FAQ/Walkthrough by RedClyde

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/29/03 | Printable Version

          MM   MM  EEEEEE   GGGGG    AAAA   MM   MM   AAAA   NNN  NN
          MMM MMM  EE      GGG      AA  AA  MMM MMM  AA  AA  NNNN NN
          MM   MM  EE      GGG GGG  AA  AA  MM   MM  AA  AA  NN  NNN
          MM   MM  EEEEEE   GGGGG   AA  AA  MM   MM  AA  AA  NN   NN

           LL      EE      GGG      EE      NNNN NN  DDD DD  SSS
           LL      EEEE    GG   GG  EEEE    NN NNNN  DD  DD   SSSS
           LLLLLL  EE      GGG GGG  EE      NN  NNN  DDD DD     SSS

                              MEGAMAN LEGENDS
                    written by RedClyde | Renato Farias

                           --== Version 1.0 ==--

You can freely read this guide and/or print it for own, private, non-profit

If you want to post this guide at your site, please email me and ask for
permission. Rarely will I turn somebody down, so what's the harm? Put
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                               VERSION HISTORY

4/29/03 : Version 1.0 - the first version of the walkthrough. Has coverage if
the main game from start to finish, and some basic knowledge.


                                M A N U A L
                               Basic Controls
                                 Basic Info
                  Buster Parts, Items, and Special Weapons

                           W A L K T H R O U G H
                            The First Refractor
                           Arriving On Kattlelox
                             Saving the Husband
                           Checking Up On Gramps
                               Pirate Attack
                   Yass Plains and Clozer Woods Skirmish
              The Ruins Beneath the Forest, Cardon Sub-Gate 1
                          Battle On the High Seas
                 The Underwater Ruins, Lake Jyun Sub-Gate 2
                         The Key, Clozer Sub-Gate 3
                          Exploring the Main Gate
                         Watcher, Sleeper, Dreamer
                              The Central Gate


                               BASIC CONTROLS

X        - jump
Circle   - perform an action, like opening a door, chest, or talking to
 Someone; hold it to make Mega Man walk
Triangle - fire special weapon; if you have none equipped, Mega Man kicks
Square   - fires the regular Buster gun

L1/R1 - Mega Man either strafes sideways, or turns to one side; you can change
 this in the Options
R2 - Lock-On(you can't move while locked-on an enemy); when no enemies are
 nearby, this can be used to looks around

X+L1 - Mega Man rolls to the left
X+R1 - Mega Man rolls to the right

                                 BASIC INFO

Some basic concepts of Mega Man Legends.

Your life bar is desplayed in the bottom-left corner. That is the vertical
bar with the yellow squares. Each square is one point of life, and you can
upgrade your life to a total of 10 squares.

You also have a "shield." This reduces or even negates the damage you take,
but once you take a hit it is disable and it takes a few moments to recharge
again. If you take a strong enough hit, the shield will be broken; you either
need to use an item to repair it, or find Data.

Data is Mega Man's little monkey friend. He can heal you, repair your shield,
and restore Special Weapon ammo, all for free. He's also the only way to save
the game, so he's pretty important.

The little circle under the life bar displays a red eye in it when a nearby
enemy has spotted you. When you haven't been spotted, it'll stay black. This
is useful when an enemy out of your sight spots you, before you're warned
there's somebody there, but otherwise you won't use it too much.

Most enemies drop Zenny when defeated. Zenny is the game's currency, and you
can use it for buying items, upgrading your life, or enhancing Special
Weapons. Sometimes enemies also drop little red circles which restore life.


Mega Man's Buster gun is his basic weapon, since he always has it and it never
runs out. You can make it better by equipping Buster Parts, which can increase
one, two, three, or even all the parameters of the gun. These parameters are
Attack, Range, Energy, and Rapid. These four parameters are also present in
Special Weapons, but those have one extra parameter called Special, which
represents something different for every Special Weapons.

Buster Parts can be bought, found, and made from other items. Special Weapons
can only be made. You make items by getting the necessary ones and talking to
Roll in the support car or R&D Room and having her look at your items. If you
have any right combination, she makes a new item for you. All of the items
obtained in this manner cannot be obtained any other way.

There are some items, though, that can be used by Mega Man. These include
items that can repair Mega Man's shield even when not near Data, cloak Mega
Man temporarily, make him invincible for a small time, and even a canteen that
acts as a healing item. When you first buy the canteen, it only has capacity
to heal a little bit, but you can buy Extra Packs for it to make it better.


First, some words.

The difficulty ratings for the bosses were something I made up; I rated their
difficulty relative to the game. As in, the last boss, so he's the obvious
hardest. Hanmurudoll is the first, so he's the easiest. Sometimes they may not
translate _exactly_ as to how hard a boss really is.

All strategies(boss and otherwise) contained within were created by me. It was
just me, my PC, and my PSX; no opened Netscape with another guide open,
nothing. Therefore, nothing in here is ripping anyone off, even if it may be
similar(I wouldn't know, I didn't go around looking). Most of the enemy names
didn't come from me, but besides that...

                             THE FIRST REFRACTOR

This is the first stage. You'll notice it serves the purpose of a tutorial.
There'll be some enemies, and a boss at the end, but being the first stage,
none of it is hard.

The game starts off with a scene where Mega Man nabs the first refractor. It's
a small blue one(you can look at it in the Special Items menu) that Roll says
will help them. Anyway, Mega Man seems to have triggered something. The room
closes up and he barely gets out of there. He got what he came for, now it's
time to escape.

Walk down the hall in front of you and you'll run into your first enemies.
These chubby little Reaverbots are called Green Zakobons. They only have one
attack, which is easily avoidable, and most times they won't prove to be any
challenge. Just lock-on and fire away.

After defeating these three, continue on down the hallway. You'll come to a
path going to the right. Ignore Roll for the moment and head straight to kill
the other two Reaverbots at the end of the hall. Hopefully, they'll drop some
Zenny for you. After taking of them, backtrack and take the right path Roll
told you to take.

You'll come to an intersection. There'll be three more Green Zakobons to the
left, a door to the right, and hallway to the front. Go left and destroy the
three Reaverbots first. If you want a little fun, head to the end of the
hallway. It splits to the left and right. There's nothing to the left, but the
right contains a small chamber with a weird-looking button... Step on the
button and you'll be jailed in and six Mirumijee will be set loose. But these
small snake Reaverbots are easy to defeat. Kill the six and the bars will
lower, letting you pass. Go back to the door and stand in front of it. Press
Circle to open it.

The next chamber has three large columns in the middle. And also some enemies
you must defeat. Dodge the bombs the Zakobons throw at you and shoot at them
to destroy them. After dealing with them, exit through the door on the
opposite side from which you entered.

Run up the ramp and jump up the slope to grab it, then pull yourself up. Head
into the hall and turn right, then left when you reach the end. In this hall-
way you'll see an opened door on the right. Enter this room and you'll find a
large... thing, that looks like a battery. Shoot at it to make it explode, and
it'll spew Zenny out all over the place. Try to grab it all. When you're done,
go back out to the hall and continue down it.

You'll come upon an energy barrier to the right. Well, you can't pass this
right now, so continue down the hall. Roll exclaims that there's a Reaverbot
above you. Hold R2 to lock-on and follow it, and fire away. He'll go down in
no time.

Head into the small room beyond the ceiling-crawling Reaverbot. You'll see
another energy barrier. Destroy the two batteries on each side of the barrier
to get it offline. But before going back to that other barrier, head past this
one. You'll find two chests. One contains the Power Raiser, your first Buster
Part, and the one has 560 Zenny.

After equipping the Power Raiser, head back to the first energy barrier. It's
now down, meaning you can pass. But as you head to the door beyond where the
barrier was... Roll's signal starts to get weak. Did something happen to her?
Or is something happening down here? Head through the door to get your answer.

The first boss, the big Hanmurudoll, charges at you in the next room.
/ BOSS:                     H A N M U R U D O L L                            \
|       DIFFICULTY: () -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --    1.0 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
| Hanmurudoll only has one attack. He bashes you with his big arm. This is   |
| very easy to dodge, however. Just run to the right or left.                |
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
| For an easy win, simply away until Hanmurudoll lifts his arm to attack you,|
| then circle around him while shooting. He'll keep turning to you to try to |
| hit you, and if you keep running, he'll never hit. In no time the boss will|
| be smoking. However, for being so easy, maybe he wasn't deemed worthy of   |
| carrying large quantities of Zenny that some other bosses carry. Oh well.  |

Following the boss fight, Mega Man emerges outside the ruins. Our friend shows
up for another round, but is disappointed. Roll arrives just in time with
ship; Mega Man jumps on and they fly away.

                           ARRIVING ON KATTLELOX

After crash landing on Kattlelox Island, talk to Data(the happy little monkey
dancing nearby) to save your game, if you want.

To the side of the crashed ship is a path that leads to a wide open field. But
we don't want to go here yet. Opposite the ship you should see a signpost a
small ways down the road. The signpost says "To Town", and once you get close
a cop car will drive past you. Follow it back to the flutter and talk to
gramps to start the conversation.

After the Inspector and the Officer take gramps to get the Citizen's and ID
cards, follow the path you were going before the car came. Eventually, you'll
come to a busted up car on the left and a man at the door of some ruins on the
right. Past the wall you'll see an officer complaining about the ship parked
in a no-parking zone.

If you're done exploring the area(there's not much to do), go through the door
labeled "N".

You'll be in Apple Market. Examine the trash can to the left of the door you
came in to find 50 Zenny. Check the cardboard box to the left of Jetlag Bakery
to get 100 Zenny. The cardboard box in front of Taple, the Electric Goods
Store has a Broken Cleaner. The trash can to the right of the door leading
north has 20 Zenny. The cardboard box on the opposite side of that trash can
is empty, though.

Feel free to roam around checking out the stores. Your objective here, though,
is the Junk Shop. Enter and talk to the woman here. Agree to help find her
husband, then leave the store.

                             SAVING THE HUSBAND

Remember that man standing at the door of those ruins? Backtrack there. He'll
be gone. Data is here now, so if you want to save, go ahead. When you're
ready, enter the ruins.

Turn around after coming down the ladder. You'll see a door in front of you
and a hall to the left. Ignore the door for now, and go down the hall. You'll
come upon some Green Zankobons after turning the corner. Dispose of them, then
check the hole in wall behind them to find 2600 Zenny! Turn to the right and
continue down the hall.

After turning left you'll come to a long ramp. Run down it; a Zankobon will
rush out of the hall on the right. Despose of it, and the one behind it, then
be on your way. In the next chamber you might come across a Mirumijee. That
should be no threat. The chamber after that has many Mirumijee, but you still
should not have any trouble. Defeat all of them, then talk to the scared man
up on the ledge. He'll thank you then run out of the ruins.

If you want to take a moment to explore the rest of the ruins... Go through
the door to the left of the ledge the man was on. You'll come across a room
with many Shekutens. They're easy though, just keep your distance and shoot
away. Run down the ramp and enter the narrow little hall. You'll come across
some Zankobons in here, so be careful; there's not that much room to dodge
their bombs. Shoot first and retreat if they are able to get a bomb out.

Once you emerge out of that tight space, you'll face an Arukoitan and an
Orudakoitan. Dodge the Arukoitan's fireballs and shoot away. I was able to
stand in one place and shoot it constantly while it ran circles around me, but
be careful either way. In the chamber to the left is another Arukoitan, and
also another Orudakoitan. Defeat them, then open the chest here. You'll get
Rapid Fire, another Buster Part. Equip it immediately.

Backtrack to the entrance. You'll see the door your ignored earlier. Enter
it and you'll find yourself in a large chamber with a crumbling wall on one
end. You don't have the arsenal to destroy it yet, so run to the right and go
through that door. The most you can do here now is kill the Reaverbots for
some Zenny. But do remember this spot for later. Exit the ruins.

Head to Apple Market then go in the Junk Shop. The man will thank you and give
you the Mine Parts Kit, and also permission to use the old Spotter's car
outside(that busted up car outside, remember?). Go back to the car and talk to
Roll. She takes you inside the car and makes you your first special weapon,
the Splash Mine. Leave the car once you've pumped Roll for all the information
you want. Outside, the officer gives you your Citizen's card and tells you
about pirates.

Save your game and reenter Apple Market. You can now visit the Junk Shop. The
woman will be behind the counter, and will sell you things.

You will definitely want to pick up an Energy Canteen, and an Extra Pack or
two. Consider adding a point or two to your life, too. Also take a look at the
Buster Parts. I recommend a combination of two of the +2 Buster Parts, or you
might want to keep the Rapid Fire you found and just get one.

                           CHECKING UP ON GRAMPS

Near the "N"(back outside the shop) you'll see three boy huddled around. Get
close and the tall, skinny one will tell you to bug off. How to eavesdrop?
Hold down Circle to slowly walk towards them. You'll hear them talking about
a girl that they think is a pirate. They notice you're spying on them, and run
off. Now that the way is clear, go through the North gate to get to Downtown.

You'll see a scene with a girl and some Lego Men. Is that the pirate girl?

Explore the Downtown area, searching in trash cans for items. I was able to
find a Broken Motor and 10 Zenny. The West gate is locked, and you can't go
through the East one either. That only leaves the North gate. Head through it
to get to City Hall.

You should immediately notice that girl you saw before standing in the empty
street. If you talk to her she'll just tell you off, so move on. Talk to one
of the officers standing in front of the Mayor's building. You'll go inside
and meet Mayor Amelia. Barrel tells you to go back and keep an eye on Roll,
so turn around and exit the building.

When you step out of the building you'll see the girl from before getting
chased by a dog. Follow her back to Downtown; you'll see her up on a pole.
Talk to the girl, then the dog to make it go away. After regaining control,
go back to the Support car where Roll's waiting. Once you exit Apple Market,
you'll see that ship from before taking off. Roll calls you. Go and talk to
her. Ships will fly overheard and you'll hear gunfire. It's the pirates!

                               PIRATE ATTACK

Follow Roll through Apple Market, saving your game at Data(beside the North
gate) before entering the Downtown area. After some talk, you'll be prompted
with a Mission.

                         M I S S I O N   S T A R T
  "Get the key to the gate!

   One of the three servbots has the key--they can pass it back and forth
   between them, so you'll have to figure out which one of them has it!

   Each of the three servbot's robots is unique and has different
   capabilities-- red is built for combat, blue is built for speed, and yellow
   is built for endurance."

At first, the three Blumebear mecs will stay in place shooting at you. After
a while though, the three will take off.

The yellow mec has the most life, but doesn't have anything too special. The
blue one is fast, so it'll be hard to follow and hit. The red one is dangerous
to take on. Which mec to go after first is up to you.

Use the buildings for cover when the mecs are out of your range. If one of the
flying ships fly by, try and shoot it down. When you see the mec you're after,
start running after it. Shoot at it while running, but run at an angle, not
directly behind the mec, so as to not get hit by their machine guns or bombs.
You can also drop mines in the paths of the mecs with your Splash Mine special

If the first or second mec you kill has the key, try not to get it while
picking up the refractor shards it drops. You'll want to get all three mecs
before finishing up the mission, so that you get the most money possible.

Just when you thought you were out of the blue, Tron Bonne jumps in, in her
huge Feldynaught bot.
/ BOSS:                     F E L D Y N A U G H T                            \
|       DIFFICULTY: () () (- -- -- -- -- -- -- --    2.5 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
| The Feldynaught has machine guns, and it can throw a shower of bombs. It   |
| can spin and charge through the streets, knocking Mega Man down if he's    |
| not careful.                                                               |
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
| When the bot starts spinning, be careful. If it fires its machine guns at  |
| you, run to the side if you're close. If you're far away you can simply    |
| step between them as they spread. When the bot aims its two front legs at  |
| you, it fires a stream of fire. This is easy to dodge, just run to the side|
| or jump it; however, it does home in to you to an extent if you're far away|
| when she fires it. When it stands upright, watch out for bombs from above. |
| It can also dish out a stream of bombs if you get close. Slowly get closer |
| to the boss and start shooting at it to chip off its life. But be careful  |
| about staying in the street too long; it can dash along it, and if you're  |
| in the middle of the street, this can be very hard to dodge.               |

Data is now at the locked North gate. Talk to him, recover any life you might
have lost and save the game.

If you want another special weapon, search the garbage can near the "Don't
Kick Us!" poster to find the Blumebear Parts. Bring it to Roll and have her
make you the Machine Buster.

When you're ready, go through the gate.

                           M I S S I O N   S T A R T
  "Defend City Hall!

   The red robots will attack City Hall, while the yellow robots will attack
   the nearest building.

   Protect City Hall, the police station, and the bank from the pirates!"

Your top priority here is to protect the City Hall. If there are any robots
attacking it, go after them first. If there aren't, take down the Horunisses,
that is, the flying bots with big hands. They're the ones that are bringing
more bots in to attack. Keep shooting the Horunisses, but watch out for their
bombs. When all three Horunisses are down(the yellow, the blue, and the red),
dispose of the rest of the remaining bots. When you're done, approach City
Hall to start another boss battle.

/ BOSS:                       B O N   B O N N E                              \
|       DIFFICULTY: () () -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --    2.0 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
| Bon Bonne can release a volley of homing missiles at you. Run forwards, to |
| the middle of the volley to miss them, or run to the side and jump to dodge|
| them. He sometimes flies forward and claps his hands, trying to smash you. |
| He also tries to hit you with his tongue. Keep moving and you'll be fine.  |
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
| Bon Bonne should be pretty easy. Just keep moving to dodge his attacks     |
| while shooting at him.                                                     |

As thanks for keeping the pirates from getting the key to the ruins, the Mayor
gives you a Class B Digger's license. This lets you dig the ruins of Cardon
Forest(the first area) and the ruins in the Clozer Woods. Try to leave City
Hall and Roll will follow you, showing you the fixed up support car.

Before going through the North gate to get to Yess Plains, you should go back
to the car and go in. Talk to Data, heal, and save your game. 


Before heading to the next objective, you should go back to Apple Market and
check out the Junk Shop. There are some great new Buster Parts, and the Flak
Jacket, the first in a series of 3 jackets, is available. It's probably the
most expensive item so far(excluding Life Gauge and Extra Packs, if you've
been buying those!), but it's definitely worth it. If you buy the Flak Jacket,
the next one, the Kevlar Jacket, will become available, but you most likely
won't have the cash to buy it just yet.

Once your bag of Zenny is a little lighter, head back to City Hall and go
through the North gate to enter Yass Plains.

You enter just in time to see a cop car smoking. Get the tank responsible.

When fighting the tanks, don't stand in front of them. Go behind them or to
their side and shoot from there. Otherwise, they'll hit you with machine guns,
and if you're not careful, bombs, too.

After dealing with the first tank, cross the plain and you'll see another
smoking cop car near a house. (As you head towards the house, be careful with
a tank behind a nearby tree.) If you enter the house you'll see some people,
including the Inspector and an Officer, hiding out.

As you cross the plains, watch out for the turrets on top of the mountains.
These are easier to hit if you are closer and have good Range on your Buster.

Once out of the valley, turn right and you'll see another house. Check the
garbage can next to it to find 200 Zenny. Don't bother entering the house
because it's empty right now.

Go back to the elevated part of the plains. You can use the higher elevation
to reach the top of the hill. You'll most likely grab the edge, but then just
pull yourself up. Then jump to the next hill(the one with the house on it).
The trash can next to the house is empty, but the cardboard box has the Safety
Helmet, which you can take back to Roll to make the Helmet. You can equip this
to reduce damage from long falls and prevent getting knocked down as easily.
Inside the house is a copy of the Junk Shop, if you need anything, and on the
other side of the house is a vending machine.

In this part of the plains, the tanks are sometimes in a position where you
can sneak up on them. Shoot at them from behind, and they probably won't be
able to turn in time for you to destroy them. However, near the exit of the
plains, there are two tanks facing you with their backs practically to the
walls. You'll just have to fight it out here. Shoot from the side or behind,
focusing on just one at a time. Pass through the hole in the mountain(or cave
(or portal)) when you're done.

There will be a tank in front of you. After crossing a small bridge, there'll
be another. In the distance, to the right of the large hill, you'll see
another portal with a small form dancing next to it. Hey, it's Data! If you're
low on life you can run to him for help. If not, head to the left of the hill
first. There are a few more tanks there that can supply you with more Zenny.

When you go to pass through the portal, remember to save your game.

There are three tanks for you take down in this next area, but the boss battle
can start if you just run to the end of the grassy area, behind the third tank.

                           M I S S I O N   S T A R T
  "Showdown with T. Bonne!

   You must destroy the digging robot Marlwolf!

   The robot's outer shell is heavily armored, but the hatch is nearly

   Shoot the treads to slow the robot down, then jump on the robot from the
   rocks and shoot at the hatch!"
/ BOSS:                        M A R L W O L F                               \
|       DIFFICULTY: () () () (- -- -- -- -- -- --    3.5 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
| Marlwolf can charge up big green energy balls and shoot them at you. If    |
| you're close, jump forward to jump over them. If you're far, roll to the   |
| side(L1+X/R1+x) at the last second to dodge them. If you're on the low     |
| ground, be careful because he can run you over pretty easily, and it hurts.|
| When you're on its back, it sometimes tries to hit you by swatting you with|
| its big hand. This only hits one side(which side depends on the arm), so   |
| run to the opposite side to evade.                                         |
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
| First thing, shoot the robot at the treads like the Mission Start hints.   |
| Teasel is going to try and discourage you by saying it won't do anything,  |
| but it sure will. When the treads start smoking you'll know it's enough.   |
| Find the dirt slope and start climbing up(on the opposite side of the big  |
| one Mega Man ran down). There'll be a tank at the top; take him out but    |
| never stop paying attention to Marlwolf. Once at the top, Marlwolf will    |
| likely shoot several energy balls at you. Dodge them, and when it moves    |
| close to you, try to jump on its back. Focus on the hatch; when it opens,  |
| start shooting at it. Normally, servbots will run out of the hatch with    |
| bombs, but when Marlwolf's life starts getting lower, bird bots will fly   |
| out, which can cause problems(they can't be knocked back like the servbots,|
| they must be destroyed) if they hit you and knock you off the Marlwolf.    |
| Keep pounding that hatch and the big bot will go down eventually.          |

Back at City Hall, the Mayor gives you the Class A Digger's license. You can,
from now on, donate money to help restore the city. This is needed for some
side-quests, but if you want to wait to do it, that's fine.

If you didn't backtrack to make the Helmet before, remember to ask Roll to do
it now.

NOTE: At this point, you can already visit the Uptown area. Although you can't
get a boat to go out to the ruins in Lake Jyun, you can check out the TV
station to take part in some mini-games and search some garbage cans for
items. In a garbage can next to the hospital you'll find 30 Zenny, and one in
a corner up on the highest point of the area(on the same level of the boat
shop), will have a Broken Propeller. With this you can create another special
weapon, the Vacuum Arm(you need the Broken Propeller, the Broken Motor, and
the Broken Cleaner). This weapon is pretty handy, and it's very cheap to
enhance(it only costs 1000 Zenny to make the ammo infinite!).


Return to Cardon Forest. Follow the swirling valley next to the flutter and
you'll emerge in some plains. The ruins on the left aren't the ones we're
after. Run straight, to the portal with a woman next to it. She'll tell you
a tank rolled up out of nowhere on her, while she was picking 'shrooms, then
she'll run off. Cross the portal.

Roll shows up in the support car. Like she says, if you get hurt get inside
the car. You can use the car for cover from enemy fire, as well. Just be 
careful: Roll will run you over if you're in the way!

You need to go killing the enemies that are in the way to make way for Roll in
the support car. Eventually you'll see the Sub-Gate, but on the other side of
a big fence. No problem, Roll charges the fence, destroying it. You're now
free to enter the Sub-Gate.

Immediately after descending into the Sub-Gate, you'll see a shining yellow
refractor in a room to your right. But, it's shielded, and it seems you'll
need to find starter keys to turn off the shield.

Let's start the search. Enter the white door on the right side of the
refractor room. You'll come out in a large chamber. See those strange things
on the other platforms? Those are hives. They spew out lots of reaverbots if
you don't kill them quick. On the low ground are two Sharukurusus; be careful,
they can be pretty lethal if they hit you right.

From where you came in, jump across to the platform in front of you and take
down the first hive. Then drop down to behind the platform, near the door on
the lower level. Turn right; you'll see a hole in the wall. Check it to find
2300 Zenny.

Ignore the door for now and go back up to the platform, using the ramp on the
other side. If the green bridge leading to the middle platform is up, shoot it
to lower it. Jump across the small gap to get to the middle platform. Kill the
hive on the nearby platform, then jump to that platform. See that little
golden thing that looks like a cup with an emerald in it? That's one of the
starter keys. Grab it.

Go platform hopping until you reach the platform with the last hive on it.
Kill it, then go through the door at the end of this platform. Kill the
floating reaverbots, then check the left wall for a hole containing an Old
Doll. Follow the tracks on the floor down to the lower level. Kill the bots
here too, then check another hole in the wall to find 300 Zenny. Roll will
comment on the compactor at the end of the track.

Jump back up to the higher level, then turn left and head down the hall. Turn
left at the end to find a chest containing the Grenade Kit. Then turn around
and head up the ramp.

You'll come to a series of bridges; however, the blue ones break so you'll
need to be on and off quick. Preferably, jump over the ones you don't need to
step on, so you'll have them for later use if need be. Your goal is to reach
the green chest in the middle.

The first two ice bridges you can easily hop. Then you can take the exciting
left path, which will have you running through only ice bridges all the way
to the chest. Or you can jump at the next solid platform at an angle, and from
that jump to the chest. Whichever way is fine.

When you reach the chest, step on its bridge, and it will shatter. If you try 
to open it, Mega Man will say that it's rusted shut. How to open it? Well,
remember that compactor down a level or two? But the chest needs to get there.
So we need this track working.

See that big white switch to the side of the track on the wall? (The middle
platform's switch is yellow.) Pull it and the track will start. Follow the 
green chest back down to the compactor. The compactor will break the chest
and the second starter key will fall out. Grab it and go back to the chamber
where you found the green chest.

Use the remaining ice bridges(actually, you don't need the ice bridges to
reach the other side at all) to get to the other side of the chamber and go
through the white door.

You'll come out at the very top of the chamber you were at before. Open the
chest(you'll get a Spring Set), and be careful not to fall off. Check the hole
in the wall to find an Old Bone. Go through the door at the end of the

This room sports a three-layer energy barrier. You'll notice there are three
colored batteries with buttons, also. Stepping on a button will temporarily
shut off the corresponding energy layer. That means you have to step on all
three and quickly cross the barrier before it wears off. Start with the first
(the green one) and quickly cross the room, stepping on the orange, then the
pink. Then run through the downed barrier before it goes back up. Turn right
and follow the hallway, picking up the third and last start key on your way
to the white door at the end.

Backtrack to the refractor, lower its shield, and Mega Man will retrieve it.
Exit the ruins, enter the support car and save your game. Don't forget to have
Roll look at your items; you can make the Jump Springs from the Spring Set and
the Grenade Arm from the Grenade Kit. Equip the Jump Springs immediately.

                          BATTLE ON THE HIGH SEAS

If you haven't done so already, visit Uptown. Search for items in garbage cans
and take part in some mini-games in the KTOX TV station. When you're ready to
continue the story, head up to Wily's Boat shop. (There's 20 Zenny in the
cardboard box on the right in the first area of the shop.)

In the shop, take the door to the right of the one you used to get in, to go
out to the docks. (The garbage can here has 10 Zenny). Talk to the man in
front of the boat and choose the option "Call Roll". She'll show up and fix up
the boat. Wily will catch you, but will be grateful; he grants you permission
to use the boat anytime. That means you can use it to reach the Lake's ruins.

Save your game, and examine the ship's back door. Call Roll, and you'll start
the next battle.

                           M I S S I O N   S T A R T
  "Water Battle!!

   Protect your boat from the enemy's attacks!

   Shoot and destroy the red sub's torpedoes and the yellow ship's missiles
   before they hit the ship!"

Exactly as the Mission Start briefing says, don't let the critters hit the
ship! Lock-On will be very helpful in this battle in locating enemies, but
also keep rotating the camera to search manually. There are also where you'll
have to manually lock on torpedoes and missiles, since the Lock-On might not
detect the threat or might be locking on to something else, like the sub it-

At one point you'll be attacked from flying ships. They rarely hit though;
just keep blasting and they'll go down. Shortly after, the subs will resume
their attacks.

When you take down all their subs, the big one will come.

/ BOSS:                   B A R U K O N   G E L E D E                        \
|       DIFFICULTY: () () () () () () -- -- -- --    6.0 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
| It can shoot missiles at the ship. These are hard to follow, therefore hard|
| to shoot down. When you fight in the small channel, it can shoot bombs at  |
| you, and its arms will also damage you. After you take all of those down,  |
| it'll shoot energy blasts at the ship constantly.
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
| At first, it's better to retreat. When you come back, you'll have full ship|
| life. While Roll doesn't navigate the boat away from the boss try to shoot |
| down the missiles it shoots at you. Don't want to lose life right at the   |
| beginning, do we? Roll will take you into a small channel, and the boss    |
| will follow. Do like Roll says; take down its arms first, then the missile |
| turrets in the back. Do this as quick as possible; this boss can take you  |
| down faster than you think. When you take down the two turrets and arms,   |
| they'll pull out the secret weapon. This will replace the turrets in the   |
| back. This will constantly pound the ship with energy blasts; destroy it   |
| quickly. A good weapon to destroy is the Machine Buster.                   |

After beating the boss, you'll be dropped off at the island ruins, Sub-Gate 2.
Data is to your left; save your game, and enter the ruins if you're ready.


Open and pass through the doors in front of you. Destroy the three Red
Zakobons that show up. Search the two small holes in the wall in the small,
round chamber you come up at to get 220 and 1240 Zenny. Then continue down the

After running up a ramp you'll confront more Zakobons. Dispose of all of them.

There'll be a door up on a ledge to the north, and a hall to the south. First
head down the hall to the south to find a chest containing Old Hoverjets. Then
come back here.

Jump up on the ledge(you'll need to have the Jump Springs equipped to reach
it) and go through the door. In the next room, ignore the GuruGuru's(the crab-
like bots) and take the first left into a long hall. Watch out for the
floating Foo-roo's. The first right will wrap back around, so just head on
straight. You'll be ambushed by a GuruGuru that was hidden around the corner
from your view. Turn right and check the far wall in the hole to get the
Gatling Part. Go back and open the chest you saw at the end of the hall to
get a starter key.

Go back out to the main part of the room and take the hall on the opposite
side. You'll come upon a lone GuruGuru in a straight hallway. There's a hole
in the wall on the right, where you'll find a Ring. Continuing down the hall
will force you to make various turns, until you come to a door.

Go through it you'll come out at an enormous chamber that seems to just be
oozing water from every nook and cranny. Don't fall down yet. Turn right and
you'll see another thin "waterfall", like the one you passed. Go there and
you'll find a chest in a round room. This chest contains another starter key.

After getting it, you may either jump down to the lower levels, or backtrack
to the previous area and use the main door(that you would reach had you just
ran past all the GuruGuru's without entering any halls). Be wary of jumping
down there though. You can't see them, but there are Sharukurusus down there.
That's right, they can cloak, making it much tougher on you. If you don't want
to face them, don't stay still down there. Note though, that although they're
invisible, you can still hit them in that state.

Jump to the west(map's direction) to land on the next platform over. You'll
see a door that leads back to the room that was full of GuruGuru's, and a hall
to the right. Head into that hall. You'll wrap around and come back out in
front of another platform. Jump to it and take down any bots that threaten you
(you may meet a cloaked Sharukurusu here). Then turn left and jump to the hall
with a chest in the end(and a hole in the wall behind it). The chest will have
another starter key, and the hole has 5130 Zenny!

Go back out in the chamber. See the chest sitting on a platform in the middle
of it? You can safely jump there and open it, to find a Joint Plug.

Jump to the only hall in the north side of the room. Go through the white
door. What's this? Water?

Yeah, and those reaverbots swimming in it will jump out in a few seconds.
_Run_ straight, and don't look back. Go through the white door at the end as
soon as you reach it.

You'll come to a round room, with a strange yellow thing in the middle.
Strange, isn't it?

Go through the doors on the opposite side of the room to come to the
refractor. Insert the three starter keys and Mega Man will grab the refractor.
Walk back out of the doors.

Well, what do you know. That yellow couldn't have just been there for
Decoration, could it?

/ BOSS:                      G A R U D O R I T E N                           \
|       DIFFICULTY: () () () -- -- -- -- -- -- --    3.0 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
| It can dive at you and jump to the center of the room. The impact will     |
| send out a shockwave. You can dodge both of these by jumping to the side.  |
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
| This boss can only be damaged in the head. It's annoying, but to hit it,   |
| you're going to have to keep jumping. Dodge its only attacks by jumping.   |
| Repeat for an easy win.                                                    |

After beating this boss(and reaping the massive Zenny he drops), backtrack to
to the entrance and take the boat back to Uptown(remember to save!).

                         THE KEY, CLOZER SUB-GATE 3

Enter the support car and Roll will exclaim that with the red refractor found
in the Lake Jyun ruins she can fix the flutter. She takes you back there and
they finally get it flying. Once inside the flutter, Roll tells you to talk
with Barrell. Both of them seem nervous about something. Barrell tells you a
bit about the Main Gate; he thinks it's connected to the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate
in some way... Well, I guess that's our next destination.

However, before that...

Talk to Roll in her room. You'll have the option to go to the R&D Room(it's
basically the support car) or the Clozer Sub-Gate. Go to the R&D Room first.
Tell Roll to take a look at your items, and, if you got the Joint Plug in the
Lake Jyun ruins, she'll make the Adapter Plug! This awesome item lets you
equip three Buster Parts instead of two.

The Junk Shop has several new Buster Parts for sale. These are very potent,
but if you bought the Blast Unit and the Sniper Unit, I think those two plus
one other good part makes a good enough combo that you shouldn't need to spend
Zenny on these parts(and they're not cheap, I'll tell you that). If you
haven't bought the Kevlar Jacket yet, you should be able to afford it now. The
next jacket is a whopping 120,000 Zenny. Yeah. That's a lot.

When you're ready to go to the Clozer Woods ruins, go to the flutter and go in
Roll's room. Talk to her and select "Go to Sub-Gate". Once there, just exit
the flutter and you'll automatically descend into the Sub-Gate.

Once down there, turn around. Go through the door(it's the only way out). In
the next room, fall down in the pit in the middle to reach a lower level and
another elevator. Here, there will be two doors: one in the middle of the 
wall and another in the right corner.

If you enter the one in the right corner, you'll come to Operations Room 2.
Check the yellow console in the center and you'll see. Looks like instead of
starter keys, now we want ID cards. Go back to the previous room and go
through the other door.

You'll be immediately assaulted by Sharukurusus. Take care of them, then look
around. There are three doors, excluding the one you came in from. One of the
left, right, and(looking at the map) south. Go through the west door(map
direction) to get to a chest with Guidance Unit in it(don't jump down to the
lower level yet). Go through the east door to find a room with a lone
Sharukurusu and two holes in the walls, with 450 Zenny and a Tele-lens.

Lastly, take the south door. You'll come to another room with a pit. Take the
only door out. Now you'll be in a round chamber with a large column in the
middle. Run around the left, defeating all the little Mirocs. On the right
side you'll find a new enemy, the Gorubeshus. You can only hit them when they
shoot fireballs at you, because that's when they put aside their shield. If
get them from behind, though, they are defenseless until they turn back
around. Check all the holes you find and you'll get 1840, 1200, and 920 Zenny,
and an Antique Bell. After taking out the two Gorubeshus on the ground, jump
up to the high platform with the last one. Kill it then empty the chest to get
the first ID Card.

Now you have two options. The northernmost door or the door in the middle
column. If you take the northernmost door, you'll only find a room with three
Cannams, the spider-like bots. Take the door in the middle column.

This hall stretches to the left and right. Head down the ramp to the left
first. Defeat the Gorubeshu in your way and open the chest beyond it, for a
Target Sensor. Go back and take the right, going down another ramp and facing
another Gorubeshu. To the right of this one, down the hall, there are two more
you'll need to take care of. Head north, down this hall, and go through the
door at the end.

In this chamber you see a large generator to the right. Go left first to get
another ID Card in the chest there, then go back and examine the generator.
Now, all the elevators work.

Now you may get stuck. The next place you go from here is that room with the
spider-like bots(the northernmost door in the big round chamber, remember?)
But when you get there, there's nothing to do! Well, there is... But you need
a little something to do it.

Backtrack back to the beginning and exit the Sub-Gate. Talk to Roll in her
room on the flutter and go to the R&D Room. Have her look at your items. If
you got the Guidance Unit, she'll make the Active Buster from it. This is just
what we need. Equip it, then go back down to the ruins. (If you have the
Target Sensor and Tele-lens she'll also make the Sniper Scope, a Buster Part
that adds _5_ to Range and 1 to Attack).

Go back to the room with the three Cannams. Defeat them. Now, use the Lock-On
to look up at the ceiling. You should see a part of the ceiling that looks
different... Kind of cracked. Shoot the Active Buster at the false ceiling
to break it. Jump up through the hole you made and go through the door to its

You'll come to an elevator. Press the switch to go down. Three large dogs will
charge at you.

/ BOSS:                    K A R U M U N A   B A S H                         \
|       DIFFICULTY: () () -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --    2.0 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
| They lunge at you and throw a stream of flame out.                         |
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
| Circle around them. Keep moving while you shoot and you aren't likely to   |
| get hit. When you kill one you'll want to pick up the Zenny, but be careful|
| because the other bot(s) could sneak up on you and hit while you do it.    |

After taking care of this threat, head through the door opposite the elevator.
You'll be on the catwalk above the large generator from before. Follow the
catwalk to the small chamber to find a chest containing the last ID Card.

Go back to the Operations Room 2 and put the three ID Cards in the panel.
You'll finally open up the Main Gate. Return to the elevator and leave the
ruins. _Save your game_ before talking to Roll about taking you back to the
forest, because there's a boss fight coming up.

As you head back to the forest, Tiesel flies in for battle.

                           M I S S I O N   S T A R T
  "Final Battle with the Gesellschaft!

   Destroy the warcraft Gesellschaft while protecting the Flutter from attack!

/ BOSS:                     G E S E L L S C H A F T                          \
|       DIFFICULTY: () () () () -- -- -- -- -- --    4.0 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
| The Gesellschaft can fire bombs from its turrets. When it moves behind you |
| it hits you constantly with energy blasts.                                 |
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
| In the beginning of the battle you'll just have to take down some Draches. |
| When those are through, the big guy himself flies in. Aim up and shoot at  |
| the underside of the Gesellschaft and the wings to damage it. When it moves|
| to your side, destroy the three turrets to stop the incoming bombs. Once   |
| underside and the two wings are destroyed the Gesellschaft will move behind|
| you. The front of the ship, the skeleton will start blasting you with      |
| energy. If you still have the Active Buster equipped, unload missiles on   |
| it to quickly destroy it before it causes too much damage.                 |

/ BOSS:                      F O K K E R W O L F                             \
|       DIFFICULTY: () () () () () () -- -- -- --    6.0 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
| While the Fokkerwolf is circling the Flutter, it releases three missiles   |
| that home in on Mega Man. Jump up to dodge them while making them miss the |
| Flutter as well. When the Fokkerwolf flies overhead it shoots machine gun  |
| blasts at the ship.                                                        |
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
| Just when you thought it was over... Looks like the Bonnes still have some |
| left. The Fokkerwolf is tough to hit since it usually flies far away and   |
| moves fast. Aim a little ahead of it to give time for the shot to reach    |
| it. When it flies overhead is the best time to attack; if you have any     |
| missiles left, unload them at this time. If not, unleash the power of your |
| Buster! Sometimes the Fokkerwolf will fly out of sight and come back with a|
| vengeance, mercilessly unleashing its machine guns at the ship. Use this   |
| time to shoot it. This battle is basically a get-them-before-they-get-you  |
| thing.                                                                     |

                          EXPLORING THE MAIN GATE

The Main Gate is located south of the Old City. Enter the Old City by taking
the East gate from the Downtown area, then take the South gate to get to the
area with the now-opened Main Gate. Note that the Junk Shop has some new
Buster Parts if you want to check that out. If you're all ready, enter the
Main Gate.

You'll be circling downwards for a while, meeting several gray Gorubeshus.
Don't miss the hole in the wall containing 10,000 Zenny! You'll eventually
come to a door on the right. Enter there before continuing. You'll fight two
Gorubeshus, and your prize is the Buster Unit Omega.

Right down the hall is another door on the right. Enter this one too. You'll
see a strange structure after turning a right. Examine it and it gives you two
options, Operate Central Gate and Unlock Sub-Cities. Operating the Central
Gate doesn't work, so choose Unlock Sub-Cities and confirm. This causes three
Sub-City portals to appear on the island. We'll be going into those soon, but
first let's finish sweeping the Main Gate.

Continue to the right and you'll meet a Kurumuna Bash. Treat it like you
treated the three Kurumuna Bashes at the Lake Jyun ruins.

Enter the hall in the middle of the east wall in this room and turn right. A
Red Zakobon will rush out. Take care of it and turn left from where it
appeared. Run to the end of the hall and turn left again. Here, turn right and
you'll see another Kurumuna Bash. Enter the hall on the left and face another
Red Zakobon. At the end of this hall is a hole in the hall with the Autofire
Barrel and a chest with a Blunted Drill. Backtrack to the hall before the room
with the second Kurumuna Bash and take the right instead of left(so that
you're going west). You'll immediately come by a hole in the wall with 2170
Zenny. At the end of this hall is another that wraps around in a circle and
has a hole in the wall(containing a Shiny Red Stone) and another Kurumuna

Back at in the big room where you fought the first Kurumuna Bash, take the
west door to enter some old ruins. Turn the first right to find a chest with
a Generator Part inside. Don't bother running up the ramp; go back through the

Run across the room(re-destroy the doggy bot if you want) and take the other
door. Now in another old ruin, go through the doors and go up the ladder.

You'll emerge in Old City! Examine the gate to the warehouse(with the big "88"
on it) and you'll get a big surprise.

/ BOSS:                           B R U N O                                  \
|       DIFFICULTY: () () () () () -- -- -- -- --    5.0 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
| Bruno can shoot bombs from its feet and missiles from its waist. It can    |
| charge and shoot energy blasts from its hands.                             |
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
| If it shoots anything at you, you can take cover behind one of the black   |
| portals in the area. Be really careful; this boss can truly put a hurt on  |
| you. Shoot at its waist to lower its life. You can also hit its feet and   |
| arms to prevent it from using that body part to attack you with, but with  |
| proper cover, you could probably just go ahead and attack its waist while  |
| still being safe.                                                          |

Next we need to go to the Sub-Cities to get those three keys. But, although
the Sub-Cities are cool areas, but they're also dangerous. You want to be
properly equipped when going down there. (Talk to Roll and see if she can make
any new items for you.)

                         WATCHER, SLEEPER, DREAMER

When you're properly equipped and ready to go, head to the Old City.

The Watcher Key
Enter the black portal amidst the warehouse ruins. It's like you went to
another world! An ancient, underground city... Well, we're here for one thing,
and that's the Watcher Key. Where is it?

You'll probably notice a brown building with yellow stripes that stands out
from the rest. Try to open the door; it doesn't work. The solution here is to
kill all the enemies in the Sub-City. Search well, there are some perched high
on some building.

Once that is done, Mega Man hears a sound that sounded like a door opening.
Well, it probably was! Check that building and you'll see that the outer door
indeed has opened. Enter it and open the chest to get the 'Watcher' Key.

The Sleeper Key
Head west to the Downtown area. You'll find another Sub-City gate in one of
the corners(near the North gate). Head down.

The deal here is the same. Kill all the reaverbots and retrieve the Sleeper
key from the special building in the end of the Sub-City. Just watch out for
the red Sharukurusus.

The Dreamer Key
The third and last Sub-City is underneath Uptown. Head there. You'll see it
right across the street from the TV station.

When you enter you'll see a giant reaverbot. This is the only reaverbot here,
but not for long. It drops other reaverbots from the hatch in its back. Shoot
at the hatch when it opens to damage the bot.

There are three sections to it. You'll destroy the latter two as you cause
damage, and when you kill the boss the third part will blow up. You can know
where the bot will by looking at the tracks he has made in the ground(it's
already there when you enter the Sub-City). Also, if you can aim at the middle
of the hatch and hit the reaverbot as it tries to jump out, you can prevent
it from doing so! This way, the big reaverbot won't be able to drop too many.

Kill all the reaverbots the big bot dropped out, as well, to open the door
to the last key, the Dreamer.

With all three keys in hand, you're ready open the Central Gate.

                              THE CENTRAL GATE

Before plunging into the Main Gate again, make sure you're as ready as you can
be. Refill the canteen, buy parts, jackets, everything. It's not that you
won't be able to come back once you're down there, just that you won't want to
come running back if you forgot something.

When you're ready, reenter the Main Gate and follow the spiraling hall all the
way back down to the end. The hall ends with a white door. Go through it.

You'll come to a big door on your right. No problem the Watcher key opens it
right up. Another? No worries, the Sleeper is there to help. The last? Nothing
the Dreamer can't fix. After all three doors are out of the way, run forward.

Mega Man Juno is released and gives out major plot twists.

Mega Man gets caught in a trap, but is freed by none other than Tron and
Tiesel! Mega Man automatically runs through the next door.

Defeat the reaverbot in front of you and turn left. Get the Power Stream in
the chest, then turn right. Go through the rest of the hall, taking down two
golden GeruGeru's. Go through the door.

The next room holds a quite amazing refractor. Something like, if the red one
from Lake Jyun is "huge", would fetch for what, 1 billion Zenny? Too bad Mega
Man can't carry it back to the surface...

Go through the doors on the left. Take down any Foo-roo that threatens you.
Turn the first right and head to the end, turning to the left, then right
three times to get to a door.

Data stands, or rather, dances, in front of a large door. _Save your game_.
You can always go back to the surface to do side-quests and whatnot later. You
won't be stuck down here if you save.

/ BOSS:                     M E G A   M A N   J U N O                        \
|       DIFFICULTY: () () () () () () () () () ()   10.0 out of 10.0         |
|                               -= ATTACKS =-                                |
|                              P A R T   O N E  *                            |
| Since he has numerous attacks, I'll number them.                           |
| (1) Most times the first move he does. He jumps and lands, and the impact  |
| creates a shockwave that you must jump over.                               |
| (2) Two rainbow lasers shine from Juno's hands and rotates around the room.|
| (3) Juno hovers higher above the ground and each arm flies out, a laser    |
| shining towards the ground.                                                |
| (4) Juno flies towards you.                                                |
| (5) When his life is down, blue explosions will erupt in the middle of the |
| room. When Mega Man Juno appears, JUMP! His arms will dive to the ground,  |
| sending out a large shockwave.                                             |
|                              P A R T   T W O  *                            |
| (1) Juno will hop around the room, trying to hit you, but won't release    |
| shockwaves like before. Usually on the third hop he hops to the cneter.    |
| (2) Juno swings his arm, sending a stream of fire at you.                  |
| (3) Juno charges at you.                                                   |
| (4) A large fireball appears over Juno's hand and he throws it at you.     |
| (5) When Juno's life is lower, he throws his arms in the air and the room  |
| gets red. Don't wait for anything; immediately jump to avoid an oncoming   |
| shockwave. Then he'll try to hit you with tons of beams from the ceiling.  |
|                               -= TACTICS =-                                |
|                              P A R T   O N E  *                            |
| To dodge attack (1) just jump when he lands. Jump to the side to dodge     |
| attacks (3), (4), and (5) as well. The second attack, however, is a little |
| trickier. Jump as high as you can and to the side, and hopefully the beams |
| will miss. Always be shooting at him, but always be moving, as well. He    |
| usually warps between attacks, so you need to make the most of the time you|
| get to hit him.                                                            |
|                              P A R T   T W O  *                            |
| Dodge attack (1) by just running to the side. After the third hop he'll hop|
| back to the center, so start shooting him them, only stopping if you need  |
| to dodge his next attack. Attack (2) can be easily dodged by jumping.      |
| Attacks (3) and (4) can be dodged by just running to the side like (1). (5)|
| is only done when his life is lower. He'll charge up, and the shockwave    |
| will come out at the beginning of the attack, rather than the end. Jump to |
| dodge it. Then he'll throw down beams at you. This is the best opportunity |
| for attack. Just keep running sideways while blasting him with your Buster.|

You're done. Sit back and watch ending. You'll have a chance to say goodbye to
the people in the city, and the game will end.

                             END OF WALKTHROUGH

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