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"A Classic LucasArts Adventure"

Grim Fandango is one of those games that will go down in history as one of the greatest games of all time. It definitely deserves it. If you ask someone who knows or has played this game, they will say it is awesome. A lot of people have no clue what it is. The name may throw you off, but Grim Fandango is a true graphic adventure game. It was one of the last of it’s time, and LucasArts did an awesome job on it. Graphic adventure games started a long time ago, and are not usually around today. It is sad because this genre of games was a really neat one. Even though this game came out a while ago, it is still amazing today. My review is below and remember that the Final Score is not an average.

Gameplay (9/10) – This game has a lot of puzzles. Some are hard, and some are easy. You probably will get confused during some of them, because a lot of times you need to search really hard to figure out what to do. This is a hard game, and you may want to give up after trying a puzzle for hours. Well don’t, because it really is worth it to keep playing. This game is fun to play, but I do have one issue with the controls. It is hard to control Manny. Sometimes he changes direction or sometimes he walks into a door you do not want to. Many times I had trouble getting out of an area with a lot of tables or things blocking the way. There is a handy feature that lets you keep moving around big objects by just pressing forward, but I got frustrated at the controls quite a few times. That is basically the only thing that brings this section down.

Story (10/10) – Definitely one of the most unique, amusing, and interesting stories I have ever seen. You are Manny Calavera, and you are dead. Everyone is because you are in the world of the dead. Manny is a travel agent helping people that have just died to the afterlife, and he must do enough good deeds to get there himself. The agency he works for is definitely not his favorite, and his rival Domino always gets the best clients. The story gets better and better as you continue on, and I don’t want to say any more. You go through four years, each starting up at a new place where Manny is at. The story is told through cutscenes and through dialogue with other people. You have the option of picking what you want to say in many cases, and can result in some really funny dialogue. This is definitely the finest in game stories I have ever seen.

Graphics/Sound (10/10) – The graphics are very good even for today’s standards, and the cutscenes look even better. All of the characters have a very cool Day of the Dead look. The environments are always good, and there are no glitches or errors. The sound is excellent in every way. All of the voice acting is perfectly done, and the cast of characters sound superb. The background music is very good also, especially in year two (outside). With all of the dialogue choices, there is a lot of stuff you can hear. A lot of it is funny. Definitely a good job here.

Play Time/Replayability (9/10) – Well, it really depends on if you like puzzles. Everyone should and will want to finish this game at least once, but most won’t want to keep on going through it. There are no unlockables or difficulty settings, but the story alone warrants another playthrough. It may be months or even years after, but you will want to go back into the world of the dead and help Manny Calavera again. The game is not to long, like a lot of graphic adventure games. But it sure is a blast while it lasts.

Well, I really like this game a lot. Even though I gave it a 9 because of the control and the short length, this definitely is one of the best games of all time. Unfortunately not many people own it or have played it, so I encourage you to pick up a copy (They should be cheap) and play through Grim Fandango. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Gameplay- 9/10
Story- 10/10
Graphics/Sound- 10/10
Play Time/Replayability- 9/10

Final Score- 9/10

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 01/22/04

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