***Grim Fandango***

 This is the only walkthrough I could write,so I'll try to cover everything
that I can.I must tell you that Grim fandango is a great game,but the Lucas
guys missed on graphic effects.Before you start doing anything from this
walkthrough make sure to explore the entire location.Kudos to Lucasarts for
making this extraordinary adventure.
        P.S. Read the end!It contains important information!

 First of all read the message and take the cards from the table with the
books.Go outside and to Eva's desk.Use the cards on the hole punch.
Go to the garage (first door on the left),and knock on the doors of the
shack.Talk to Glottis,and say:
"Hey,you a driver?"
"I'm Calavera,Manny Calavera."
"Looks like need a new driver."
"You want to be my replacement driver?"
"Come on Glottis I need you to be my driver."
"You're not too big,the cars are just too small."
Now you need to get a work order signed so go out on the street (when you
leave the garage take the other elevator and go out
through the door)and talk to the clown at the carneval.Say:
"Practicing what?"
"Twist me up one of them huh fella?"
"Bet ya cant do a cat."
Now choose beetwen a cat,dingo or Robert Frost.Talk to the clown again.Say:
"My kid wants another baloon animal."
"A dead worm"
Talk to him again.Say:
"My kid wants another baloon animal"
"Do you have any more dead worms back there?"
Swipe a loaf of bread from the tent.Go to the end of the side street and
climb the rope.Go trough the window and set Don's computer to say:
"A cripes Eva,just sign it yourself will ya,I'm busy."
Go to Eva and use the work order on her.Use your scythe on the wrapping.Go
to the exit and you will meet a pink demon so follow him in to the room.Use
one dead worm on the blue snorkle,and the other one on the red.Go in to your
office and use the dead worms on the mesage tube.Go to where you met the
pink demon and take a right turn.Go in to the room and take the
extinguisher.Go to the machine door and turn the deadbolt to lock the
door.Eventualy the pink demon will catch fire.Go out and the demon will
leave.Go back in,open the door and use the perforated card on the red
tube.Talk to Meche and say:
"Excuse me while I go straighten this mess out."
Go to Eva's desk.Knock on the doors and talk to Salvador.Say:
"I'm thinking about getting out and getting even."
Optionaly you can say:
"Yeah,whell I've got something they can stick in their fold."
Then continue:
"The DOD runs a crooked game and I intend to prove it!"
"I'm gonna blow the lid of this place!"
Go out of the LSA and climb the rope.Go right and up.Open Domino's window
and search his desk drawer.Get the coral and punch his bag three times.Get
his mouthpeace.Go out and use the coral on the rope's loose end.Use the rope
on the ladder and climb both ladders.Use the baloon animal on the dishwent
and use the bread on it.Pick up the eggs and go down. Go through the garage
gate.In Glottis's shack use the mouthpeace on the Fill-a-dent dispencer,then
use the mouthpeace without facing anything.
Go out and use the blue eye,then give the egs to Salvador and the mouthpeace
to Eva.Go down and you will find Glottis. Go behind him then pick up the
bone,then use it on the web.Use your scythe on the web then go to Glottis
and use the heart on him.Drive to the rightmost exit,then use the wheelbarow
to syncronize the pumps (move the wheelbarow back and forth to block the
pumps.Release the pump when the pump on the blocked pumps side is about to
pump.The solution should look like this:
     First      <-   <- Second
         First      <-   <- Second

First pumps push out ,second pull in.Both pumps on one side should pull
in,and the other pumps should push out at the same time.The tree will rock
back and forth.Release the wheelbarow (by pushing <enter>) and pull the
lever.When Glottis climbs the tree pull the lever.Exit the Bone wagon and
pick up the sign,then go to the leftmost upper exit.Set your monitor's
lightning to maximum.Try putting the sign in all the spots and it will keep
showing the way to Rubacava.If you get the right spot a secret way will
open.Go in to the Bone wagon and drive through the secret way.Read the sign
and you will get a key.Board the Bone wagon and you should end up in front
of a big gate.Open the door and you will get chased by demon beavers.Go back
in and take three bones from the dam.Go in to the side way and use a bone on
the tar,then quickly use the extinguisher on the tar (push Keypad number 2
for the extinguisher).Repeat the proces untill you used up all the bones and
extinguished all three beavers.Go back out and use the key on the
padlock.You are now in Rubacava.Step in to the fog and Velasco will save
you.Go up in to the automat-restaurant and talk to Celso about
everything.Use the picture on Velasco and say :
"How do you know she sailed out,I don't believe it."
"Well,dont let me interupt your car talk"
Use the book on Celso and you finished year one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         **********Year two**********

 Go in and take the letters from the table.Go downstairs and head through
the door.Lupe will stop you.Say:
"Okay,back to work."
Go outside and go downstairs where you will find Meche's scale replica.Talk
to Velasco about everything and you will find out that you have to do the
get a maritime union card,
get Velasco to believe that Naranja is dead and
find tools for Glottis.
Go to Calavera cafe's bar,pick up the liqueur bottle,talk to Chowchilla
Charlie and say:
"Right.So what are you doing in it?"
"How did you print fake betting stubs?"
"What else can you counterfeit?"
"Can you make reasonable union cards?"
Now that you have a ticket printer and a VIP pass go in to the bar and use
the pass on Glottis.Go to Max's cat track (if you see a folding bridge pull
the lever and go across) and head in to the litter room (open doors next to
the cat)and pick up the can opener .Go to the VIP lounge (stairs next to the
window with the guy braging about kitty hats) ,go in to the kitchen,steal
the turkey baster and wait for the waiter.Once he is in the pantry close the
doors behind him and lock him with your scythe.Glottis will drink up the
wine so climb the ladder and use the can opener on the keg,and go in.Get on
the forklift and drive it through the elevator door.Move the forklift so the
forks are lined up with the rightmost hole in the doors.Push the button and
quickly get on the forklift and wait for the secret doors to appear.Once you
see them drive the forklift so it's forks go through the hole in the door
and block the elevator from moving up past the secret doors.Get of and pull
the lever on the other side.Go down the hall and pick up the suitcase and
you are an union man now.Go to the blue casket and head to the back of the
bar where you will meet Lola,Olivia and Nick.Say:
"Well,cathch ya later, hep chick"
Go in to the kitchen and you will see the waiter pour the coffin shooters in
the sink.Use the baster on the sink and the baster will fill up with dirty
hookah water.Go to Toto's shack (cabin next to the cat track) then open the
fridge,open the crisper and run to Naranja's bottle.Pull out your baster and
wait for Naranja to get distracted then use the baster on the botlle.Search
him and you will find his tags.Go over to the blimp (go over the bridge and
eventualy you will see it or go to the roof of the cat track by taking the
stairs next to the stairs of the VIP lounge) ,go up the stairs and you will
find Carla. Step in front of the large metal detector and drink your
liqueur.Walk through the metal detector before you burp.When Carla starts
talking about a city in whitch the only industry were figs... say:
"Hey,Carla,that's an awfuly metal detector you have."
Go to the litter room,walk to the edge of the ledge and keep using your
scythe on the litter box untill you find the metal detector.Go in to the
morgue (start down the big bridge and go through the blue metal doors)and
use the the tags on one of the bodyes ,then use the metal detector on
Membrillo and Naranja is dead (as if).Go to the Blue casket and use
Salvador's letters on the three beatniks.Grab the book , go to the bees and
use the book on them.Head to the VIP lounge ang talk with Nick Virago,say:
"Nick,I need a lawyer."
"Friend of mine is in the slammer."
"An excellent lawyer."
"The very best is good enough for me."
"You are Nick."
He will dump you so talk to him again but now say:
"Virago,I REALLY need a lawyer."
"I could tell Max about about you and Olivia."
Wait untill Nick leaves then take his cigarette case to the Blimp security
desk, use the case on Carla then say:
"I dont know.I found it under your desk."
Now that you got the key,go to the light house and use the key on the
door.When you walk in you will get a card.In Calavera cafe use the card on
Lupe to get Lola's jacket,then exsamine it and you will find a peace of
paper.Go to Toto and use the paper on him.Now that you have the photo go to
the betting window from the cat track use the printer without facing
anything.Set the printer for:
week 2
race 6.
Print the ticket and use it at the photo counter (the guy will ask for a
betting stub,if the guy brags about kitty hats you're at the wrong
window).If you do it right you will get another photo with Nick and Olivia
kissing so go to Nick and use the incriminating picture on him.Glottis won't
go out of the VIP lounge so go to Manny's ofice in Calavera cafe,use the
desk and you will start the roulette cheating sistem.Wait for the rightmost
light to turn on then press <Enter>.

                                      *********Year three**********
 Go in to the ship and go to the rightmost bottom of the screen (go down the
ladder THEN go to the rightmost bottom of the screen).Push the rightmost
button whitch controls the anchor,go to the motor controls ,use them , push
right,leave them,then push the rightmost button of the anchor control
twice.Look through the rightmost porthole, then use your scythe on the
anchors.Push the leftmost anchor control button,which will cause the ship to
rip in half,so go to the motor controls,use them,pull back and...great now
you are stuck under water.Try walking outside the light and Chepito will
come along.Qiuckly talk to him before he goes away (if you don't talk to him
,and he goes away then you have to wait untill  he goes around the ship once
"Well,I don't wanna break your little stride there."
He will come close to Glottis so snatch the lamp and turn towards the spirit
of the land,I mean...Glottis.Wait untill you get close to the pearl ,then
walk to the other side of the ridge.You should see a rock with some fealer
thingies sticking out. Well,walk around that rock cunterclockwise (start
walking through the fealer thingies,THEN around the rock)...poor Chepito.Go
in to the elevator,then choose the bridge that leads right,start down the
hall and in to the ofice.You will se another door so go through and you
found Meche...and Domino.After the cutsene you will find yourself in Manny's
third office (not what you expected from an office) with some kids making
light bulbs.Talk to the kids,and say:
"Why do you want to bite me?"
"What are you two doing in this cage?"
"Listen,children,I'm here to help."
"I'm here to help you get out of this cage."
"My hands are not too big to make light bulbs."
"I just don't have any of those litlee, tiny tools,that's all."
Pugsy will throw his hammer on you,then say:
"Okay,back to work."
Take the hammer and go to the little office where Meche is.Use the ashtray
so Manny moves it before Meche ashes.If you get it right Meche will burn her
stockings and throw them in the thrash,so pick them up from the thrash
can.Go down the elevator and head to the leftmost bottom of the screen where
you will find Chepito.Use Pugsy's hammer on him and you will get a Bust-all
chisell.Use Meche's stockings on Chepito and you got a Sproutella gun.Go in
front of the elevator and go follow the lamp posts at the right top of the
screen.If you follow right you will come to an old conveyor belt.I'm gonna
make this one easy ,so do this:
pull the lever which will cause the conveyor belt to move downwards,
climb the belt and run to the leftmost top of the screen.
Now you will see a giant crane,so board it,
move it to the oposite side of the island,
lover the chain,
and get off.
Use the Bust-all on the claw,
board the crane,
lower the chain and raise it so the grinder gigamajigs will fly out.
Drive the crane to the opositte side,
lower the chain on the belt,
get out of the crane,
and down the belt.
Pull the lever twice,
up the belt,
board the crane,
and raise the chain.
Reboard the crane,
move it to the other side,
and go to Meche's office.Talk to Meche and Domino will lock her in the
safe.Go out of Meche's office and go to the safe. Use the Bust-all on the
safe's door jamb.Use the wheel and turn it left/right so you open the top
tumbler,then open the 2rd tumbler (from top to bottom),open the 3rd,and
finaly open the 4th tumbler.To check if you did it corectly,exsamine the
tumblers.If they are "ligned up,flush with the door jamb" then you did
it!When you line-up the tumblers,DON'T DO ANYTHING ELSE!!!Just use your
scythe on the tumblers,and turn the door knob.Go inside and close the safe
doors... Oh,Raol,Is this how you payed me back...Sorry,I got carried
away.Grab your scythe and use it on the yellow peace of metal above the
doors.Go in to Meche's cell and use your scythe on the home-plumbing
sprinkler system.Turn the wheel.Do you see that the water drained through a
tile?Well,remember the tile's position,so go to the other room, pick up the
axe,drag it to the drain tile, pick up the axe and you are outta
there!But...that is not all,once you get on the ship Domino will start a
fight with you.Pull out your scythe,turn around and use your scythe on the
squid's eye.

          **********Year four**********
 Go down the stairs and you will see some coffins.Open one and you will find
Bruno,and get his "complimenary mug".You will hear Meche shouting ,so go
back up to the Gate.You will see that Virago got a one way ticket to
hellsville. Go downstairs and the Gate will give you a note.Read it.Go to
the small room under the train tracks.Talk to poor , sick Glottis.Say:
"What can I get you?Will anything help?"
"Can't we make a new hot rod?"
Go in to the kithchen and use Bruno's "complimentary mug" on the mug
rack.Open the Drawer and take a rag.Go outside and use the rag on the oil
container next to the tool cabinets.Go back in to the kitchen and use the
oily rag on the toaster and you are on your way!Now that you know that
Domino booby-trapped your car , go to the docks (don't tell me that you
forgot where it is) an talk to Velasco.He will go to Puerto Zappato so take
the bottle and go to the Blue Casket.Go in to the back and in to the
kitchen,then use the bottle on the big barell (or keg, as some people like
to call it).Go back to Glottis and use the botlle on him, then talk to
him...Yuck!Go in Toto's shack and take the liquid nitrogen from his medicine
cabinet.Go to where the Bonewagon is and ose the liquid nitrogen on the
gelly.Walk across and use the bomb.Pick up the soldier's arm,then talk to
Meche,then go out of the LSA hideout.Go up the ladder,then the other ladder.
Take the coffe pot and climb the ladder behind the Thunder boys.When you get
above ,pour the coffe on them.Once they're gone, go back down,and put the
pot where you found it.Go in to the dressing room,and you will get a pretty
sleazy mask. Go back up the ladder and use the soldier's arm on the grinder
from the snow-making machine.Get the grinder and go down in to the casino.Go
down to the slot machines and talk to the chopped soldier twice (he is
wearing a trench coat), or three times,just to be safe.Once you find out
about how he is cracking the machies, talk to Meche twice.She will give you
a sheet,so use it on Chowchilla Charlie.When you "sheet" Charlie,quickly
talk to the machine-cracking soldier.Once Charlie gets out of the bathroom
wearing a toga,go inside the bathroom and you will look like a new man.Go
back in to the LSA hideout and take the photo from the trash can and use the
note from Hector on the pidgeon,and then use the photo on him (it).Go out of
the HQ and go to where Bowsley fell and you will get the Bonewagon's
suspention controls.Go in to the tunell where Bowsley ran.Go in front of the
cave and use the grinder.When the bone shreds fall,they will sprout.So, use
the grinder,the shreads will sprout,so come closer to the cave.Repeat those
three steps from the last sentence untill Manny finaly desides to go in the
cave...Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!A SEWER GATOR!Ok,don't panic,pull out
the remote and use it.Drive forward,then get on the platform on Manny's left
side.Get on the ladder and climb half way down.The sewer gator should
turn.when the gator turns climb up,pull out the remote and use it.Go down
the ladder and in to the florist shop.Do you see the ball of tape above the
door?Use your scythe on it and Manny will get thrown out by Bowsley. Go back
in and you will get a gun...oh, and some sproutella seeds.Go back in to the
casino.Look at the big Keno board and remember the latest number.Talk to the
big pink demon and you have to answer one of his stupid questions.They are
always different,but the answer is the same: the latest number from the Keno
board.If you loose track of numbers,wait for a new one to pop up.You should
end up in Hector's waiting room.Talk to Celso and his wife,say:
"Actually,I work for Hector.He sent me to answer your questions."
"The real question is,don't you feel thatyou guys are worth it?"
"What exactly are you saving your money for?A rainy day?"
"Well,enough about you guys,let me tell you about my problems."
"I just got back from the worst vacation I had."
Now you will find Hector and reveal your true identity,but still he will get
away.Climb the ladder behind the sign's leg and go over to the arm.Get on
the border and use the grinder on the cracked statue.When the soldier's arm
is gone,use the seeds on the statue,which will fall down.Climb the ladder
you first saw when you climbed behind the sign and you will get driven to
the murderous meadows.Go inside the greenhouse and you will get
half-sprouted by Hector.Once you are lying in pain,pull the liquid nitrogen
and use it on the flower (use it on yourself).Look it to the back seat of
the limmo and talk to the HEAD of LSA.Olivia will get sprouted,so open the
suitcase and then take Salvador's ticket.Go behind the greenhouse and walk
left or right at the bottom of the screen while holding the ticket.The
ticket will get agitated if you turn the right direction,so walk towards the
signal the card is picking up.The ticket will fall and you will find
Salvador's body.Search him and you will find the keys to the trunk of the
car.Go to the car and use the key on the trunk.When you get the gun, run to
the water tower and use the gun on it.Go to the doors of the green house and
open them.
    ******THE END*******

 This walkthrough was written by Milan "Mickey" Paunovic.This text document
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