Question from drsbeastking

Asked: 5 years ago

Do the graphics change between the cd's and the game client from the world of warcraft website.?

I use to play WoW with ultra settings and it looked really good (Installed from the CD's).Something happened to my computer so i had to reinstall the game over so i decide to try the game client from the website it was faster but when i put the settings on ultra it looked worse then what i was seeing before.Is there a difference between the graphics or is it just me?

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No your seeing things

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If you had done a reformat or anything of the sort, perhaps you had forgotten to update your drivers. And WoW has undergone a few graphical overhauls (improvements) since the original CDs, but that's sort of the opposite progression of what you're seeing.

More directly, there is zero difference between downloaded and CD-installed game clients.

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