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Find character?

How do I whisper to a character far away?
Also I plan to get WOW soon and how do I find what account has which character?

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I mean what characters are on a trial account that expired.

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Breakdown614 answered:

Actually in trial u cant whisper but to whisper just type /whisper (character's name) the / button is ur best friend in the game and the trial has all characters but dreani and blood elves
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maradonxp answered:

You just type:

/tell <character's name>

so if you wanted to send a tell to Maradon that said "Hi dude" you'd just type

/tell Maradon Hi dude

Once someone has sent you a tell, you can just press R and it will automatically fill in the /tell Maradon part

so if I wanted to send a tell back to you saying "sup" all I'd have to type is

r sup

As for telling what account has which character, I'm not sure what you're asking. If you want to find your friend's characters by their account name, you're out of luck, there is no way to do this. You'll have to ask them what their character names are.
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ineedananswer answered:

For that second question, the answer is : You can't. Unless that account is yours and is currently active.
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mvdonkey answered:

Friend finding is much easier now. You are required to link your WoW account with a account. When adding a friend you can add a character, or add a realID friend. Enter your friend's account email and wait for them to accept. You can see all your realID friends no matter what character they're playing, or even what Blizzard game they're playing.
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ginamena1234 answered:

How do I find the secret places in icarly ijoin the click?
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