAQ,
            or were no longer responding.  If you represent one of these
            websites, you will need to email me again to re-establish
            posting permissions.
          Added and updated various tips

06/10/02: [v1.2]
          Added V-22 Osprey VSTOL info
          Added "General Gameplay Tips" from the manual as necessary
            (I actually read the manual for the first time today)
          Added a tip on the Tutorial Stealth mission
          Fixed the last typo of "Colombia"

06/09/02: [v1.1]
          Added sniper scope mode info
          Added breaking & entering info
          Updated copyright info
          Updated Hong Kong Prison level
          Updated Switzerland Airplane level
          Updated tips for the final boss
          Renamed the AK47 to AK74
          More website entries

06/07/02: [v1.0.1]
          Miscellaneous cleanup

06/06/02: [v1.0] (Full release)
          Map-specific Q&A section finished at last
          Coverage through the entire game



This is my first FAQ.  I am writing this to pre-empt the more complete 
walkthroughs I am sure are forthcoming for this excellent game.  Despite the 
multitude of bugs for the single-player game, the storyline and excellent 
graphics kept me playing all the way through.

This FAQ isn't intended to be used as a _complete_ walkthrough.  Instead, it 
covers the questions that seem to come up the most often when people play 
the SP game.  Anything not covered in this FAQ is either reasonably 
straightforward (just keep moving onward and kill enemies in your way), or 
hasn't yet been brought up.

If you have a question on gameplay that isn't covered here, please DON'T 
email me, as I no longer play or have interest in the game.  I may release 
an update when the patch is finally released.  Instead, try posting on the 
GameFAQs SoF2 board at:

The latest (or last) version of this FAQ can _ALWAYS_ be found at GameFAQs.  
The URL is:

Patch information:

As of this release (v1.6, 01/07/03), the current patch version is 1.03 Gold, 
downloadable from Activision, FilePlanet, FileShack, and the like.

The "Gold" patch v1.03 adds three new multiplayer maps and fixes a map hole 
in one of the regular maps.  No other single-player issues are addressed.  
There are two versions of this patch: the "full" version can be installed 
over the CD installation, and the "incremental" patch upgrades from v1.02.

Patch v1.02 addressed Multiplayer (MP) issues, and includes PunkBuster anti-
cheat technology.  No Single-Player game issues are fixed in this 
incremental patch.  You must install patch v1.01 prior to installing v1.02.  
The startup console will display "1.01" even with the v1.02 patch installed; 
don't worry - it's just an oversight on Raven Software's part.

Patch v1.01 mainly addressed Multiplayer issues, so the two (and only two) 
fixes I've personally seen for the Single-Player game are as follows:

Fix 1: [ Colombia, Rebel Encampment ]
  Rotating helicopter blades (animated brushes) no longer lag the end of the

Fix 2: [ Texas III, The Shop Level Two ]
  "Instant death" while heading down the hallway away from the fire to the
  right is fixed.

Gameplay questions -- General:

Q. Did you really get sent all these questions, or did you make up a lot of 
them yourself?

A. A combination of both, really.  Many issues were brought up on the 
GameFAQs message boards in June and July when the game was first released.  
Some questions I formulated while playing through the game and noticing 
something with which someone would likely have a problem (like "Sticky 
Lines").  All in all, I like the format in which this FAQ turned out.  It 
has the appearance of a hint system, as opposed to leading the player 
through a pre-set path.  It also lets me answer questions without revealing 
critical plotlines in the story, like what happens to Taylor.  I may expand 
on this concept in other FAQs I write.

Q. Can you help me with the Multiplayer (MP) game?

A. Nope.  I haven't played SoF2 MP yet.  I hear it's quite good and isn't as 
"buggy" as the Single-Player (SP) game.  This FAQ covers SP issues only.

Q. I lost my CD key.  Can I have yours?


Q. I have a SoundBlaster Live! card.  Why doesn't EAX sound work for me?

A. You must install OpenAL from Loki Entertainment and Creative Labs.  For 
some reason, Raven Software decided to support EAX-HD only instead of 
including native legacy EAX support in their game.  The OpenAL install 
folder is conveniently located on your SoF2 Disc 1 in 

Q. I'm stuck on <insert mapname here> and can't seem to get to the next 
level!  Help me!

A. It's not only wise, but also necessary to return to previously locked 
doors and try opening them again.  Sometimes doors won't become unlocked 
until you clear an area of all enemies.  This can be especially frustrating 
in the Colombia map (see next section).  Also, look carefully around the 
area at the end of the map.  There are sometimes strange items or objects 
you must "use" before the way forward will open.

Q. Why is my game missing textures?  (Black with white lines, framework 
only, missing walls, etc)

A. This happens when you don't have enough video RAM or system memory to 
store all the textures for a specific map.  Most people report this 
happening when they have "Texture Detail" set to "Very high," and they have 
less than 64MB of video memory, or less than 256MB of system memory.  Turn 
this setting down to "High."  You won't miss much, and if/when you upgrade 
to the latest Radeon/GeForce card with 128MB of memory, and upgrade your 
system's memory to 384MB or higher, try the "Very high" setting.  Those of 
us who are lucky enough to be able to use this setting know it literally 
takes 2 to 3 minutes to load up all the textures for the larger levels.  Is 
it worth it?  Well...
< Thanks to Mr Kusanagi >
--(( Update ))--
Raven Software's FAQ suggests that your .pk3 files may have become 
corrupted.  For more information on this, look at:

Q. Why does the game lag after I play a few levels?

A. I have played on a system with 512MB RAM and a GeForce4 4400, and have 
experienced this lag as well.  It turns out there are three "Scalability 
Settings" under "Memory Scalability" that you can adjust to eliminate this 
lag.  At their default settings ("Long"), and with "Texture Detail" set to 
"Very high," I found that the game was trying to reserve over 600MB of 
memory (~740MB total).  Since my system doesn't have that much memory, the 
severe lag was caused by the game going to swapfile on disk.  When the three 
"Memory Scalability" settings were notched down to "Medium," the game 
reserved a much more reasonable 420MB of memory.  My suggestion is, either 
reduce your "Texture Detail" down to "High," or turn these "Longevity" 
settings to "Short" or "None."  While Raven Software says turning these 
"Longevity" settings on will improve map loading times, I haven't noticed 
any difference.  I have tried playing with these set to "Short," and 
"Texture Detail" at "High" on a system with a GeForce2 and 384MB of system 
memory, and got no lag even after playing for several hours.
--(( Update ))--
For some reason, after applying patch v1.01, I got lag after playing through 
approximately 7 or 8 levels.  Quitting the game, then restarting and loading 
my last save eliminates this lag for another 7 or 8 levels.

Q. Every time I load my game, I'm stuck!  (stuck in mid-air, alarm goes off, 
bomb disappears, etc.)

A. Restart the level from the beginning, rather than from your saved game.  
Sometimes your game gets corrupted, and to fix it, you have to start the 
level fresh.  If this doesn't work, you may have to go to a saved game from 
a previous level.

Q. Why can't I hit anything with my <insert gun name>???  OMG, this game's 
accuracy is all messed up!

A. True, but before you report this as a bug, try playing a game with 
"custom" difficulty, and TURN WEAPON INACCURACY OFF.  This option is set on 
by default, and is the cause of many of our problems with aiming.  I've 
played through the game with this setting on, and believe me, it was 
frustrating as heck to not be able to hit a target 5 feet away with short 2-
bullet bursts from my MG.  With the option off, weapons behave as they do in 
almost every other FPS - whatever the crosshair is on is what you'll hit.
< Thanks to Omegus >
--(( Update ))--
With this option on, your crosshairs will expand with constant firing.  
While this isn't as sophisticated as the systems in Deus Ex or Rainbow Six, 
it does affect your accuracy with MG's in burst or full auto mode.

Q. Why do I keep getting detected in stealth missions?  There aren't any 
enemies around and the alarm keeps going off!

A. There are three things to keep in mind when you're trying to be stealthy: 
Don't be seen, don't be heard, and don't leave behind any survivors.  Crouch 
or crawl around maps to avoid being seen.  ALWAYS WALK instead of running.  
Enemies can easily hear your footsteps while you run.  TURN OFF your "Always 
Run" setting so you won't have to hold down your Run/Walk key as you move 
around.  Finally, when you pistol-whip someone, either hit them again to 
make sure they'll stay down, or take out your knife and do a bit of carving.  
Guards don't stay unconscious forever, and when they wake up, the alarm 
automatically goes off.

Q. Why can't I hit the guard's head with my knife when I'm right behind 

A. I'm not sure about this myself.  I've put the crosshairs directly on a 
guard's head and let loose a few slashes, only to discover that my knife 
hits their shoulders, the guard yells, and the game is over because the 
alarm goes off.  Your best bet is to use the pistol's alternate fire mode 
(pistol-whip), which has a much better range than the knife, and almost 
always knocks the guard out with one swing.  Be sure to finish them off!  
You can also use the knife's alternate fire mode (thrown), but be sure to 
hit the enemy squarely in the back and not in their arms or legs.

Q. Why do I make so much noise when I try to WALK down stairs or a ramp?

A. You got me.  The only way I've found to get around this is to crouch and 
hobble down, or turn sideways and strafe down.  I don't know why Raven 
Software didn't catch and fix this one.

Q. Why do I suddenly get stuck when I walk over variations in ground terrain 
(depressions or lumps on the floor or ground)?

A. When you try to build a map, every single wall, shelf, door, lump in the 
ground, and so forth must be created and "placed" by hand.  Occasionally 
these framework lines cause problems; in this case, sometimes your character 
will get "stuck" on one of these lines even if you're crossing open terrain.  
These "sticky lines" are a definitely a hassle, and the only way to get off 
them is to move in a different direction, or jump.
--(( Update ))--
The patches don't fix any of the sticky lines that I've found.

Q. Why can't I run while zoomed in with my sniper scope?

A. You can WALK, but not RUN.  Let me put it to you this way: try running 
around your front yard while blindfolded.  This would be the equivalent of 
trying to run while having a sniper scope pressed up against one eye.  Even 
REALLY GOOD snipers do not move at all while concentrating on their 
target(s).  If you've played Sierra's SWAT series, you'd know that the best 
(police) snipers even have a spotter to assist them.  Lone wolf snipers 
(like you see in the movies) are extremely rare.  To answer your question in 
another fashion, you can't run while using the scope because Raven Software 
made it that way.

Q. How do I fit through a window I've just broken?

A. There are some pretty serious problems with how windows break in the 
game.  Since it takes forever to use bullets or a knife to clear a window of 
every tiny shard of glass that would prevent you from entering it, I suggest 
one of two methods to clear the window all at once.  The first, quietest 
way, is to use a pistol's alt-fire and hit it with your pistol butt.  This 
clears out the ENTIRE window in one shot, and usually doesn't alert nearby 
enemies.  The second, noisiest way, is to throw a grenade nearby.  The 
grenade will clear out every window in a wide radius, but of course enemies 
will immediately rush to the scene.  <From the manual> Running at a damaged 
window prior to jumping through it will also work.

Q. What is that huge helicopter boss?  What is a V-22 Osprey VSTOL?

A. The V-22 Osprey is the designation of this tilt-rotor Vertical/Short 
Take-Off and Landing (VSTOL) aircraft.  Unlike its counterpart helicopter 
cousins such as the Russian Kamov Ka-31, or the Boeing Vertol CH-46, the V-
22 Osprey is intended to combine the vertical takeoff/landing capabilities 
of a helicopter with the long range and speed of a propeller aircraft.  
While the British Aerospace Jump Jet Harrier (remember seeing it in True 
Lies?) helped pioneer the VSTOL concept as early as 1967, the U.S. Military 
decided to search for more reliable cargo and troop transport VSTOL 
aircraft.  Developed over the past four decades and tested from the mid-
1990's on, testing stopped in 2000 with an unfortunate accident that claimed 
the lives of 19 Marines.  Testing of this aircraft has recently restarted 
(as of May, 2002), and assuming all goes well, distribution to the Armed 
Forces is slated to resume by the end of 2003.  The aircraft as portrayed in 
the game are disproportionably small (although similar in perceived size as 
seen in Half-Life), as the real-life V-22 Osprey has a pair of 3-bladed 
propellers that span a diameter of 38 feet each!  If you'd like more details 
on this awesome aircraft, there are good overviews at:
Some of the newer Japanese animated movies and OAVs show these VSTOL 
aircraft in action.  Movies like Appleseed, and OAV series like Ghost in the 
Shell: Stand Alone Complex contain scenes where a model similar to the 
Osprey is used as a transport in urban settings.

Q. How do I cheat?  Why doesn't "set sv_cheats 1" work?

A. According to a lot of people who have emailed me, the "sv_cheats" flag is 
"locked" in the game.  I suggest you look on GameFAQs to see how to activate 
cheats.  The SoF2 GameFAQs code list is currently at:

Gameplay questions - Map Specific:

-                       Tutorial                        -

Q. Where is my "mark?"  Why can't I find it?

A. If you get detected by either of the two Shop Employees or the camera at 
ANY point in this tiny map, a buzzer goes off and Sam tells you to go back 
to the cage and start over.  If you continue anyway, you'll eventually reach 
a small room with a metal shade over one window.  This metal sheet won't 
roll up to reveal the mark UNLESS you got there without being detected.  Do 
what Sam says - walk back to the cage and try again.

-                        Prague                         -

Map 1:  Flashback

Q. Is there a way to skip these cutscenes?

A. Hit your "Use" key, but this won't work for certain scenes where you have 
control over John Mullins (e.g. Colombia Insertion).  In this case, you'll 
just have to wait it out.  Go grab a bite to eat, or something....  :)
< Thanks to Zack >

Map 2:  Street

Q. How do I open these boxes?

A. Hit them with your knife.  You can also shoot them, but this makes a lot 
of noise, and can attract unwanted attention from nearby enemies.  Always 
open cardboard or wooden boxes whenever possible - they often contain useful 
items such as ammo, health, and armor.

Q. Where do I go?  I've searched everywhere!

A. Follow what John Mullins says.  Get to the roof in back of the courtyard 
full of containers, and then hop down next to the guard tower.  Later, 
you'll need to climb up a couple ladders to continue.

Q. Why does my gun disappear when I try to open this door?

A. If you tap your "Use" key on certain doors, you'll briefly lose your 
weapon, and then go through your "Lock and Load" animation a second later. 
When you approach these doors, you will notice a tiny icon above your HUD 
indicating that something can be done here.  This particular locked door can 
be picked, but you must HOLD DOWN your "Use" key until it is completely 

Map 3:  Hotel Prague

Q. Ew, gross!  Why does the shotgun do that to my enemies!?

A. Heh, turn down your "Gore" setting if you can't handle it :).  Otherwise, 
for added effect, try using your combat knife on dead bodies in various 

Q. This enemy can shoot me through shelves, doors, walls, trucks, etc!

A. True.  The ballistics (i.e. the path a bullet takes) in this game are 
somewhat minimal, but just enough to be annoying.  There are places in the 
game where you can lean out from a corner, then lean back and still be hit.  
Just move over some more, or get out of the way.

Q. The doctor keeps dying!  I don't understand!

A. Ok, there are several things you have to do BEFORE you go into the 
doctor's room and initiate conversation.  First, TURN AROUND and kill the 
last enemy that's behind you.  You may have to go back through the far door 
in order to see this enemy.  Next, quickly dart into, and then back out of 
the Doctor's room.  You'll still hear talking, but now you can run to the 
end of the hallway and prepare for battle.  Finally, when the doctor stops 
talking, the door you're watching will open.  Kill the first guy, then 
quickly RUN IN and start shooting everything that moves.  There are 5 or 6 
enemies in here, so be quick about it and take care of them BEFORE the 
doctor arrives.  Once the room is cleared, the doctor will run to the next 
room.  GET THERE BEFORE HIM and clear the stairwell of 3 guards before 
moving on.

Map 4: Outside Hotel

Q. Why won't the doctor get in the truck?

A. He's waiting for you to man the gun mounted on the back.  Climb up and 
hit your "use" key while facing it.  You may have to adjust yourself so you 
face the same direction the gun is pointing before you saddle up.

Q. Holy cow!

A. Yep, there sure are a lot of enemies here.  Just memorize the 4 points 
they appear and make sure you move your endless stream of bullets over those 
points.  The doctor will eventually get the truck rolling.  He's a doctor, 
not a mechanic!

Q. The truck has skid to a halt and now I don't know what to do!

A. Mullins says something about oxygen tanks, right?  You have to turn away 
from the enemies and hit two red tanks that look like helium canisters 
before the doctor will get you out of the level.

Map 5: Countryside

Q. Why won't my aim stay in the same place?  It keeps jerking all around!

A. This is a sticky point in Raven Software's game engine.  Their vehicle 
code traces fixed paths, and since you're manning a gun that's fixed to the 
vehicle, your aim follows the same angular path that's mapped out in the 
game.  The best thing to do is just leave your crosshairs in the same spot 
(don't move your mouse), and keep firing.  Your aim will quickly return to 
normal when the truck returns to a straightway.

Q. I shoot all the enemies in the backs of the trucks and I still get forced 
off the road!

A. You should blow up the enemy trucks as well, especially the armored ones 
with ram plates mounted in their front.  Keep shooting at them, and they 
will eventually go up in flames.  The only indication that you're making 
progress in damaging the trucks is when you shoot their front for a while; 
the hood will eventually pop up and expose the engine.

Q. Why did the truck stop again?

A. Dr. Sestrogor is waiting for you to clear another roadblock.  This time, 
there are several explosion points you must shoot before he'll get moving 

Map 6: Train Station

Q. Why does the alarm keep going off?  There aren't any enemies in sight!

A. See the answer in the General Gameplay section above.  You have to make 
sure you're not seen or heard, and that you finish off (i.e. kill) any 
guards you knock unconscious.

Q. I killed what looks like the last guard, but there's no switch?

A. You're not there yet!  Crouch, walk through the window overlooking the 
train, and head to the right.  You'll reach another section with one more 
enemy guarding the switch.

-                       Texas I                         -

Map 1: The Shop Main Level

Q. Why won't this door open?  Why won't the elevator go?

A. The range of your "use" action is very short.  You literally have to be 
up next to the panel/button/door before it will work.  If you're directly 
next to what you're trying to use, and it still doesn't work, try moving to 
one side a bit and get a different angle on your target.

Map 2: The Shop Level Two

(No questions)

-                      Colombia                         -

Map 1: Helicopter Insertion

Q. Why can't I skip this cutscene?

A. Technically, it's not a cutscene, since you have "Mouse Look" control 
over John Mullins.  Just sit it out.

Map 2: Marine Base Camp

Q. The Corporal says to take off, but there's nowhere to run?

A. Take out the snipers if you feel like it, then turn around and jump over 
the undercarriage of the overturned jeep.

Map 3: Temple Ruins

Q. This Machine Gun (MG) emplacement keeps killing me!  How do I kill him?

A. TAKE COVER.  As Falstaff says in a Shakespeare play, "The better part of 
valor is discretion" [1 Henry IV V.iv.119].  Once you take out the bad guys 
in the area, you can lean out from behind cover and set up your aim, and 
then duck back before the gunner can fire.  Once your aim is set, you can do 
a couple "lean and shoot" moves until the gunner is down.  Alternately, you 
can run from cover point to cover point until you're out of sight from the 
gunner, then loop around behind the MG emplacement and take him out there.  
The "lean and shoot" move will become very important later in the game, so 
getting some practice with it now is a good idea.

Map 4: Forward Camp

Q. I can't get by this chopper!

A. The best way to avoid its fire is to do your duck and cover routine.  RUN 
FOR COVER!  At this point in the game, you don't have any way to shoot down 
a helicopter, so just avoid its fire as best as you can.

Q. I've reached a closed gate, but can't seem to get past it!  What am I 
doing wrong?

A. _Now_ you can work on the chopper.  Duck into the nearby two-story 
concrete bunker and look around for a "fire" button.  Hit it, and the 
chopper goes down, hurrah!  Hit it again, and uh oh, the launcher goes 
haywire.  Hit the button one last time, and RUN to the lower level!  The 
resulting explosion will reveal a lever that opens the way forward.

Map 5: The Bridge

Q. I've found Bravo Team, and they won't stop shooting at the bridge!

A. The structure of the bridge itself is blocking their shots.  Move to the 
right of the bridge to get a look at who they're trying to shoot, and take 
him out.

Map 6: Rebel Encampment

Q. I've reached the rebel camp, and Bravo Team just stands around.  What do 
I do?

A. The Sergeant orders you to do various things around the base.  You'll 
have to clear out three buildings, disarm a bomb (don't shoot it!), and 
place a bomb, before you can get out of the map.  If they seem stuck, you 
may have to "accidentally" shoot a squad mate or the Sarge to get them 
moving again.  Don't worry - they're invincible, and they won't shoot back.

Map 7: River Landing Zone

Q. I've reached the very end of this level, and suddenly my FPS drops like a 
rock!  What can I do?

A. The end of this level and the next suffer from some pretty serious lag 
due to the helicopter blade rotation animation.  The only suggestion I can 
give you is to lower your resolution for these two levels.  Otherwise, just 
hang in there!
--(( Update ))--
Patch version 1.01 fixes this problem.

Map 8: Helicopter Extraction

Q. I've reached the second camp, but suddenly die.  Why?

A. The MG emplacement on this spot has some supernatural aiming ability, and 
can inflict a lot of damage to you in a short span of time.  You'll just 
have to shoot blindly at the top-left area of the lead building on the way 
in and hope you get some lucky shots at the gunner or the barrels near him; 
otherwise, just reload your game and try again.

Map 9: Pureza

(No questions)

-                  Vergara's Mansion                    -

Map 1: Grounds

Q. When the mission starts, I try to walk to the front door and the alarm 
goes off!

A. Well, aren't you supposed to find another way in?  While you could go 
around with guns blazing, killing every guard you see, this is _supposed_ to 
be a STEALTH mission.  Think of it as an extra challenge and try to get 
through the map without being seen.

Q. I seem to die instantly when I get near a two-story building to the right 
side of the front door!  Isn't this a bug?

A. No.  Behind the metal shades of the upper floor is a sniper's nest.  The 
two snipers up there are pretty good shots, and can hit your head with ease 
if they see you.  Find another way around instead.

Q. Ok, I'll try the stealth challenge.  Gimme some tips!

A. The Quake 3 engine isn't exactly built for stealth like Eidos' Thief 
series was, but you can still get extra-low to the ground by crawling.  Use 
this to your advantage, and crawl next to walls and hedges to avoid 
detection by cameras and guards.  You'll progress very slowly, and you may 
have to save often.  It's missions like this one that make me wish Raven 
Software had included guns like the MP5-SD (silenced MG), or the PSG-1 with 
subsonic ammunition (silenced sniper rifle), as seen in Delta Force: Land 

Q. I've gotten to the garage.  Now what?

A. Find a way into the house.  You may have to climb into the attic to do so 
(hint, hint).

Map 2: Main House

Q. It's so dark!  How do I activate my night vision goggles?

A. Your goggles are activated by using the weapons subsystem of your HUD.  
By default, your goggles are bound to the "9" key.  You can turn them off by 
selecting them again.

Q. I've explored everywhere inside the house but can't find anything to do!

A. John Mullins mentions checking out Vergara's study when he enters a room.  
Look around that room for a safe.
--(( Update ))--
This is a bug.  About 1 out of 5 times, Mullins won't say anything at all 
when he enters the study.  A second triggered event, "This safe looks 
interesting," is supposed to go off when Mullins nears the safe, but I've 
only managed to get this event once in about 10 games.

Map 3: Wine Cellar

Q. I've gotten to the bowling alley, but can't go any farther.

A. You can't open the green double doors from this side.  Double back to the 
hallway from which you entered.  You should see an innocuous wooden door in 
the wall which will lead onward.  In other words, if you face the bowling 
alley from the entrance, the door is in the right-side wall.

Q. I've finally reached the wine cellar, but there's nowhere to go!

A. The "hidden" exit from the cellar is pretty obvious.  Just look for a 
section of wall in the back (the far right side) that is mysteriously clear 
of boxes and shelves.  You should see a wall of shelves with a slightly 
raised semicircular dais in front of it.  To its left, behind some cardboard 
boxes, is a switch you'll need to use in order to continue.

Map 4: Bunker

Q. Sanchez keeps killing me before I can shoot him!  How do I kill him?

A. Well, he's standing in a puddle of water.  He's also standing right next 
to a high-voltage electrical panel.  Does that give you any ideas?

Q. I still can't get a clean shot at the panel behind Sanchez!

A. Your best bet is to chuck some of those grenades you've been hoarding 
into the area Sanchez is standing.  The opening to his right is perfect for 
this.  It may take a few tries to angle the throw just right.  Alternately 
(and if you feel lucky), you can try to arc a grenade from your grenade 
launcher into the opening.  If you REALLY want a challenge, try the "lean 
and shoot" method on him, alternately leaning and snapping off a few shots, 
then ducking back and waiting for him to stop shooting.  Every time I've 
tried this, however, I wound up hitting the electrical panel behind him.
--(( Update ))--
This is apparently the only way to kill him.  Shooting him directly will 
have no effect.

-                   The Seaward Star                    -

Map 1: Main Deck

Q. Every time I try to sneak past a guard, they turn around and set off the 
alarm!  What am I doing wrong?

A. There are some guards on this map that are nearly impossible to bypass by 
just sneaking around.  More often than not, you can't get close enough to 
take them down with a pistol-whip or knife slash, so you'll have to use a 
thrown knife or your silenced SOCOM.  If you try the silenced pistol, make 
sure you hit them in the head!  There is a bug in the enemy patrol AI that 
makes your silenced SOCOM useless unless the shot hits their head.  (For fun 
with this bug, and an extra challenge, try shooting their weapon out of 
their hand.  Notice that when you shoot their arms, legs, and body, they 
just keep walking as if nothing is happening.)
--(( Update ))--
This is still not fixed.  I suppose Raven Software decided that the AI code 
for single-player gaming isn't worth updating, and banked their hopes on the 
MP aspect of the game instead.

Q. How do I get inside the control room?

A. There are two ways.  The easiest way (and the least likely to set off any 
alarms) is to walk up to the top level (of 4 levels), head left, and shoot 
the guard through the window with a silenced SOCOM.  Then you can hop on top 
of the crate, break the window in front of you, and crawl through.  The 
second and more difficult way is to go to the lowest level (the Crew 
Quarters) and search for a cabin that contains the red key card.  This cabin 
has a sleeping guard and a computer with DOOM on the screen.  Then head all 
the way back up and open the outer door to the wheelhouse.  Now, unlock the 
door inside and head down to the control room.

Q. How do I open the cargo bay doors from the control room?

A. You'll have to go outside and investigate.  At the bow of the ship are 
the controls to a crane that will lift the obstruction and let you open the 
doors.  Be warned though: after operating this crane, it's nearly impossible 
to get back to the control room without setting off the alarm.

Map 2: Interior

Q. There's a short gap with a forklift below me and a railing in front of 
me.  Why can't I jump over this gap?

A. Try turning towards the brown boxes to your right, and RUNNING diagonally 
towards the railing next to these boxes before jumping.
--(( Update ))--
You can also "use" the forklift to move some boxes out of the way, clearing 
the path forward.  You'll need to jump-crouch to get up the raised boxes.
< Thanks to KillerMcKillersonDie >

Q. Where do I place the last bomb?

A. You'll have to fight through the rear half of the cargo hold to get to 
the last bomb point.  Just keep going, and you'll eventually reach it.

Map 3: Atlantic Ocean

(No questions)

-                       New York I                      -

Map 1: The Armory

(No questions)

-                       Hong Kong                       -

Map 1: Lower Docks/Chinese Junk

(No questions)

Map 2: Upper Docks

Q. I've cleared the entire level but the doors are all locked!  How do I get 
out of here?

A. Try using the forklift at the very end of the level.

Map 3: Streets

Q. I'm doing fine, then suddenly my game is over!  What happened?

A. There are two civilians at the start of this map.  Don't let them die!  
Fortunately the enemies here won't intentionally shoot them, but if they 
cross in front of an enemy who's shooting, they will die!  Occasionally one 
or both will pick up a weapon and follow you through this level providing 

Q. I've killed everyone and can't find a way out!

A. You'll need to find a way past the burning cars to get out.  There are 
two ways into the building directly next to the doors when you head out of 
the underground parking garage.  Either go in through the boarded-up window, 
or shoot the propane tanks on the other side.  From there, you'll have to 
figure out how to cross to other buildings (think "Jackie Chan").

Q. I don't know who "Jackie Chan" is?  How can I think like him?

A. Jackie Chan is famous for doing his own stunts in his movies, like 
jumping across 20 feet between two buildings while 12 stories up, or 
"barefoot" water skiing with a cast on one leg.  Stuff like that.  At any 
rate, look around the third floor balconies for the top of a sign that juts 
out from one corner.  You can use this sign to get to another building.  Use 
the same technique to run and jump to the third building, then down a fire 
escape behind the wrecked cars.

Q. I've gotten past the car wreck and am stuck again!

A. When you head down one of the side alleys, Mullins says, "I've got to get 
over that fence."  The end of the alley has a stack of boxes and baskets.  
Just jump over them to move on.

Map 4: Market

(No questions)

Map 5: Warehouse

(No questions)

Map 6: Prison

Q. How do I kill the Interrogator?

A. Rather than running around like a chicken with your head cut off, the 
easiest way to take care of him is to stay at the entrance to the courtyard 
and CAREFULLY lean around the left-side corner.  This is where the "lean and 
shoot" method comes into play.  Lean over and shoot him a few times, then 
QUICKLY duck back and wait for him to stop firing.  Repeat until desired 
results are achieved.  ^_^

Q. How do I kill Deviant1?

A. I've found the easiest way to kill her is to stay as far away as 
possible, and snipe her in return.  Go to the right side of the courtyard 
and hide behind the crates.  If you stand back just far enough so you can 
see her on the catwalk, her shots will always miss you, but you can shoot 
her.  Take careful aim and shoot her a bunch of times with your AK74; she'll 
eventually go down.

Q. How do I exit this level?

A. Just pick up the Remus virus disc next to Deviant1's body.

Q. But I can't get up to Deviant1's body!

A. There is a rare bug here that prevents you from opening the door at the 
other side of the courtyard.  This has happened to me when I've killed 
Deviant1 as she stood in the doorway to a guardhouse.  You'll just have to 
reload from an earlier save and try again.  

-                      New York II                      -

Map 1: The Armory

Q. How do I pick Sam up and carry him?

A. Hit your "Use" key while facing his body.  To drop him, hit the "Use" key 
again.  <From the manual> Note that the manual suggests using this technique 
to move bodies out of sight.  Don't bother - dead bodies will fade after 
about 20 seconds.

Q. How do I turn off these steam vents?

A. You'll have to leave Sam behind in the room and go downstairs through a 
window.  The SOCOM pistol you picked up has a tactical light attached to it 
- hit your "Weapon Special 4" key (default is "]") to turn it on.  
Downstairs, you should see a wheel.  Turning it will get rid of the steam.

Q. I've carried Sam outside, but the level still isn't over!

A. Head towards the stretcher next to the ambulance.

Map 2: Sam's Room/Hospital Main Level

Q. How do I kill this guy?  I have no weapons!

A. Run to the right side of Sam's hospital bed.  Next to the chair on the 
ground is Taylor's gun.  If the guard doesn't kill the intruder, you can 
finish him off with this gun.

Q. Why does this armor pop up off some dead bodies when I run over them?

A. Sometimes enemies that wear armor vests will release their vest if you 
run over their body.  I suspect that only certain guards have vests that 
will appear after their death, and only if you shoot them in places other 
than their torso.  If the vest is damaged, you won't be able to "loot" it.

Map 3: Patient Services

(No questions)

Map 4: Hospital Roof

Q. I've shot that plane a jillion times, and nothing happens!

A. You're given a HUGE hint at the end of the cutscene immediately prior to 
starting the level.  If you shoot the propeller engines in the right place, 
they will start to emit sparks.  Eventually they will smoke, and then a red 
light will blink on their sides.  Shoot this light, and the engine will 
fail.  Shoot the other engine in the same spot, and you've won the battle!

-                        Texas II                       -

Map 1: The Shop Level Two

(No questions)

-                       Kamchatka                       -

Map 1: Perimeter

Q. I've never heard of Kamchatka.  Where is it?

A. Kamchatka is the easternmost peninsula in Russia.  The chain of Aleutian 
Islands points directly to this peninsula.  Haven't you ever played Risk?

Map 2: Main Road

Q. I pulled the lever, but the doors at the end of the road didn't open?

A. The lever opens up the drainpipe in the side of the stone wall below you.

Map 3: Train Depot

Q. I've reached the end of the main road, but I can't get into the yard!

A. Try looking around to the right of the main gate.

Q. I've completely cleared out the yard, but I can't find the exit!

A. Once you activate the locomotive, it will push a boxcar down the tracks.  
Head down to the end of that track and look inside the last boxcar.  
Somewhere nearby there's an opening that is emitting steam; you want to get 
into that opening.

Map 4: Train Bridge

Q. Ok, I've cleared out THIS yard, and can't find the exit!

A. Try hopping out of the sniper tower onto the nearby roof.  An open hatch 
lets you in to the next building.  You'll have to figure out a way to bypass 
the fan system in this building before you can exit the level (the right-
side fan you pass on your way into the building is where to find the exit).

Map 5: Checkpoint

Q. Mullins says "I've gotta reset the security grid," but the lever doesn't 

A. You first have to hit switches on the two panels set in the sides of the 
cage.  Once they're glowing red, you'll be able to pull the center lever.

Q. I've made the roof fall down; now what?

A. You need to get into the small red-glowing opening that's on the upper 
level of the outside yard.  Try climbing up the fallen roof and jumping 
across the rooftops to reach this opening.

Q. Mullins says, "Looks like this train isn't going anywhere."  What do I do 

A. Have you tried looking behind the locomotive?

Q. Yes I have.  The roof is collapsed and I still can't figure out what to 

A. I mean look _directly_ behind the locomotive, between the engine and the 
boxcar.  Look carefully.

Map 6: Cave Complex I

(No questions)

Map 7: Main Generator I

(No questions)

Map 8: Main Generator II

(No questions)

Map 9: Cave Complex II

Q. I pulled the lever on the crane, and made stuff break.  How do I leave 
the level?

A. Head back down the elevator shaft and look for a new opening.

Map 10: Research Facility

(No questions)

Map 11: Labs 1, 2, 3

Q. I can't seem to find the explosives.  Where are they?

A. On the platform where you find plenty of ammo, you'll see a lever.  Pull 
it once, and the hanging platform in the distance will move in.  Once the 
first platform stops, pull the lever a second time to bring a second 
platform carrying explosives to you.

Q. I found the explosives and put them on the thing in the lab, but nothing 

A. There is a bug here that sometimes makes the explosives not work when you 
plant them.  You'll have to restart the level from the beginning.

Map 12: Lab 4

Q. I've destroyed the last container.  How do I get out?

A. Hop on top of the broken machine that's moving up and down, and head 
toward the rear crawlspace.

-                      Switzerland                      -

Map 1: Security Station

(No questions)

Map 2: Airport Terminal

(No questions)

Map 3: Airport Hangar

Q. How do I get inside the plane?

A. There is a wing support structure which you can use to run and jump to 
the luggage elevator.

Map 4: Airplane

Q. I've talked to The Shop, and now I need to rewire the navigation system.  
Where is it?

A. Head down to the lower level and move around the electrical panels and 
through the door.  The large machine in the front section has a little panel 
on the left side that you can "Use."

-                       Texas III                       -

Map 1: The Shop Main Level

(No questions)

Map 2: The Shop Level Two

(No questions)

Map 3: The Shop Laboratory

(No questions)

Map 4: The Shop Roof

Q. How do I defeat this plane?

A. You'll need to shoot the engines just as you did on the previous V-22 
Osprey, except this time the plane won't immediately crash.  Once you hit 
the first engine, the V-22 starts doing strafing runs with its missile 
launchers.  You'll need to avoid the missiles and hit the other engine in 
the side as the V-22 turns overhead.  Next, take out the missile launchers 
under each wing.  Finally, just keep shooting the plane until it explodes.  
Harder levels may have an extra step to do once the plane is down; I haven't 
verified this yet.  There is a nifty bug on the map I suggest you exploit: 
using the mounted MG makes you nearly impossible to hit by enemy fire.  This 
makes taking out the first engine a piece of cake!

Q. I've hit both engines, shot off the missile launchers and pods under each 
wing, and the plane still won't go down!

A. Many people have told me that you have to shoot the pilot when the canopy 
pops off.  I haven't seen this happen, so my suggestion would be to return 
to the mounted MG and just shoot the plane with that.  I have watched 
someone else defeat the plane at "Soldier of Fortune" difficulty, and once 
he disabled the second engine, he used the mounted MG to do the rest.
--(( Update ))--
Once you disable both engines, you should be able to see the pilot through 
the canopy.  If you're having trouble bringing down the VSTOL, just pop the 
pilot through this window with a sniper rifle, and your game should then 

Map 5: Cemetery

(No questions)


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Raven Software, for making an excellent game despite the hard time I give 
them for not catching every single bug before its release.  :)

CJayC, for being kind enough to post this FAQ.

My wife, for unplugging the computer at 4am after a feverish night of 
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