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Is it possble to get a Druid to dual-wield?

I've recently aquired a nice dagger on my lvl 14 Night Elf Druid (Yeah, I know, I'm a noob) and I was wondering if I could dual wield it with another dagger, or if that was just a rogue exclusive.

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AJB answered:

No druids do not learn dual wielding at all, though they can use one hand weapons with an off hand item for extra stats or can use 2-handed weapons.
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pligmo2 answered:

No their is no way in the game that druids can duel wield. However they can use one handed wepons such as maces and daggers with offhands
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oli704 answered:

NO, but the cat form att so fast that is your dual wield XD
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C_Note55 answered:

Currently only Rogues, Death Knights, Warriors, Hunters and Shamen are able to dual-wield.

All the other classes are stuck with two-handed weapons or one-handed weapon with an off-hand, an item that sits in your other weapon slot, but does not do damage.
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