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Leveling up low levels?

If your a low level ( Like level 10-15) and you want to level up fast is there a way other than just doing quests?

Other answers that were answered for those people already high leveled

What about those people that are low levels can yall help

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Fyrstorm180 answered:

Questing is the fastest way to level.

You can make the experience quicker using refer a friend.
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Improatthis answered:

Questing is the best way to earn experience in my opinion because grinding or farming just gets boring where as questing takes you all over the place on cool adventures
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Shadelin2008 answered:

Another form of fast leveling (well, kinda fast) is to go to another races area... Example Night Elf going to Dranie or Undead going to Orcs areas.
You are still doing quest but it opens up a whole new group of quests for your level.
Remember some racial quests can only be done in your own starting area though, like the Pet training one for hunters. You have to be in your original area to start those quests.
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Karco answered:

You can also run low level instances. Deadmines or RFC for example. That would break up the boredom of questing and grinding. It's always nice to take a bit of time out to hit up an instance.
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deadfrontier answered:

For lower levels, instancing is a GREAT way to level up. you can get about half a bar at low levels per run, and if you can find some high level willing to take you through, then all the better.

at higher levels, instancing is still a great way to get exp. and gear, but questing is much more efficient to level up. (high levels being 60+)
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Cow194234 answered:

You could always try using the new recruit a friend system and get 3x the experience from questing and grinding while grouped with your buddy.

I personally can't stand leveling by myself and only receiving like 2,000 experience per quest.
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pallarino47 answered:

Everyone has their own way of leveling quickly. If you have someone to run you through instances that is the fastest way. Recruit a friend is quick, but it costs a lot of money. Questing is hands down the fastest way to level. If you have experience in all of the zones you should be able to get 10+ levels a day no problem.
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TheTrueMayhem answered:

levels 1-15 is very fast if, while you are questing (do every quest you can find in the whole starting zone), you kill every single mob you see on the way to your objectives. You get to the place you are heading to slower, but you are racking up the XP while getting there.

For example, when I start an orc or troll, I do everything in The Den, killing any mobs in my way, then complete all Sen'jin village quests doing the same thing. After that I grab all quests on the way to Orgrimmar and completing them all before I get there, killing the whole time. By the time I have done the majority of the quests in Durotar I have hit level 11 or 12. Then it is as easy as going to the next zone of a higher level and grabbing the starting quests... in this case it would be the quest hub of Crossroads. By completintg the easy starting quests (kill x amount of y and easy tasks like that) you'll hit 15 in no time.

This works all the way to the end of the game. Seems like common knowledge, but you WANT to kill any and all mobs in your way while completing your quests.
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nerdindisguise answered:

I have a friend who took me through an instance at about level 12, I came out at about halfway to level 14 and with excellent equipment for those levels. I strongly recommend doing just about anything with high level friends, you'll gain far more exp and money just by saying you were there. Questing does help significantly, but again, friends make everything easier and it helps break the monotony when there's someone to talk to. Basically, find a bored death knight and have a blast.
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demonking96 answered:

Just keep battling until you die...
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Meraris answered:

Its debatable on the best leveling tactics. The easiest and most basic way would be just quest grinding. Download Curse Client for add on programs onto your computer. It is a 100% safe program that more than 90% of the top level population use. Download QuestHelper VIA Curse Client to help you stay organized with quests/objectives/locations. It will nearly double your quest time if it's your first time lvling. When you get a higher level character with higher level friends, free instance runs become a possibility for the first 20 levels, but you miss out on alot of special quests and rep that way.
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