Question from ClayBowser

How do i make the boat move when i'm on it?

I'm on the boat with no oars and i don't know know how to make it move.


Tin_Star answered:

Once you click on the blue icon you will have a cut scene then you will find yourself at the mansion in the next scene.

Tin Star
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soulshoter123 answered:

Once you get on to the boat, there should be a blue glyph. If you wanna start the mission, just highlight it and activate it, starting the mission. If there are no glyphs on the boat (which there should be), it is high likely that you've missed doing something or event, thus not being able to do the mission. Otherwise, you'll just have to restart the fun and thrilling game and thrash all the City Watch all over again:)

Hope this helps...
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soulshoter123 answered:

But wait, if you have no missions requiring the use of the boat, you'll never be able to use or activate it! You'll only be able to use it for the Compendium of Reproach Mission (I think?).

Hope this really helps you...
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