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Elevator with forklift?

I have followed a walkthrough for this game. I'm just too slow for taking the forklift to the door! when I'm pushing the red button, i can't get enough time to take the lift, start it and go to block the door! please can you help me?

etadame provided additional details:

ok, I have tried that but the time to turn around, jump on the forklift is too short, I have no time to start the forklift and go, the hole where it suppose to jam is pass! too late!

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sasugarobert answered:

Don't worry, this is a problem that has occurred since Windows XP. All you need to do is download a patch and it will solve the elevator glitch on faster PCs. Here's the link to the patch:
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SuperDuperHuman answered:

First take the elevater to the bottom. Now position the forklift all the way right you can and make it face the exit.

You can check if it is in the right spot by pressing the red button and seeing if the little cut out on the metal screen door that shuts when the elevater is in use is right in front of the forklift.

If done correctly you should be able to press the red button then just turn around and enter the forklift. Shouldn't take to long. Also make sure that the fork is not up, there is a button on the left side of the forklift.

Now when the elevator is at the bottom, press the red button to start it, quickly turn around and jump into the forklift and keep pressing up.

If you did it right the forklift should jam it self into the secret level inbetween the two levels the lift goes to.

Now finally after this is all done just get out of the elevator, press the button on the forklift that raises or lowers the fork, its on the left side near the front, and then just walk on through.
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cheeseball341 answered:

Change your controls to camera-orientated. That way you don't have to turn all the way around, and can simply press down, enter and forward after pressing the button.
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eskimorich answered:

Yeah first download the patch, if you STILL can't do it, there are pieces of software out there like ComputerKiller which slows down your computer, however with the patch installed you shouldn't have any problems.
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