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                     Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear: Black Thorn
                                  Version 2.0
                            Created by idyoticwyzard
                         Copyright (c)2007 idyoticwyzard

Table of Contents

1. Legal Intro
   1.1 Version History
2. Gameplay Tactics
   2.1 Characters
3. The Missions
   3.1 Desert Dragon
   3.2 Silent Ace
   3.3 Copper King
   3.4 Coarse Blade
   3.5 Spirit Clasp
   3.6 Golden Song
   3.7 Blunt Scroll 
   3.8 Broken Sceptre
   3.9 Empty Cloud
4. Closing

1. Legalities

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Email: idyoticwyzard@hotmail.com
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1.1 Version History

Version 2.0 (08/30/07): Another rehashing of each mission, this time with
                        mission-specific equipment lists and assault weapons.
Version 1.2 (09/30/05): Reworded and edited every mission.
Version 1.1a (09/09/05): Add websites to allowed list.
Version 1.1 (08/15/05): Some corrections and clarifications.
Version 1.0 (08/05/05): Covers the single player campaign.


2. Gameplay Tactics

--The HQ plans are trash. 
--The AI easily gets shot, so in general, leave the computer only to move from
  point to point and to cover/snipe open areas with only a few guards.
--Along the same lines, don't totally rely on the AI to watch your back. So a
  team with more than 2 people is unnecessary; most of the time, the last few
  members hardly get to shoot anyone anyway.
--When rescuing hostages, the team you control should be the first into the
  room (after flashbangs, if needed).
--Learn to love the heartbeat sensor and 3rd person view.

2.1 Characters

Leaders: Chavez (stealth team), Novikov, Bogart, Price, Walther, Noronha
Assault Team: Every other member in the Assault category
Stealth: Every Recon member
Sniper: Any sniper, but I often use Johnston, Weber, and Galanos.


3. The Missions

-EXT = extraction zone
-INS = insertion zone
-SAlpha, SBravo, SCharlie, SDelta = Snipe at [Go-Code]
-CAlpha, CBravo, CCharlie, CDelta = Cover at [Go-Code]
-I don't use Defend -_-

-Note: Mission plans are designed for Elite missions. However, they work just
       as well on Veteran and even Recruit. Just the number of tangos are
       different. Overprepared is better than underprepared.

3.1 Desert Dragon

-Not a difficult layout at all. 3 teams to clear each floor of the embassy.

Black Light
.45cal M23-SD
HB Sensor

Blue Team: From the north INS, head east, through the hedge wall, and CAlpha
           behind the footbridge so you are facing the 2nd floor balcony.
           Alpha, head upstairs and clear out the 2nd floor counterclockwise,
           avoiding the center room above the hostages. Use the HB sensor,
           since tangos will change positions each time you play the mission.
           When you get to the west side of the 2nd floor, circle around the
           bathroom here but kill the guards inside. When you reach the SW
           corner of the 2nd floor, head down the northern set of stairs in the
           center room. Wait for Delta near the northern end of the hostage
           room. At Delta, go to the door and toss a flashbang in. Secure the
           hostage and escort her to EXT.

Red Team: From the south INS, move west a few feet and CAlpha towards the 2nd
          floor balcony on the SW part of the building. Once the guard up there
          is down, peek from behind the hedges and take out the guard on the 
          eastern 2nd floor balcony and any other patrolling guards nearby.
          Alpha, head to the basement via the closest stairs and just before 
          you reach the 4-way intersection, wait for Bravo. On Bravo, peek west
          and shoot the guard standing outside the meat locker, then run up and
          flashbang the meat locker itself. Secure the hostages and exit
          through the last door to neutralize the last guard. Escort these
          hostages to EXT.

Green Team: From the north INS, head west to the front of the embassy. Take
            down the guard patrolling here and enter through the front doors.
            If you check the HB sensor, there be a guard patrolling the south
            part of this entrance hall. Shoot him first, then head east a bit
            so you have a clear line of sight to the northern hallways.
            CCharlie north in that direction. Charlie, make your way to the
            southern door of the hostage room and eliminate any remaining
            tangos along the way. Hold for Delta by the door. Delta, flashbang
            the hostage room and rush in with Blue to secure the room. Head to

Order of Operations: Control Green until they are inside, then give Alpha as
                     Blue and clear the 2nd floor. Once they're done, give
                     Bravo as Red and secure the basement. Charlie as Green to
                     put the teams in place. Give Delta (as Red, if you don't
                     want to rescue the hostage yourself) and rescue the

3.2 Silent Ace

-Arguably the hardest level in Black Thorn, so don't worry if you have to keep
 restarting. 1 recon team and 2 assault teams.

Street1 Medium
MP5 SD10 (Blue) / FNC (Red) / M60 (Green)
.45cal M23-SD
Flashbangs (Blue Team) / Frag Grenades (Red and Green Team)
HB Sensor

Blue Team: Enter the boat using the south entrance and clear the two guards in
           the south cabin area. Continue north to the hallway and stop for
           Bravo before the main hall. Bravo, head out into the hall and take
           the stairs up to the bar (southern area), then keeping heading up a
           few more decks until you reach the pool area below the hostages.
           When you first open the door onto this deck, you can snipe a guard
           in the distance. Then wait for a patrol to come around and shoot him
           too. Head up the NE stairs to the top deck and continue south to the
           hostages. When you get close to the door, crouch and hold your team
           while you continue to the corner. This is to take care of any tangos
           that might come through the door while you're busy with the tango
           in the SW corner. Once that guy's down, lob a flashbang through the
           window. Keep in mind that while crouched, you don't throw as
           powerfully or as far. When it goes off, stand up and take down the
           three tangos inside. Go in and escort the hostages and go to EXT.

Red Team:  Infiltrate up the ramp to the north and wait for Alpha at the top.
           It's important to use silenced weapons so that Green will attract
           the tangos to their choke point. Alpha, head for the northern stairs
           and pull out the HB sensor. There are two guards in the casino
           above; if you see only one, then the other is on the balcony inside.
           In any case, shoot the bomber on the same floor as you, then if you
           know someone's upstairs, throw a frag through the highest window to
           your left. That should take care of him. Continue south until you
           reach the main hall. Look around at the 3 balconies overlooking the
           main entrance and clear them, then head to EXT when you're done.

Green Team: Head up the middle ramp opposite Red and hold for Bravo at the top.
            When you're ready, fire a shot into the wall and wait for the flood
            of tangos to eventually make their way here. Bravo, head up the
            stairs to the bar, where you will find two guards. Throw a frag in
            to flush them out. Secure the bar and return to EXT.

Order of Operations: Play as Blue first and kill the first few guards. Then
                     switch to Green and clear out some of the tangos coming to
                     you. Alpha as Red until you secure the balconies, then
                     Bravo as Green to clear the bar. Back to Blue again to
                     rescue the hostages and end the mission. If you keep
                     botching the actual rescue, you can use F1 to see where
                     the guards are before flashbanging them.

3.3 Copper King

-If you hear radio chatter from the enemy, then you have a very limited amount
 of time to get to the tower and shoot the bus driver. 2 assault teams and 1
 sniper team (sniper as leader).
Desert2 Light
MP5 SD / SSG3000 (Green sniper)
.45cal M23-SD
Frag Grenades
HB Sensor

Blue Team: Head north through the building and take out the guy by the door.
           Also take out the patrol that passes close by. Now when the guard in
           the long alley to the east turns away, shoot him in the back. Enter
           the nearby building. Kill the guard here and the one across the
           street (if he's outsid) and hold for Alpha. Alpha, head east down
           the long alley. At the end, peek north around the corner and shoot
           anyone you see. Creep up to the 3 stationary guards using the HB
           sensor and CCharlie northward. When you're ready, stand up and
           sidestep, firing into each tango's face in turn.

Red Team: Follow Blue through the hut and make the first right. Hold for Alpha
          here. Alpha, continue to the east corner of this alley and CBravo to
          the roof across from you. Bravo, clear the 2-story building and head
          onto the roof. Clear the roof if you haven't yet and take out the
          patrol in the northern area one floor below you.

Green Team: Go through the hut and make a left. Wait in this alley for Charlie.
            Charlie, head northeast through the bazaar just east of the two-
            story building. One tango should be in here. Another is guarding
            one of the huts, so take him out too. Continue to the church and
            kill the guard in front. Go inside through two rooms and you should
            hear a guard be alerted: wait for him to run into you and shoot him
            as he appears. Go up the bell tower and snipe the bus driver.

Order of Operations: Take control of Blue until Charlie, then give Bravo as Red
                     to kill everyone you can find. Then switch to Green and
                     give Charlie to finish the mission.

3.4 Coarse Blade

-One of the few missions in which the AI does well. 3 assault teams.

Euro1 Medium
.50cal Desert Eagle
Flashbangs (Blue) / Frag Grenades (Red and Green)
HB Sensor

Blue Team: Start at south INS and make your way SE up the small hill. Here,
           CAlpha towards the bridge. Alpha, take out the guy by the anti-
           aircraft gun and disarm it. Make your way over to the hostages and
           stay along the south wall. As you reach the corner, turn north and
           shoot the crouched guard here. Head back west, circling around the
           hostage building. A path opens up to the north; shoot anyone
           standing guard there. Toss a flashbang into the hostage room and
           clear it, then escort them towards EXT. As you approach the truck,
           look north down this path and try to kill anyone you see down there.
           Continue escorting the hostages to EXT.

Red Team: Start at the north INS and head along the northmost path. You can 
          get the westernmost guard here by going to the north side of the path
          and looking up towards the shed. You will barely see his head, but
          that's enough. Take him out. CBravo east towards the end of the path.
          Bravo, crouch and creep up the path slowly while watching the sniper
          tower to the north, and when you see that guard, kill him. Head into
          the building and clear it of the 3 tangos. There is one on the
          balcony inside, so look up and walk backwards to see him. Now escort
          the leader down and take him to EXT.

Green Team: From north INS, take the middle path and about halfway, CBravo
            towards the bridge near the south of the map. Bravo, head into the
            open area and continue north up the path leading from the hostage
            building. While Red secures the indoors, Green should sweep the
            outdoors. Most of the tangos in this area will be towards the
            western portions. Once it's clear, head to EXT.

Order of Operations: Play as Blue until you can't find any more targets. Then
                     switch to Red and kill the western guard closest to you,
                     if you can see him. Give Alpha as Blue to disarm the gun,
                     secure the hostages, and eliminate the majority of the
                     guards. Once you're past the truck, switch to Red and give
                     Bravo, finishing the mission.

3.5 Spirit Clasp

-Very straightforward and fun. 2 assault teams and 1 electronics expert.

Grey Light
Belgian Pistol
Flashbangs (Blue and Red) / Electronics Kit (Green)
HB Sensor

Blue Team: Head to the 1st floor via the right staircase and hold for Bravo at
           the landing above the first floor. Bravo, go down and head west to
           the front desks. Head north a bit, then east into the filing rooms.
           Take a look at the HB sensor and approach the northern hallway (that
           has civilians standing around) through the eastern office.
           Definitely use flashbangs if you feel you need them.

Red Team: Head down the left staircase and CAlpha on the landing above the 2nd
          floor, down to the opening. Alpha, head east and clear the whole
          southern area. Head north to the room just east of the civilians. Use
          flashbangs for this large room and its offshoots. Check the HB sensor
          and clear the rest of the floor.

Green Team: Race down to the 1st floor via the east staircase and clear the
            room to the right of it. Continue through the next door quickly and
            kill the next tango just beyond, or else the mission will fail.
            Head back north and kill the guy in the NE corner of the floor.
            Enter the room west of here and dispatch the two guards, CCharlie
            into the center. Charlie, head back to plant the bug.

Order of Operations: Green goes first, then it's up to you. When you plant the
                     bug, a siren goes off, so you should save that for last.

3.6 Golden Song

-Fun for sniping and close quarters. 1 recon operative, 1 assault operative,
 and a sniper.

Blue Team: Start in the basement of the train station. Clear the room to the SE
           then kill the guard in the hallway. Head up the ramp to the east and
           snipe the guard far to the north. There may also be another one
           on the tracks close by. Now head for the southern train car and
           switch your SMG to single-shot mode. Open the door and prepare to
           throw a flashbang with full force. When you're ready, rush in and
           toss the flashbang upstairs. You have a very limited amount of time
           to take down both tangos, and in the hurry it's easy to shoot the
           hostage (hence, the single-shot mode). Once this hostage is safe,
           breathe a sigh of relief and head out of the train car. Leave your
           hostage outside and flush out the train station. It should be easy
           to pick each guard off one by one. Now head to the next train car,
           which should hold a hostage. There may be a patrol downstairs, so
           shoot him first before preparing the flashbang. Once again, toss it
           upstairs and get ready to kill the 3 (!) tangos here: one close to
           the top, one in the far back, and one near the middle behind the
           seats. With them down, take your two hostages to EXT.

Red Team: Start in the north INS. Head south onto that hill and CAlpha east
          towards the corner of the train car. You can take out a few guards
          here, but your job is mostly to guard the Green sniper from being
          flanked. Alpha, return to EXT.

Green Team: From the north INS, head onto the landing platform and SAlpha down 
            the west side of the train. Red will cover you. Alpha, return to
            EXT with Red.

Order of Operations: Control Blue for the entire mission. You can let the
                     sniper shoot from the very start of the mission.

3.7 Blunt Scroll

-Makes you wish auto-aim was available for Elite too. 3 assault teams and a
 sniper (the sniper is Green team).

Street1 Medium
M4 / WA2000 (Green)
.45cal M23
HB Sensor

Blue Team: Start from the north INS and head east until you pass the crates.
           Set up for CAlpha, guarding the eastern door to your south. Alpha,
           head straight south through the door and set up for CBravo where you
           can guard both the staircase and the hallway to the south. It's
           possible that tangos will come this way, depending on where they
           spawned at the beginning of the mission. Bravo, head up the stairs
           you were watching and clear the north side of this floor. Oftentimes
           it will be empty, but follow the northern wall just to be careful of
           a tango that sometimes stays around the NE terminal up here. Head
           down the stairs at the end of the hall and approach the opening to
           the hostage area. Hold for Charlie here. Charlie, throw a flashbang
           and secure the hostages. Escort them to EXT.

Red Team: Wait at the NW corner of the southern INS for Alpha. You will need to
          wait for Green to clear a path before going further. Alpha, head into
          the airport and CBravo, mirroring Blue on this side of the terminal.
          For the rest of the mission, Red will copy Blue on the south side of
          the map. Red will definitely run into a tango on the second floor, so
          approach the SE room with the HB sensor out to see where he is. Head
          downstairs and wait for Charlie before the end of the hall. Charlie,
          throw in your own flashbang and clear whatever tangos you can find.
          Head to EXT.

Green Team: Start at the south INS and sidestep south. Start SBravo here into
            the SW part of the terminal. A patrol will pass into your sights
            soon, and when he dies, another will arrive as well. Bravo, head
            inside and circle the perimeter of this room. This is to make sure
            everyone is dead, because sometimes a tango will wander into this
            room after Red has gone upstairs. After the room is secure, go
            upstairs after Red and proceed to the hallway that connects to the
            balcony overlooking the hostages. In this corner, SCharlie into the
            center of the balcony. You should be able to take out the single
            guard up here, but if you don't see him, get up and sidestep along
            the wall until you can shoot him. Charlie, head across the balcony
            and help the other teams secure the hostages. Return to EXT.

Gold Team: From north INS, approach and wait for Alpha right behind the west
           door. Before Alpha, use the HB sensor to see where the tangos are in
           this room. Head inside and pick them off, triggering up to 6 tangos
           to walk into the choke point set up by Blue. Alpha, make your way to
           the hostages in the NE part of the terminal. Shoot the lone guard,
           then CCharlie the southern hallway. Charlie, escort the nearby
           hostages to EXT.

Order of Operations: Begin as Green and make sure the first two tangos go down.
                     Then switch to Gold and set off the trap. Give Alpha and
                     rescue the first few hostages, then give Bravo and walk
                     Red through killing the 2nd floor guard. At this point, I
                     recommend cycling through Green, Blue, and Red in picking
                     off the tangos around the hostages one by one. Usually you
                     can end the mission without using the flashbangs or giving

3.8 Broken Sceptre

-Fun, easy, and simple. 2 assault teams/operatives and a sniper.

Street1 Medium
FAL / PSG-1 (Green)
.50cal Desert Eagle
HB Sensor

Blue Team: From north INS, run to the north building and enter the westmost
           door on the north side. There's a guard in the alcove nearby and
           another in the next room. Head upstairs and check for the patrolling
           tango in the nearby hallway; he should be on this end of the hallway
           by now, so shoot him quickly. Head for the NW corner of this room
           and CAlpha behind the bar, facing east towards the staircase. Alpha,
           make your way to the east door of the hostage room. Toss in a flash
           and carefully pick off the two guards in the ensuing chaos. Proceed
           to the next room and pick off the sniper guarding the street. Go get
           the hostage, who probably ran out into the hallway, and wait for
           Charlie. Charlie, escort him to EXT.

Red Team: From south INS, go around the SW corner of the south building and
          hold for Bravo in front of the door here. Bravo, check for the
          patrolling tango nearby and when ready, enter and shoot him. Follow
          the hallway into another room where the rest of the guards will be.
          They are dug in a bit, so take care as you sidestep west and kill the
          guard in the north, then the other one nearby. After the 1st floor is
          cleared, go upstairs via the south staircase. Advance down the
          hallway and carefully kill the guards in the side rooms. The rooms
          on this floor have no doors. Wait for the 3rd floor guard to come
          and kill him as he heads back upstairs. With the 2nd floor clear,
          proceed to the third floor and sweep the floor of any tangos still
          alive. Escort the hostages to EXT.

Green Team: Start from north INS and follow Blue at a normal pace. When you
            reach the 2nd story, look out for alerted tangos who may run in
            through the SW door. When the coast is clear, continue up to the
            3rd floor. Enter the first room and take down the tango in here,
            then pull out your rifle and snipe the sniper on the roof. Exit to
            the roof and sidestep west, facing south at the other building.
            Focus on the left (east) window for a guard in the bathroom, then
            when he's down, switch to the other window. You may be able to get
            both hostage guards. Continue sidestepping to the NW edge of the
            roof, then SCharlie into the hostage rooms. Charlie, head to EXT.

Order of Operations: Take Blue until Alpha, then switch to Green until you are
                     waiting for Charlie. Switch to Red until the end of the

3.9 Empty Cloud

-A ton of hostages scattered about make for a nicely challenging map to end
 the game with. 3 assault teams.

Street1 Medium
.50cal Desert Eagle
HB Sensor

Blue Team: Start at the northern part of INS so you get a head start on the
           other teams. Run inside and shoot the 2 guards near the entrance,
           then head for the circular area and use the HB sensor to find the
           tango roaming the halls. Shoot him first, then proceed to secure all
           the hostages marked on the map, moving from room to room as you get
           closer to the staircase to the south. Continue upstairs to the 3rd
           floor, where you'll find a theater area. Make your way around it and
           hold for Bravo backstage. Before Bravo, throw a flashbang into the
           theater and shoot the two tangos on the ground and one on the
           catwalks. Go back down to the 2nd floor and wait for Charlie outside
           the middle hallway that leads to the Copycat. Stay behind the door
           to avoid the camera. Charlie, head down the hall and eliminate the

Red Team: Start near the south part of INS and head into the entrance area. Go
          up the east stairs of this room and move to the center part of the
          north side of this area. CAlpha towards the center of the circle of
          2nd floor rooms. Alpha, clear this floor of tangos (mostly just the
          east rooms) and head upstairs. Wait for Bravo at the main entrance of
          the theater. Bravo, enter and help Blue take down the tangos. Head
          back downstairs and wait for Charlie at the southmost door with a
          camera behind it. Charlie, head through and kill anyone left on the

Green Team: Head into the entrance hall and CBravo at the bottom of the west
            set of stairs, aiming towards the second floor. Bravo, head east
            and carefully kill the guard closest to the door in the northern
            warehouse. You cannot really enter the warehouse because of snipers
            and also because the alarm will sound and the other hostage will be
            executed. After the guard is down, close the door and exit west. Now
            do the same for the south warehouse. Hold for Charlie by the open
            doors. Charlie, head into the south warehouse, through the hallway
            to the north, and through the north warehouse, all while keeping
            under the catwalks so you don't get shot. Head up the stairs in the
            NE corner and clear the catwalks up here.

Order of Operations: Take Blue and quickly kill the first two guards to protect
                     the other teams. Then proceed to clear the 1st floor of
                     hostage guards. Then Red and Alpha: clear the 2nd floor.
                     Bravo and Blue again, flushing out the 3rd floor. Switch
                     to Green and clear the warehouses. Give Charlie as Red and
                     finish Black Thorn.


4. Closing

If you still have problems, use the invisible cheats (theshadowknows or
teamshadow) and take a look around. Now you can explore the level and find out
where all the terrorists are. Of course, you could kill them all, but why would
you need a guide then? Hopefully, you can tweak your plans with this new info.

Of course, you can ask me if you have still any further questions.

Thanks to Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment.

Copyright (c)2007 idyoticwyzard