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Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Which ending is canonical? 1

Technical Help Answers
Main menu text invisible? 0
Why can I never load a Save File except AutoSave? 0
Why can't i get the console to show? 0
Windows 7 32 bit help? 0
Cheats on Wondows 8? 1
Environmental Effects? 1
Game Update - Virus? 1
How can I enable cheats for KOTOR 1 in win7 without a compatibility files option? 1
How can i fix the grass glitch which causes lines in the sky but have the grass working as it should? 1
How do i get cheats working on Windows vista??? 1
How do I write my override folder to my star wars KOTOR cd? 1
I have a Graphics Issue? 1
I have destroyed the fighters of the levithan and than error ? 2
Is the game any better from GOG than from Steam? 1
lines. PLEASE HLP? 2
Please insert the proper disk? 2
Screwing up in many ways... why? 1
Sherruk won't appear and I've beaten all the other Mandalorians. Help!? 1
When i open kotor the screen jus goes blank and a message comes up sayin kotor has encountered a problem what do i do? 2
When i put in the disc to play it wont work ? 1
Why does my computer freeze after i escape the blockade and kill the enemy star fighters? 1
Why does my save files F*** up? 2
Why does the game keep crashing in the middle of loading the Taris swoop race? 1
Why does the game keep freezing loading up when exiting the upper city cantina? 1
Why does the game keep telling me that I don't have enough space on my D: drive? 1
Why won`t the star forge work? 1
Awefull lag on dantooine how do i fix this? 1
Black screen when trying to use cheats? 1
Can't enable cheats? 1
Does this game run on windows vista 64? 6
Doesn't finish the install, after placing the desktop shortcut. Reasons? 1
How do you enable cheats on windows xp? 1
i can't access the Cheat menu? 1
Swkotor.ini problem.? 1
Why can't I load save files? 1
Windows 7 64bit compatibility? 1

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