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Asked: 5 years ago

How to obtain Satchel of Helpful Goods?

So since I came back to WoW from a period of time, I found out about the new LFG system. I was interested when I realized that completeing an instance awarded you a bag with a random reward. So far... Every instance I complete I do not recieve a bag (With space in my bags) yet my other party members do. Is there like some kind of chest that appears at the end of each instance or am I just blind? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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From: ultradinosaur 4 years ago

You have to queue for a random dungeon. If you choose a specific dungeon, you do not get the satchel.

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I've had this happen to me as well, but not to this extent. Nevertheless, you should receive every missing Satchel in the mail in a day or less.

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Are you using the random tool? If you select the instance yourself (like queuing for UK,Nex,etc) rather than letting the tool pick it for you you will not receive your extra reward. When you open the interface for dungeon selection the front page should say something like "Completing random dungeon will award you: Helpful goods (or above 70 2 triumph badges). The random dungeon button is right below this page of info. If you are already doing this and you just aren't getting your bag when others are, you should get them in your mailbox. If you don't start receiving them after any of the above, I would e-mail/ticket a GM about it. (Please note that the ticket time is several hours for big issues and a day or so for minor ones)

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Use the random, not specific.

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