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Asked: 5 years ago

Why does the game not appear when I click the icon?

I have finished with the download and every thing. It just wont appear I dint before the other day and had the same problem so I uninstalled it and did it over again what is wrong.(does it have any thing to do with a firewall)

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The question and the wording are a bit vague (and quite wrong in a grammatical sense) making it difficult to answer your question, so here's a few from me to you:

What exactly isn't appearing? The WoW launcher? Do you not have the WoW launcher active (meaning it should go straight to the game)?
If that's the case try checking your system processes (ctrl+alt+del, then click on the "processes" tab) see if WoW.exe is listed

I doubt it has anything to do with a firewall, firewalls generally just block the outgoing packets of information (or inbound) meaning WoW would load but it wouldn't be able to connect to the internet. Although you should check your firewall program just to make sure that the WoW.exe process or WoW itself isn't a blocked program.

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This sounds silly but are u clicking once or double clicking the icon and wow wont start up automaticly the launcher will pop up and then u got to click play im sure ur double clicking but ur question says why does the game not appear when i CLICK on the icon implying ur only clicking once.

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You question is pretty broad so im going to try my best to answer. ^_^

When you double click the icon it should start a game browser/launcher. You hit "PLAY" and it should bring up the game.

If you just dont get the launcher then when the game starts up before logging in you click a box im pretty sure either under the login boxes or at the bottom right of the screen. The launcher should launcher when you double click the icon.

If you double click the icon and neither of those 2 appear then you either must not all the information or your computer is unable to run the program.

Hope I was helpful! ^_^

- Joiker27

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sorry bout the double post but in my last post i said "bottom right of the screen" when i meant to say "bottom left of the screen" and when i said then "the luancher should launcher" meant to say "The launcher should launch"

Hope I was helpful! ^_^

- Joiker27

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