GCH-Jedi Character Guide by Sajber

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic:
"GCH-Jedi" Guide
by Erik Fasterius, erik.fasterius@telia.com
Copyright 2004 Erik Fasterius


       Who am I, what this guide is, and so on...

   2.0 GOAL
       What we're trying to create here!

   3.0 CLASSES
       The bread n' butter of any character.
           3.1 Starting Classes
           3.2 Jedi Classes
           3.3 What we want

       Second most important part of any character.
           4.1 Recommended Attributes
           4.2 Recommended changes for a more unique character

   5.0 FEATS
       What makes each character so special!
           5.1 Must-Have Feats
           5.2 Other nice Feats to have
           5.3 Feats to avoid
           5.4 Free Feats
           5.5 Recommended Feats
           5.6 Take what Feat at which level?

   6.0 SKILLS
       The least important part of this sort of character...
           6.1 Must-Have Skills
           6.2 Skills to avoid
           6.3 Recommended Skills
           6.4 Take what Skill at which level?

       What would a Jedi be without The Force?
           7.1 Must-Have Force Powers
           7.2 Other nice Force Powers to have
           7.3 Force Powers to avoid
           7.4 Recommended Force Powers
           7.5 Take what Force Power at which level?

       The stuff you need to succeed!

   9.0 MISC
       All the stuff that doesn't fit in anywhere else...
           9.1 GCH-Jedi Philosophy
           9.2 What weapons until I get my Lightsaber?
           9.3 Lightsaber Crystal Combinations

  10.0 COMBAT
       How you use this character to the best of it's abilities
          10.1 Ranged
          10.2 Melee
          10.3 Droids
          10.4 Beasts
          10.5 Dark Jedi
          10.6 General Combat Tactics

  11.0 PARTY
       Your friends, allies and those close to you...
          11.1 Recommended (Light Side)
          11.2 Recommended (Dark Side)

  12.0 SOLO
       Ever tried to Solo the game? Here's how you do it...
          12.1 Character Creation
          12.2 Force
          12.3 Tactics

       Everything else, mostly boring stuff...
          13.1 Credit where Credit is due
          13.2 Version History
          13.3 Who can use this guide 
          13.4 Special Thanks          

I am Erik Fasterius, a guy from Sweden who tend to spend too much time with my
computer. This will be my first guide, so please bear with me for mistakes and
anything else that's bad in general. As I said, I'm from Sweden, and english
isn't my first language. Please don't get mad at me for spelling and/or grammar

I welcome you to send me an e-mail and correct my mistake(s), and I'll
try to integrate them into this guide as soon as I can. I also welcome critic,
but that would have to be CONSTRUCTIVE critic. What I mean is, don't send me a
mail telling me that and that part was bad, without telling me WHY it was bad.
Those mails will simply be ignored and blocked. You can find my e-mail adress
at the top of this guide. Spamming and such will be blocked instantly. By the
way, the constructive critic goes for both directions: don't just say something
was good, say WHY it was good!

Before I start the guide, I would like to point out that I will use smilies in
this guide when i want to show that I'm joking, being sarcastic or just feels 
that a smilie would fit in nicely at a certain point. I'm doing this because
I don't have the skills required to joke in writing clear enough so that everyone 
understands that it is a joke and not for real.

What is this guide then? It's an attempt from my side to enlighten you with my
experience from a certain game - Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic. There
are already many really good guides for this game, and I didn't really think 
there was something I could contribute with. However, after having read all the
guides and played the game a couple of times, I actually come up with something
that I can contribute with. All the strategy around the other characterguides
seem to circle around that Jedi Guardians are fighters and the Jedi Consulars 
are casters and nothing else. I am NOT accusing anyone for a bad strategy or
bad guide, on the contrary, they're really good. I might also have interpreted
the guides wrong, saying that someone wrote something other than he/she really
wrote. If I do this, I humbly apologize, and beg for forgiveness. I'm simply 
adding my own experience to yours, and I see things from a different angle. 
Do Jedi Guardians REALLY have to be ONLY fighters? Sure, they can use some 
Force Powers, but they don't really have the Force Points required to last a 
complete fight...

Since this is my guide, it contains my own thoughts as to how the game should
be played, what Feats to choose, etc... There are many things that you might
think is wrong in this guide, for example what Force Powers or Feats to 
choose. I suggest you check out some other guides for some other people's 
opinions on a sertain topic, so you don't get my opinions ONLY! I've heard
that my own thoughts and opinions can sometimes be quite dangerous! =D

What would you say if i told you there were a Jedi that had the Vitality of a
Guardian and Force Points of a Consular? True? False? Nevertheless, the goal of
this guide is to create that Jedi. Is it even possible? Yes, but that Jedi will
have slightly less Force Points (FP) than a full-fledged Jedi Consular. It will,
however, be far superior to a Jedi Consular in means of Vitality Points (VP) and
Feats. Our Jedi will always have less FPs than a pure Consular. But consider the
fact that a Jedi Consular have far too much FPs to make them run out in a heated
battle. At the end of a battle a Consular might have lost about 0-80% of their
FP total, depending on the length and difficulty of the battle. Our Jedi will
lose about 0-100% of their FP total, also depending on the length and difficulty
of the battle. A Jedi Consular almost never runs out of FPs, but they're not to
rely on in means of fighting. Our Jedi WILL sometimes run out of FPs, but is FAR
superior in battle and CAN be relied on. Remember, you can ALWAYS wait a minute
or two for your FPs to recharge after battle. 
Again, I'm NOT trying to say that the Jedi Consular is a waste of time, I'm just
trying to show you a new way of making one... I call it the "GuardianConsular-
Hybrid-Jedi" - GCH-Jedi. Yes, a bad name and i know it. I welcome new names 
and might even use one of them if they're better than GCH-Jedi (many probably
are) =P

You've probably already guessed that we're going to use the Soldier and Jedi
Guardian as our classes. I will, however, go through the different classes and
describe why I think they're bad/good for this sort of character.

3.1 Starting Classes
Scoundrel - Many Skill Points (SK), low VP, Sneak Attack and few Feats. The only
            thing that this class offers our GCH-Jedi is the Sneak Attack bonus.
            You don't need Skills to complete the game, more on this in the 
            Skills Section. Will and Fortitute saves suffer.
Scout     - Average SKs, mediocre VPs and average Feats. No Sneak Attack, but
            the "Implants lv1-2-3" are nice bonus Feats. Very nice saves though.
            Still not quite what we're looking for.
Soldier   - Very low SKs, High VP and fast Feats progression. Ahhh, this is what
            we want. Since Skills aren't important, we can live with the few SKs
            the Soldier have. The high VP amount is important, as are the Feats.
            Reflex and Will saves hurt a bit, but we'll fix that in the 
            Attributes Section.

The far superior amount of VPs and Feats the Soldier have is exactly what we're
looking for. Yes, the Soldier isn't perfect, but you'll soon see that most of 
it's weaknesses can be fixed either by Attributes or the Jedi class...

Claude Arm pointed out a few good things about using the Scout as first class 
instead of the Soldier. Here are the things that you gain or lose by using the
Scout as a Starting Class:

- 2 Base Attack Bonus (BAB)
- 1 Feat
- 10 VP
- Heavy Armor Proficiency
+ 3 Reflex Save
+ 3 Will Save
+ 16 SKs
+ Implants Level 1 and 2
+ Uncanny Dodge 1

I haven't used this yet, it might be worth trying though. The SKs are useful
for repair (more story with HK-47) and for those that HATE mines and want to get
more Awareness and Demolitions. The - 1 Feat actually cancels out itself if you
plan on using Implants, since you then get two Implants for free. This could
be interpreted as +2 Feats, with the Uncanny Dodge as well. This character will,
however, have slightly less VPs. A minor problem, and it's you're choice ultimately.
This is a cool character to try out, just do as you would with a Soldier and
use the rest of my guide at your leisure... 

3.2 Jedi Classes
Consular  - Many FPs, low VP and very few Feats. We want those FPs, but not at
            the cost of something so important as VPs or Feats. Reflex saves
            are slightly hurt. Slow Skill progression, though it doesn't matter.
            Very nice bonus Feats.
Sentinel  - Average FPs, medium amount of VPs and slow Feats progression.
            Average Skill progression. This class gives us nothing we want, it 
            is too much in the middle of everything. Will saves suffer slightly.
            Quite good bonus Feats.
Guardian  - Low FPs, Very high VPs and lots of Feats (in comparison to the other
            Jedi Classes anyway =D). Very slow Skill progression. Precisely what
            we want, if we ignore the few FPs for now, they can be fixed. Will
            saves suffer slightly. Nice Bonus Feats.

We'll go with the Jedi Guardian, as you've already guessed. The only thing that
suffers is FPs, a very important part of any Jedi. That can and will be fixed.
The Jedi Guardian adds to the Soldier's already solid amount of VPs and Feats,
and helps fix the Reflex saves.

3.3 What we want
The Soldier and Jedi Guardian seems to be the solid choice. Aim for a level 5
Soldier / level 15 Jedi Guardian. Just don't level your Soldier any more when
it hits level 5, and save the experience. When you get your Jedi class, you 
should be around level 8-9 from the experience you saved, that is level 3-4 Jedi
Guardian. What are our weaknesses then? One thing really, since we don't need
Skills (again, explained in the Skills Section): FPs. Didn't I say we would do
a character with FPs that go almost as high as a Consular's? Yes I did, didn't 
I? Well, jump over to the Attributes Section and we'll see what we can do about

Strength is important for To Hit and Damage with melee weapons. Important for
us, since we're going to use our Lightsaber as weapon. Dexterity adds Defence,
Ranged Attack/Damage bonus and Reflex bonus. Good for everyone (Defence ;D),
including us! Constitution gives us more VPs and better Fortitude saves. We need
it! Intelligence adds SKs per level. Since SKs aren't important, this attribute
isn't either. Wisdom gives you more FPs, Force Power/Will saves and makes your
own Force Powers harder to resist. VERY important! Charisma helps with some
Force Powers and Feats, but also adds to Persuade and FPs.

Thanks Claude Arm for telling me that Charisma also adds to FPs, and that
you can't get less SKs/lvl than one! 

4.1 Recommended Attributes
Strength     - 14             +2 Attack/Damage with melee weapons
Dexterity    - 14             +2 Defence and Reflex saves
Constitution - 12             +1 VP/level and +1 Fortitute saves
Intelligence - 8              We can't get less than 1 SK/lvl anyway
Wisdom       - 15 (+5)        +2 bonus at start, +5 when finished            
Charisma     - 14             +2 bonus, very cheap

This is a very balanced way of giving out your attributes. We pump into Wisdom
to gain the extra FPs we so badly need, and still gain acceptable combat 
bonuses. That which makes this character a "Hybrid" is the high Wisdom. You'll
end up with 180+ FPs at the end, an amount close to that of a Jedi Consular. 

4.2 Recommended changes...
I strongly suggest you leave the Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma attributes as
they are, and still throw all the extra points into Wisdom. If you want to 
change something, then change either Strength, Dexterity or Constitution. You
may want more melee prowess, then add more strength and remove dexterity. You
want more Defence? Add Dexterity and remove Strength. You want a Godly amount
of VPs? Add more Constitution and remove either Strength or Dexterity. Perhaps
even both?

Remember that the GCH-Jedi is always part Guardian, part Consular. We need both
FPs, VPs and Feats to be able to fight well enough. Because of that, Feats are
a very important part of the GCH-Jedi. With a level 5 Soldier / level 15 Jedi
Guardian, we will have a total of 13 (5+8) Feats at level 20. The Soldier levels
gives us 5 Feats, and the Jedi Guardian gives us 8 Feats.

5.1 Must-Have Feats
Two Weapon         - This is the first thing you have to decide about. Should
Fighting/Dueling     you use one, dual or the double bladed Lightsaber? The two
                     last alternatives goes for the same Feat, so what you have
                     to do is simply to decide how you want to fight. The double
                     bladed Lightsaber does more damage, as do the dual 
                     Lightsabers. The single blade gives you more defence.
                     I fancy the dual lightsabers, since I can then modify them
                     more with 4 crystals instead of only 2 (2 crystals can be
                     inserted into every Lightsaber for extra mods, the color
                     crystal excluded). Choose how you want to fight, and then
                     max out the appropriete Feat ASAP! (I STRONGLY suggest 
                     dark Jedi use either dual or double bladed lightsabers for
                     a more offencive approach, since they lack more defensive
                     Force Powers, you might as well go all-out on offence.)

Critical Strike    - There can be valid reasons to choose Flurry instead of this
                     Feat, but I think that it's better to get three times your
                     amount of criticals than just one extra attack per round.
                     There are some very nice Sabre Crystal Combos that can, 
                     with help from this Feat, gain a 50% chance to score a 
                     critical! Max this one out ASAP!

5.2 Other nice Feats to have
Toughness          - First give +1 VP per level, then the incredible -2 damage
                     reduction (per hit), then again +1 VP per level. If you
                     want, you can translate the -2 damage reduction to +2 VP
                     per level, which means this Feat gives you +40 VPs at level
                     20. Yay!

Implants           - There are some REALLY nice implants out there, either leave
                     this Feat completely blank or max it out. It can be argued
                     that having this Feat at just level 1 is nice too, though
                     the level 1 Implants aren't as good as the level 3 ones...

Conditioning       - +1, +2 and +3 to saving throws. Really nice to have, but 
                     we'll have pretty good saves anyway. I recommend at least
                     one level in this.

Weapon Focus
Melee / Lightsaber - You'll automaticly get these free, though only level 1.
                     If you give more Feats to them, you'll add up +1 or +2 to
                     attack bonus. Nice to have, but only if you have Feats to

5.3 Feats to avoid
Flurry             - See Critical Strike.

Blaster Feats      - You may be tempted to use blasters until you get your Jedi
                     Class, but DON'T do this! It's just a waste of Feats, since
                     your Lightsaber will be the weapon you will use later on.

Skill Feats        - There are some of these feats that add SKs, a COMPLETE 
                     waste, since Skills aren't important!

5.4 Free Feats
The Soldier will give you these Feats at start:

Melee Weapon proficiency
Heavy Weapon proficiency
Blaster Pistol Proficiency
Blaster Rifle Proficiency
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Armor Proficiency (Heavy)
Power Blast
Power Attack

Most of them are completely useless, except the Armor Proficiencies. They will
be useful before you get your Jedi Class. The Melee Weapon Proficiency is good
too, so you can use one/dual/double bladed vibro-blades before you get your
Lightsabre. You can, if you want, use blasters. Don't focus more in them by
adding additional Blaster Feats, however, since you'll only waste Feats.

The Guardian will give you these Feats as you progress in levels:

Jedi Sense (level 1, 6 and 12)
Force Jump (level 1, 6 and 12)

Both of them are REALLY useful. Jedi Sense adds +2, +4 or +6 to defence, which
is crucial, since you'll be using Jedi Robes rather than Heavy Armor. Force
Jump adds lots of damage when you use it as initial attack, which you should do!
More on this in the Combat Section.

5.5 Recommended Feats
You have 13 Feats to distribute, where to put them? I suggest you do like this:

Two Weapon Focus / Dueling (MAX)
Critical Strike            (MAX)
Toughness                  (MAX)
Implants                   (MAX)
Conditioning               (level 1)

If you don't like it, I strongly suggest you keep all the levels in Critical
Strike and the weapon focus of your choice. You can reduce Toughness to 0 if you
want, but I suggest at least 1 or 2 levels in it. Conditioning is really useful,
so are implants. Again, Implants should be either maxed, or nothing at all.
Do try to change your choice of Feats so that it suits your playing style. My
Feat selection isn't perfect, but it suits MY playing style...

5.6 Take what Feat at which level?
Max out your Two Weapon focus / Dueling and Critical Strike ASAP! If you
use Toughness, you shouldn't put any Feats into it until you're about level 10,
since it makes little difference before that. After maxing out Two Weapon focus 
/ Dueling and Critical Strike, distribute the rest of the Feats as you see fit.

Skills. WE don't need them! Well, we need two of them, but that's it. Persuade
and Treat Injury will be important for us. With our slow Skill progress, those are
the only Skills we can afford to have as well.

6.1 Must-Have Skills
Persuade           - Makes the dialogue part of this game more enjoyable, very
                     good Skill.

Treat Injury       - IMPORTANT! The only Skill that's important for real. You
                     can go through the game without Persaude, but not without
                     this Skill!

6.2 Skills to avoid
I'll tell you why each of the other Skills are completely or partly useless...

Computer Use       - You can go through the game and pay the high amount of 
                     spikes needed to perform all the tasks without the need for
                     this Skill. You'll have so much money anyway, that if you
                     feel the need for more spiked, you can always go and buy 
                     more of them!

Demolitions        - There aren't ANY mines in the game that does enough damage
                     to hurt you! The only place in the game when this is useful
                     is down in the Sewers of the UnderCity, but then you have
                     Mission to help you with that!

Stealth            - Again, the only place you need this Skill is in the 
                     UnderCity Sewers, when you have to lure the Rancor to eat a
                     Frag Grenade, and you STILL have Mission to do that!

Awareness          - How many cloaked enemies are there in the game? about 
                     NONE! And if you say "how will I spot mines then?" you
                     haven't read the demolitions part that says "There aren't 
                     ANY mines in the game that does enough damage to hurt you!"
                     End of discussion...

Repair             - The Droids throughout the game that just stands there and
                     begs to be repaired and to help you are completely useless,
                     they don't help enough. And if you say otherwise, you can
                     still use the Skill without having anything in it.

Security           - EVERY door/locker/anything that's locked can be bashed open
                     very easily! COMPLETELY useless Skill...

6.3 Recommended Skills
As you've already guessed, take only Persuade and Treat Injury...

6.4 Take what Skill at which level?
As level 1 Soldier, take 1 level in Persuade and 2 in Treat Injury. For the rest
of your Soldier levels, take only Treat Injury. When you get Jedi Guardian, 
boost Persuade up to the same level as Treat Injury, then keep them at the same

The amount of Force Powers a Guardian receives doesn't differ very much from the
Consular's. The Consular will only recieve 4 more Force Powers, should you be
able to level both Jedi Classes to level 20 without any starting class. So, in
means of Force Powers, the Guardian is no less a Master than the Consular.
the GCH-Jedi will have a total of 16 Force Powers at level 5/15. Where shall we
put them then?

[N] means Neutral
[L] means Light Side
[D] means Dark Side

When I name the Force Powers, I will either 1) name the first power in the whole
Force Power Tree, or 2) come up with another name that everyone should be able
to understand (example: Burst/Knight/Master Speed = Force Speed).

7.1 Must-Have Force Powers
Force Speed [N]    - When maxed, this incredible Force Power gives you +4
                     defence and 2 (two!) more attacks per round! One of the
                     BEST Force Powers there are! Max, max max!

Force Push [N]     - Great Power! With this maxed, you can just run into a room,
                     unleash it and see your enemies fall to the ground, stunned
                     and damaged! Your high Wisdom modifier should make it VERY
                     hard to save against ANY of your Force Powers, including 
                     this one...

Cure [L]           - For Light-siders only, this really helps. When you, after 
                     battle, find yourself exhausted and damaged, cast this 

Force Valor [L]    - Good in a heated battle that just started, and you need 
                     something to gain the upper hand. It will give you +5 to 
                     all physical attributes (Strength, Dexterity and
                     Constitution) and Poison immunity. The short duration (20
                     seconds) make it useless anywhere else than in the middle
                     of a battle, but when used correctly, it can turn the tide
                     against your enemies!

Force Stun [L]     - Walk into a room, cast this nasty little power and see your
                     enemies freeze as they stand! Great as initial Power before
                     you start hacking away with your Lightsabre!

Force Choke [D]    - Wear your enemies down to 1/2 of their total VPs, then cast
                     Force Choke. See the flame of their lives extinguish for
                     your evil satisfaction!

Force Fear [D]     - Same as Force Stun, but for the Dark Side.

Force Storm [D]    - "So be it, Jedi!" - Emporor Palpatine. Fry your enemies
                     for 10-60 damage if they fail their save (they probably
                     will, because of your high Wisdom).

Drain Life [D]     - The only healing Power the Dark Side has, but it is VERY
                     powerfull. 10-40 damage for your opponent, 10-40 more life
                     for you! The only Force Power in the game that both
                     damages AND heals!

7.2 Other nice Force Powers to have
Mind Domination [N]- Not for battles, but can increase the dialogue options,
                     making a more "Star Wars" game experience.

Throw Lightsabre[N]- 10-60 damage to 3 targets at level 20, but that's basicly
                     it. It can be argued that this skill should be in the
                     Must-Have section, but I didn't find it that useful...

Stun Droid [L]     - 20-120 damage for several droid. YAY! Too bad there isn't
                     enough droids in this game to make the Power worthwhile...

Force Plague [D]   - Lowers the enemies' attributes by 12, very good to have
                     against bosses or difficult Dark Jedi.

7.3 Force Powers to avoid
The rest of them. They can be good to have in sertain situations, but they 
simply aren't worth the Force Power Slot it takes to make them good enough.

7.4 Recommended Force Powers
Light Side         - Force Speed (Max)         3            
                   - Force Push (Max)          3    
                   - Cure (Max)                2
                   - Force Valor (Max)         3
                   - Force Stun (Max)          3
                   - Mind Domination (Max)     2 

Dark Side          - Force Speed (Max)         3
                   - Force Choke (Max)         3
                   - Force Storm (Max)         3
                   - Force Fear (Max)          3
                   - Drain Life (Max)          2
                   - Mind Domination (Max)     2

Rearrange as you see fit, these are just my recommendations. However, Force 
Speed is a Must-Have, for both alignments. I strongly suggests that Light Side
Players keep Cure and Force Push, while Dark Side Players will want to have 
Drain Life and Force Storm.

7.5 Take what Force Power at which level?
Light Side         - Max out Force Speed and Force Push first, then Cure, then
                     all the other Force Powers you want to have.

Dark Side          - Max out Force Speed and Drain Life first, followed by Force
                     Storm. Then distribute your other Force Powers as you see 

There are numerous garments, headgear and so on in this game, and I won't be the
one to tell you the "Perfect" equipment for a GCH-Jedi, you'll have to find out
for yourself. Anyhow, the kind of equipment you wear always depends on playing-

There are a couple of things you should be thinking about when you look for
good equipment. You want equipment that modifies your attributes, attack, 
damage, defence, saving throws, etc. Stuff that adds to Skills are completely
useless for a GCH-Jedi. The most important attributes you want to modify are
Wisdom, Strength and Dexterity. Just to mention some items...

Circlet of Serash (+5 Wisdom, Light Side Only)
Dominator Gloves (+5 Strength)
Darth Revan's Robes (5 Defense, Regeneration 1, +4 Strength, Dark Side Only)
CNS Strength Enhancer (+2 Strength and Saves)

9.0 MISC
Ready for the real deal behind the GCH-Jedi? Other ways of doing a GCH-Jedi? 
Move on to GCH-Jedi Philosophy...

9.1 GCH-Jedi Philosophy
What is it that we have done here? We've taken the strong sides of the Soldier
and Jedi Guardian, added them together, and then tried to make up for their
weaknesses. Their weaknesses were FPs, so we added lots of Wisdom. But why not
do the opposite...?

Wondering what I'm talking about? What I'm saying is, why not make a Jedi
Consular, and modify the low amount of VPs and try to make use of the few Feats
it has? Could work, if not for a very specific train of thought...

I've already explained that the GCH-Jedi will never come to have as much FPs as
a pure Consular. Wouldn't it be the opposite then, if we tried to make some 
"ConsularGuardian-Hybrid-Jedi", that the VPs would never really reach the height
of the Jedi Guardian? True. What I'm trying to do is to make a Jedi that always
stays in front of everybody else, fighting toe-to-toe with the enemies.
The next question would be "What would you rather run out of in the middle of 
a battle: FPs or VPs?". Peroid. ;D

You see what I mean? Actually, I first thought of doing the CGH-Jedi, but then
realized that I could do a GCH-Jedi instead. The Consular have far too few
Feats to be able to really handle a real melee fight anyway...

9.2 What weapons until I get my Lightsaber?
I suggest you go melee, using vibro-blades and such. There are some places where
you might want to use a blaster, feel free to do so. Just remember that your
strong side is VPs and melee combat...

Mark "Hamal" Livengood has found a "Prototype Vibroblade" in the 
beginning, aboard the Endar Spire. I didn't find my first time through the game,
and the rest of the times I just rushed past it. Maybe that's why I haven't
found It. Mark told me it's an Upgradable Weapon, and that's very useful for
the early Soldier stages of the GCH-Jedi. Wear a Vibrosword, Long Sword or such
along with the Prototype Vibroblade if you're dualing. 

9.3 Lightsaber Crystal Combinations
I use the PC version of this game, and in that version there are two special
crystals that go in the color slot, "the Mantle of the Force" and "Heart of the
Guardian". They modify the statistics of the other two crystals in the sabre to
the better, but they are ugly! I therefore DO NOT use them, since i HATE those
colors! One is a sort of Orange-Red, and the other is the same color as Luke
Skywalker's first Lightsabre in Episode IV (first movie ever). If you like or
can tolerate the colors that the special crystals give, USE them, becuase they
make REALLY AWESOME Lightsabers!

Here are some really good Crystal Combos for the GCH-Jedi...

Nextor + Opila: Keen, attack bonus 1, damage bonus 3 (energy), +2d6 to criticals
                The "Keen" part makes the lightsabre get more criticals, and in
                combination with the Critical Strike Feat you can have about 50%
                change of striking a critical hit!

Upari + Bondar: 25% chance of stunning against DC 10, 1d8 damage, 3 attack bonus
                Lots of damage with a chance of stunning!

Jenraux + Jenraux: 4 damage bonus (energy), +10 blaster bolt deflection
                really good as a off-hand short lightsabre, and can be very
                effective with the Throw Lightsabre Feat, when throwing your
                other Lightsabre away and defending with this one.

Upari + Sigil: 1d8 + 1d6 damage bonus (energy), +4 attack bonus.
                Massive damage, great attack bonus, though no special stuff.

These are not all the good combos, you can by yourself try to find new combos,
and use what suits your playing style. I tend to use Dual Lightsabers, the main
one with Nextor + Opila, and the off one Upari + Bondar.

Half of this game, the combat parts are the parts you need to get past to get to
the story parts. Then you have to get past the story parts to get to the combat
again, but that's a different story ;D.

10.1 Ranged
Since you're using Lightsaber, which are melee weapons, I suggest you run up to
your enemies and hack away. Maybe a Force Power or two before, just to soften
them up. ;D When you've come up to them and started fighting melee, they'll 
use a melee weapon of their own, but they probably won't be as good with it as
they are with blasters.

10.2 Melee
They want to get you, and they want melee as much as you do. Again, Force Power
them, and start hacking. Remember, these enemies are a bit tougher than ranged
attackers, so be ready with any form of healing you have at hand.

10.3 Droids
Some Droids apply melee, some use ranged weapons. Do what you see fit, but be 
aware: some Force Powers won't work against them! Force Storm and Stun Droid are
both good Droid-killers, should you have them.

10.4 Beasts
This section includes Rancors, Tarentateks, and anything the doesn't fit into
the other categories. There are some beasts that aren't very difficult to take
at all, but since they come in numbers, they might be a bit hard. At a sertain
point in the game, you'll be forced to fight 2 (yes, two!) Tarentateks, SOLO!
That can be quite difficult, should you find that you haven't got either Force
Stun or Force Fear... All the other beast are pretty basic after that fearfull
encounter ;D!

Roy Luo says that you actually can lure the Tarentateks to fight you one-
on-one, making the fight very much easier. This fight is, by the way, on 
Korriban, in one of the tombs... According to Roy, there's also a powerful
sword that does poison damage, that makes the fight even easier. 

10.5 Dark Jedi
The most dangerous enemies in this game, they use the Force as well as you do.
Watch out for Drain Life and Force Storm! Be quick and use your own Force Powers
before they do, preferable those that can incapacitate.

10.6 General Combat
Don't be afraid to use your FPs, they will recharge after battle. Use Powers 
that incapacitate rather than damage against lots of enemies (Force Push, Force
Stun, Force Fear). Force Storm can work wonders too. Trust in your amount of 
Vps, and be sure to heal yourself, should you drop under 20-40% of your VP 
total. The few solo areas there are in the game can be quite difficult indeed,
but you should be able to survive them. If you know that a difficult fight
is ahead, make sure you've recharged both your VPs and FPs to their maximum.

11.0 PARTY
You will find many people on your journeys that are willing to join you, for one
reason or the other. This part of my guide isn't really that much of strategy,
it's just a way of getting out more of the story!

11.1 Recommended (Light Side)
Bastila - Great Jedi, she can both fight and use the Force quite well. Somewhat
a half GCH-Jedi, she can add to your party greatly. There's some wonderful
dialogue to be had with her too... (Romance, *wink* *wink* ;D)
When you level Bastila, you would do well to level her simply as a GCH-Jedi from
the Light Side. If you are using Dueling, make sure she uses either Dual or
Double Bladed Lightsabers. If you're using either of the last ones, choose as 
you see fit... Bastila will join your party after you've resqued her on Taris.

Jolee - Great to have in your party, since he's kind of neutral in means of 
alignment. That means you can have both Light and Dark side Force Powers with 
him, without suffering additional costs of FPs. Since you're Light, and you have
Bastila, you should focus more on Dark Side Powers with Jolee. Give him Cure and
Heal, though. Let him use Dueling, for the extra defence it gives. Find him
in the Lower ground of Kashyyyk.

11.2 Recommended (Dark Side)
Bastila - Same as if you're Light Side, but make sure she uses Dual or Double
Bladed Lightsabers. Still very funny dialogues with her, since she's good and
you're bad. ;D Again, treat her like a Light Side GCH-Jedi.

HK-47 - Mainly because he's so extremely funny! He can say things like:
"Approximation: I believe that they want us to help them. May i blast them now,
Master?" Anyway, since you're playing the Dark Side, you SHOULD think it's 
funny! ;D Buy him at Tatooine. Threaten the seller and you can buy him for a 
measly 2500 credits!

12.0 SOLO
You've already beat the game once or twice, perhaps with both the Light and Dark sides. If
you feel that the game was far too easy for you (like I felt) this section is something for
you. Soloing KOTOR isn't the easiest thing to do, but it sure is fun! Try it if you're up to
a REAL challange!

12.1 Character Creation
Since we're all alone in this, we need TONS of VPs. Here's the best build for a soloing 
GCH-Jedi. I also believe that the GCH-Jedi is probably the best character for Soloing, if
not the only one who can do it. I haven't tried with other characters, but i doubt that the
Consular have the VPs to do it, and pure Guardians will lack FPs.

Strength     - 12             +1 Attack/Damage with melee weapons
Dexterity    - 12             +1 Defence and Reflex saves
Constitution - 16             +3 VP/level and +3 Fortitute saves
Intelligence - 8              We can't get less than 1 SK/lvl anyway
Wisdom       - 13 (+5)        +1 bonus at start, +4 when finished            
Charisma     - 14             +2 bonus, very cheap

Most points we pour into Constitution, because VPs aren't gained retroactively as with 
Toughness. +3 VPs per level, from the start, is really what we need. We will still gain a
pretty neat amount of FPs, so you shouldn't worry about that. Remember, we'd rather run
out of FPs than VPs! =D All your skills should go into Treat Injury, we can't really afford
Persuade when Soloing. Besides, you've probably already got all the dialogue out of this
game if you're trying soloing. 

There isn't much variation in Feats for most Soloing characters. This is the basic setup,
I suggest you stick with it. When Soloing, always, always use either Dual Sabers or Staff.
More attacks = more hits = more damage = less enemies. Not exactly Quantum Mechanics, eh? =D
Toughness                  (MAX)
Two Weapon Focus           (MAX)
Critical Strike            (MAX)
Implants                   (MAX)
Conditioning               (level 1)

Yes, it is the same as I suggest above, in the Feats Section. Nevertheless, it is the best
for a Soloing character.

12.2 Force 
You will have almost as much FPs as a pure GCH-Jedi, but lots and lots of more VPs. You'll
still have the same amount of Powers to choose from. The "easiest" way to solo is by going
to the Dark Side, using only Dark Side Powers. As a Soloing character, you need good crowd
control Powers. This goes for the Light and Dark side alike. You'll be able to kill most
single enemies (bosses, etc) pretty easily with sheer amount of VPs without the need for
Force Powers, except for perhaps Force Speed.

Dark         - Force Speed         3
             - Force Storm         3
             - Force Push          3
             - Drain Life          2

The other 5 points you can distribute as you feel the need. Those are the Powers I feel are
the most useful for a Soloing character.

Light        - Force Speed         3
             - Force Push          3
             - Force Valor         3
             - Cure                2

Distribute your remaining points as you see fit. Playing on the Light Side while soloing is
a bit more difficult, for lack of crowd control until you get Force Push. This is for those
of you that feel they really badly need a challange in something already difficult.

12.3 Tactics
Our Soloing GCH-Jedi will have 300 VPs if you've done as I suggested. This is 10 + 3 + 2 per
level, 10 in Base, +3 with Constitution bonus and +2 with maxed Toughness. You're a very
beefy Jedi! Your basic Tactics will be to run into a room with enemies, cast either 
Force Push / Fear / Stun, then Force Speed and lastly hack away. When you've got Force Push,
you won't have have very much trouble with any part of the game, since it gives you 
excellent crowd control. Combined with your godly amount of VPs, you're pretty much 

It's actually the first part of the game that's difficult - even more so before you get your
Guardian Class. You'll need to keep a large amount of Medpacks in your backpack at all 
times. That goes for the rest of the game as well, but it's very important in the beginning.
If you find that there's an area or quest you can't complete, try a different tactics. If
you have to resort to cowardly tactics (like luring an enemy away from a group one at a
time), you might as well stop Soloing. Anyway, if you have taken my suggestions and have a
fair amount of knowledge and experience from the game, it shouldn't be too hard. Give it
a couple of tries though! =P

Boring, boring, boring... Necessary, bah! =P

13.1 Credit where Credit is due
There are now a couple of people who have contributed in one may or another to
this guide, their names are in the Special Thanks Section. More suggestions,
tips, comments, critics and such is warmly welcomed. My e-mail is at the top
of this guide. 

13.2 Version History
ver. 1.2, 9th Mars, 2004
     - Added SOLO Section
     - Added some info in the PARTY Section
     - Gave the Smilies more variation =D
     - Fixed some spelling mistakes

ver. 1.1, 10th January, 2004
     - Fixed Intelligence and Charisma Attributes
     - Added Tarentatek fight info
     - Alternative Starting Class
     - Added PARTY Section
     - Prototype Vibroblade info
     - Fixed some spelling mistakes

ver. 1.0, 3rd January 2004
     - Initial release

13.3 Who can use this guide
GameFaqs, obviously, and anyone who wants to, but I require an e-mail asking for
permission before doing so. My mail can be found at the top of this guide. I 
will almost always give you my permission to use the guide, I just want to know
who you are and where you'll be putting the guide...

Other sites who can use this guide and the people responsible for them:
www.dlh.net       - Berndt Wolffgramm
www.neoseeker.com - Leo Chan

13.4 Special Thanks
George Lucas      - For coming up with Star Wars
Bioware           - For making this game
My Mom            - For partly paying for my computer =D
Claude Arm        - Contributing to the Guide
Roy Luo           - Contributing to the Guide
Mark Livengood    - Contributing to the Guide
Ethan Blankenship - Correcting some of my spelling mistakes
Elizabeth Darci   - For giving me confidence in the making of this guide

That's all, hope you enjoyed my very first guide!

...And may the Force be with You!