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Where can I find flight master's license?

I'm a level 70 druid. Under general in the spellbook, it says to see my trainer for flight master license, to fly in places like kalimdor and eastern kingdoms. Where is the trainer where I can buy it? I already tried Druid teachers, and general flight masters, where I was able to buy cold weather flying, and I'd like the convenience of flying in azeroth too. Thanks in advance.

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frogger321123 answered:

Make sure you have upgraded your accaount to the Cataclysm expansion and you should be able to buy it from the trainer near the flight master in Stormwind surrounded by a few griffins.
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psduckie1 answered:

If you're Alliance, frogger321123's answer is straight on. If you're Horde, it will obviously be hard to get into Stormwind. In that case, make sure you have Cataclysm and you can buy the Flight Master's License from the trainer near the flight master in Orgrimmar.
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