Question from mrbazza123

Why dont the cheats work?

once i have put in EnableCheats=1 and start up the game i try to use them but the console wont work i do this over and over again yet it still dosent work so please someone help me!!!!


TrueNubin answered:

The console is the ">" symbol on the top left hand corner, once you press the console key, type the cheat then enter


giveitem g1_w_lghtsber01
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thestalker11754 answered:

The EnableCheats=1 code has to be spelled just like I did right under [gameoptions] and it should work i did that last night.
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MrMugglesSaveUs answered:

If you are using Vista you have to run as administrator for the cheats console to work.
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blahling answered:

1: If your console is NOT opening, look at some of the already answered question to see what you can do to make it work.

2: If you console IS opening, try reading the "input cheats' codes carefully to put them in correctly
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