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"The prodject failed, the company's bankrupt, and I'm afriad the game stinks, sir."

Big Biz Tycoon, aka Venture Tycoon, is quite bluntly, a bad game. That may be an unfair statement, but it loses it's appeal and fun after about a day or two. The game is repetitive and boring, and seems impossible to do anything right. Well, it virtually IS impossible to do anything right, actually.
Now, on to the grillin'.


The game has fair graphics. The items are nicely done, there are a lot of character models, each also nicely done. There's no problems here. Nothing real grand, either.


The music loops way too much. And, unfortunately, it's very noticeable. The tunes are catchy and sound nice. Speaking of sounds, there seems to be a slight lack of them. There are sounds of clicking when you select something, chimes when you carry out an order, snores of your lazy workers taking naps and complaining (only grunts), and doors clicking, and maybe a few more I might have missed. When you can list all the available sounds, it's definitely a bad thing. It's still alright, though.


The manual is installed into your computer with the game. It's difficult to locate, and is hell for the computer to load. The tutorial stinks worse than 10 day old dead pig. Despite that, the game is quite simple. Half the buttons seem to be of no use, anyway. It takes a while to get the hang of, but after that, control is a breeze. Or a twister, depending on what your trying to do.


Hear that? That sound of twisting and burning metal and plastic? That is this game crashing and burning.
The engine is like this. You choose to either play a scenario, or just play. Either way, it seems the same. You are a CEO. You own a lot of money. You want more. So you hire employees, give them desks and CPUs, and assigning them to a development team. You create a project, wait, and then distributed via a menu. Then you start over. And then later, you check and see if you made a profit. Simple, huh?
The problem is, it seems insanely hard, for me at least, to make a profit. Even when the little menu says ''You made 2000 dollars'' the combined pay of your employees, your rent, plus cost in advertising, you someday look at your money and say ''I seem to have lost something'' AND you'd be right.
All the employees seem to do is type, sleep, and complain. No matter how much you scold or reward them, they don't do anything new. Boooooring. The competition also seems to just be 'there'. Not actually competing against you, or anything. Items are also a drag. It doesn’t matter what the items are (a fan VS a deluxe air conditioner) only what they do. They all seem to do their job equally well. There is no reason to buy better stuff.
Overall, the gameplay is burning in a pile of shattered keyboards, burning monitors, and shredded CDs.

Fun Factor

After what I just said, you still want the Fun Factor. Oh well. This explains it.
*Shows video tape of plane with 'Big Biz Tycoon' painted on it, crashing and burning*


You decide to play again. Then you remember how fun the game is. You go do something else.

Fun for three days.
Get to know how a CEO feels.
Sound and graphics ok.

Fourth day and on you'll wish you bought a Sim City.
Tutorial really, really STINKS!
Gameplay is agonizingly tedious and dull.
Realizing that Bill Gates must be using cheat codes.


Reviewer's Score: 5/10 | Originally Posted: 12/27/02, Updated 12/27/02

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