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What is the inscription profession?

Also are the effects from whatever is made from it permanent?

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Megeas answered:

The Inscription profession focuses on creating Glyphs. Glyphs are used to power up a specific spell or ability. People tend to switch glyphs between PVP and PVE along with different specs. Glyphs are permanent as long as you wish to keep it. There are Major and Minor Glyphs. Major ones can reduce cool downs or cast times or grant special effects to abilities while minors remove Reagent costs or increase buff duration.

Once your level 10 and can check your talents you can use the glyph tab. As you level you can gain more glyph slots and therefore use more glyphs. Currently at 80 you can use 3 Major glyphs and 3 Minor glyphs.

For more indepth about Inscription check out:
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ultradinosaur answered:

Inscription allows you to make glyphs and off-hand books that increase your stats and strengthen your spells.
You need to have certain herbs to make ink to make glyphs.
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