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Asked: 6 years ago

How do u complete finish within 45 secs challenge in Single Player Tour 5 Aztec(Expert)?

I tried winning using the bot_stop 1 cheat. But everytime i get to their buy zone it will already be around 15 seconds. And i cant seem to kill all of them in time. Try to help me pls. Im stuck. Thx.

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If you really want to resort to cheating, just use bot_kill.

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Yes...just use bot_kill

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Bot_kill.if you are quick you can use no cheats.
(happened to me)

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If your quick you can do it ,but if your slow type bot_kill in your console.

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Here this might solve yur problem.

U have reach aztec (expert) ri8. Ok. That means u have unlock cost 5. Done. Before u start yur game select yur team members. U have 20 points ri8. Take Maverick, Jake, Eagle, Ace & Tex. When u start yur agme I preferred to buy a magnum wid 2 flashbang, 1 sg grenade & kevlar+helmet. Now comment yur team members to sick together or follow me (all members will obey yur comment if u r lucky). When the round starts u run wid knife as fast as u can after giving comment. U have to go through bomb site A from there turn ri8 & go down through steps. On reaching on water turn left & here ready yur scope or ready yur flashbang, there all terrorists will come out (u have to be very good in scoping). If u lose the match repeat the same act & the time will cum when all yur team memebers obey yur comment & all terrorists will be in yur aim. By this u can complete in 45 secs & survive the round as well.... Gud luck

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