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Where can I find Silver Ore?

What's the place with the lowest level enemies that I can mine silver ore?

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which ones closest to Stormwind other than Duskwood (I HATE!!! that place)?

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Don't you mean silver? Also that makes sense because I saw one in Jangoload.

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Ok thx

Accepted Answer

Megeas answered:

# Badlands
# The Barrens
# Duskwood
# Hillsbrad Foothills
# Thousand Needles

all areas silver ore can be found. areas with mobs 18-30 will have it more often. (so going to northern barrens you'll find copper but southern you'll find silver)
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Megeas answered:

Red ridge mountains appears to have quite alot of nodes.
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Megeas answered:

You most likley didn't know this but Silver veins are rare spawns of tin veins. That means that tin veins will not appear as often as you think.
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Megeas answered:

Yes i mean silver veins. Basically you cant really farm them because they are rare.
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