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                                  Special Crystals FAQ


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Table of all the Crystals


Warning - This FAQ contains SPOILERS



There are a number of crystals dotted around the game of KOTOR. These can be
combined in a light saber to produce a number of effects. In the various FAQ's
on GameFAQs the location of the various crystals in covered in depth, except
for the special crystals.

For the PC version a new section of the game was created. A space station
orbiting Yavin IV which has a single very good shop on it. This shop improves
after you have 3 star maps and improves again after you get them all. Once
it improves for the last time it contains a pair of special light saber
crystals. As well as having unique colours (ones kind of orange and the other
is a lighter blue) they change the power of the other two crystals in the
weapon. These crystals cost 25000 credits (for the Mantle of the Force) and
20000 credits (for the Heart of the Guardian).

Don't worry about the money too much, as you have to kill seven aliens to get
to the last shop (you threatened them at the second shop so they want to get
some payback). Each of these seven foes drops a 1000 credits and some have
thermal detonators which are worth 1400 - so they get you well on the way.

As for the crystals themselves, they are well worth the money, as they allow
you to create some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

The other things this shop has are very cool also. It should be noted that
when you get the 3rd and 5th star maps, the entire inventory of the shop
refreshes, so if you buy something from the shop after only having 2 maps,
then return after you pick up another one, you should be able to buy it again.
I would recommend the excellen +3Dex +5Def gloves (8500 credits) for example.

Anyway, on to the table...

Table of all the Crystals

Crystal        Normal              Mantle                Heart
Rubat          +1A +1D             +3Regen               +2A +2D
Damind         +3A                 +1A +1D +2Regen       +3A +2D
Nextor         +1A +Keen           +1A +1D               +1A +1D
Opila          +3D +2d6 v Droids   +2A +3D +2d6 v Droids +2A +3D +2d6 v Droids
Jenruax        +2D +5Def           +2D +1Dex +5Def       +2D +7Def
Luxum          +2A +1d6 v Droids   +3A +2d6 v Droids     +3A +2d6 v Droids
Firkrann       +2A +2d6 v Droids   +3A +3d6 v Droids     +3A +3d6 v Droids
Bondar         Stun DC10 25% 2R    Para DC14 25% 2R      Stun DC14 25% 2R
Sigil          +1A +1d6D           +2A +1d8D             +2A +1d8D
Pearl          +3A +2D             +4A +3 Deflect        +3A +1d8D
Solari         +3A +3D +1d8 v Dark +4A +1d8D +2d6 v Dark +2A +1d10D +4Def
Upari          +3A +1d8D           +2A +1d6D +8Def       +4A +2d6D
Sapith         +2A +3D             +3A +4D               +3A +4D

Note: I haven't seen the following:

Phond          +1d6D               +1d10D                +1d10D

(Note - the Solari which is light side only, doesn't have that text on it's
description when with a special crystal.)


A      = Attack
D      = Damage of various sorts
Regen  = Regeneration
Def    = Deflection (i.e. returning blasters)
Para   = Paralysation
Dex    = Dexerity
Normal = With a standard (e.g. coloured) central crystal.


Rubat - 3 Regen is nice, but isn't that what force heal is for? Better for dark
side characters (or those with out access to force heal/cure)
Points: 0/5

Damind - See Rubat. I think this is better with the Heart personally, but still
not an ideal choice
Points: 2/5

Nextor - Don't waste the space on this - I think it is stronger in a normal
Points: 0/5

Opila - You get a nice additional +3D which is good. Not a bad choice, mainly
for use with the Heart.
Points: 3/5

Jenruax - +1 Dex. Could be useful depending on whether or not you have a
character with an odd number of Dex points. The extra +2Def isn't really worth
Points: Up to 4/5 if Dex is good, otherwise 2/5

Luxum - This almost doubles the value of the crystal, but realistically, how
tough are droids by this time. If required, take Firkramn instead, and Heart
Points: 2/5

Firkrann - Better than Luxum in all ways, but still, Droids????
Points: 3/5

Bondar - Can be useful, but if you are depending on a dice roll here you are
in trouble.
Points: 1+/5

Sigial - Nice increase on a weak crystal. A possible Heart crystal.
Points: 3/5

Pearl - Better in the heart than the Mantle. I would definitely short list this
Points: 4/5

Solari - Good increases in the Mantle, less good for heart.
Points: 4/5

Upari - Nice normal crystal, very nice in with either special crystal.
Points: 4/5

Sapith - Nice normal crystal, better with the Heart.
Points: 4/5

Phond - Good crystal, very nice with either special crystal
Points: 4/5


These are personal, and will depend a great deal on what sort of character(S)
you have that you want to use these. For a dual wielding offensive guardian I
have used:

Mantle + Jenruax + Solari which gives a total of:
5-26D +4A +1Dex +5Def +2d6 v Dark

which compares to

Blue + Jenruax + Solari:
4-18D +3A +3D +5Def +1d8 v Dark (light side only)

As for the Heart:

Heart + Sigil + Pearl which gives a total of:
4-32D +5A

Which compares to

Blue + Sigil + Pearl:
5-24D +4

(you could swap Sigil for Opila with no real issues, but I have never had any
real droid issues either).

Once you find the Upari and Sapith crystals, these should be swapped in using
the nearby workbench. I swapped them for the Jenruax (I had an odd number of
Dex points) and the Sigil - but it is up to you. They are very nice, if late,
crystals to collect.

Either of these special crystals can make a huge difference to your light saber
and the new colours are nice also. Go get them!

a) Me
This is mainly written by me: Crowbait. Using Notepad. On a computer. It took a
lot of time (well ok, some time!). If you want to contact me about this at all
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with Kotor in the subjet line somewhere (to allow me to delete spam). Ideas as
to better combinations and why are always appreciated...

b) Bioware for a great game!

c) Reader Additions:

Phond crystal                 - Silverius (via email)
Pointing out missing crystals - Neal Canup (via email), otaku taz (via email)

d) Anyone who actually read this! 


v1.0 - Inital release
v1.1 - Added 2 more crystals that I found, and 1 from a reader - still 1 missing


Have you managed to get Yuthra Ban to return to the light side yet? If you do (and
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