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What are the benefits of each class?

Whhat are the benefits of being a Scout, Soldier, Scoundrel, Guardian, Consular, and Sentinel?

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Cataclysms answered:

Starting classing:

Scouts - Have average feat and skill progress and vitality per level falls within the middle. They start with medium armor proficiency and the feats: rapid shot, flurry, and implant

Soldier - Have fast feat progression, slow skill progression, and the highest vitality per level. They start with heavy armor and heavy weapon proficiency and the feats: power attack and power blast

Scoundrel - Have slow feat progression, fast skill progression, and the lowest vitality per level. They start out only with light armor proficiency and the feats: critical strike and sniper shot. They are the only class that can sneak attack

Jedi Classes:

Guardian - Jedi class that is similar to Soldiers. Also have the lowest force points per level. Start out with force jump

Consular - Have slow feat and skill progression, average vitality per level, and high force points per level. Start out with Force focus and get bonus focus powers some levels

Sentinel - Have average feat progression, slow skill progression, average vitality and force points per level. Start out with immunity to fear
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AWing_Pilot answered:

The last three are the Jedi classes that you can choose to be later on after the Jedi Trials.

With enough training all the classes can become masters in anything.
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AngusYoung93 answered:

Soldiers- fast feat progression but slow skill progression
Scoundrel- fast skill progression, slow feat progression
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MagicFan4Life answered:

The Scout is probably the best, it's in between Soilder and Scoundrel.
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Jofez answered:

Guardians Get Force Jump, which puts your character right in the action and allows you to cross the screen quickly.
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Will_1231 answered:

For a brief explanation on EVERY one of the class combinations, visit my board FAQ on the Xbox board for Knights of the Old Republic. Thanks to another user, there's in-depth, but very easy to read, information on every class (Soldier-Guardian, Scout-Consular, Sentinel-Guardian, Sentinel-Consular, etc.).
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Robbob1508 answered:

It explains this very well in the booklet that came with the game... You could also read the FAQs, most give class stats ect ect..
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DeuxHero answered:

Just do Solider/Guardian, combat goes by quicker that way.
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JosieJ answered:

Check the FAQs section. Most of the FAQs and guides there are good, but for your question, STam's game guide would be best: it exhaustively details the benefits and drawbacks of each class, and even analyzes the different starting class/Jedi class combinations.
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