Frogger FAQ
Sony Playstation
Version: 1.2
Created: August 1, 2000
Made by: Phenom
Last updated: Monday, August 1, 2000

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This Document is copyright 2000 Preston Carter (Phenom)

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Table of Contents
1. Latest Updates
2. Review
3. How to Play
4. Start Menu
5. Walkthrough
6. Secrets and Codes
7. Questions and Answers
8. Credits
9. My Other Works

1. Latest Update
      Version 1.0 (7/21/00), everything is new, I have added a couple
cheat codes, and I have started construction on the start menu.
      Version 1.1 (7/22/00), I have finished construction on the Start
Menu, added the rest of the codes, and I added gameshark codes.
      Version 1.2 (8/01/00), I have started construction on the
2. Review
*Coming Soon*

3. How to Play
Control Legend:
X:                                  X
S:                                  Square
O:                                  Circle
T:                                  Triangle
L1:                                 L1
L2:                                 L2
R1:                                 R1
R2:                                 R2
Start:                              Start
Select:                             Select
U:                                  Up Direction
D:                                  Down Direction
L:                                  Left Direction
R:                                  Right Direction

Controlling Frogger:
X:                                  Superhop
S:                                  Heat Seeking Tongue
O:                                  Power Croak
T:                                  -----------
L1:                                 Changes your Point of View
L2:                                 -----------
R1:                                 -----------
R2:                                 Changes your Point of View
Start:                              Pauses the Game
Select:                             -----------
U:                                  Hop Up
D:                                  Hop Down
L:                                  Hop Left
R:                                  Hop Right

4. Start Menu
This will take you to the single player selection screen, where you
can select a level to start your single player game. At the beginning
of your solo mission you will only be able to select from three
different worlds. To advance in your Frogger game you will have to
beat one of the three worlds at the beginning. To win each level you
are entitled to collect five baby frogs. Each baby frog is either red,
blue, green, orange, or purple. There is also a yellow, baby frog in
one level in each world. Next is a list of each world and how many
levels each one has:

                         Frogger Worlds and Levels

   1            Truck                  5
   2           Lily Pad                5
   3            Leaf                   2
   4          Mech. Gear               3
   5            Bat                    3
   6           Cloud                   4
   7        Fish Skeleton              5
   8           Cactus                  5
   9           Banana                  1

Level Complete
When you have completed a level, the next level will be opened up. You
can either press X and advance to the next level or you can press T
and select the level you want to play. If you want to continue your
Frogger game the next time you play, you will have to go to the options
screen and select Save Frogger Data (if you have a memory card in slot
1) before you turn off the Playstation. (You can't exit your Frogger
game unless you get a Game Over or you pause the game in the middle
of a level and press select to quit the game, then select "Yes"). When
you see Game Over flash across the screen, if you have set any high
scores you will be able to type your initials.

Zone Complete
Once you have beat all of the levels in a world, you will go back to
level select screen. Here, you can choose which level or world to enter
next. Your points, or score will continue to increase until you reach a
Game Over.

Game Over
When you have lost all of your lives while playing, this will be the
of your game. However, you can continue as much as you like, by
reselecting a level or world to to play from the game selection screen.
When you see Game Over on the screen, and you would like to continue,
you will not lose any of the levels or worlds that you have already

Special Skiing Level
Once you have beat the first level in the Caves Zone, you will notice
the next level is called "Frogger Goes Skiing". This is the only level
in the whole game where you can't 'superhop'. The S button will
Frogger's tongue, the O button will make Frogger croak, the directional
buttons will move Frogger. You can only move left and right when
is going fairly slow. To start off, you need to press the U button to
send Frogger skiing. Pressing the U button makes Frogger speed up and
pressing the D button makes him slow down. Don't go too fast!

This is where Frogger turns into a 2-4 player game. Once you have
your frog, player 1 will choose a level for the competition. There are
only five levels to choose from. The first to get three flags wins. If
there is a tie there will be a playoff, which the first one to get a
flag wins. If you are squished while trying to get a flag, you will be
sent back to the beginning. One advantage that works great in traffic
is hopping onto one of your opponents. This causes them to not be able
to move until you get off. (You can't simulate against the computer in
race mode).

In the options menu you are able to view the high scores, load Frogger
game data, save Frogger game data, change the configuration of the
controls to customize the buttons the way you like them, adjust the
music volume, or adjust the sound effects volume. (When you save
Frogger data you are also saving your high scores data).

5. Walkthrough

(Walkthrough Legend)
!                                   When you see this you need to
                                    follow the ! instruction
L                                   Level
1                                   First Level
2                                   Second Level
3                                   Third Level
4                                   Fourth Level
5                                   Fifth Level

World 1
Retro Levels

L 1- Cross the road and the river. The Frogs are found in this order
from left to right: Green Frog, Orange Frog, Purple Frog, Blue Frog,
Red Frog.
L 2- Follow L 1 Guide
L 3- Follow L 1 Guide
L 4- Follow L 1 Guide
L 5- Follow L 1 Guide

World 2
Lily Island Levels

L 1

! = Hop onto log, then onto the next one.

Blue Frog- ! Stay on the log until you see three lily pads. Get onto
the one that isn't spinning. On your right you will see a log that
comes by every so often. Hop onto it and ride it until you see some
lily pads. Follow the lily pads to the Blue Frog.

Green Frog- !, then jump onto the land above you, and press R2 twice.
Cross the river and proceed left in the bottom lane until you see a
patch of grass between the bushes at the top of your screen. Hop across
the road to the Green Frog.

Red Frog- !, now follow instructions to the Green Frog. Instead of
crossing the road at the first patch of grass, continue left until you
come to a second patch of grass. Hop across to the Red Frog.

Purple Frog- !, then hop onto the non-spinning lily pad. Hop onto the
log on your right. Now, hop onto the log that is coming up on your
left, then onto the land near you. Climb the grassy hill and hop onto a
passing bird. Wait until you can hop onto the cliff. Now, get the
Purple Frog.

Orange Frog- !, then follow instructions to the Purple Frog. Instead of
hopping onto the cliff that the purple frog was on, jump off the bird
onto the ground beside the cliff. Now proceed left, traveling in the
bottom lane until you see a patch of grass at the top of the screen.
Cross the road to get the Orange Frog.

6. Secrets and Codes

Level Select (from

Pause the game and press Right, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, R1,
L1, R1, L1, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, a message will

Infinite Lives (from

Pause the game and press Right, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, X.
If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. NOTE: To quit
the game after cheats have been enabled, press Start to pause, press
Select, then choose the "Yes" option.

Zone Select (from

To Unlock access to all the zones, pause the game and press Right,
Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, R1, L1, R1, L1, Triangle, Square,

Secret Level (from

Go to race. Both people have to hit X. When it shows the levels scroll
down (very fast) to the end and you will have a secret level.

More Light (from me)

When you are in a dark place or cavern and can not see very well press
the O button, which will light the area for a second.

(Gameshark Codes)

|1J |Reverse Joker Command                    |D00BCAF6 ????  |
|1  |Infinite Lives                           |800B6C50 0009  |
|   |Infinite Time [Note 1]                   |D00B3DF8 000A  |
|2  |                                         |800B3DF8 0900  |
|   |Unlock Dark Dark Cavern                  |300A4BEC 0006  |
|3  |                                         |300A4C48 0004  |
|   |                                         |300A4CA4 0004  |
|   |Unlock Looney Balloons                   |300A4D00 0006  |
|   |                                         |300A4D5C 0004  |
|4  |                                         |300A4DB8 0004  |
|   |                                         |300A4E14 0004  |
|   |Unlock Bang Bang Barrel                  |300A4E70 0006  |
|   |                                         |300A4ECC 0004  |
|5  |                                         |300A4F28 0004  |
|   |                                         |300A4F84 0004  |
|   |                                         |300A4FE0 0004  |
|   |Unlock Cactus Point                      |300A503C 0006  |
|   |                                         |300A5098 0004  |
|6  |                                         |300A50F4 0004  |
|   |                                         |300A5150 0004  |
|   |                                         |300A51AC 0004  |
|7  |Unlock Tropical Trouble                  |300A5208 0006  |

NOTE 1: With this code it was tricky. If you just constantly write a
high time in, the level will pause until it can verify the correct time
before it starts, so you'd have to turn the shark off before each
What I did was have it write a high time when the timer hits about
Of course, Frogger counts down the time address win you win, to add to
your score. Player should hit X to skip the "countdown", which goes on
forever with the code on.

7. Questions and Answers
*coming soon*

Please e-mail me all your questions about the game at *Remember to put Frogger in the subject line*

8. Credits
----------------------------------------------------------------------, for posting my very first FAQ, for the cheat codes, for the gameshark codes

Myself, for typing this FAQ

You, for reading my FAQ

9. My Other Works
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