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Do Glyphs stack with Talents?

Like say I have two points in shadow trance so I'll have a 4% chance to get an instant shadowbolt and then I get a Glyph which does the same thing as the talent. Do they stack? Sorry if this is similar to the other question.

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truckington answered:

Glyph of Corruption and the Nightfall talent _do_ stack. Confirmed by blue post on the beta forum a while back and in game testing in Beta.
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Dark_lord25 answered:

Comnfirmed by a 70 BT raiding (like that's hard nowadays) affliction lock. If you'd like a number, in a full BT clear last night, I saw roughly 300 nightfall procs, now unfortunately recount only records teh actual proc, and since the glyph and talent share the same name I can't tell you which is which. MY former average was around 225-250, at an estimation.
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Gleem11 answered:

Yes they stack.
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