FAQ/Walkthrough by DChan

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     World War III: Black Gold (Windows)
     Concise Guide (Version 0.5 - Short Version)

     Updated: Wednesday, 24 October 2001
     Created: Tuesday, 23 October 2001

     By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@hotmail.com)

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     The game forces the player to clear US Tutorials 1 and 2 before he can 
play the Russian and Iraqi Tutorials.
     Also, the game forces the player to clear US Campaign 1 before he can 
play the Russian and Iraqi Campaigns.
     (For comparison, in Real War: Air, Land, Sea for Windows, the player 
can play the ILA (antagonist) campaign without clearing the US campaign.)

     US Tutorials 1 and 2:
     These tutorials teach the player how to move units, group units, attack 
with units, build and energise structures that build units, and sell 
units/structures for cash.
     When the game says build at least three Hummers, the player should 
continuously build Hummers. When the player has at least five Hummers, group 
them and order them to attack the enemy base. The enemy base will quickly 
destroy a group of three or fewer Hummers. Whenever the player has five more 
Hummers, group them and order them to attack the enemy base again.
     (To quote the Murphy's Laws of Combat, "Teamwork is essential. It gives 
the enemies more targets at which to shoot.")
     Attack one of the enemy nests first. After the Hummers destroy an enemy 
nest, the game recommends the player to destroy the enemy supply depot.
     The Hummers won't automatically avoid the non-stop trains, and can't 
enter the train tunnel. The trains will destroy any Hummer that happens to 
be on the tracks.

     Russian Tutorial 1:
     This tutorial teaches the player how to use Russian chemical weapons, 
disable enemy units that have little or no NBC protection, and capture 
disabled enemy units/structures.
     (Reminds me of the chemical attack scene in the novel Team Yankee.)
     The assault helo apparently doesn't need to be carrying infantry to 
capture disabled units/structures.

     Iraqi Tutorial 1:
     This tutorial teaches the player how to camouflage Iraqi units, and 
move units into/out of tunnels.
     When the player's tank (a Scorpion) is in the tunnel entrance, the game 
doesn't automatically switch between the aboveground and underground maps. 
The player does this manually.
     In the tunnel, use the eastern exit. The northern exit leads to the 
middle of an enemy base. The enemy units will quickly mobilise and destroy 
the player's tank, and even chase it into the tunnel.
     (To quote an ancient Canadian proverb, "Curiosity killed the cat.")
     Outside the eastern exit, only one enemy tank (an Abrams) patrols the 
perimeter. At each marked spot, camouflage the player's tank, wait for the 
enemy tank to speed past it (like a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am), and quickly 
move to the next marked spot.
     At or near the final marked spot, inside the refinery, the player's 
tank won't automatically attack the fuel tank that's the primary target and 
mission objective. The player's tank will be distracted by and attack the 
miscellaneous structures with yellow cursors. The player must manually order 
the player's tank to attack, and designate the fuel tank as the target.

Don "Tsuru Hiromi Inochi" Chan (aho)