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Level 80 hunter gear?!?

hey guys, i'm trying to find a good armor/weapon set for level 80 hunter. i've seen the items rewarded for scryers rep that seem pretty cool but if anyone can recommend better, wether its rep rewards or instance drops then please let me know. i'm BM spec if that makes any difference, and atm am mainly doing PvE/raids, rather than PvP

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FadeToBlack35 answered:

First of all, avoid the scyers and anything to do with previous level 70 content. I recommend starting off doing pve lvl 80 dungeons and then moving onto heroics in order to get better gear. is a pretty good source for finding what drops in what dungeon for you.
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TheGrandViz answered:

As the above poster stated, start off with simple 5-man dungeons, progress into heroics (and subsequently emblem of heroism badge gear), do Vault of Archavon (10 and 25 man versions) on a weekly basis; also make sure to have your professions leveled and make use of whatever your profession has as a bonus (leatherworking, for instance, has leg/wrist enchants that only leatherworkers past a certain point can utilize, Jewelcrafters have BoP epic gem recipes etc...)

As for specific Hunter drops it's hard to say, about the only thing I can think of off hand is the epic X-bow that drops from Heroic Utgarde Keep, and the epic ring (Hemorrhaging Circle) from Gun'Drak (also Heroic). For the other blues you'd have to look at the instances on a case by case basis ( is good for this)

After you're mostly blues from 5man heroics move into 10man Naxx and 10/25man Obsidian Sanctum, and eventually progress into 10/25Malygos as well as the new content that's going to be released sometime in April (Ulduar).
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