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Asked: 3 years ago

What is the best talent tree for a dps Death Knight?

I am just starting a dps DK and was wondering what the best talent tree for it is

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It used to be blood back in WOTLK but blood got converted to a dedicated tanking tree so its a toss up between frost and unholy i see more frost but its up 2 the player.

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Blood is the new tanking spec, so don't even think about that tree.

I see dual-wielding Frost DKs doing a lot of damage lately, but I believe people have said that Unholy and Frost are neck and neck in DPS, so really, go with whichever you feel more comfortable DPSing with.

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As of what the people at Elitest Jerks say, Frost Dual-Wield is the top DPS for DKs right now, followed by 2-handed Frost and 2-handed Unholy.

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